Rear View Mirror

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Kris and Sammy piled into the back seat out of breath and giggling after racing to the car from the alt-rock concert that had been incredibly energizing, and with the dance floor full of writhing bodies the whole experience had been a huge turn-on. Kris’ boyfriend Tony arrived moments later and swung behind the driver’s seat. “So where would you ladies like to go?” They both erupted in laughter at the silly possibilities that question implied, but Tony fired up the car with the thought that the evening’s entertainment was not yet over.

Kris was laughing and rocking side to side because Tony had turned on the radio and Echo and the Bunnymen declared “Lips like sugar, sugar candy…” She and Sammy rocked back in forth in unison as Tony turned on to the freeway and said “We’re going for a drive.” Kris put her arm around Sammy’s shoulder to continue the contact they had enjoyed on the dance floor and when the moment came put her face right in front of Sammy’s as she shouted the line, “Lips like Sugar!” In the spirit of the moment, she planted her lips right on Sammy’s. Sammy gasped in surprise but returned the kiss and leaned back to enjoy the sensation. Kris’ tongue brushed her lips as she pulled back and spun herself back into her seat. Sammy felt her heart racing but was confused and surprised. She had talked with Kris at the bookstore many times and loved their conversations, but this was their first “date”. And as a threesome with her boyfriend? She grabbed Kris by the hand. What was going on here? She caught Tony’s eye in the rear view mirror and realized he was smiling broadly. The game was on.

Kris was giggling again and remarked that she couldn’t believe how sweaty she’d gotten at the concert. Sammy licked her exposed shoulder and said “You taste pretty good to me. Just a dash of salt.” They both laughed and Sammy took the opportunity to lick her arm again, this time closer to her armpit and the soft curve of the breast she could see on the open side of Kris’ tank top. She kissed the tattooed kitties she had admired on Kris’ upper arm and lingered long enough to run her tongue over and around them. This was crazy fun and she wondered if Kris was too high to really know what she was doing or just letting her hair all the way down.

Sammy turned towards the front of the car and unbuttoned the top two buttons on her shirt. She looked right at Tony to further gauge his reaction and noticed he had moved the mirror to offer a better view of the back seat. She turned toward Kris who had her head back and was singing softly to herself. Sammy felt a surge of pleasure through her body as she placed her hand on Kris’ stomach. “Sing for me girl, just sing for me,” she murmured as she slipped her hand under the shirt and began to make slow circles around Kris’ belly. Kris was completely relaxed and smiled at Sammy as she lifted her hands and put them on the top of her head. “That was really great of you to invite us to the show tonight Sammy.”

Sammy raked her fingers across Kris’ soft skin more forcefully and gently poked her index finger in and out of Kris’ bellybutton. She moved her hands to the bottom of her tank top and began to slowly roll up the shirt into a nice band of material as she exposed that beautiful belly. She stopped at the bottom of Kris’ breasts and dragged the rolled material back and forth against the base of the shapely mounds. She felt Kris purring and leaned forward to kiss her neck. Kris responded immediately by turning to offer her open mouth and Sammy met her quickly, sliding her tongue in where it had only brushed before. Kris let out an audible hum as they explored each other and the buzz in Sammy’s dikmen escort bayan stomach moved a little lower.

Sammy’s hands were on Kris’ breasts and she massaged them softly. Kris moaned with pleasure as Sammy’s hands squeezed her more firmly and then pinched her nipples. Kris’ head was back now and she draped her arms carelessly behind her as Sammy lifted her shirt to display the gorgeous tits she had often fantasized touching when near Kris in the shop. She just stared for a moment, Kris’ erect nipples bearing testament to her excitement at being gazed upon by her lusty friend. They both sat frozen in the moment of their mutual expectation. Sammy reached for the soft flesh of her right bosom while she lowered her mouth onto the erect nipple of her left. Kris arched her back to meet Sammy’s tongue. Sammy kissed, then licked, then sucked her prize deeply into her mouth.

