Pt 2 – The Princess And The General

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(Be patient, read the first few paragraphs which set up the scene and you will be blown away, trust me)

“Guardsssssss” screams the king, he still cannot believe that his general, the man he trusts more than anyone in his kingdom, would do this to his only daughter. 10 guards rush into the room and he screams “Arrest General Temanka, take him to the main dungeon and make sure he is chained to the block of stone in the middle of that room, make sure he’s secure, he must not escape”. At that moment the king did not notice the princess’s look of vindictive pleasure, he does not know the role she played to provoke him to treat her like this and he will never know, or will he?

In the meantime, General Temanka is sleeping quietly in his room after a very intense and brutal session with the princess, he has a nagging feeling that this is not yet over and regrets letting her go so easily, but he is General Temanka and his men are loyal to him. Suddenly his door is slammed open and the guards surround his bed with their swords pointing at him, “Cease him” says the head guard, they grab him and drag him to the dungeon, the general is thrashing and cursing his men, demanding they let him go but they cannot as they are obeying the kings orders.

They chain him to the block of stone that the king requested and ensure that every manacle is tight and unbreakable. The head guard says “I am sorry general, I do not know what your crime is but it must be serious for the king to demand your arrest, I will make your stay here comfortable though so please let me help you in that way” and quietly and with remorse exits the general. He turns to the guards outside the cell “I want this cell guarded at all times, ensure that the general lacks for nothing, remember he is still our general and with hope, all will be rectified and the king will let him go, I’m sure this is just a terrible misunderstanding”.

General Temanka cannot believe that the bitch reported him, she will pay, if it is the last thing he does in his life, he will make her pay for this. After what seems hours but was only minutes, the king arrives to the dungeon and tells everyone to wait outside for him. He approaches his general and looks him the eyes with contempt and anger “how can you do this to my daughter, what sort of animal are you to treat a young girl in this way, you have left me no choice but to condemn you to death for this betrayal”.

The general looks at his king and says very quietly “my king, with respect I fear that you do not know your daughter if you believe she is not at fault and did not ask for or deserve this treatment, you only need to speak to your men to know what your daughter is, she came to ME, she threw herself at ME and she is the one who was hiding in my room while I was taking a bath, the moment I saw her I told her to leave but she only ripped her dress off and pounced on me, you’re daughter is nothing but a common whore and I will not apologize for teaching her a lesson, hopefully now she will think twice before pulling rank on your men and treating them like dogs like she thought I was, if you must kill me, then do so, but I ask you to speak to your men but do not frighten them to tell you the truth, ask FOR the truth and they will share it with you, I know that she deserved what she got and I am not scared to tell you that”.

The king looks closely at his general while he speaks, looking for a hint of a lie but could find none, could this be true, did his daughter provoke this treatment, the king nods at the general “I will do as you say, if there is truth in what you say, then she will be dealt with, you have won yourself a reprieve but only for a day but if what you say is a lie, you will hang this time tomorrow”. He rushes out of the room and goes in search for his most trusted guards.

He has 5 of his most loyal and trusted men lined up in his room, he quietly asks them what his daughter has done to them and for them to be honest as their generals life depends on it. They don’t hesitate and tell the king everything, every sordid detail of what his only daughter has done to them, how she lures them to her bed and then slaps them into submission and into doing what she wants, the total disrespect to his men and the way she threatened them all into not saying anything, one even showed the king the burn marks she left on him when she wanted to see what damage a lit candle can do to flesh.

They all apologize and leave him. The king sits down and with shame lowers his head in his hands and cries for the first time since his wife’s death, the pain and the knowledge that his only daughter can be like this. And so it begins, the king calls his daughter to his room and tells her “my daughter, the general has been locked up in the dungeon and for his treatment of you, you now have the power to do what you want with him before he hangs tomorrow evening, but you may not kill him, that is mine to do. You have 24hrs”. He looks at his daughter, really looks at her and sees what his men said, that vindictive and cruel streak in her that he had never seen before. She kisses her father and thanks him and then leaves.

