Rachael’s Surprise

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Theresa entered Rachael’s office prior leaving for home after another long day. It was not a surprise to find her assistance still there, even though she was due to leave at 5 p.m. Apparently, Rachael had stayed to find out how her boss and friend had faired at the board meeting. Rachael had worked long hours researching data and helping put it into the report that was so important to their department’s survival. Taking a chair across from her assistance, Theresa tried to keep the results to herself as long as she could. Rachael searched her boss’s face for any sign, but couldn’t reach a decision.

Finally, not able to contain her excitement anymore, Theresa began to smile. She told Rachael how the board had embraced their radical proposal immediately, and added more funding than was requested. She then told her assistant that she wanted her to take off the following day, so that she could get the sleep that she knew Rachael was lacking. Additionally, she handed her a gift box, which was wrapped elegantly. Rachael opened the gift to find that her boss had purchased a long satin dress that was in a vivid red color. With the dress was an envelope that contained a bonus as a thank you for Rachael’s hard work and dedication.

Reaching her apartment, Rachael searched for her keys. She was so tired that she felt as if she was going to fall asleep in the hallway. Opening the door, she was greeted by her boyfriend, who was holding a bouquet of flowers for her. He explained that he had called Theresa earlier to inquire as to the outcome of the board’s reaction to their proposal. He knew that she had been investing a lot of hours into this project. He told her how proud he was of her efforts, and that he was there to support her.

Tony took her coat and hung it on the coat rack in the hall. He ushered her into the small dining room, where he had dinner ready for them. He made her sit and handed her a glass of wine, toasting to her success. As she sat at the table, Rachael was hit with the exhaustion that she had been fighting for the past two weeks. Tony told her he would clean up and go back to his apartment. Silencing her objection, he told her sleep is what she needed. She promised to call him whenever she woke up the following day.

Rising from bed at noon, Rachael felt like her old self. She shuffled to the bathroom and drew the bubble bath she had dreamed about. Stripping her pajamas off, she stood and admired her body in the large mirror over the sink. She was proud of the way her body looked, and took the time to admire it from various angles. She had kept her shape by working out, when she was not at work, and eating the proper foods.

Sliding into the hot bubble bath brought on an additional güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wave of relaxation. She laid back and took advantage of the warm water and the silence she had been searching for. After what appeared to be hours, she finally sat up so that she could wash and shave her legs. Reheating the water, she took her razor and began the arduous task of removing the stubble that was there. Reaching her crotch, she shaved her pussy lips, leaving a small amount of her hair above. She stood up and rinsed off in the shower.

After drying off, Rachael went to the kitchen to fix something to eat, after which she called Tony. When he answered, she thanked him for being so kind last night. The flowers and dinner were a wonderful surprise. The most considerate thing was that he insisted she go to bed and catch up on her much needed rest. Rachael then suggested that he pick her up at 7 p.m., so that she could take him to dinner. She explained that Theresa had given her a huge bonus check for her assistance and that she would be picking up the tab. She then called for reservations at one of their favorite restaurants.

After spending the rest of the afternoon reading and listening to music, Rachael decided it was time to get ready for her date with Tony. She had purposely neglected to tell him of the dress that Theresa had given her. She put on bra and panties before stepping into the dress. The fit was if it was tailored for her. She realized that the outline of her lingerie was visible. Feeling a little daring, she removed the bra and g-string. She loved the way the dress felt against her naked body. Her 34C breast looked fabulous in the low cut of the dress bodice. She could see the outline of her nipples, which made them even harder. She knew Tony would approve of her choice.

When Tony arrived, his eyes widened with the beauty that was before him. He commented on how great she looked in the dress, and that she had appeared to have caught up on her rest. As they made their way to the restaurant, Rachael began to realize what she really needed was to have sex with Tony. A plan of attack was forming in her head. She was going to tease him to let him know her desires.

As they drank their wine and waited for their meal, Rachael leaned forward with her elbows on the table. This gesture made her breasts almost jump out of the top of her dress. Noticing the way the she was sitting, Tony couldn’t help but notice her cleavage. Rachael’s nipples hardened further, knowing that he was staring at her. Lowering one of her hands from her face, she brushed her index finger back and forth against a nipple, causing her to shutter. It was obvious that Tony was enjoying this, as he paused in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his conversation. Standing up, Rachael told Tony that she had to visit the ladies room. As she passed him, she leaned and asked if he wished it was his tongue that was teasing her nipples. Before he could respond, she was gone.

