Purpose Pt. 01 – The Beginnings and Tina

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This is a total work of fiction. Any similarities to real world people places or events is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed are 18 years or older. This work contains graphic depictions of diverse sexual acts. If you are not of an age to lawfully read this material, please move on.

This is part one of a multi part saga.


The beginning and Tina


Pamela (Kitty) Lynn Thompson (nee Raider) has been widowed for four months. She is lonely and lost.

She is a bottle blonde but you could never tell. She has no carpet to compare to the drapes. She is a tall 5′ 10″, 146 lbs 38D chest with large areola and dime sized permanently erect nipples, the perfect ass not J Lo but not flat either. Flat tummy, toned body and legs from daily exercise. Pierced navel and right nipple and her body hair has been lasered off long ago. Kitty has a penchant for not wearing a bra and only sometimes a thong. Never pantyhose, always either garter and stockings, stay ups or bare.

Pam had a bit of a reputation in college. She had a few monikers. Pussy Licker Pam or Kitty Raider. She loved to lick pussy or kitty! Most people called her Kitty to her face so Kitty it was. But Pussy Licker Pam was known all over campus and in not a few woman professors offices.

Then at the end of college Kitty met Trent. Trent was her man. Her only man. She had no interest in men actually but he was different. They married and started a corporate financial consulting business and began trying to have children.

The business was a huge success providing all the luxuries in life for both of them. However, Kitty and Trent never had children. Kitty was unable. Trent understood and loved her even more. He allowed Kitty her many causes over the years.

Then came Cancer. It was quick and they prepared as best they could.

Then he was gone.

She is lonely and floundering. She feels the void left by her husbands death. She needs to find some meaningful purpose for her money and she finds herself watching and drooling over sexy young girls in the shops and malls.

Meeting one such girl at a clothing store, things develop in a way not even Kitty can fully fathom. She will find herself searching out young lesbian girls to help how she can. Education money, social schooling, shelter and in some cases safe haven from the evils of the world and freedom to explore their sexuality.

Now that Trent is gone is it time for a new cause? The poor young girls who are having trouble finding themselves, for what ever reason or circumstance? Society has a way of marginalizing young girls struggling with their sexuality because their inner self is fighting with the perceived norms. The world says young women should get married, be a good wife, have children and submit to their husbands. Their inner self wants something else. They experiment but are under pressure to conform.

Not initially recognizing what she has subconsciously begun, Kitty would now take it upon herself, in her own little corner of the world, to find these girls (or did they find each other?)and help them to see who they really are and that they are beautiful, normal, viable and able to contribute to society. She would also help them to realize that they are sexual beings and can love the many who come into their lives. At the same time they will save Kitty and let her be who she needs to be sexually as well.

Read along and enjoy Kitty’s journey!


An end and a beginning.

I’m so tired of being sad. Trent would be kicking my pretty ass for being like this. As his cancer progressed we talked all this through. The sale of the business, the insurance, whether to keep the huge house or not. The decision not to remarry was a no brainer on my part. Trent was my one and only man. I am actually a bit creeped out by any other man. I miss him.

I’d much rather be in the company of women. I feel most comfortable around others of my sex. Trent was my security blanket at corporate events. Guys are so obvious. Thinking they are so funny with the crude jokes and the lines. But now he’s gone and I’m alone. And feeling vulnerable.

That’s kinda why I’m at the mall food court I guess. I can be alone around people. Comfortably anonymous in a crowd. The scenery is great too. Groups of nice young girls to scan. Oh the pleasures of a college town! Actually two colleges and a university!

This coffee tastes like shit. Time to get my new leggings I need for the gym. My new gym is owned by my longtime friend Barbara Dell. Trent and I used to work out together all the time. But now he’s gone. I seem to be saying that to myself a lot! So I’m starting at ‘Just for Us’ women only gym in a couple of hours.

So to let’s try this store first. This one is trendy and bright. More for a younger crowd but that is how I want to feel so I’m going to try and dress the part.

Leggings, leggings….ah there they are. There’s a shit ton of styles. Well let’s get looking!

“May I be of some help?!” A cheery voice izmit escort bayan says from behind me.

I turn and look. Stunned! There in a skin tight white Lycra top, eyeball to eyeball with my 5’10” self is the most gorgeous slender beauty. I don’t know why but I look down at her exquisitely pert B cup breasts with her mosquito bite nipples showing through her top, staring at me, while I am staring at them.