An hour later, the princess approaches the dungeon and the guards let her into the room, there she sees the general tied up and obviously not doing well, the room is dark but for a ray of light shining down on him, she is so hysterically happy, she can’t stop laughing as she approaches him, “ oh this is so poetic, the general is nothing but a mere male now and unfortunately realizes he went to far to touch a princess in that way, oh if only my father knew what I had done to make you so angry with me” she slaps him, then slaps him again “now you see general that it IS I who dictates after all, not you, you’re nothing but a dog like all your men, you all think you’re so much more superior to us gentile folk, just because you carry a pathetic sword, that is the difference with you and I, you may know how to kill general but it is I who knows how to order the death, and that is what will happen to you tomorrow evening. My father is so blind, he has no idea how pathetic he to is, I just need to cry and he does anything for me, it is any wonder he is even a king”.

Then suddenly, out of no-where, the general grabs her hand and pulls her down on him, and then he slowly rises off the stone, the shock and fear was evident in her eyes, but he was tied up? How is this possible, she sees this vicious smile in his eyes and then she realizes why, her father steps out from the darkened part of the dungeon and just stares at his daughter, so much despair in his eyes, but she is deserving of this and it will be the last time she gets away with this. “Guardssss” screams her father, they all rush in, all the guards she has belittled and put down are now standing in front of her. “Guards, my daughter seems to still need to learn a valuable lesson, it is time for you all to teach her this lesson and do to her all that she has done to you all. I only ask that you do not kill her, death is to easy and I want her to suffer as she has made you all suffer”. “father, please, no, do not do this, things are not as they seem, father pleaseeeeeeeeee”……..

The king leaves, trying to block his ears to her screams and pleas. The men grab her and rip her dress to shreds, leaving her there exposed, her tits heaving with each breath of fear, she tries to cover herself up but can’t canlı bahis really hide much, the men start to laugh at her shame, they are going to make her pay for all her terrible treatment of them. The general approaches her and looks deep into her eyes and then unexpectedly slaps her hard across the face, throwing her to the ground. The men stop laughing, realizing that this is more serious than they thought. His face is so angry they fear he will kill her.

The general picks her up off the ground and roughly throws her down on the concrete slab. Her body hitting it hard causing her so much pain, she knew that if she lives through this night, she will be one of the luckiest woman in the world. He pulls her down the slab of concrete, ensuring that her ass is lined up with the end of the slab. He ties her arms to the slab and watches her squirm with fear. The general then comes around and squats over her face, forcing her to inhale his sex and aroma, she can’t believe it but she was getting excited, he had such a hot cock and body and she was anticipating what his next move will be but with fear as well as longing.

He bends down and slowly lowers his cock to her mouth, “open your mouth princess, you are going to suck my cock dry now and you are going to enjoy it, do I make myself clear?” she nods while tears well in her eyes, the general then forces his cock down her throat with one hard thrust, gagging her, she is fighting to breath and can only hear his men laughing at her attempt to stay alive, he pulls out and then rams it down her throat again, she is thrashing from side to side, begging him with her eyes to let her breath, he pulls out again and this time slaps her hard in the face with his cock, then slaps her again with his hand. “do as you are told, open your mouth and take it all in”.

She opens her mouth wide and he forcibly rams it down her throat, burying his whole 12 inch cock all the way down past her tonsils, she stops trying to thrash now, she can’t breath and can feel herself slowly losing consciousness. He pulls out just in time and then lowers his balls in her mouth, forcing her to suck his balls “lick my asshole princess, dip your tongue in it, do it now”, she shakes her head, she doesn’t want to, but he slaps her again and then buries his asshole to her mouth, forcing her to dip her tongue into his dirty hole, he starts to rub his ass crack up and down her face, turning her into the fucking dirty whore she is. He stands up and then rams his cock down her throat again and this time he grabs her head to hold it into place and starts to fuck her mouth hard and fast, forcing his whole length down past her mouth and down to her neck, nearly snapping her head off her shoulders. Her eyes are glazed over now and she is so close to passing out, she can’t breath, she can’t move, when will it end?

