Remembering My First Love

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The year was 1930, I was eighteen at that time . I met her when her family came to work on my fathers farm. Her father and brother where to work in the cotton fields during the summer earning two dollars a week, while she and her mother helped around the house. Eery morning they would get up at five and make us breakfast and help with the chores around the house. We spent most of the time helping each other do the dishes and the clothing. She was vary shy at first wouldn’t talk at all just listen to me talk . I stated to asked about where she came from and about her family and she finally started to answer me. We would talk for hours about where she traveled and the things she got to see. In all my eighteen years I never when anywhere but to town to get supplies. At night I would dream of places I would love to go.

About a month after the where there I started to notice that I was always looking at her and watching her, and I hated that she would have to sleep in the barn on hay instead of a bed. One day we went down to the creek for a bath and I watched her as she took of her clothes. She was still vary shy and she turned her back to me. When she came in the water I tried not to look but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She escort dikmen was so beautiful. She asked what I was looking at and all I could say was “you”. she looked at me like I was nuts but then she got beat red and smiled.

After that day every time she looked at me she would smile. That night after dinner I asked her if she would like to take a walk with me. She said yes, and we walked down one of the paths in the fields. when we got down the path a ways, I slipped my hand in hers. She stopped and looked down at our hands, I went to let go but she stopped me and we started walking again. The sun started to set, and it was a beautiful site just like her. I got brave and stopped walking and pulled her to me and kissed her lips. I thought she would pull away but she melted in my kiss. When we pulled away we where out of breath, and it was getting dark so we walked back to the yard. When we got to the edge of the yard let our hands part . I walked her to the barn and asked if she would meet me tomorrow for another walk after dinner, she smiled and said yes.

After dinner the next day I went to the barn to get her. We walked into the fields again, I took her hand in mine as soon as we where escort emek out of site of everyone. We walked a good ways and then I kissed her again, her lips where sweet as honey. when we stopped kissing, I bent down and got the blanket I had brought out there when everyone was taking a nap after lunch . I sped it on the ground and pulled her down to me. she sat in front of me and lean in to kiss her again. While we where kissing I put my hand on her knee and moved my hand up her leg little by little.

When I got half way up she started to shake. I asked if she was ok and she said that she was not sure if the ways right. I asked her how she felt about me, she looked down and blushed. I asked if her loved me and she shook her head yes, I told her that if both feel that way then it was right.

She looked into my eyes and smiled and I started to kiss her again. I lied her back on the blanket and moved my hand back to her leg. I moved up leg until I fond her sweet spot. Her panties where wet and warm. I moved my hand across her panties and she sighed. I slid my hand inside and she was so wet, I kissed her deeply as I slowly slid my finger in her pussy. It was so hot and tight, I loved the feel escort eryaman of it. I pumped my finger into and out of her a few times, when I pulled out she whimper a little. I pushed up her dress and pulled her panties off. Her pussy was beautiful glistened in the sun all wet for me.

I bent down and kissed her pussy lips and she jumped a little. I stuck out my tongue and licked her pussy, it was so sweet like nothing I ever tasted before, she moaned and it only made want more. I slid my tongue into her pussy and made love to her with my tonge. She came in my mouth and I drank her up until she was dry. I slid back up and kissed her deeply again.

I cuddled with her and gave her small kisses until the sun started to set, and we walked back to the barn. I told her goodnight and thanked her for going for the walk with me. After that night we made love in the field every evening before bed. At the end of the summer she left with her family back where she came from. When she left she took part of my heart with her. I was in love with her but in that time and age it was unheard of be with another women.

That was almost eighty years ago, a lot has changed since then . I was married to one of the farm boys down the street and raised our children on a farm and I also have grandchildren now, but sometime I think back to those days and wonder what it would have been like to be with her for ever. We never talked again after that summer but I will never got get about my first love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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