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Stepping through the front door, Kathy Sherman kicked off her sandals; barefoot she ascended the stairs to her room. School had been as boring as ever; teachers droning on and on, while childish boys made a total ass of themselves. Four weeks left, the eighteen year old sighed, she couldn’t wait.

As she passed by the closed door of her fathers’ study, Kathy paused. “I’m home daddy”, the young girl called through the door.

“Hey Sweetie”, the voice of her father Derek called back. “Don’t forget movie night tonight babe”, he father added as she stepped away.

Movie night had become their ritual whenever her mother had to leave town. In Boston for a conference, Becky Sherman had laughed at the idea of a teenage girl wanting a movie night with her father, but Kathy had come to cherish the special time just the two of them spent each time.

As Kathy stepped into her bedroom, her eyes automatically swept her room. Her heart skipped a small beat when she saw the sock hanging on the front of her dresser. Yep, she mused, there it is. She had deliberately left the sock off to the right this morning. Now, while looking at quick glance the same, Kathy could tell it had been moved and was now more centered.

Closing and locking her bedroom door, Kathy set down her books and powered up her computer. She had been noticing things the last couple of months; little things, nothing really special. Small items moved in her room, subtle changes, as if someone had been there.

When she had told her friend Angie at school her suspicion that her parents were spying on her, her friend had been outraged. Quickly lending Kathy the small mini cam she used to monitor her own bedroom from her own prying parents.

Kathy didn’t tell the girl it wasn’t about drugs or some secret diary. It was something that had shocked Kathy at her discovery. It was her dresser, specifically her panty drawer. It didn’t happen every day, only now and then. But, it was something she had noticed. It was always when dad her father was home.

Kathy had set up the cam and waited. It had taken three days, but now she finally had something. She sat and watched as the program for the mini cam started up, fast forwarding through the images of her empty room. The cam was capable of Bluetooth directly to her hard drive. She had set the timer to ten hours of recording; it had started at 9am and was set to turn off at 7pm.

As the timer hit a little after noon, Kathy caught a blur on the screen. She slowed the playback and rewound. She sat and watched as her father entered her room. Dressed in a bathrobe, his hair wet from the shower, she watched as he walked to the bed. As he slowly ran his hand over the wrinkles she had been sleeping on the night before, Kathy felt a tremor run through her body as she watched; how could he, she wondered.

Stunned, she watched as her father turned and strode to her dresser. Moving the sock she had carefully placed, he pulled open the top drawer. Kathy watched as he slowly lifted pair after pair of her panties out. Running the material through his fingers; before folding them neatly to place them back as they were. Just as he pulled out a pair of white lace panties, she saw him turn and walk out of the view of the camera. ‘What the hell’, the young girl thought.

Then, she saw him step back into view’ slowly easing his tall frame onto her bed. She could see the white lace still in his left hand, as he held something else in his right. As his right hand slowly rose to his face, the realization struck Kathy like a bolt of lightning. ‘Oh my God’, she thought, ‘he dug out my thong from my fucking laundry!’

Even as disgust swept through her, Kathy felt an intense heat fire up in her own loins. ‘Jesus girl, he’s your damn father’; she told herself. As Kathy reached for the mouse to shut down the program, she caught his hand sliding down his body. Holding the white lace panties, she watched as her father opened his robe, wrapping the lacy cloth around his cock.

“Oh God” Kathy softly moaned. She wasn’t a virgin by a long shot; she had seen her share of cocks. But, what she stared at now damn near hit perfection. At least eight inches long, and thick, the swollen head glistened with a drop of pre cum. She shuddered as her father brought his cock straight up, letting her see the slight curve in the shaft. ‘Fuck would that hit the right spot’ Kathy thought.

Kathy could only stare at the screen as her fathers’ hand slid up and down the shaft. She swore she could even see it throb on the screen. Her lace panties, gliding along with his hand; “Oh daddy” she whispered.

Suddenly she scrambled to get her headphones on and plugged in. No sooner had the jack hit home then words poured into her ears.

“That’s it baby girl…suck daddy” filled the young girls ears.

A violent tremor shot through the eighteen year old. ‘Fuck, he wants me to suck him’. Her eyes riveted to the thick cock being stroked only inches from her face on the pendik escort screen. ‘God help me I would’ was the first thought burning through her mind.

Kathy watched as her lace panties were slowly soaked in her fathers’ pre cum. She could tell by the motion of his hips he was nearing release. “Cum for me daddy”, she whispered.

“Oh Kathy”, her father groaned on the screen.

As she watched a fountain of thick white cream erupted from the tip of his cock. Kathy felt her own body convulse with each spurt she watched, her juices gushing out to coat her hand. Hand? She looked down stunned. He hand was grinding between her own thighs, two fingers buried in her drenched hole

“Oh fuck…daddy” she gasped; as a second convulsion tore through her. Her eyes watching the screen again as a second thick rope of hot, white cream pulse form her father. Her mouth watered to taste him, while her pussy clenched around her fingers to feel it burst inside her.