He pulls out and looks her in the eyes and says “I told you princess, you will pay if you told anyone, the truth has come out and now you are going to pay, open that sweet mouth wide, I’m going to pour my seed down your throat and you’re going to swallow every drop, aren’t you?” she looks away, he slaps her face again and says “aren’t you princess?” and she slowly nods. He grabs her face again and rams his cock all the way down her throat again, this time showing no mercy, fucking her like the animal that he is, loving the gagging sounds coming out of her mouth, the fear in her eyes, it’s just to much for him and just as she starts to feel his cock getting bigger down her throat, he screams and thrusts his cock even further down her neck pouring his seed deep inside her, she starts to choke, thrashing, moaning, screaming with his cock buried deep in her mouth, begging him with her fear to stop but he continues until every single drop has been swallowed.

He pulls out and rubs his cock all over her face, leaving the last residue of his cum all over her face, dipping the head of his cock in her eye and laughing at her discomfit. His men by now all were naked and had their huge hard cocks out and were all stroking them. The general tells them they can start to do what they want to her while he recovers but not fuck her ass.

She screams as they all approach her, begging them not to hurt her, just when she thought it could not get worse, one of his men stands up on the slab of concrete and squats over her mouth, forcing his very wide cock down her throat, the shock and fear in her eyes was enough to make any man cum, he tries to bury his cock down her throat like the general did but his cock is to wide, so he forces her to suck the head of it and suck it hard, like she would a juicy piece of fruit while he keeps trying to get deeper.

She feels someone spread her legs and feels a gush of air touch her pussy lips and she knows she’s wet, she can feel the coldness of the air touching her wetness. She can’t see who it is but then suddenly she feels a hard and huge cock ram itself into her pussy and the excruciating pain took her breath away, he undoes the manacles from her feet so he can position her better and then lifts her legs up high off the slab of concrete, she feels her ass leave the slab and then feels him ram deeper inside her, stretching her pussy lips so wide, he is grunting like an animal and she is trying so hard to concentrate of the hard cock in her mouth instead of the pain of her pussy being attacked.

The cock in her mouth is pushing harder into her mouth, not getting far but he’s trying and she knows he’s close, he screams and then grabs her face as he forces as much as he can down her throat, pouring his hot acid cum down her throat, watching her gagging, cum coming out of her nose, the fear in her eyes was what he wanted to see and he laughs as he finally releases her face and lets it slam back down hard on the concrete slab, tears are pouring out of her eyes and the acrid taste of his cum making her feel so sick and filthy, he grabs a blob of it and rubs it up and down her face, leaving his stain everywhere on her face.

She starts to realize that there is more to come, the soldier in her pussy has stretched her legs as wide apart as possible, nearly snapping them off her body, she was waiting to hear the break but thankfully it never came. He is grunting as he is fucking her faster and harder, burying his cock as deep inside her as possible, the other soldiers watching him and egging him on, wanting to see him rape her and show her no mercy as she didn’t show them. One of the soldiers goes over to her and starts to suck on her nipples, one at a time then both together, she was enjoying that unexpected sensation until she felt him bite down on both her nipples at the one time, biting them so hard that she jolted with pain and fear, the look of vindictiveness on his face scaring her even more.

He starts to suck her nipples again, then starts to pinch them, hard, pulling them hard and watching her whole breast being stretched to its fullest capacity. The whole time the general is in the corner, watching what his men are doing to this whore. Stroking his huge cock, knowing that she is going to hate him so much more very soon. The soldier biting her nipples stops and just bends down and rams his cock down her throat, not caring that he was hurting her, fucking her mouth so hard and fast and cumming so quickly she had no idea it was coming, pouring down her throat again, it was nauseating her so much, she didn’t want to vomit and was bahis siteleri trying with all her might to keep it all down.

