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A brief note: This story contains consensual sex, impregnation and slight humiliation kink. Please continue and enjoy if that is something you would like to read.


The sunset is beautiful from the view of a 12th story office. The large room is bathed in a warming red glow that’s quite relaxing and most welcome after a long day of headache inducing business meetings and phone calls.

Now though was a time to simply relax and be free of such tedious tasks. What a better time to be greeted by such a beautiful view seeing as the occupant of the large office, CEO Raymond Winters (38 years old), was expecting his secretary to return from her much deserved vacation.

Taking a sip of his iced tea, he savored the sweetness of the refreshment as he recalled the memories of all the good times he’s had with his secretary before.

Nina Diamond is more than a secretary though. She’s under a special contract of Mr. Winters’ that keeps her busy with more than just paperwork and file sorting. Just thinking of those soft hands of hers draws and interested twitch from his length as he remembers Nina working to pump his cock, her open mouth poised in front of his dick and awaiting his load.

Just as he was about to give in to a little self-fondling, the buzzer at his desk alerts him to someone awaiting outside his door. He smirks, knowing he told his staff to fuck off for the rest of the afternoon and therefore it can only be one person.

Pressing his index finger to the buzzer’s mic, he invites his guest inside. “Come in my pet.”

The large wooden door clicks before opening to reveal his precious Nina. She steps inside and offers a smile as she sets her purse aside and closes the door. “Hello, Mr. Winters,” she greets before bowing her head in respect. Her body is fit (which is to be expected for a 19 year old like herself) though with curvy hips that are positively sin in the short skirt she’s currently wearing. Her white blouse is tight around her large breasts, the buttons tempting him to part them and lavish her chest. She always dresses in such a way that brings him arousal without even touching her.

“I have missed you,” he says as he gestures her to walk over to him.

“I have missed you as well,” Nina replies as she approaches him, her red heels clacking against the hardwood before softening to the ears as she stepped onto the plush carpet that surrounded his desk area.

“How much have you missed me?” He asks with a wink as she comes to kneel in front of him. He sets his tea on the desk and rests his hands on his knees, not caring if she notices his cock already beginning to harden.

Her eyes flicker to his bulge before blushing and looking back up at him. “While my vacation was quite relaxing, I could not help but think of you while I was alone in my hotel room. I spent too many nights away from your touch.”

“I see,” Mr. Winters says as he begins to rub himself a little, just imagining Nina toying with her clit as she desperately tries to get off without the aid of his penis. “Well then, let’s get down to what we both want, shall we?” Nina nods eagerly etimesgut escort as her eyes focus on his crotch, awaiting her favorite treat.

Mr. Winter’s slid his zipper down with ease as he adjusted in his seat. Nina wasn’t allowed to touch yet and he enjoyed teasing her like this. Stroking his cock through his underwear, he let her admire the thickness as it swelled to full size beneath the fabric. Her mouth was watering at the sight as his fingers traced his dick before bringing her face forward and pressing her cheek against him. She rubbed her face against his bulge, sighing in content before she was pushed away so he could withdraw himself fully.

There it was, his 10 inch dick stood proud and hard in front of her. The tip glistened with pre cum, begging to be tasted. Using his thumb and forefinger, he rolled the foreskin up and down a few times as she bit her lip to keep from moving without permission.

Finally parting his legs in invitation, Nina moved forward, her painted pink lips pressing to the thick, mushroom head of his cock. Mr. Winters looked down at his slutty secretary with a smirk on his lips as her eyes closed and her mouth moved against his 10 inch cock as if in worship of its size. Those soft lips pressed to every inch of his length as they have done many times before, mapping each vein and tasting his leaking slit for a drop of his hot cum that she craved so much.

His hand tangled in her dark hair as she moan and kissed down the column of his shaft before arriving to his heavy sac. Cupping them gently in her hand, she rolled them and licked them lovingly, sighing as he groaned in appreciation. As her fingers massaged his balls, her mouth moved back up to the tip of his cock and swallowed the head. Her tongue eagerly tasted the few drops that leaked out before pressing more of him inside.

“You’re such a cockslut,” he muttered as he leaned back and closed his eyes for a moment, simply basking in her warm mouth as she bobbed on the first 3 inches of his cock before sinking down lower, swallowing more and more. “Come on, slut, swallow it all. Milk me good.”

She made a whimpering sound though it was one of agreement before sinking lower, flattening her tongue against the underside of his shaft as she eased him closer to her throat.

Mr. Winters was impatient though, as he often is, and thrust his hips, cramming his cock deep down her throat. Nina gagged on his girth but didn’t pull away even as her eyes watered, lips stretch wide around his baby maker. Her tongue wiggled beneath his cock, pressing against a vein and tasting every inch she could.

“There you go. I know how to feed my little slut,” Mr. Winters muttered as he pet her hair and began rocking his hips, his balls smacking against her chin. “Been waiting nearly two weeks to have this again. Feel those,” he urged as he brought her hand to his balls again before rocking a little faster, earning more small whimpers from Nina. “Nice and heavy just for you.”

With a wicked grin on his lips, Mr. Winters thrust harder, gagging her once more before pulling out with a sloppy, wet pop. Drool trailed sincan escort from her mouth to his cock as he kept the tip a mere few inches from her mouth to at least let her get a breath before shoving it back in and pumping once more.