She sucked that heavenly nipple and ran her teeth back and forth across the tip as Kris shivered with delight. Sammy licked all around the areola and then sucked as much of the tit into her mouth as she could. It felt marvelous. She traveled to the other nipple, still hard and dry, and licked the tip again and again, like a cat lapping at a saucer of milk. Kris giggled and Sammy looked up at her. Kris’ eyes were glazed with the pleasure of the attention to her breasts. She raised her arms to allow her top to be removed and Sammy seized the opportunity to hop up to straddle her lap. She pulled the shirt up slowly, holding Kris’ arms above her head while she slowly took in her naked belly, breasts, neck and shoulders. Sammy let out a low whistle and then gave her a quick kiss and began licking her way across her chin, down her neck, and then taking both of Kris’ fabulous tits in her hands, wagged her head back and forth with her tongue extended to pleasure both nipples simultaneously. She did this as long as she could, losing herself in a lather of saliva and hot flesh until she felt Kris’s skin literally vibrating beneath her hands. Sweat broke out in Sammy’s armpits as she came up for air.

For the first time in she didn’t know how long Sammy became aware of her surroundings. Car lights were whizzing around her and she instinctively took Kris by her still outstretched arms and guided her onto her back across the seat. Sammy quickly finished unbuttoning her shirt and slid onto the floor next to Kris. Her silent accomplice in this passionate tryst had left her plenty of room to operate and she decided he was going to get the show of his life. She bent to kiss Kris, who willingly took her tongue into her mouth and sucked her into a loving embrace. Kris loved kissing, and put her arms on Sammy’s shoulders to pull her closer. Sammy slid her hand down Kris’ stomach and brought it to rest on her thigh just below the sexy short skirt she has worn to the concert. Sammy felt very grateful that Kris had chosen to play the role of femme this night, a delicious opportunity to bring her fantasies to life.

Kris’ tongue was alive with sensuality as Sammy stroked her thigh, moving higher and higher beneath her skirt. Her first touch of Kris’ panties wetted her fingers with the juice of her excitement, and a low moan escapes Kris’ throat. Sammy paused from their kiss and brought her fingers to her tongue and tasted the fragrance, then returned her lips to Kris’ hungry mouth. She returned her hand to Kris’ sex and slid her fingers inside the damp, panty-covered mound and encircled Kris’ warm pussy lips with her palm. She pressed firmly and found Kris gloriously slick and alive with anticipation. Their kissing became incredibly passionate, elvankent escort bayan both working their tongues in and out and around as if dancing by a fire. With her thumb finding Kris’ clit, Sammy slid two fingers inside her and began a slow, rhythmic fucking. After several deep penetrating thrusts, the motion of Kris’ hips forcibly quickened Sammy’s stroking, and she responded with excitement to pump her hot companion with a hard, fast fuck . Pinching her nipple, she felt Kris convulsing in pleasure and exploded in her first orgasm of the night, bucking against Sammy’s hand and bursting into laughter. Temporarily spent, she crushed Sammy to her with thanks.

Sammy listened to her shallow, rapid breaths, kissed her on the forehead and rose to mount her prone body. She pushed the buttoned ridge of her jeans up against Kris’ wet panties and began a slow rocking. Kris was wide open to her and beautiful in the darkness with her hair splayed behind her on the seat. She reached up and forcefully pulled on one sleeve of Sammy’s shirt, jerking it about until her arm was freed. Before Sammy could move to help, Kris grabbed the other arm and had her shirt off in a flash, revealing the see-thru bra that barely hid her dark nipples. Sammy had a quick thought that she has passed the point of no return, but the world around her seemed to be disappearing into a warm, soft cloud. She returned to her rocking, fucking motion against her lover’s wet sex as Kris pulled down the cups of her bra, immediately pinching Sammy’s nipples between her fingers. Hard. Kris was in the throes of her passion and drew Sammy in closer to her fever with the force of her grip. Sammy sucked in a deep breath and let the pain dissolve into pleasure, pushing harder against Kris with every stroke. Kris raised her upper body and clasped Sammy around the back, sucking one of her nipples into her mouth. With the feel of Kris’ tongue on her tit, Sammy lurched into that wildness of her fantasy much faster than she thought.

Kris liked the feel of Sammy’s well-muscled back and rubbed her there vigorously while she sucked on Sammy’s delightful nipples. She was in a trance-like state, enthralled by her first same-sex experience in so many years and a host of pent-up desires came pouring out of her. She licked and sucked Sammy’s tits and began biting her on the chest, neck, arms and shoulders as she thrust her hips against Sammy’s levi-covered cunt. She pulled herself close to Sammy’s face and demanded in a throaty voice, “Oh, fuck me please Sammy! Just fuck me. FUCK ME!” She moved her hands to the front of Sammy’s pants and ripped open the first two buttons. She quickly reached around and slid her hands inside the loose jeans and grabbed Sammy’s ass cheeks, squeezing and pulling to find her way to the crevices of her desire.

