Replacement Husband

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Karyl Leland had a problem. It was a six-five year old husband. They hadn’t been to sexually active for quiet a few years now. The only thing that did seem to make him happy was business. He was always gone on one trip or another.

This left the forty-two year old woman home a lot. She was going out and getting some on the side. It just wasn’t satisfying the few times she did that. Her only regular company was her son Glen.

They did everything together. Go to movies. The Park. She even escorted him to a school dance. They are close.

Everything between mother and son would change with an accidental exposure. Karyl returns home from taking her husband to the airport. She was contemplating how to spend another mundane week. The woman wasn’t expecting to see what she did.

She accidentally walks in on her son. The boy thinking he was alone in the house was in the kitchen retrieving coke from the refrigerator. He hadn’t a stitch of clothing on.

“Oh I’m sorry Glen,” Karyl apologizes.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of him standing there in front of her naked. He looks so stunning. He had a body of a god. Not an ounce of excess fat. He had an abdomen that was a washboard. The one thing that especially gets the mother’s attention was the manhood hanging between his legs. It must have been at least eight inches limp and very thick.

“That’s okay, Mom,” he says unhurriedly wrapping a towel around the trim torso. “You’ve seen me before as I was growin’ up,” he notes heading toward the shower.

Karyl couldn’t get that cock out of her mind the rest of the day. She wondered how big it would be fully erect if it are eight inch’s limp. The sex stave mother found herself getting turned on by the simple thought of it.

The evening consisted of watching TV. The movie was one with a lot of sexual scenes. Karyl glances over at Glen from time to time. She sees the scenes had taken their toll. Her son was sporting a huge bulge.

“God his cock must be gigantic,” Karyl lustfully admires silently.

“So are’ya seein’ any girls?” she asks as the movie was running the end credits.

“I really don’t have the time with school,” he nonchalantly dismisses.

“Well you should go out an’ find a girl,” Karyl suggests.

“What for?” He puzzles, “Do I need one now?”

“No. Not really,” the pretty mother explains, “It’s just young man like you is usually datin’ by now.” The next question just seemed to jump out, “Hav’a had sex with a girl?” Karyl didn’t know why she asks that one.

This had taken him by surprise. The boy starts to blush. The question made him uncomfortable.

“I said I’m not datin’, Mom,” the boy responds.

Karyl could feel the desire building between her legs. The question of sex had her going. Mental pictures of her son’s rod torturing some poor girl flash in her mind.

“I’m gonna take a shower, Glen announces standing up.

Karyl watches as he walks out of the room. She sits there thinking about what it would be like to have that big rod torturing her. The boy was her son. Why has she gotten so perverted lately?

“This is wrong,” Karyl admonishes herself, “He’s my son,”

The horny mother gets up. She needed go to bed. When passing the bathroom she notices the door was ajar.

Karyl stops and peeks in. Her heart skips a beat at the image waiting her. It was behind the steamed up glass door of the shower.

There was her son was masturbating. The size of it was unbelievable! It must have been ten inches or bigger! It was beautiful! She had to have it!

Karyl steps back. A plan forms in the horny mother’s mind. She raps on the bathroom door.

“What!” he shouts over the shower.

“Glen?” Karyl yells.

“Yeah!” Glen responds.

“After ya get done,” she instructs, “come to my room!” She volunteers, “It’s so we can talk”

“Gotcha, Mother,” he acknowledges

Karyl hurries to her bedroom. The turned on mother strips down naked. She hastily goes through a set of dresser draws to find the right outfit.

She found it! It was a short pink sheer teddy. One she had wore for a construction worker a month back.

As it turned out, it was a waste of money. The man had no romantic bones. All he wants to do was fuck and get home. He wasn’t all that good anyway. She slips on the flimsy nightie top only. The hot mother crawls into bed and waits. Karyl laid thinking about how to make it all come together.

She feels her pussy getting real wet. That taboo dick was to be hers soon. About ten minutes later Glen enters the room.

“Come here an’ lay down next to me so we can talk” Karyl says pulling the sheet down.

He comes over and crawls in under the sheet. Karyl turns so that she was facing him. Props up on one elbow allowing her son a clear view of a full breast. The scheming mother knows that it was visible to her son. The fact was that the material of the nightie hides nothing. She was hoping he looks down. Karyl didn’t wear the bottoms.

“Glen,” she starts, “Are’ya aware your father an’ I haven’t bursa escort been spending too much time together?”

“This is not the divorce speech?” the concerned son quickly interjects.

“No dear,” she chuckles stroking a handsome cheek, “That’s not what this is about. She assures, “We’ll be married for a while now.”