Fuck did I just wet myself!

I quickly collect myself and look back up at her face.

“Um….yes, absolutely! There are so many to choose from. I’d love for you to help me get the right colour and size.” I return blushingly.

The little minx has the audacity to do that tongue on the lip thing that we do when flirting.

I know she can see my nipples get harder!

“Let me guesstimate your size.” She says to me as she moves closer and puts a hand on each of my hips. I can smell her breath and her perfume mixed to make an exotic potion.

This girl is already in my head! I haven’t felt this since college! If this lovely creature isn’t careful mommas gonna throw her on the floor and….. Get your shit together Kitty!!


“Oh sorry what?”

“Size 4 or 6?”

“Oh right yeah. In between. Size five.”

She slides sideways and ever so lightly our boobs brush. “We’ll look do this end then!” She says with, is that a smirk?!

I follow. I notice she is in leggings too. What a beautiful ass!! God I’d love to help her get the material out from in between hehe!

I’m startled again! “Here we are!” She starts pulling some out for me.

Tina! It says Tina in her name tag. Was that there before?!

“Let me see what colours work for you ma’am.” She says as she holds a pair under my chin. The sides of her hands resting on my aroused swelling tits!

I breathe! “Tina, call me Kitty. I’m not ma’am…that makes me feel old.

“Oh sorry Kitty! I don’t want you to feel old! Your not old! Your….your beautiful!” Tina replies with a blush.

She seems for the first time to act unsure.

She smiles shyly and continues to try different colours. Her hands are still on my tits but not so aggressively. Poor thing.

“What do you think of these colours? Shall we try them on? May I assist you in any way?!”

This girl has me so hot! Now she is trying to take the lead again. No you don’t little girl!

“I’d be very pleased if you helped me try these on! Very pleased!” Then I brushed my hand down her arm. Time to push this young thing and see where it goes. Kitty are you crazy!

“Lead the way Tina!” I say in a syrupy voice.

Hhmm! It appears my past is raising its head today and my ‘normal’ mode of dress appears to have attracted this young girls attention. Yes lead on says the spider to the fly!

I follow Tina passed two different change rooms in the middle of the store, all the way to the back, through a seating area and down a hall. She opens the door at the end. “This will be more private.” Indicating the room. “After you Kitty!” she wheezes as her breathing hitches in her throat.

I enter the room, noticing the spaciousness of it and the fact that there is an antique settee and a wingback chair as well as racks and hangers for clothing.

Easy Kitty, I think as Tina hangs up the leggings that I am to try on.

Ok, time to see how far she will go and how much experience she has. I set my handbag on the chair and quietly move behind her and wait.

She must have sensed me….she turns slowly to face me. She looks directly into my eyes. Brave girl! Not a look of challenge but all at the same time a look of lust, hope, unease, want, pleading. Her breathing is coming in heaves…her cheeks flushed.

I return her gaze with what I am feeling for the first time in ages….animal desire! “Tina I’d love for you to help me with these leggings. Will you help me?” She nods to the affirmative. “Will you help me by doing exactly as I ask?” I say as I cup her chin and caress her jawline.

“Uuuunnnnhhh….” She moans in response.

“Now Tina I need you to enunciate. I need to know you are ok with this. Do you want this?”

Yes ma’am, I mean Kitty!” She squeaks.

Then I have a thought pop in my head. Oh my gawd! I bet this girl is a virgin! At least a saffic one. I have to be sure.

“Tina will this be your first time with a woman?”

“First time for anything! I don’t like boys they are gross and rough and stinky and rude and I like girls I know I do and you’re so gorgeous….oh gawd please!”

Tina is pretty much hyperventilating! So I hold her to me and pet her head and smooth her hair until she calms somewhat.

Still holding her close I enquire, “Better?” She nods her head.

I move her away from me a bit and look at her again. This is now a girl who wants to take that huge step in her life to buck the ‘norm’. She is scared but no doubt wants to do this.

“Tina you are a lovely girl and I’d love to show you the way but I need to here it from you. It is your choice and yours alone izmit eve gelen escort to make. I will still buy the leggings and I’ll never tell a soul about this whether you say yes or no. I’ll never force you.”

