Rebirth Ch. 05

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Ling woke up, feeling rested from a deep slumber. All the extra activity recently made sure she needed her beauty sleep. Not that she couldn’t look stunning in the blink of an eye, she thought, running her hands over her firm shapely breasts. This caused a sudden surge of tingling up from her pussy, signaling it was time for more relief.

After a few bouts of waitressing at the seedy restaurant, she had earned quite a huge sum of money (from her substantial salary and tips), which was enough for her to move to the city and start a new life. She had applied to go to university there and take up a major in acting; certain that it was in that line of work her life’s work could be made.

She was moving next weekend but she knew there was some work undone left in the place she grew up. And all the plans have been laid in motion. It was today where she will exact her revenge on the two guys in her life that had made her into what she was now.

A few months back, Ling was an uglier version of the girl next door. Frumpy with a body that looked like a lanky teenage boy, she was in despair. However, one night, she had made a deal with the Succubus who appeared in her dream. It had offered her the magical power to change her face and body however she wants to and the only price she has to pay will be to share around her hot body made for sex. Remembering all the encounters that caused her much embarrassment and shame growing up, she had agreed in the end.

Since young, her older cousin, Meng Lee had always taunted and teased her, saying how ugly and unattractive she was and no guy will ever want her, causing her much hidden pain and tears. His good friend, Ben, whom she used to have a crush on, was kinder, always encouraging her to work hard to pursue her dreams. However, her dreams shattered the day she confessed to him that she liked him and all he could do was looked stunned and muttered that he thought of her as nothing more than a little sister… Besides, she wasn’t what he was looking for.

Men! They were all so superficial! All they wanted was a hot girlfriend to fuck and they could show off with. They didn’t care about how unique or funny a girl can be. All they cared was looks. Personality had no place at all.

So today, Ling was ready to claim her revenge on the two guys that made her into the sexy horny slut she was. The stage was set. Revenge is a dish best served hot! She chuckled in glee.

She had called both of them up a few days ago and told them she needed a favour. She needed to model some clothes for a friend’s photography project and wondered if they would be willing to help in choosing the clothes and perhaps offer some professional opinion by taking a few pictures. Besides, she told them it would be nice to hang out with them one last time before she moves to the city.

They had hesitated, until she implied that she would make sure it will be “worth their time”, hinting that she might ask one of her hot girlfriends over. Of course that wasn’t true, she wasn’t ready to share, yet.

Getting down from her bed and standing in front of the mirror, she admired her naked young nubile body. Stunningly sexy, she thought, cupping her creamy 36C round breasts, topped with pink nipples. She decided to add a few inches to her usually petite body, as she had a feeling the guys liked their women with long legs. She turned to her side and admired the long slender yet toned legs. Nice.

Now, she needed a just-out-of-bed look yet still wild and sexy look. That’s it, she thought, using her power, she turned her hair into a brunette dark brown, made it long, wavy and tousled. The last thing she needed to complete her package was to decide what to wear. She knows just the very thing to turn the guys on yet keep them at arm’s length just for now.

The doorbell rang and Ling went down to open the door. The sight that greeted the boys made them swallow the lump in their throats.

Ling was looking surprisingly sexy, dressed only in an oversized men’s shirt, with the low hem barely covering her ass and pussy. She knew they were definitely wondering if she was wearing any panties.

Well, it was even better when she noticed that they had a large of aura of vitality around them.

“I’m so sorry, guys, I overslept. Come on in first. I’ll be ready in a sec okay,” she apologized, ushering them into the living room.

“Oh my god, it’s such a mess here. What with mum and dad being away for a few days. Anyway, make yourselves at home. What do you guys wanna drink? Beers?”

Both of the guys nodded. Sitting down on the sofa, Meng Lee still looked like his usual self, dark haired and lanky guy, with tiny adorable eyes. With a DSLR slung over his shoulder, Ben was blonde, tall with yummy broad shoulders and a large muscled chest, was setting up his tripod. Looks like they are here on business, Ling thought, well so am I!

Opening the refrigerator door, she bent down and pretending to look for the beers, giving the bursa escort boys an answer to what was below her shirt. Her nice ass was partially covered with cute white panties with pink polka dots!