Her eyes rolling back, Kathy could only sit and shake as the most mind bending orgasm of her life roared through her. “Unnnnggghhhhhhh..D..d..da..daddy” she gasped. All guilt and shame erased by the intensity of her body.

Kathy sat shaking at her desk; her trembling hand shutting down the mini cam program. Her mind reached a conclusion no daughter should ever consider. Pulling her cum soaked panties from between her legs, she grabbed a small post-it note and quickly scribbled a message. Then, walking into her bathroom she wrapped the note inside the still dripping cloth, carefully placing them on the top of her laundry basket.

Tomorrow should prove to be very interesting, she mused.

Derek Sherman worked at his computer for the first half of the day; then, headed to his usual mid-day shower. As he stood in the cascading warm water, he mind shifted back to breakfast, seeing Kathy as she left for school. The tight skirt, and those damned long toned legs. The curve of her breasts through the lettered senior sweater she had worn. The last few months had been pure torture for him. They were only getting worse.

His wife’s career had hit zenith, her trips to the corporate offices in Boston happening more often now. Their love life, while never the hottest to begin with, had tapered off even more. Beck was very traditional. In the dark, missionary, if he was lucky once every couple of weeks.

Derek had always had a higher drive than his wife. Usually augmented with porn he had made do. Then, he had stumbled across panty porn online and his mind had nearly exploded. Before he knew it, he had rummaged through first Becky and then Kathy’s dressers. Becky was nothing compared to their eighteen year old daughter with her lacy thongs and tight silk boy shorts. What had started as a curiosity, quickly evolved into a fetish. Going from clean to dirty panties, from stroking in his own office, to laying on her bed smelling her scent. The first times had been fraught with guilt, but that slowly faded as he came to see it as a harmless way to relieve his sexual tension. After all, who was he hurting.

That all changed the morning he opened Kathy’s laundry hamper and found her surprise. His fingers slowly drew out the dried, crusted panties from the day before. ‘Oh fuck’, he thought ‘she fingered off in these.’

As Derek raised the panties to his nose, he felt something else inside the crusted cloth. Unfolding the layers, he found a small yellow post-it note. He stood stunned in her bathroom as he read.

‘I see you daddy. This is for you. Show me. Check the bookcase’

Half in a daze, still carrying the cum encrusted panties, Derek walked into his daughters’ bedroom and over to the bookcase. Looking over it, at first he didn’t see anything. Then, the small tube on the third shelf caught his eye. What looked like a thick pencil, he immediately recognized as a mini cam.

‘Oh shit’, his terrified mind thought. ‘She knows.’ Then, his fingers rubbed across the dried stains in the panties in his hand. Wait a minute, she gave these to me. She knows and wants to SEE me. At that point, all reason left the fathers’ mind.

Feeling his cock throb inside his robe, Derek backed away from the bookcase. Reaching out he pulled the desk chair out and slowly eased down into it. Staring at the bookcase, he slowly opened his robe, freeing his thick cock.

Derek didn’t know for sure if the mini cam had voice, but he banked it did. It was too thick for simply visual. “Is this what you want baby girl?” he croaked out. “You want to see daddy’s cock hard for you?” His hand reaching over to her dresser, he slipped out a pair of her black thongs. Wrapping the cloth around his cock, he began to slowly stroke for his daughter.

Derek brought her dried panties to his nose, he inhaled deeply. “Fuck you smell so good baby” he groaned. Then, he slowly stroked his tongue along the dried cum stains. “Mmmmm, you taste even better”. Every motion he made clearly viewed by the small cam.

Derek maltepe escort stroked faster as the thought his daughter would be watching him struck home. “Oh god” he moaned. Staring at the bookcase he muttered, “Kneel in front of daddy baby girl. Take my whole load.” He knew he wasn’t going to last long, as his panty clad hand increased in speed up and down his now pulsing cock.

Derek’s’ entire body convulsed in the chair, as his ass lifted off the seat. His head falling back, “Kathyyyyyyyyyyyyy” roaring from his open mouth.

Derek couldn’t stop himself; as he stuffed the cum soaked panties deep into his own mouth, just as the first jet of his hot cum flew from his cock head. The thick cream literally arching across the room straight at the dresser, to splatter to the carpet right in front of the camera.

Wailing, he felt a second and then a third thick rope erupt to fly towards what he imagined was his daughter kneeling in front of him. Derek could felt his balls contract as every last drop was milked from his body.

Collapsing down into the chair, sweat glistening on his chest, he stared at the camera. “Enjoy baby girl” he rasped.