She looks deep into my eyes as if searching and then she finds what she needs. “Yes Kitty! A million times yes! Please teach me!”

I place a hand behind Tina’s head and pull her lips to mine. They are shaking as I make gentle contact but it lessens as we both become more insistent. I press my tongue to her lips and they part, Tina moaning into my mouth. Gawd, I can feel that long missed feeling of arousal, my wetness seeping, my nipples aching with need. No turning back now!

My hand comes to her small breast. I immediately feel how turned on she is, nipples hard and pointy. Her hand tentatively moves to my underboob, doing the thinking for her, as it slowly roams over my needy tit.

We separate briefly as we both gulp air. Slamming back together, I attack her neck with my mouth, switch hands to her other B cup titty, and wrap her closer as my other hand begin exploring her leggings clad backside. I slide my hand down and with my middle finger, insinuate myself into her crevasse.

“Fffffuuuucccckkkk…” Tina moans out as her legs start to buckle.

Taking her weight, we move to the settee and as gracefully as possible (not!) lay her down upon it. I move between her legs hooking my arms under her legs and pushing them back as I move forward. Simultaneously, I slide my hands under her Lycra top and push up as I move forward. I am mesmerized by the appearance of her succulent mosquito bite tits.

I have to! I can’t wait. I dive forward capturing an inviting nipple in my mouth. My tongue dances and my lips apply suction. More moaning from defenceless Tina. This girl is gonna get an intro to lezzy sex she’ll never forget!

I let one leg go as I push my hand down the front of her leggings and a barely there thong. I make incidental contact with her clit. Fuck it’s huge! I’m gonna love making love to this one! Tina was moaning and starts to buck against my hand. My palm on her clit now with my two middle fingers fighting to enter her slippery slit, she is grunting out the tempo her hips are moving to.

All this time my body is not dormant either. My clitty is thrumming with need and I can feel my moisture running in little pulses down my thigh. No time for my pleasure, Tina needs to blast off.

I switch nipples and apply my old tried and true pleasers. I free my other hand and grab the original nipple none too gently as I apply my teeth to her other nipple.

Tina arches into my hand driving my fingers deep as she lets out a squeal. She grabs onto my hair and keeps driving her overstimulated cunt onto my fingers, flooding them with each thrust. My head is hurting from the hair pulling but mission accomplished….we definitely have blast off!!

I stroke Tina as she comes slowly back down to earth. Her eyes blink open.

“Holy fucking FUCK!!! If that’s girl/girl sex who the fuck needs boys?! You have to teach me more teach me everything I wanna know it all giving and receiving I’ll be the best student I’ll do anything please say you will please Kitty I never want another boy I’ll……”

I try to calm this poor smitten dynamo down!!

“Easy there Tina! Take a breath. One thing at a time. So was it good?!”

“Sorry Kitty…..yes it was. It was the best ever. I thought I’d cum before but now I know those were just tingles.”

“I know you feel this way now but it is not the time for you to renounce boys altogether, ok?”

“Ok” Tina says with a frown.

“Now Tina are you serious about wanting to learn more?”


“Ok, the reason I’m asking you that question is because when I was in college a bunch of us were sure that very first time and a number of girls never touched another girl again. I want you to be sure so I know what you say now but wait two days and come to my house. I’ll give you my address. If you show up in two days I will know that you’re serious.”

I look at an increasingly upset looking Tina. She is going to cry for sure.

“Don’t cry sweet thing! What’s the matter!”

“I don’t have a car!”

“Ok phone me in two days and I’ll come and get you then. Give me your address.” I say cheerily.

Tears are running now.

“Oh gawd….please don’t cry! What is really the matter!” as I fold her in to me.

“You can’t come and get me ‘at my place’! This is my place! I live here! I mean in the store room….I was evicted two weeks ago and all my life is in a garbage bag in the back. I even had to rescue it from the garbage twice because the other girls didn’t know!!” Tina is now sobbing uncontrollably.

Oh fuck I can’t leave her to live here!

“When is your shift over? Is your manager here today?”

Tina checks her phone. “35 minutes. Why?!”

“Your manager?”

“What? Oh yes! Brenda is on today.”

Making myself to rights I grab my bag and all izmit otele gelen escort the leggings and make to leave.

“Where are you going!” Tina says anxiously.

“Don’t worry. Get yourself together sweetie. When I get back your shift will be done.” Out I go.