The office was mostly quiet save for the sounds of Nina’s whimpers and the sound of Mr. Winters’ big cock slipping between her lips. He groaned and sunk balls deep, holding her there by the back of her head before pulling out and slapping her lips with tip of his cock. She sticks her tongue out, wanting to taste more as drops of cum drooled from the tip.

“There you go, taste what you can get because I’m finishing elsewhere,” he whispered before standing from his seat and pulling her up with him. Pressing his hips to hers, he ripped open her blouse and shoved her bra down before pawing at her tits, squeezing them and tweaking her nipples while Nina moaned and whined for more. Her breasts were always the most sensitive.

“On the desk, face down,” he suddenly demanded before pulling his hands away; perhaps he’ll play with them more another day. She nodded simply at his command though before doing as she was told, bracing her hands on the desk and lowering to the cool wooden surface. Her ass stood in the air as her legs spread wide, ready for him to pound her just the way she liked.

“No panties?” He chuckled as he lifted her skirt over her butt. “Looks like you were prepared for me. You know I don’t like to be slowed down.”

Gripping his cock by the base, he moved forward and guided himself between her wet lips and into her hungry hole. Nina moan as the thick head stretched her good as it pressed inside, deeper and deeper, filling her aching walls. Her cunt pulsed around his throbbing cock, hungry for him like always.

Mr. Winters groans as he bottoms out, her beautiful body accepting him inside her with ease. “Such a good girl,” he whispers before pumping his hips, slow at first. Nina gasps when the tip of his cock sinks especially deep, hitting her g-spot but it’s not nearly hard enough.

Turning her head to look back at him, she begs him with her eyes as her mouth hangs open, moaning and panting as he rocks his hips a little faster.

Leaning down and pressing his body over hers, he growls against her ear, “needy slut.” He pressed his lips to hers in a sloppy kiss, their tongue sliding out to press against one another as his pace quickens. She whimpers wantonly at the feeling of his thickness filling her just right as he pounds against her pussy. His heavy balls remind her how full they are with each slap against her.

“Oh god, Mr. Winters!” She cries when his nimble fingers slide beneath her to toy with her swollen clit, bringing her closer to climax already.

“Look at you, such a filthy slut. I bet you could cum from sucking my dick alone, couldn’t you?” Mr. Winters growls in determination as he thrusts as hard and fast as he can, rocking the desk and making Nina scream like an animal in heat.

It’s not long before she cums hard around his cock, her sensitive clit still being cruelly toyed with for a few more moments before escort etimesgut his hand moves to tug at her hair. He loves her like this, tired from orgasm so he can use her pussy as his fuck toy.

Just as he’s pounding into her as hard as he can, the phone on the desk rings and he slows to a stop, keeping himself buried deep inside while he answers the call. Sure he could easily ignore it, but what would be the fun in that?

“Mr. Winters,” he greets rather casually. Nina buries her mouth in her arm, trying not to make any noise while he talks on the phone.

His hips begin to move again despite still being on the phone and Nina can’t hold back a rather loud gasp when he pulls out nearly all the way and slams back in.

“Excuse me a moment,” Mr. Winters says before covering the receiver with his hand. “Looks like someone’s going to be getting pregnant,” he mutters before returning to his call. Nina quiets herself once more as he rocks inside her, not wanting to get into any more trouble.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” she mutters apologetically when he ends his call but she’s only met with a harsh thrust.

“From now on, you’ll call me Daddy,” he demands before resuming his harsh pace. Her cock-hungry pussy takes his pounding though, loving it in fact. Nina might be in trouble but at least he’s not pulling out.

“Y-Yes, Daddy!”

“You like Daddy’s cock?” He groans between breaths as he grows closer to climax. He can feel his balls tightening, ready to release. “Well I hope you like his milk in your womb as well.”

With that, he grips her hips and pumps as hard as he can before slamming in as deep as he can, emptying his load inside her. Nina has never had anyone ejaculate inside her before but she oddly enjoys the way his cum fills her.

“Oh god,” she groans. Mr. Winters begins to pull out but stops when only the head is inside and squeezes his cock at the base and pushes toward the head, making sure to get every drop of cum inside her.

“Lovely,” he murmurs as he pops the tip out and watches his seed drip from her cunt. Now softened, he tucks his cock back inside his trousers and steps around the desk to face Nina. She’s still exhausted and slumped against the desk. “Now, about your punishment.” He moves closer and cups her chin, making her look up at him with a glazed look. “You won’t be getting a taste of this for a while,” he says while gripping his cock through his pants. She looks like she wants to protest but he simply shushes her with a shake of his head. “I’ll only be cumming inside of you from now on. Every 2 days I want to see you in hear at 5pm sharp. I want you bent over this desk and ready for me to breed.”

“Breed?” She dares to ask as she stumbles to stand up on her own.

“Yes. I intend to impregnate you. I’ve always wanted to and I feel you’re ready now.”

Her cheeks flush red but she nods in agreement. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl.” He flips her skirt down and pats her perfect ass and sends her towards the door. “Once you’re pregnant, I’ll let you suck me to completion.”

Nina pauses at the door, fixing her shirt and bra before turning around to nod at him. “Thank you, Daddy,” she says with a small smile before exiting the large office.

Mr. Winters grins to himself and strolls over to the large windows that overlooked the city. “I’ve always wanted and heir anyhow.”

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