Meng Lee almost got a heart attack. What was his cousin sister doing! Though he must admit, she does look cute and sexy in that. She certainly has grown from an ugly duckling into a swan, he thought. Ben still busying with his camera stuff, didn’t notice, to Ling’s dismay. Well, doesn’t matter, they are going to do a lot of noticing soon!

“Here are the beers, guys. I’m going upstairs to change into the clothes my friend wanted me to model. I’ll be back soon,” she said, bounding up the stairs, her shirt flipping in the wind, revealing the cute panties again. This time, Ben did notice.

Closing her bedroom door quickly, Ling could feel her heart thumping loudly. It was so fun to tease guys who had taunted and embarrassed her last time. She was going to make them want her! This was only the start!

The guys were busy catching up when they were greeted with a vision coming down from the stairs. Ling was dressed in a slinky evening gown made from the flimsiest of material. Light purple with sequins, the dress clung to her like a second skin. The front was pretty low cut, revealing her ample cleavage, while the slit ran up to almost her right hip, showing that she must be only wearing a thong or maybe none at all!

“What do you think, guys?” she asked, while twirling her dress around. But she need not have asked, the looks on the guys’ faces said it all.

Ben was the one who recovered first, clearing his throat, he said: “well, Ling, I must say, you certainly have grown much prettier in these years.” Meng Lee could only nod in reply.

Ling stood straight, while Ben took a picture, thrusting her chest out and put her right foot forward, revealing a smooth slender thigh to the guys’ hungry eyes. “Come over and feel the material. The sequins are pretty nice.”

The guys stumbled forward, feeling shy and only felt around the corners of the dress.

“Sigh, guys, you should feel over here, these are the nicer parts” she said, grabbing Meng Lee’s hand and put it on the sequined part of the dress over her left boob and Ben’s hand over the small of her back, just above her ass, which seemed to stretch the dress nicely.

Reddened faces, they just touched a little of the dress and decided to withdraw their hands back respectfully. Ling then excused herself to change into another outfit. Looks like they need more encouraging, she gathered thoughtfully.

A few minutes later, she appeared in a schoolgirl-like outfit. Short checkered skirt, white thin buttoned top with a knot tied in front, revealing a flat toned abdomen. Her hair tied up in two long side ponytails and knee long white socks completed the outfit. She always knew that Meng Lee had a soft spot (more like a hard spot, she thought) for young school girls. She was going to fulfill his fantasy then!

She decided on an act cute pose – she flopped onto the floor with her knees inward, making a victory sign beside her face – well nothing wrong like being a typical Asian sometimes, she grinned. Ben clicked on the shutter faithfully.

“Come here, Meng Lee, I need you for another pose,” she said, asking him to stand straight, and put his arms around her waist while she purposely pushed her bum into his groin, brushing upon his hard-on, causing a smile to curl around the corner of her lips.

“Ben, would you like one as well?”

“Oh… sure.”

Ling got him to strand straight as well, while she kneeled in front of him and looked up to him with puppy dog eyes. She pushed out her ass, this time revealing to Meng Lee that she was wearing cute pink panties with a strawberry pattern. It looked as though she was ready to give him a blowjob. Ben felt a stirring in his groin. Was this the girl he once rejected?

“Okay, that’s good,” she said, as Meng Lee took the photo. “Time for the next outfit.” She rushed up the stairs again. She was already feeling horny with all the hungry stares they were giving her. The next outfit should speed things up a bit.

This time, the guys’ mouth opened in a wide O when they saw her coming down the stairs. Ling was wearing a white spaghetti strap top, but with a difference. Besides being low cut, the middle part had been severed in half and was only held together with several black strings, showing a huge part of her heaving bosom. The material of the top was rather thin and her large erected nipples poked through enticingly. She completed the outfit with very short jeans cutoffs which revealed the bottom curves of her butt and a pair of killer black stilettos. All in all, she was dressed to kill.

“What do you think of this outfit, boys?” she asked, putting a hand on one hip and modeled it for them.

“It’s…very nice,” Meng Lee offered.

“Is that all you can come up with? Nice?” she purred.

“Well, if I have bursa escort bayan to be honest, it’s rather sexy,” said Ben.

“Ahhh… That’s much better, dear. Come sit in the chair, I need you for another pose. Oh ya, it might look better if you took off your shirt.”