“What is it, Mom?” the concerned son asks.

“Well—,” she reveals delicately, “You father hasn’t been—, well—, servin’ me like a husband in here.”

“In the bedroom?” He innocently says, “You mean you ain’t been gettin’ any?”

Karyl gives a shy grin to her son. A chuckle emits from her ruby lips. His childlike remark reminds the sexy mother that a boy was still in that man’s body. She loved him so.

“Yes, son,” she repeats, “I’m not gettin’ any.”

“That’s terrible!” He consoles.

The boy leans back to give his mother the once over. Karyl feels her cunt become wetter. He had to see the expose love hole. She wants him to see it.

“You’re beautiful, Mom,” Glen continues, “He should be treatin’ ya like his wife.”

Karyl glances down. She notices a huge bulge in the sheet. His knows his cock was hard. Knowing that made her pussy throb even more. Karyl could feel her nipples getting big and hard.

“It’s been a long while,” Karyl laments rolling over onto her back,” A very long while since your father made me feel like his wife.”

She knows her nipples are standing tall. Her pussy was totality expose. She smiles lovingly at Glen.

“Glen, roll over an’ lay on top of mommy” Karyl requests in a soft voice

“Why?” he asks

“I just wanna a lovin’ man to hold me,” she justifies, “An’ I believe my son fits that category.”

The obedient son rolls on top of his mother. As he did Karyl gently pulls the pink teddy up. The curvy legs spread to allow him to lay in-between them.

Karyl starts to run her fingers through his hair. She goes down over his neck. His hard body feels wonderful on hers.

Karyl could feel the young massive cock pressing against her mound. It feels erect and ready. Only the robe was between the stiff cock and the naked pussy.

“Raise up for a minute,” the sexual driven mother lies, “the knot in your robe is hurtin’ me,”

Karyl reaches down and unties the robe as he lifts. It falls open. He immediately lay back down.

The mother feels the taboo cock touching her wet pussy. Thrill waves radiate from her cunt surging throughout her body. Karyl runs her hands up under the robe.

A pair of gentle hands rubs up and down solid back. At the same time a foot runs up and down the muscular leg. Her son has an awesome body.

“Mother,” Glen asks softly with a pulsating cock lying against her wet pussy, “Do you want me to service you like Dad is supposed to?”

That question had her love juices are flowing freely. It brings down societal norms. Karyl just had to have that massive cock of his deep inside of her.

“Glen,” Karyl she cautiously asks, “Is that what you want to do?”

He moves down a little. As he did Karyl brings her knees up. The slender legs spread wide.

“If I can make you happy,” Glen answers, “Yes it is what I want.”

Karyl feels the head of her son’s cock slip down between the entrance of her wet pussy. It so wet, the head easily slips just inside the quivering lips.

“Yes, my son,” Karyl tells him, “It is what I want.”

Karyl feels the head of his hard cock enter. It slides in easy and deeper. Soon the teenage cock was fully inside throbbing pussy.

“Ahhhhhh!” Karyl moans moving a tight cunt up and down on the long shaft.

Her son’s wasn’t just long he was wide as well. Karyl feels the taboo tool slowly start to slide it in and out. It meticulously fucks the horny mother. It feels so wonderful.

“Oh yes!” Karyl whispers huskily in his ear. “Give your mommy all of that big hard cock.” She groans loudly, “Fuck me.”

Karyl reaches down grabbing two handfuls of tight ass. Glen starts ramming his mother harder. Karyl couldn’t believe how good it feels. It had been so long since a loving dick had been up her pussy.

It feels big inside her. It feels as if it was going to tear her apart. It feels magnificent.

Soon the sex-hazed mother was bucking up as her son thrust his cock deep. Karyl knows he was about to cum. She pulls his face to a rounded breast. He seizes one of the hard nipples in his mouth. The boy suckles it hungrily.

“That’s it,” Karyl cries out, “Suck it sweetheart!”

Karyl feels Glen’s cock enlarging in her pussy. She lifts legs high in the air. The hot mother pulls the son as deep inside her as possible.

“Oh god!” he announces while exploding sperm into his mother’s cunt, “I’m cummin’!” He shouts shoving even deeper.

The feel of the forbidden hot cum filling her pussy was that was needed. It drives her over the edge. A climax rises forcefully.

“God, Baby!” she screams, “Fuck you’re momma! Make her cum lik’a leaky faucet!” The powerful orgasm had her screeching, “Iiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!”