I find the manager at the till. I make mention that poor Tina is feeling ill and I’ll take her to my place until she is better. I indicate that I am taking all the leggings, eight pair in total and how fantastic Tina’s salesmanship is. Her boss is beaming as I leave to go collect my new house guest.

I swing into the change room with my purchases and Tina jumps.

“So am I fired?!”

“Fired? Why on earth would you be fired. You just sold me eight pairs of expensive leggings and this customer made mention of your fab service to the manage even though you are feeling so sick!” Using air quotes. “Let’s get your bag of stuff and get out of here. You are coming with me. Oh by the way, you are off the next three days. Your next shift is Monday!!”

I think If I had one of Trents car jacks I would have to use it to get her jaw off the floor.

My little dynamo slams into me so hard I just about fall. As she hugs the shit out of me I get, “thank you thank you!!” Then as quick as a flash she is out and back with a ratty garbage bag in hand. “Im ready!”


The drive home is uneventful except for her astonishment on driving in a Jag! Gawd! She is so cute. I will have to find out about her past. Both how she got evicted and also past home and school life. For nineteen she seems to have had it rough.

So as we pull through the gates, the guard for the luxury community waves us through, Tina must be getting whiplash as her head swivels around taking in all the sights. The golf carts zooming here and there the central fountain, the tennis courts, the community pool (why we have one is anybody’s guess, we all have our own!).

Tina literally guppies as the gate automatically swings open and we pull into the circle drive. “You live fucking here! What are you, a millionaire?!” I just smile at her.

She is still sitting in the Jag when I come around to her door. I reach in the back and grab her belongings. I head for the door and shoot over my shoulder, “are you coming!”

Tina twitches into action as she gets out and scurries up to me, following closely. I touch the fob in my pocket and the door swings open and we enter without breaking stride, Tina still right behind me.

As I head for the stairs, “I’ll give you the grand tour later but let’s find you a place and then you can shower.” Tina is still in awe as she nods.

The first guest bedroom right across from the Master was as good as any to choose. Trent and I had designed the house for entertaining guests for overnight. Some of our corporate parties led to some very intoxicated guests and we look after our friends.

This room is typical of the other six. Large bed area with a super king either four poster or sleigh bed. There is then a walk-in wardrobe each outfitted with robes of various weights and styles. As we entertained couples, there was also a selection of male and female bathing attire of multiple sizes and styles. Carrying on through, there is a luxury ensuite for each room. This consists of a double shower with rain heads and hand wands, double sinks and a claw foot soaker tub. A toilet and bidet round out the amenities. There is shelving with copious towels and cloth’s.

“You’ll le..le..let me at stay h..h..here?!” Tina stammers as she peruses the accommodation.

“It’s just a guest room sweetie. Now put your things down somewhere and use the shower. I’ll meet you at the bottom of the stairs when your done. Now hurry up….I’m hungry!” I say as I swat her ass.

I watch her head to the bath staring at her perfect ass. I can’t believe I did that at the store and can’t believe I want to jump her sexy frame again!!

Have I come full circle from college? Being after every pussy I smell? Gawd! College was fun!! Ok Kitty pull your shit together. Gotta make something for us to eat. I hate fucking cooking. Gotta get a maid and a cook.


I run and do a quick wash up and get into the kitchen. I realize that I have shit for food and have been ordering in or eating out almost every day in the passed four months since Trent left this life.

“Fuck!” Remind me not to slam my hand on the quartz counter top, it hurts!

I can’t believe it’s all expired or crap I won’t eat. Order in it is then.

I have just hung up from my favourite Indian restaurant, The Taj, when I here, “Hello! Kitty?!” (That’s too funny!)

I holler, “I’ll be right there Tina!!” as I poke my head out into the hall.

Oh Em Gee! Look at her! She is gonna kill me. Tina has a soft pink silk mini robe and nothing else. You know that look….feet toed together, one knee cocked in, hands together in front kneading together, shoulders pulled in with the head down but eyes looking right at you, blushing all the while?! You know the one!!! Sex on a stick. I’m so in trouble!!

I hold out my hand. “Tina, I had to order food so let’s talk while we wait.”

“K.” she says softly.

I lead her to the great room. Huge fireplace, overstuffed couches, oak hardwood cover with a plush area rug…..yep!…..that kind.

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