Ling waited for Ben to take off his shirt, revealing a well-chiseled body, and was awed by his tight toned abdomen with yummy six packs. After he had sat down in the sofa, she went to sit on his lap and laid her back on his chest, feeling his hard-on pushing against her bum.

She then wrapped his hands on her heaving chest, instructing him: “This is a sexy pose, so I need you to help me get in the mood. Do whatever you like with my tits, and try to make my nipples protrude more; I need it for my photoshoot.”

Both of the guys wondered if they had heard wrongly, Ben especially. Here was a hot girl inviting him to play with her tits! Heck, why not, he thought.

Ling sat in his lap while his hungry hands roamed over her chest. First, he started with cupping her tits, admiring how large yet firm they were. Then he started fondling them, squeezing them, realizing that they were also quite bouncy. His fingers slowly wandered to the large erect nipples, then suddenly gave them a quick pinch. This elicited a surprise gasp of pleasure from Ling.

“Do that more… Ben. It’s nice,” she whispered, opening her legs and flashing her white thong panties to Meng Lee who was sitting opposite. “Get ready to shoot, Meng Lee,” she instructed, tousling Ben’s hair in an act of wild passion, opening and closing her luscious lips.

Meng Lee declared that he had gotten a really sexy photo of them.

“Really?” Ling said, tearing away from Ben’s hungry fingers, springing towards him, her tits bouncing in her tight tiny top. She looked at the photo and gave her praises: “It is quite good indeed. Wanna have a go, Meng Lee?”

“What… Me? I’m your cousin, Ling. It wouldn’t be appropriate at all…”

“Ah… whatever. It’s just a few pictures, isn’t it? Tell me you don’t want it,” she pouted, shoving her chest in front of him.

“Well… okay. Just a few pictures only I guess.”

Meng Lee took off his top as well, when reminded by Ling, then he sat down on the sofa while Ben took his place behind the camera, looking a bit disappointed. This time, Ling leaned towards Meng Lee and straddled him with her legs apart, treating him to a clear view of her white thong. Ben however also got a nice view of her pert ass as the jeans cutoffs were riding high against her smooth ass.

“Now, this time is hands off. Instead, I want you to put your mouth to my nipples and suck them. Can you do that, big boy?” she said, daring him.

“Of course,” he said, and swooped down towards her yummy looking tits, and started licking and sucking her nipples for all his worth. Ling felt so horny, she could feel her thong getting damp and it was all she could do to stop from fingering herself. She must make them want her on their own accord!

“Take some good pictures, right, Ben,” she purred, while a sudden biting of her nipples caused her to arch her back in sexy agony, letting out a moan of pleasure.

This encouraged Meng Lee further and he started licking around her deep cleavage, feeling the smooth flesh against his tongue. He got progressively rougher, even started using his hands to fondle her tits, she let him go on, until his rough groping hands accidentally tore off the black strings holding the top, revealing the twin creamy mounds with large pink buds to both their devouring gazes.

She quickly grabbed the gaping top and held it close. She was pleased though to see that the guys were having a good reaction in their crotches.

“Oops, wardrobe malfunction,” she giggled. “Wait for my last outfit okay. I need you guys to strip down to your underwear. Shhh… It’s for the photos,” she whispered, putting a finger on Ben’s lips, indicating that they be quiet and follow her instructions, before slipping upstairs.

When she headed down the stairs, she was thrilled to see the two guys were down to their underwear, both sporting big bulges in front. When they saw what she was wearing, it only served to make their erections harder than ever.

A young sexy girl was coming down the stairs in nothing more than lingerie. Ling was wearing a matching set of pink bra and panties. The bra was a half cup and a large part of it was semi-transparent, revealing the roundness of her firm tits, with only a thin strip of lace hiding her nipples from sight. She also had on knee length pink stockings, which were held up by sexy garters around her thighs. But the best part was the panties she had was on was so tiny, disappearing into a thong between her butt cheeks, and they were crotchless as well!

This drove the guys wild with desire and it was all they could do to tear away the little clothes she was wearing now.

“You look awesome, babe,” murmured Ben.

“Do I?” escort bursa she asked, twiddling her fingers on his chest. “I thought you said I was like your little sister. And that I wasn’t what you were looking for…”

“No way! I was wrong, babe. You look fucking hot. You turned me on so much…”

“Tell me you want me…” she purred in his ear, straddling him and putting her arms around his neck.

