Rachel’s bitch chapter 2.5- Tobin’s beggining

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Nick- age 16
Height 6 foot
Hair colour brown
Eye colour blue
Penis size 6 inch long 1 inch wide

Miss Tobin- age 28
Height 5 foot 6
Hair colour brown
Eye colour brown
Breast size 36A

Rachel- age 16
Height 5 foot 4
Hair colour blonde
Eye colour blue
Breast size 34B

Miss Tobin sat quietly at her desk going through the books of her students. Eventually she’d had enough. She had a splitting headache, people had been pestering her all day about work, people had been taking the piss out of her irish accent and most of all she was concerned for one of her students. Emma.

She had missed her whole lesson which was prep for an upcoming exam. She came into the classroom in some strange clothing. Usually Emma was reserved to trousers with flat bottom shoes. Today she came into class wearing a skirt that barely covered her nether regions, and her shoes were shiny black heels. In all honesty, and miss Tobin felt bad for saying so, but her top student was dressed as a school girl slut. And to top off the bad girl image she was called out of class and didn’t come back.

Miss Tobin started rubbing her head when there was a knock at the door. “Come in” she regretted her words before the door even closed. “Hello miss,” it was Nick. “Are you ready for our little session?”

“Please nick, not today. My last period was ten days ago that means I should be fertile for the next couple of days.”

Nick just looked at her. “Then we have no time to waste.” Marion stood and tried to go for the door but Nick blocked her way. He was only 14 but he was well built. 6 foot, body of an athlete and stronger than anything. Nick grabbed canlı bahis miss Tobin round the waist clenching a buttock in the process. Miss Tobin started to panic now. There was no reasoning with Nick. He’d been doing this for weeks and he wasn’t going to stop.

Nick pushed miss Tobin onto a nearby table and laid her down. He took of his tie and tied one of her hands round one of the table legs. “Best leave the other hand for some mobility.” He said. He came round the front of her and looked her down. He reached forward and literally tore her shirt in half. “Good girl, no bra just like I asked.” Nick said. By ask he meant whipped her arse with a belt for half an hour until she repeated “i wont wear a bra anymore because sluts don’t need bras” without crying. He moved down to her skirt now. He pulled his knife from his jacket pocket and cut up the side, gently pressing into her thigh drawing a little blood.

When he removed her skirt he admired her naked body, looking down at her toned stomach. Again at his request she joined a gym so she would always be a “fit fuck”. “spread em” nick said. Miss Tobin lay back on the table and spread her legs for him. He moved forwards with one thought on his mind. Impregnate the bitch, she’ll have maternity leave meaning a whole lot of fucking. Plus she’d have bigger tits with milk for breaks.

She felt the hot tip of his cock press against her entrance. “Please” she begged one more time. “Please what?”

“Please don’t…”

“Before you finish that sentence I want you to know it had better be something I want to hear.”

Hearing this miss Tobin lay motionless. Nick moved forwards ever so slightly. Savouring the feel of her tight bahis siteleri cunt. He pushed further into her tight snatch. It was pure bliss, it was like she was still a virgin.

Miss Tobin felt his cock enter her. She felt every detail of the tool that had raped her for weeks now. She knew every detail on it. The thick vein that runs up the right side, the piece of foreskin that catches forming four little ridges at the bottom of the head, the small gathering of spots located near his ball sack. She knew every square inch of his dick. Although not a virgin she was naturally tight meaning it still caused her pain to be fucked by big dicks. Although his wasn’t particularly big it felt it inside of her. Gradually he picked up the pace. He never could go slow, he could only pile drive like the horny bastard he was.

Nick was in heaven, her snatch so tight around his cock. He knew every detail of Tobin’s cunt now. He’d been fucking it for weeks so naturally he picked up some detail. He knew it was shaped like an hour glass, larger opening at the front, slimmer in the middle and then a bigger opening at the back where he smashed into her cervix causing cries of pain. He loved to hear her scream. It felt good to be in control. Eventually though he couldn’t take it.

Miss Tobin felt his dick expand at the base which could only mean one thing. This was it she thought, my first child is coming from a horny bastard student.

Nick thought for a moment, if she had a child they could trace it back to him. Then he had another idea. He flipped her off the desk so now she was bending over it.

Miss Tobin watched as the world span and she landed on her shaky feet on one side of the table. bahis şirketleri She saw Nick moving in behind her and she dreaded the inevitable. But what came next wasn’t what she expected. She felt excruciating pain emanating from her arse. She looked over her shoulder and saw him pumping into her anus. Her sphincter naturally closed around it trying to force it out but this only brought him to climax. She felt his hot sticky baby juice fill her anal canal and she passed out form pain.

Nick had never felt better. Two tight holes in one day? Ha unbelievable. He removed himself from miss Tobin and picked up her clothes. He shoved them in a locker and closed the door. He then proceeded to pick up a chair and bash the door in. No way it was coming open now. Then he left leaving miss Tobin tied to the table.

Rachel watched the tape back as her English teacher got pounded by nick in her cunt and in her arse. Hmmm, this could work out. She thought. She walked into the classroom to an unconscious miss Tobin. She took out her syringe and pen and got to work.

The next morning miss Tobin woke up in her own bed. A girl was standing at the foot of the bed. It was Rachel, Emma’s sister. “Good morning” Rachel said. Miss Tobin just looked around shocked. Wasn’t she in her classroom? Then she felt an itchiness in her crotch and went to reach underneath the covers only to find there weren’t any. She was lying butt ass naked in front of Rachel. Then she looked down and saw writing above her slit. “Rachel’s bitch?” She said surprised. “Don’t worry miss, you and me are going to have a lot of fun and I’ve got something special planned for that bastard nick.” Miss Tobin looked up lost for words.

This story isn’t anything special its a sub story leading up to chapter 3. Nick and miss Tobin are in the next chapter so this is how they got there.

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