Returning, Rachael return to her previous position at the table. Tony was staring and quietly asked her to play with her tits again. Smiling, she began to brush her nipples, once again making them erect. As her dress was cut so low, combined with her size, Tony could now see the tops of her areola. Rachael leaned in further towards Tony so that she could reveal to him that she was not wearing any panties either. Just as he was about to answer, the waiter arrived with their food.

Once they had finished eating, they both ordered coffee and an aperitif to finish. While drinking their coffee, Rachael explained to Tony that she had been playing with herself during their entire meal. She told him that the tablecloth hide the fact that she had pulled

up the front of her dress, and had her fingers on her clit the whole time. She was almost positive that the waiter had caught her, but he showed no signs of concern. When the check had been settled, Rachael stood to leave. Tony notice that her dress was still pulled up in her lap, and that her pussy was visible. Pulling it down, she softly told him that she wanted his mouth on her pussy when they got home.

As soon as the door to her apartment was closed, Tony was kissing her passionately. She led him to the bedroom, where she removed his clothing. As Tony reached for her, Rachael pushed him back on the bed. She began to slowly raise the dress over her head, so that Tony could see her naked form. Tony pulled her down onto the bed so that he could feel her soft body nest to his.

Kissing her passionately, Tony’s hands seemed to be everywhere. He was cupping her breasts, as he leaned to suck on her erect nipples. Rachael was told to lie still, so that he could enjoy every part of her body. He glided his mouth towards her pussy, leaving a trail of kisses as he did. Rachael’s body was responding to his touch. He breathing became more rapid and her pussy became wet. As Tony reached her pussy, she though she was in heaven. He sucked on his smooth lips and sucked on her clit. When he began to flick his tongue on her clit, Rachael felt herself begin to cum. She grasped the sheets and held on life, as her orgasm continued. She didn’t remember cumming this hard before.

Tony let her catch her breath, by lightly caressing her tits and kissing between her tits and up her neck. When he reached her lips, she kissed him and seemed güvenilir bahis şirketleri to take his breath away. Turning over, she got onto all fours and told him to fuck her from behind. Tony positioned himself behind her, and Rachael reached underneath herself and grabbed his dick. She pulled him in tighter and guided his dick into her wet pussy. Rachael began to push against his trusts as she took one of her hands and rubbed her clit. Tony grabbed her butt tight and began to penetrate her deeply. Moving his hands over her butt, he brushed against her tight bud. She gasped out with another orgasm within moments of this playing with her ass. This action always caused her to cum intensely

She told Tony to stop for a moment, so she could catch her breath. As he remained still inside her pussy, she decided that she wanted to have him put his dick in her ass. She had tried anal sex in the past, but had not been pleased with the results. The reason for her reluctance to try again was that she didn’t think she would ever enjoy it. She really wanted to try this with Tony, as he had always been so gentle with her.

She asked Tony if he wanted to fuck her in the ass, knowing that he had desired to try this with her. She explained that he should get some of the lube from her nightstand. Before Rachael could take another breath, Tony had gotten the lube and put it on his dick. He took more and put it on her ass. The contact of the lube made Rachael more excited at this prospect than she thought she could ever be.

Rachael reached under her pussy to grab Tony’s dick. Her hand guided the head of his dick to her ass. When his dick contacted her ass, she felt herself tighten up. Telling Tony to let her set the pace, Rachael pulled him into her ass. When the head of his dick entered her, she felt herself become very wet. Becoming accustomed to his dick in her as, she pulled him further in. Moving her hand back to her clit, she told him to push all the way in. The combination of her hand on her pussy, and the fullness of his dick in her ass, was an experience that Rachael had not known. She asked him to slowly move in and out, to make sure that she was sufficiently lubricated. Tony easily slid in and out of her ass.

Tony had never experienced anal sex before, so he purposely let Rachael set the tempo. She began to fuck him with increasing speed. The tightness of her ass and feeling her fingers play with her clit had Tony on the edge. He held on for a long as he could, before announcing that he was going to cum. Rachael slammed hard against his dick, and held it tight in her ass as he came inside her. She could actually feel his cum erupting from his dick.

Slowly extracting herself from Tony, Rachael turned over on her back. He held her tightly and explained that that was an unbelievable experience. Rachael kissed him passionately and told Tony that is was wonderful for her. She also told him that it was something that she had enjoyed immensely and that they would have to try it again, soon.

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