Private School for Lesbians – PART 1

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Private School for Lesbians – PART 1
Note: Of course, no such school restricted only to lesbians exists. I think that it will one day, and I am trying to imagine what would be going on in those schools.
The Mary Doherty private school for women- college level- was founded some 10 years ago and catered only to lesbians with the proper academic standing. The tuition fees were astronomical. Located in southern California, it could only be reached from the main highway by a private road, security controlled,.
The girls were admitted at a minimum age of 18 and they usually graduated four years later. The two residences contained 150 rooms each and formed two 8-storey buildings. The rooms were singles equipped with one large bed, and a full bathroom. There were no rules as far as students visiting each other and no curfew. There was no alcohol or smoking on the premises. Parents or other relatives could visit not more than once a month. Most of the students came from the US and Canada but a few were admitted from other countries. Lastly the school uniform was mandatory during class hours, from 9AM to 5PM, otherwise casual dress was allowed on the campus. The weather was always warm, and all seasons were similar. The new school year would begin in a few days and the girls, the veterans and the newcomers, were arriving one by one or in groups.
‘Eyeing the young kittens ?”, asked Nellie, a third-year student
‘Damn right, summer was pretty dry back in New York and I got laid only once’, complained Melody, a heavy-set tanned girl who filled her plaid skirt and blouse on this first day of school. Melody was one of the many attractive ‘jocks” who combined sports and sex.
‘Where were you the desert ?’, joked Nellie
‘No..right in a law office for God’s sake, but the only females were secretaries who were all married ’, answered Melody
‘I like to suck married women’, answered Nellie
‘Oh my God, look at that blonde ’, hissed Melody
‘Go..go..sniff her out…hope she sleeps in our building’, encouraged Nellie
Melody knew the ropes and turned on the charm. The old cruising opening line always worked: ‘I was asked by the dean to offer newcomers like yourself a personal tour of the building you will be living in.”
Nancy was lucky and was assigned a room in the same building as both Melody and Nellie. Nancy was a looker. A medium-height blonde with small tits, long eyelashes and two round asscheeks to kill for. Melody turned to Nellie and winked as the two girls walked away.
Nancy was very impressed that this full-bodied athletic third-year student would personally escort her to her room. As a first-year kitten, Nancy’s heart began to beat faster as Melody’s fingers intertwined with hers as they arrived at the building. Of course, Nancy knew what this school was famous for but she didn’t think she would be solicited as she arrived.
The two horny lesbians had walked very quickly to the residence. As they got to the door, they ran into Ms Finch, the Science teacher. She was one of 20 teachers, all female of course, and one of the horniest of the lot. At about 40, Ms Finch (her first name was Amanda) was not the prettiest of the teachers but probably the most active, if you know what I mean. Her face was hiding behind thick glasses which gave her a fish bowl look but otherwise she was blessed with a hot body: pear-shaped breasts, round buttocks, and a trimmed bush which showed her prominent pink wavy cunt lips. She was into everything and willing to try anything else. She slept with many of the internet casino staff but delighted herself with many of the students, she called ‘hors-d’oeuvres’ (appetizers).
‘Well now Melody ! Nice of you to bring us your lovely looking friend ! Are you a newcomer, sweetie ?”, said the older dyke as she smacker her lips.
‘ Yes I am, Ma’am”, stuttered Nancy, ‘. My name is Nancy and I just arrived from San Francisco’
‘Ms Finch is our Science teacher, and trust me, you will learn about a lot of things, and also some science’, gushed Melody.
‘Oh Melody, you understand things so quickly. We’re you going to show your – and I should say OUR new friend, her room ?
‘If you are free, it would be great if you could accompany us’, boldly suggested Melody, looking at the dyke right in the eye.
Ms Finch had already reached a high level of sexual excitement and Melody’s blunt invitation was something she couldn’t refuse. Ms Finch put Nancy’s other hand in hers and the trio walked to the elevator and then to room 708.
Ms Finch was laughing, squeezing Nancy’s hand, and touching her back or her arm as often as she could. Melody was the quiet one. The young butch would give Ms Finch first dibs with Nancy (and that would bring favors) but she would also break the ice with the newcomer who was already gushing all over the science teacher.
Nellie was a privileged student in that her aunt (although Nellie was adopted) taught Math at the school. It was strange at first but after two years, boundaries were defined, others were more obscure, but Nellie and Ms Roberts (as she was always known to students, but Margo to Nellie in private) got along very well, although some students were jealous of Nellie and some teachers of Ms Roberts.