The soldier fucking her is finally getting ready to cum because he was ripping into her even faster now and the men were screaming “fuck her, make her bleed, hurt the fucking bitch” and he screams such a guttural and animal scream that with that one final thrust, he lifts her so high up off the slab that his cock slips out and she hits the slab hard coming down, he cums all over her tits and face, milking his cock till ever drop was all over her bruised body, he also then rubs his cum all over her face and body, leaving his mark, laughing like the hot pig that he was.

She is no condition to escape now so they take the manacles off her hands so they can maneuver her around easier, they flip her over and get her to rest on her knees, the hard concrete cutting into her knees, making them bleed. She feels another cock enter her pussy and this time go even deeper and he fucks her so hard and fast as well, slapping her ass hard and leaving his mark on her, each hard thrust pushing her across the slab and causing her knees to bleed even more, one of the soldiers comes around to her face and she knows he’s going to ram his cock down her throat and sure enough, within seconds he is buried right past her tonsils and down her throat, loving her gagging and fear, she was getting fucking from back and front and hearing them laugh and encourage each other was the most humiliating thing she has ever experienced.

He grabs her head and pushes it far back as it could go and then burying his fingers in her mouth, forcing her to look him in the eye, then unexpectedly slapping her face hard and ramming his cock down her throat again, he to going deeper this time and holding her head so tight that she couldn’t move or breath, she couldn’t believe how deep his cock was, deeper than the others, she felt it was down past her neck it was so deep, he was balls deep in her throat, in fact his balls were also in her mouth, he starts to pull her hair while pulling her forward and then pushing her back forcing tears to her eyes. He screams and holds her head so tight while he forces his cock even deeper in her mouth while he pours his cum all the way down deep into to her stomach.

He pulls out of her mouth and you hear the suction of air forcing its way down her throat. He slaps her face one last time and laughingly walks away. She starts to feel a cock filling her pussy with cum, ramming deeper inside her and pouring every last drop inside her. She knew that cum was dripping out of her hole now, her pussy has never been so badly abused. She feels him pull away but this time she didn’t feel a cock but a few fingers, one at a time, burying themselves inside her, she knew that her pussy full of cum was making it easier for him, then with one hard thrust, she feels a huge fist bury itself inside her, she screams, the pain of his knuckles ramming into her tenderized pussy was unexplainable.

He starts to fuck her pussy with his fist as the cock before him did, hard and fast, she was screaming by now, begging for them to kill her and stop this pain but they just laughed, the general laughed the hardest, she had forgotten he was there until she heard that evil laugh.

The fist is now getting more brutal and she knows that her pussy will never be the same after this. He has stretched her so wide now and was fucking her with his fist so hard that she didn’t want to even imagine the internal damage he was bestowing on her, she looks down to see what he’s doing and she screams because she sees he’s actually deeper into her pussy than just his fist, she sees it buried past his wrist and it’s full of their cum, her cum and a red tinge that she knows is her blood.

He pulls out of her pussy and again wipes his hand all over her body, laughing and enjoying the poetic justice they are all showing her. And so it continued on for an hour, every soldier fucking her pussy and mouth, torturing her, making her endure the ultimate in humiliation. But there was still something that they had not done and she didn’t even allow herself to fathom what may or would follow.

Finally all the soldiers she had used and humiliated in the past had had their way with her, she just wants to curl up and die but the general has more in store for her.

He approaches her and looks her deep in the eyes, she is so scared now, that look can only mean he means to do more to her.

He grabs her by the ankles and forces her back on her knees, he tells one of his men to also lie down on the slab in front of her, his legs hanging over the sides of the slab of concrete and his cock positioned near where her mouth would be when she bends down, he tells one of his other men to stand over her and to force her throat down on his cock if she doesn’t do a good job. She refuses to suck it, she can’t take anymore and begs him to show her some mercy, the soldier looks at his general looking for permission and when the general nods the soldier grabs her head and forces it down on the other soldiers cock, pushing her head so far down that her nose was touching his stomach.