Sammy was too hot and wet to resist Kris’ probing fingers as Kris roughly invaded her panties. Her thumb found Sammy’s ass pleasure while her middle and index fingers slid deep into her cunt. Sammy slid forward to make her progress easier as Kris worked her jeans lower with her forearm. Sammy continued her slow fucking while Kris was double-fucking her with her fingers for all she was worth. Kris’ hot breath in Sammy’s ear was exhilarating, and she tongued the ear of her newfound top between the rasped words: “Fuck…me…you…Bitch!” Her thumb and fingers were carving parallel lines of lightning inside Sammy, and Sammy felt her orgasm rising like a flood from her deepest gut. It came like a giant wave as her belly slapped against Kris’, pumping her with all her heart. Sammy spasmed against her while Kris implored her emek escort bayan on with “Gimme. Gimmie. C’mon Sammy, Gimmie.”

She collapsed face first into Kris’ waiting breasts and Kris wrapped her up like a she-mom, cooing as she stroked her hair, now tangled and wet with sweat. Sammy’s head was spinning out of control. Where was she? Was this real or a dream? And how did she get so damn lucky?

Sammy turned to face her lover and Kris had a huge “Gotcha” smile on her face. Sammy kissed her several times and then brought her hands up to cradle her face and ran her fingers through Kris’ hair. Sammy decided she was not finished yet and that Kris was going to get a bigger “thank you” than she ever imagined. She pushed herself up to a seated position and ran her hands down Kris’ neck, circled around her breasts and nipples and drew her fingers slowly down her stomach. Kris thrilled to Sammy’s touch and confirmed Sammy’s decision to continue the fun. She grabbed the sides of Kris’ colorful skirt and panties and dragged them all the way down to her ankles. And off. Kris was completely naked before her. Sammy stared at her beautiful pussy with lips full and pink from the excitation of the evening. Her clit stood proudly erect and extended as an invitation to further pleasure. Her legs parted slightly as she submitted to Sammy’s gaze and Sammy ran her hands ever so slowly up Kris’ shins, across her knees and up along her receptive thighs.

Sammy began massaging Kris’ cunt, gently at first, and then more roughly, which Kris was clearly enjoying. Then, on impulse, Sammy slapped her pussy with a loud “Smack!” Kris’ squeal told her she was enjoying the sublime combination of pain and pleasure, and Sammy lowered her head to give her incredible pussy a reassuring kiss. Kris hummed a yummy sound as Sammy drank in her scent once more. “Smack, Smack!” And again she returned to her, this time with two long, languid licks along the rim of each swollen lip. “Slap. Smack. Kiss. Smack. Lick. Smack. Slap. Slap. Slap.” Kris whimpered with ecstasy as Sammy paddled and pleasured her wet pussy. At last she moved in for a long slow suck of Kris’ tortured clit, which was begging for the attention of Sammy’s mouth. She had spread herself fully for Sammy’s pleasure, and Sammy responded by reaching both hands to Kris’ nipples as she moved in for the kill. Sammy pinched hard, then released, then pinched again as her tongue penetrated Kris’ canal of love. Kris moaned uncontrollably as Sammy slow fucked her in this masterful way. Sammy’s own excitement was building but she had to finish the job as Kris’ undulations foretold of a coming explosion. Sammy brought her to a roaring orgasm with several bites and a swirl around her clit before plunging her tongue deep into Kris’ soft ass. Kris rewarded her with a gushing orgasm from the deepest reaches of her coiled torso. Sammy held her tight while she bucked, then writhed, then rocked herself into a puddle of bliss.

Sammy’s own heat had consumed her and she slid her pants further down while mounting Kris’ thigh. She positioned her groove against Kris’ hipbone and slowly ground her wet pussy against her. One more time she engulfed the magnificence of Kris’ waiting bosom, and then sucked and fucked herself into a new frenzy. She was lost in a whirlpool of the feel of Kris’ skin, the taste of her flesh, the smell of her cunt, and the sanctuary of her nipple as she rose to her shuddering orgasm. Come…come…come…and come some more. Sammy melted against Kris’ soft skin and they disappeared together into a warm campfire of sleep.

Sammy awakened to a comforting hand rubbing small circles around her back. A blanket was over her. She pushed herself up and saw the friendly hand was Tony’s, who was earnestly kissing Kris again and again while whispering “I love you darling. I love you so much”. Kris stared lovingly into his eyes. Tony looked over at Sammy. “Thanks for the show tonight Sammy. I’ll never forget it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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