“What do you think, babe? My dick is aching for you,” he said, whipping out his hard dick and placed her hands over it.

“Mmmm… looks like someone is turned on. Well, we gotta do something about it, don’t we?”she whispered, giving Ben a few strokes. She was going to make Meng Lee suffer by making him watch and want her. “Be sure to take more photos, Meng Lee, and no touching,” she ordered.

She then kneeled on the floor, thrusting out her tight butt for Meng Lee to lust after, while she lowered her head towards the hard dick sticking out in front of her. It was a whole six inches and pretty wide. Precum was already leaking out. She started by licking his balls, sucking them a few times before proceeding to Ben’s dick. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft a few times, swirling around at times. But he was most sensitive around the head, which she promptly gave him a few tasty licks. He squirmed in pleasure.

She proceeded to wrap her lips around his dick and swallowed his dick whole. It wasn’t a problem at all as she had done bigger before and she was a pro by now. She started sucking his cock harder, drawing out a few moans from Ben, which excited her. Ben began to feel her all over, first groping her tits, her slim waist down to her lovely ass. Oh, boy, he can’t believe he turned down this hot chick last time!

She sucked him till he almost came, then stopped. She wasn’t ready for him to stop yet. Ben then laid her down on the sofa and started kissing her softly. It turned into a passionate kiss before he continued by licking her neck, her creamy boobs, finally down to her crotch.

The opening in the panties looked particularly enticing. He then advanced to licking her pussy. It was dripping wet! She was damn turned on as well!

He licked her swollen red clit, tasting the juices which were flowing freely. Mmmm… yummy. He then went on to her pussy hole, licking around the sides before inserting his tongue into her hot pussy. Ling moaned in enjoyment, how nice that this guy who once turned her down was pleasuring her now.

She needed his dick now, she gasped. She quickly turned him over onto the sofa, and slowly lowered herself onto him, feeling his rock hard dick penetrating her throbbing pussy.

“Oh my god, you are so fucking tight! So sexy!!” he yelled.

Ling rode slowly at first, wiggling her hips while her ample boobs jiggled in their cups with the rhythm as well. She turned around and saw Meng Lee was being naughty. He was totally naked, stroking his dick at the sight of them fucking.

“Hey you! What are you doing?”

“Sorry… Ling. I couldn’t help it. You’re just too damn hot,” he said, shamefaced, but not stopping his stroking nonetheless.

“Oh really? Tell me more… Remember what you always used to said to me? You said I was ugly and no guy would want me!” Ling spat, still bucking off Ben’s hard dick while he squeezed her tits.

“I’m sorry for all that, Ling, really. It was just a tease. I didn’t mean it. You’re so goddamn sexy now, any guy would be crazy to turn you down.”

“Okay. That sounds more like it, cous,” she said, a smile curling around her juicy lips. “Show me you want me.”

Without another word, Meng Lee strode towards them and began to grab her delicious tits half hidden by the bra. Without warning, he suddenly tore the bra away, letting her large tits bounce to the rhythm of her and Ben fucking.

“Oh my… Are you sure you want this?” she enquired towards Meng Lee. “I’m your cousin, ya know…” her words lingered off.

“I don’t care. You’re so fucking hot, I want you so badly!”

There, he had said it, the magic words she had wanted to hear all along.

“Come here, baby,” she purred and grabbed his cock and started to lick the head. Meng Lee shuddered in pleasure. She was definitely a good cocksucker, he thought, as she quickened both the pace of her sucking, darting her tongue around his member. He placed his hands on the back of her head, urging her on, to let him fuck her mouth hard.

She thought, it was so thrilling, sucking one guy and fucking another at the same time! This was total ecstasy!

She rode Ben faster and faster, urging him to an orgasm. It wasn’t before long he clutched her ass and shot his cum into her hot tight pussy. She came as well, bucking and squirming. Meng Lee was not to be left behind, and spurted his hot cum into her wet lovely mouth. With a naughty smile, she swallowed everything and even licked her lips clean.

As was usual, Ben was exhausted and laid on the sofa, panting. This was what happened to the guys she fucked. Through the sex, she grew stronger by stealing their vitality. And the after effect of having sex with her was that the guys became uncontrollably horny afterwards, she snickered. Serves them right.

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