She is bent down now having her face fucked and her head held but the two soldiers, totally forgetting that her ass was up in the air, the general slaps her ass and jumps, he slaps it again, harder this time, leaving his mark on her. Her knees are killing her now, they have left blood stains on the concrete, she feels the general grabs her by the hips and slowly he starts to spread her ass cheeks apart, she screams now, she is so scared, she knows what he has planned and she knows that the pain will be unbearable.

He tricks her and just buries his fingers into her very wet and wide pussy, forcing his fist in her and hearing the gushing and squishing sounds that it’s making, his men have left such a gapping hole and he knows that this is a lesson she will never forget.

He pulls his fist out and runs his now wet fingers up and down her ass crack, her flinching each time he touched the outside of her asshole. He slips a finger in and she pushes herself away from him but his soldier who is standing over her grabs her and forces her further down on the cock, grabbing her hair and pushing her head back and then forcing it forward so she sucks the cock and goes deeper at the same time. She feels like her neck is about to break but they don’t care, they have orders from the king to destroy his only daughter.

The general spreads her ass cheeks again and without any warning to her, grabs her hips and thrusts his 12 inch cock deeply and painfully into her unprepared asshole, her screams can be heard through the dungeons and they can all hear the other prisoners in other dungeons screaming and laughing at this woman being raped, hearing them scream for whoever it was to fuck her, make the whore bleed, no words can describe what this experience was doing to her, she knew she will never be the same again, the generals huge cock is stretching the hole now and he is fucking her hard and fast and so brutally.

Lifting her off the slab with each thrust now and her knees scrapping the concrete slab each time she falls, all the while, having her head held while the other soldier forces his cock up and then down her throat, choking her, slapping her at the same time. Will it never end, apparently not. The general is now fucking her bahis şirketleri deeper and faster now, showing now mercy, baring his teeth like a wild animal, his face red and all the veins popping out of his face, his eyes bulging with anger and hatred all his muscles rippling out of his arms and legs, he is fucking her so wildly and seeing the damage he has done to her asshole is the worst anyone has ever seen.

She finally faints, the pain is to much and she slumps over the soldier, his cock still down her throat, nobody is sure if she has suffocated because of the rapping of her mouth or because of the intense pain the general has caused her. The soldier pulls his cock out and they realize she is still alive, just passed out. The soldier still needs to cum so he starts stroking his cock in front of her passed out face and then screams as he blows his cum all over her face and hair, up her nose, in her mouth, laughing as he sees what a dirty whore she now looks like, with his cum dripping off her. The general has no intention of stopping either, in fact, he takes advantage of her limp body and positions himself deeper inside her asshole now, he is standing up on the concrete slab and his men have positioned her where her ass is higher up in the air while her face was pushed down on the slab. Like in the fetal position but upwards with her back arched up in the air, not sideways.

He gets behind her and buries his cock even deeper inside her ass, he now has his whole 12 inch cock deep inside her bowels and he can feel the damage he has done and he smiles, knowing that this bitch will never treat his men like this ever again. The satisfaction of what he has done makes him fuck her asshole even harder now and he has his men now holding her limp body while he annihilates her ass. He is screaming now, eyes and veins bulging again, his men have never seen their general like this before, they realize now why he is such a great man, nobody messes with the general.

He stretches her ass cheeks wider now and rips into her ass even faster and harder, screaming and calling her every name in the book, a shame she can’t hear it all, he wished she would wake up, he wants her to never forget this experience, he tells one of his men to throw some water on her face, he was going to get him to piss on her face instead but nobody likes to fuck in a puddle of piss. His man throws the water on her face and her eyes slowly open, she has no idea where she is, that is until she remembers why she passed out and then realizes the position she is in and the pain in her ass, she screams now and that is all the general needs to edge him over and he screams a guttural roar as he buries his cock even deeper inside her ass and buries his load of cum deep inside her bowels, she is screaming, trying to get away but is held down by his men.