Their bursa escort bayan bodies taunt and flex uncontrollably for the next minute. Finally the climaxes end. They just lay there until Glen’s cock goes limp.

It slips from the cum filled pussy. They both are covered with a sheet of sweat. Suddenly Glen gets up and leaves the room. Karyl falls asleep.

The next day they go out to lunch and did a little shopping for the house. Neither spoke of the events of the night before. Karyl was hoping her son wasn’t having ‘the day after’ regrets.

Back home Glen wants another shower. It was a hot day and he feels the walking around had made him too ‘aromatic’. Karyl goes into the front room and settle into an easy chair.

She starts thinking about what they had done. His lack of saying anything had the young sexy mother worried. She fretted he might be disappointed with her.

Glen walks in wearing his robe he goes over to the couch. He flops down on the padded cushions. The robe comes open slightly. There was no doubt her son was wearing only the one piece of clothing.

Without saying a word, he picks up the remote and turns on the TV. Sitting like that in a robe reminds Karyl of his father when they are first married. He was a fine specimen of manhood back then. Evidentially the right genes had gotten passed on.

As Karyl watches her son, she was becoming stimulated again. She moves over and sits down next to him. Her arms goes around the firm waist. Her head lay on the big shoulder.

“Your sucha good son” Karyl sighs.

The satisfied mother glances downward and sees the taboo cock was hanging out. She just stares and admires it. It was such a pleasure-making instrument.

“You’re not upset about last night are’ya?” Karyl asks, the first to speak.

“No mom” he replies.

“I don’t know what comes over me,” she excuses, “I just needed a man so much.”

Karyl eyes remain on the beautiful cock. A hand runs inside his robe. The mother begins rubbing it over her son’s chest. There was a desire to get the teenager hot.

“I’ve hadn’t cum like that since I was a kid,” Karyl tells, “Your rod has made your mother one happy woman.” She wants Glen turned on, so the conniving mother adds, “You made me cum dry!”

Giving a quick look down she sees it was doing the trick. The youthful cock starts rising. It was really such a fine-looking dick.

Finally Karyl could no long stay restraint. The hot mother just had to hold the forbidden cock in her hand. Slowly she reaches down wrapping fingers around its thick shaft.

“Don’t say anything,” Karyl whispers, “Just let me hold it for a minute.”

He just sits there as his mother strokes the rigid cock. Delicately, she runs a thumb over the swollen head then back across it. It was becoming stiffer with the motherly touches.

Karyl slowly moves her hand up and down it in a jacking motion. She then slides the other hand down and gently over his balls.

“Oh baby,” Karyl coos sinking to the floor on knees.

The sex driven mother leans forward. A hot tongue traces the long shaft. Glen leans back watching his mother take the head of the massive cock into an experienced mouth.

He reaches down and grabs his mother’s head. A set of muscular hips starts humping forward. Glen was fucking Karyl’s mouth.

“Oh sweet fuck!” he groans as Karyl flicks a hot tongue over and around the erect cock head, “That feels so good Mom!” He humps faster in her mouth, “You’re gonna make me cum, Mother.”

Karyl wants to taste the sweet juices of her son. She head bobs faster. The mother hums to encouraged the climax.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Glen loudly moans. “Awwwwwwwww! Ughhhhhh!” the teenager grunting.

Karyl feels her son’s cock shaft stiffen. He explodes into her sucking mouth. The hot sperm splashes against the back of her throat. His cock keeps sending streams of cum. Karyl couldn’t swallow fast enough. Soon her mouth was so full it runs out and down her chin.

Glen’s cock subsides. He finally let go of Karyl’s head. She stands up wiping the cum from her face.

“That was great, Mom!” Glen pants, “That was positively the best blowjob ever!”

He pulls her into his arms. They French kissed deeply. Karyl feels the young tongue entering her mouth. Her lips allowing it in.

Glen pushes her back against the couch. He was laying on top of his mother. They continue kissing passionately.

“Now its my turn, ” Glen hotly states.

With that he repositions Karyl on the couch. Glen reaches up underneath the dress. He grabs the waistband of the panties. With one swift move they are pulled down and off.

Glen then scoots down her hot body to get between his mother’s spread legs. Karyl’s inner thighs and pussy was soaked from seeping love juices. The son sits on knees directly over the quivering cunt lips.

Mother,” he reveals lowering onto the hot pussy, “I’ve been wantin’ to eat this cunt all day”

He softly licks and laps her inner thighs. As turned on as Karyl was, she escort bursa knew it wouldn’t take much. Her son will be making her cum very soon.

His mouth captures the engorged clit. It teases and washes the sensitive skin to bring on a mini-climax.

