Rainy Day WIP

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Daniel was nervous pulling into the parking lot. He had been texting with Samantha for the past few weeks. What had started out as a friendly helping had turned quite serious for both of them.

The day was grey and raining slightly. As he pulled up to the grey buildings front doors, she was standing there, wearing blue pants and a red sweater. Samantha was wearing thick rimmed glasses, which brought out her lovely brown eyes and sat on her cute button nose. Her long auburn hair flowed down past her shoulders and was slightly scruffy. Samatha’s face warmed when she saw the car slow to a stop in front of her.

Samantha and Daniel exchanges slightly nervous greetings. At a first glance you might assume they have never met before, but the truth is they have known each other for the last 4 years. They have been good friends but not that close. Samantha’s partner Jessica and Daniel and his wife Gwen met when they sat next to each other at a breakfast diner that was crowded.

Today, however they drove a short distance to an empty building and parked at the side. Daniel looked at Samantha, her hair wet and matted. She looked so beautiful. Samantha looked at Daniel and admired the way his face looked. His glasses made him look so mature than how he actually acted.

“Samantha.” Daniel said. “I want to thank you for the past few weeks. Things ankara escort at home have been just dreadful. Gwen has been distant and we just haven’t been clicking in bed. I spoke to her about it last night and things just got worse. She doesn’t want to give me what I want in our relationship, and it is just killing me.”

Samantha looked concerned at Daniel. She had always thought he was a nice man, good looking, but not that attractive, but hearing what kind of sexual appetites he has really has changed how she sees Daniel, and she does like what she sees.

“Daniel, it is hard I know. Jessica and I have been going through the same thing since she has started her new design business, she has no time for us anymore. But it will get better.”

Daniel took her hand in his, looked at her with a smile that made her heart skip a beat. Samantha has had a few male lovers in her time, but since meeting Jessica thought that the days of having a man inside her was over. But on that rainy day, in that car, Samantha only thought of Daniel’s arms wrapped around her naked waist. Her underwear was very noticeably wet. Daniel she saw, was feeling the same way as his tight jeans were getting obviously tighter.

Daniel put his other hand on Samantha’s face and pulled her in. Samantha put her hand up to his lips.

“No Daniel we can’t, we have elvankent escort too much to lose.”

Her fingers brushes his lips, slightly dry, but shaking. Her own voice wasn’t as strong as she wanted it to be. Her breathing getting heavier, her breasts moving up and down her cheeks getting flushed. Daniel moved his hand to her lips, causing something to snap and flare up in each of them. The wrapped their arms around the other lips locking, tongues finding one another.

Their glasses clicked as the moved around tasting each other for the first time. Daniel loved the smooth feeling of Samantha’s mouth and tongue guiding around his own. Daniel’s hands moved from the side of Samantha’s face and moved to her belly and hips. Both breathing heavily and nosily as they kissed. They pulled away from each other, a strand of saliva was pulled between their mouths and stayed until Daniel spoke.

“I am sorry, i know we can’t do this. I-I want to but we really can’t…”

Before Daniel can say anything more Samantha moved to his belt. And unbuckled it. She pulled his thick cock out of his boxers and saw it flip between his thighs. His trimmed bush was a nice chestnut brown. Samantha was about to wrap her mouth around him, but moved back slightly.

“What are we doing? We can’t just…” But before she could continue she otele gelen escort felt Daniels hand on her head and without any resistance from Samantha, pushed her head and mouth down over his dick.

It has been 7 years since Sabbath’s last had a cock in her mouth and boy did she miss it. She forgot how soft they start. The smell, the taste, feeling a bunch of hair on her face. And the percum, oh precum. She felt and tasted Daniels seed slip down her throat. Her panties were soaking as she felt his big gentle hand on her head. Letting her guide her mouth around his shaft.

Daniel closed his eyes and was in bliss. It had been weeks since he felt a mouth wrapped around him. Gwen had been distant with him for the past few months. He wasn’t certain if it was just stress at her job, or if she was having an affair herself, but they had lost their intimacy.

Daniels cock got hard feeling Samantha’s warm saliva dripping down his balls. Her hands caressing his drooping testicles. She slid her fingers below and underneath his boxers. Her hand pressed against his ass. She felt for his asshole and inserted one finger in him.

Feeling the surprise of her slender finger slipping inside him was enough for Daniel to let out a loud “Fuck, I’m cumming!” He was expecting Samantha to pull away, but was shocked when her head stayed put. His seed filling her mouth and throat. She swallowed most of his cum with one big glup. Pulled herself up and gave Daniel a big wet kiss. Daniel gladly tasted his cum for the first time ever. Noting it was a nice taste, and enjoyed Samantha’s tongue in his mouth swirling around.

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