The general finally pulls out of her asshole which is now looking like a swimming pool of cum, rising to the service, cum oozing out of it, he tells his men to have a look and they are in shock, they can’t believe that all that cum came out of his cock, not to mention how wide her asshole is now and how much cum had reached the surface as it was gushing out with every breath she took, like a cascading late. His cock was covered with his cum as he was enveloped with his cum as it was filling her ass. He goes around to her and rams it down her throat, forcing her to suck and lick it dry, the hatred and defiance in her eyes only making him more determined to teach her this valuable lesson.

He grabs her head and rams the 12 inches all the way down her throat, past her tonsils and far down past the back of her throat, each time his men see it in her neck as it expands, they grab her neck and squeeze it, watching the fear because they know how close to death she is each time they do it, she doesn’t try to fight it though, she lets him and them do what they want, knowing it will only make them angrier, the generals cock is now getting harder and bigger in her throat as her defiance is making him excited, he thrusts long hard thrusts, in and out of her mouth, pulling all 12 inches out and then ramming it all the way down her throat, his balls constantly hitting her chin, she feels like she’s being scalped with the pressure he has on her hair and the power behind each thrust, she can taste the metallic taste of her ass on his cock and tries so hard not to gag, she hates this man with her whole being.

He pulls her head one last time and buries his cock deeper down her throat if that is possible, his balls now in her throat as he pours his seed down he throat again, his men choking her neck and watching the cum pour out of her nose and mouth, then letting go of her neck to watch her throat and nose suck it right back down her throat again, it was truly amazing to watch, they had never seen anything like it before.

The general pulls out and slaps her face, the slap was so hard that cum poured out of her mouth and nose as her face was slammed sideways. Blood is now pouring out of her lip and nose, they don’t care though, this bitch deserved everything she got.

They were about to leave when one of the guards says “there is one more thing this bitch deserves and the king said to do to her what she has done to us”, and he goes and gets a candle and stands over her, he turns his arm around and forces her to look at it as he says “do you remember when you burnt a candle on my arm just to see what happens when you put a flame to flesh, well it’s time to return the favor princess” and he slowly starts to turn the candle sideways, firstly letting the burnt liquid wax pour on her nipples, watching her scream with pain.

He wasn’t finished, turning her over and pouring more of the hot burning liquid on her raw clit and pussy lips, she was screaming and begging for mercy but he still wasn’t finished, they flip her over on her knees and holding her down while she was thrashing like a captured wild animal and then carefully turns it and the burning wax starts to drip on the outside of her asshole, which was so raw and red and bleeding from the generals rape, she’s shaking her head, sure they would never do that to her, but they do, they stretch her asshole and bum cheeks and the final humiliation, he pours hot burning liquid wax into her asshole………”nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” screams, so loud and full of fear……………..

Her screams can be heard through all the dungeons and through the floor of her fathers rooms, he is sitting down, tears in his eyes, so much pain, knowing that his daughter asked for this, she had to learn her lesson, he begs the lord for forgiveness for the pain he has allowed to happen to his daughter, he knows that this is how it had to be and she had to endure this torture to learn and not do this again.

Meanwhile, the general finally stops the proceedings. The guard also wanted to burn her as she did him but the general did not allow it, he said “she now has scars that will never be visible but ones that she will live for with the rest of her life, clean her up, be gentle with her and carry her up to her room, tell her maids to run her a bath and to look after her, she has learned her lesson, of this I am sure”.

He looks at her and finds her watching him, he sees something in her eyes but he can’t figure out quite what it is. Why does he believe this is not over yet, he hopes it is for he knows that if this continues it will be a fatal circumstance. He turns around and quietly walks away, leaving her behind.

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