‘There you are, sweetie’, said Margo Roberts to her niece.
‘Margo…you promised not to call me that here’, hissed Nellie
‘Ooppsss….sorry. Summer is over and it’s back to business’, apologized Margo
‘You don’t have to join a nunnery….I was just saying…as you said, summer is over’, whispered Nellie blushing
Nellie’s parents were separated. Nellie was adopted and an only c***d. Margo’s sister didn’t care where Nellie was or who she was sleeping with. Margo had taken Nellie under her wing, so to speak, and both women had spent some quality time together in the past few months. Margo was 40, not a beautiful woman, but a smiling, outgoing, sociable type who was very popular with most students and teachers. Nellie worshipped her aunt and showed her, even if she often snapped at her. Even the difference in age was not an obstacle, Margo being as hip as anyone of Nellie’s age.
‘Oh..Nellie dear….I have a big favor to ask of you’, said Margo slowly, her face getting red
‘Ok..shoot…J’ll see if I can oblige you’, answered Nellie in superior tone
‘You know, of course, Ms Conway, the English teacher’, began Margo
‘Oh yeah….she’s been sniffing at me like a bitch in heat’ , answered Nellie who immediately knew what Margo wanted
‘Last year…we got into a screaming match about a student…and I pushed her a bit. She put in a grievance and it will be examined next week. I need her to drop the grievance and you can help’, stated Margo her hands covering her face in shame.
‘You and Conway in a brawl ? Oh I would have loved to have seen this !” cried Nellie
‘It wasn’t a brawl….it was just an argument”, pleaded Margo
‘Yeah right…an argument about the speed of light or Shakespeare or maybe a pussy attached to a readhead ?’ sneered Nellie.
‘Ok..ok…it was about a girl’, but she put in the grievance and made up a story about a fake argument, replied Margo
‘I have to go at it canlı poker oyna with her ? I don’t mind..I think she’s cute…are you going to watch ?”, said Nellie with a devilish smile.
‘I’ll be there…if you want me to’, smiled Margo, ‘but I won’t interfere”
Ms Conway was informed, and the three women were to meet in Nellie’s room at 4PM.
Ms Finch, Melody and Nancy entered Nancy’s room (she for the first time). Nancy opened her walk-in closet and her three suitcases were there, as the transportation people had promised. All three women were dressed in blouse and skirt since it was quite warm.
‘Welcome home”, squealed Ms Finch who took off her jacket since she was the only one to wear one.
‘Thank you”, said Nancy blushing and shy for the first time, ‘I don’t know how to thank you both”.
‘You just arrived and must want a shower”, suggested Melody, looking desperately at Ms Finch for an idea.
‘Oh yes…I’m quite warm from the trip and sweating’, said Nancy putting the emphasis on the last word. It worked.
Ms Finch and Melody both rushed towards Nancy and forgetting their manners, started to unbutton Nancy’s blouse. The newcomer wasn’t as green as they thought, and she unsnapped her bra as soon as the blouse had been discarded. She raised her arms and each armpit was soon the area where the two other lesbians concentrated. Nancy moaned as Ms Finch and Melody licked the newcomer’s armpits, the teacher groping Nancy’s buttocks through her skirt and Melody feeling her schoolmate’s mound with the palm of her hand. The three women were naked in no time.
Ms Finch’s tits were erect and her cunt juices already trickling down her thighs. She threw Nancy on the bed and jumped on her, rubbing tits with her and kissing her. Melody was on all fours next to the copulating couple.
‘So no shower ?”, she asked with a dirty wide grin.
‘I don’t think it matters….too much’, shyly added Nancy
‘It’s going to be ‘in the raw” all the way”, said Amanda (hard for the girls to call her Ms Finch during sex), ‘This is where you lick what you smell”.
