Reading taboo stories on xhamster

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Reading taboo stories on xhamster
One day I read this story a sissy wrote. She fantasize about being a*****ed and used over and over by a mysterious man. It was very detailed as to what kind of van he had, the space the brutal fucking took place. Even the smell of burnt wood and gasoline in the air.
How he penetrated her with no lube, her crying out for nobody to hear. She seemed thrilled with the idea of someone using and abusing her over and over, making her cry as she was tortured for his dark pleasure. It was quite a turn on for me.

so I looked her up. She turned out to be a skinny young sissy that was 19 with disapproving religious parents . Intrigued I chatted her up. We hit it off pretty well and I asked her location. Turned out she lived about a half hour away. I never told her I read her story. We just talked about how she wanted to transition and her parents told her she was going to Hell. I really felt a connection with her. She was really cute so that helped. Sexting with her I learned she loved rough sex even know she was a virgin, she roughly fucked her dildos. She even showed me a video of her tight ass slamming a 6” dildo. I wanted to meet her but she wasn’t ready.

putting the plan in motion.
It wasn’t hard to find her after I knew the town she lived in. She was short and slender with long blonde hair. She had a beautiful androgynous look. The way she dressed always showed her tight ass. The first time I laid eyes on her I was in my work van and she was sitting on a park bench. I had to jerk off! I came all over my steering wheel. I was in love.

after learning her routine, I had to find a exceptional building canlı kaçak bahis so I went to my farm. In her story the floor was dirt. I had that I burned a fire so it had the burnt smell and a couple well soaked gasoline rags placed would do the trick. I needed corse rope, chains, saw horses and a extension ladder which I had. I needed a metal chain dog collar I figured I could make that. But I needed shackles and cuffs along with a horse cock dildo, gallons of fake cum lube, stainless steal anal hook,speculum and a 16” double dong. I ordered all off amazon prime and got it the next day. A couple other things I already had were a leather horse crop, pliers and a permanent marker. But something I had to get I was really excited about was a tattoo machine and ink also amazon. I practice on oranges for 3 days.

It was a saturday morning 5:30am she would go for a run in the morning and this is how her story starts. I waited with my van on the edge of the woods. 6am I could see her coming down the trail. I could see the sweat glistening on her neck. There was nobody around. I was supposed to ask her to use her phone cause I was broke down. She got to me and smiled. Can I borrow your phone? I blurted out. She stopped and said sure. She looks at my van and gets a confused look. I walk to the back of my van and she followed. I grabbed her and shoved a pair of boxers in her mouth then duct taped it around her head. After I got her in the van I taped her hands and feet together like she described in the story. Then drove off. It took 2 hours to get to the farm. I blindfolded her and d**g her in. Throwing her in the dirt I casino oyna pulled out my knife and cut her clothes off.

naked she layed there, scared and confused. I cut her hands and feet free and ungagged her. I grabbed the shackles and cuffs and locked her in them. Putting the chain dog collar on she started crying. What’s wrong this is what you want I said. Is it not? Did you not fantasize about this? Crying loud she said it was just a fantasy! Well honey it’s coming true your lucky! I locked the collar with a pad lock it was a tight fit, but she could breathe. After I was done I put the keys all together in my pocket. I pulled her to her feet, her body was perfect, her cock and balls were small. I grabbed a length of the corse rope and put it between her legs. One end in each hand I d**g it across her balls and asshole back and forth pulling it tighter when it dragged up her ass crack. The rope digging in her asshole, she cried out begging me to stop just like the story. After I was done I pulled up a saw horse and put her on it. I reached underneath her pulling her cock and balls out back between her legs, her small torso on the old wood horse. I shackled her wrists and ankles to the legs. She wrote the story she knew what was next. I parted her cheeks her asshole red and irritated. I pulled out my cock and shoved it in dry ! She screamed out and continued screaming as I pounded her virgin hole. After about 20 minutes of pounding I came in her. She stopped screaming after my cum soothed her hole. Now I grabbed the anal hook and slid it in her ass. And chained it to her collar, nice and tight. I just came so I had to canlı casino siteleri piss as the story goes I was to piss on her sore hole and I did. Apparently it burned.

The rest of the night she stayed In that position. I drank a shit ton of beer and every time I had to piss i pissed in her mouth. After I was good and drunk I went to bed.

day 2

i woke up and went to check on her. I took out the hook and in chained her from the saw horse. I handed her a shovel and made her dig a foot deep hole. This was her toilet. I pulled up a chair as she squatted over the hole and used the bathroom. I threw her a roll of toilet paper . I stood up and pissed down her back then threw the lock keys in her mess. She wiped and put it in the hole. Get on all fours! And spread your cheeks I grabbed the hose and put it in her asshole then turned on the water. A few times of that and her draining into the hole I handed her soap to clean her hole, she knew what to do she wrote it. After hosing her off she filled in the hole.

Finally she was clean enough to fuck! I laid her on her back and put her legs on my shoulders. I put some cum lube on my cock and thrusted in. I grabbed a marker and leaned down and wrote sissy slut on her forehead , cum slut on her chest and tranny whore on her belly. Then I grabbed her phone and started the video of my cock slamming in and out of her as she moaned and looked straight at the camera mom and dad this is who I am don’t look for me! I filmed the entire fucking she was moaning and her cock was leaking finally I came inside her and filmed the cum leaking out of her gaped hole. This is what she wrote so it had to happen. I emailed the video to all of her contacts! And showed her. Tears ran down her face. I pulled her to her knees and she cleaned my cock happily as I filmed that too. I was to send it to any response I got . And I did.

ready for pt 2?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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