“Oooooooooo,” she moans faintly.

Karyl didn’t want him to stop. The mother’s curvy legs open wider. Glen’s mouth presses deeper.

“That’s my good boy,” Karyl groans, “Lick mommy’s cunny.”

Glen continues to lick and suck up the glistening slit. He stops short of the clit long enough to tickle it with teasing tongue. It sent chills up and down her spine each time he did.

Soon she feels another orgasm building within her. Karyl reaches down and pulls her son’s face tight into leaking pussy. Her legs go around the corded neck.

The lusting teenager’s tongue is buried deep. Karyl humps to fuck it. Glen’s nose rubs against the protruding clit. It adds the to the almost unbearable sensations.

Karyl couldn’t hold back any longer. The sexually hazed mother bucks wildly. She wants her son to drink all of the escaping juices.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Karyl wails feeling her cunt contracting, “Oh God! Oh Goddamn! You’re good, son!”

The hot flow of the mother’s cum floods into her son’s waiting mouth. He keeps on licking all the cum from the glistening pussy.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhh!” She screams to the final wave of pleasure, “I’m cummin’, baby!”

Karyl’s body tenses and tonics with the last climatic wave. She finally goes flaccid. The mother lays there trying to catch her breath.

“Oh god, Glen,” she pants huskily, “I need you between my legs.” Karyl pulls off the blouse saying, “I really need you inside me!”

The hot mother hastily pulls off the last of the clothing. They goes flying across the room. She immediately moves toward her handsome son.

Karyl climbs up and straddles Glen. She squats just over the still hard cock. The sexy mother’s pussy lips are glistening wet, and are mere inches over the throbbing rod.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” she moans deeply while thrusting her hips down onto Glen’s. “Awwwwwwwww!” She groans impaling her cunt onto his big hard dick. “Oh god yes!” she screams, throwing her head back, “Fuck me, Glen! Fuck momma hard!”

Glen was as aroused as she was. He grabs her by the hips. His hips arches savagely upwards at the same time.

Glen feels his dick ram home. The large cock slides deep inside the same woman who gives birth to him. The woman who had loved him like other ever could.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” She grunts with every thrust of the taboo tool. It didn’t take long for another climax to rise. His ball sac boils with hot cum. His cock pulsates with sensation.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Glen roars loudly. “I’m cummmin! Oh God! I’m cummin’!” he screams in pure ecstasy.

Karyl’s cunt vibrates around her son’s plunging cock. The throbbing vagina milks every last drop of cum. It grips tightly as she had never feels before.

Glen finally stops thrusting. He let go from her hips. The exhausted teenager eyes glazed over.

Karyl just leans forward with an erotic gleam in her eyes. She smiles. The woman wants more of the forbidden large dick.

“I want more, baby,” she purred huskily, “momma wants more of her boy’s big cock.”

The lusting mother sits back up. She begins to grind back and forth, up and down his sensitive cock.

“Oh god!” Glen screams out in pleasure, “You’re a fuckin’ machine, Mom!”

He pulls the rounded ass cheeks closer. A middle fingertip feels the puckered asshole. Glen slides a finger inside his mom’s anus.

“That’s it, Glen honey,” she moans long and loud, “Finger fuck my asshole baby!”

Glen then places another finger into the tight hole. Karyl had never been butt fucked. She had a feeling Glen was about to change that.

Karyl was wild with sexual lust. She bucks and bounces insanely. There was nothing her son could want to do her she wouldn’t permit.

“Touch me Glen!” she huskily yells, “Make me cum! Make mommy cum baby!”

Glen pulls his fingers out of tight asshole. He brings both hands to the front. The left one going to a jiggling breast. The right hand seeking out and finding her swollen, wet clit.

Glen immediately goes to work on it with his thumb and forefinger. He knead it with quickly, jerky motions. He also alternates pinching the hard nipples with his other hand.

Karyl was ready to explode. But she wants Glen’s sperm rushing into her again. Her cunt tightens on his cock like a vise. The sides adhered on the plunging shaft.

To Glen the feeling was fantastic. No girl had ever made her cunt work that way. He was ready to cum again.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!” Karyl wails loudly into the room.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Glen screams, “Fucccccccck!”

Their screams melded in pleasure together. Their bodies twist and contort as one. They are one incredible mother-son fucking unit.

They both end at the same time. Karyl had never had a simultaneous climax with a man before. This was the ultimate fuck. It comes from her son

The hot mother suddenly slides off her son and onto the floor. She figures it was time to experience everything today. Karyl sits up on knees and elbows.

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