It was unanimous that it was going to be dirty sex between the three ladies. Melody set the tone by burying her face between Amanda’s pear-shaped buttocks and licking her hole. The teacher was rubbing her cunt against the newcomer and was already seconds away from her first orgasm. Nancy was crushed by the teacher but in heaven, having had no sex for months. Between her butt hole being licked by Melody and her clit crushed against Nancy’s, Amanda let out a loud moan and squirted all over Nancy cunt, tummy and thighs. As Amanda rolled off her prey for a breather, Melody covered the newcomer with her body in the 69 position. They rolled so that Nancy was on top and not being crushed by the blonde dyke. Melody furiously licked Nancy’s bushy cunt while her own large cunt-lips were being sucked on by the surprisingly adept newcomer. Both Amanda and Melody were butches but since Nancy had been fucked by Amanda, Melody saved her clit-rubbing for Amanda. There was a pecking order between dykes and Melody was much stronger than Amanda. Nancy had her orgasm finally and aimed it at Melody’s mouth and face. Melody face-sat Nancy and move her ass over her face. Nancy found out to her enjoyment what raw sex meant. Shy-looking Nancy was an experienced lesbian and never walked away from dirty sex, water sports or a catfight. Melody was still holding back for a good one. She left Nancy smacking her lips after her encounter with Melody’s ass, and went after Amanda. The teacher was waiting for her. She was ready to receive one of the top butches in the school. canlı bahis She lay on her back and opened her legs wide. Her cunt lips and clit were erect and rubbed raw after her fuck with Nancy. Melody didn’t waste any time in prelims, she stretched out her athletic body on Amanda’s curvy feminine one. They kissed with passion, pent-up lust was obvious. They had been regular fuck buddies last year and meant to continue the habit this year. Melody’s big tits rubbed against Amanda’s pear-shaped hooters and then the fuck was on. The two lesbians moved their hips so clits were aligned and began bumping cunts, moving sideways and up and down. Nancy touched her wet cunt as she watched her girlfriends engage in a big fuck. It didn’t take long for Amanda to cry and scream as her gush met Melody’s and even sprayed Nancy.
Nellie and Margo waited 5 long minutes before Ms Conway (Irene if you slept with her) arrived.
Irene went directly to Nellie and hugged her, not at all the way most teachers would hug their student.
‘Don’t interfere”, snapped Irene at Margo
‘I didn’t intend to. Do you want me to leave ?’, asked Margo
‘Oh no…please stay and enjoy”, smiled Irene
Irene walked towards a low table and started taking a lamp and a frame off it, then she changed her mind and put the things back on.
‘How about the rug ?’, laughed Irene
‘We both spread ourselves on it and start chewing it’, joked Nellie
‘Come here you little kitten’, said Irene in a throaty voice
Nellie walked towards the teacher who reached under her skirt and slipped off her thong.
Nellie reached under her skirt and did the same. It was difficult to know who made the first move but both women had a hand under the other’s skirt and were kissing in no time. Irene was younger than Margo and only about 10 years older than Nellie. Two pretty ladies were fingering standing up. Irene lifted her skirt and lay on the rug while Nellie stuck her skirt inside her belt and lowered herself on the teacher in the 69 position. Nellie slipped her hands under Irene’s asscheeks while the teacher had already grabbed the student’s lovely buns, her fingers working the crack. The two women were eagerly licking labia and sucking clit.
Margo was trying not to look but it was too much to ask. She eyed her niece’s hard buns and wished she was playing with them. She certainly had had some practice during the summer. Margo’s cunt was wet, and she slipped her hand in her skirt and into her thong to touch herself . The two women on the rug had a rough orgasm and seem to want to go to round 2 and another suckfest.
Margo got up and pulled Nellie off her teacher.
‘Hey we weren’t finished here ‘, screamed Irene
‘I say you are finished’, screamed Margo, ‘and you get your thong back on and wipe you face”, she told Nellie. Margo face was beet red. For a second, Irene and Margo were toe to toe and Nellie smiled as she expected both to start swinging. Irene pulled her thong back on and walked to the door.
‘I’ll cancel the grievance today. Happy ?. Thanks Nellie, we’ll meet again when it isn’t as crowded’, said Irene as she closed the door behind her.
After a few minutes, Margo sat up and opened the door. ‘Thanks’ she blurted as she closed the door.
Nellie and Melody met again outside before dinner.
‘So how was the hot blonde ?”, asked Nellie
‘Her name is Nancy and we got into it with Ms Finch’, whispered the track star
‘Oh you fucker…with Amanda ? Did you piss ?’, asked Nellie
‘Yeah…after sex…in the empty tub’, blushed Melody. ‘How about you ?”.
‘My aunt had me and Conway suck each other”, said Nellie, ‘But we didn’t have time to finish”.
‘I’m think this year will be as good as last year’, said Melody beaming
‘Yeah…we should celebrate tonight’, winked Nellie


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