Kathy slowly climbed the stairs towards her room. Had he found it? What had he done? What would he say? These and a thousand other questions swirled through her mind. The whole day had been a blur at school, as she ran the spectrum between worried sick her father would throw her from the house, and soaking wet that he would actually jerk off with her panties again.

“Hey Dad”, the young girl called softly through the closed office door.

“Hey sweetie” her fathers’ voice answered. Through the muffled door, she couldn’t detect any difference. So she quietly entered her own bedroom. Turning and locking the door, Kathy took one step towards her desk, stopping dead. Something was different, something new.

Taking a deep breath to clear her mind, it hit Kathy like a brick wall. That scent. ‘Oh My God’, she thought. The smell of sex rolled through her nostrils, invading her brain. Mixed with something, what was it. It was HIM! She could actually smell her fathers’ scent. His sweat mixed with his cologne hung in the air.

Nearly throwing her books to the side, the eighteen year old scrambled into her chair bringing her computer to life. Tapping her fingers impatiently, she waited for the cam program to spin up. Slamming her headphones over her head as her eyes remained glued to the screen.

Quickly fast forwarding again, she found his timeline. It was right after lunch, only a couple of hours before she got home. That was why she could still smell him in the room, she mused. Then, there he was on the screen. Silently he padded to her dresser. This time he selected a couple of pairs of her panties. He stood smelling them for a moment, and Kathy worried. Did he?

Then, discarding the cloth back into her dresser, he vanished from the screen again. This time, he was gone longer than before. The young girl watched as her father slowly emerged from her bathroom. Her eyes staring straight at the dried cloth he held in his hand. “Oh fuck!’ she thought.

The stunned look on her fathers’ face worried Kathy, but only for a moment. As she watched, it was slowly replaced by something she had never seen on his face before. It was a look of almost primal lust. She swore her nipples would tear through her sweater as the expression swept over his face. She felt a sudden gush of hot fluids between her thighs as she watched the lust take over her father. Lust for HER!

As Kathy watched her father pull out her computer chair, slowly lowering to face her mini cam, she quickly rose; all but ripping off her skirt and sweater, her bra and panties rapidly joining them on the floor.

“Is this what you want baby girl?” her father croaked out for the camera. “You want to see daddy’s cock hard for you?”

“Oh fuck yesssssssssss”, Kathy hissed back at the computer. She groaned as two finger rammed hard into her now dripping pussy.

Her hand matched the pace of his as she watched. She could hear the wet sloshing of her own juices as she fingered herself in time with her father on the screen. Her eyes grew wide as she watched. “Oh fuck Daddy” she moaned as her father licked her dried juice from her panties.

Kathy watched as her fathers’ cock swelled in his grip, feeling the knot in her belly matching it. Growing…hotter. “Cum”, she whispered; “God…please cum Daddy”.

Just as her father roared out her name into her ears Kathy totally lost it. Ramming her fingers as deep as they could go, she envisioned that hard cock exploding deep inside her belly. “Aaaggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she wailed, grinding her hand against her pulsing clit.

The young girls’ body literally lifted and the flopped in the chair, as hot juice squirted from her. Spraying across her room to soak the carpet right where she knew her fathers’ cum had landed.

Her entire body shook like a kartal escort leaf in a heavy fall wind, as he slowly came back to earth. The roaring in her ears now down to a rumble. ‘Fucking hell’, she thought. ‘I’ve never cum so hard; and I have NEVER squirted.’

Slowly recovering her breathing, she reached out and shut down the cam program. Her mind whirled with what to do now. It was more than evident what both wanted, it was only a matter of time, and who would make the first move.

Rising on still wobbly legs from the intensity of her own orgasm, Kathy walked slowly towards her bedroom door. Should she dress? No. Steeling her resolve, she turned the handle, and then slowly padded down the hall to the door of her fathers’ office.

For the first time since he could remember, Derek left the door to his office unlocked. He had heard his daughter arrive from school, along with her soft greeting. Answering her he didn’t hear a response.

Rising from his desk, he stepped into the hall to see her closed bedroom door. Should he try and talk with her? No, he had resolved to wait, see what she did. It needed to be both of them, or nothing.

Derek returned to his desk, trying to focus on his work. His eyes kept straying to the clock at the corner. Ten minutes…then twenty minutes passed. Did she watch it? Wash she repulsed? Just as his resolve began to weaken, he heard the door to his office slowly swing open. His eyes looked up and he froze.

The vision standing in his doorway took his breath away. Perfection was the only word that entered his mine. Kathy stood silent, watching him. Her skin glistened with her sweat, as her perfect 36C breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing. His eyes traveled down her taut belly, to the smooth valley between her thighs. She shaves, Jesus! was all Derek could think clearly.

He watched as she slowly walked into the office, closing the door behind her, this time locking it. Steps away she walked over to the small leather couch across from his desk. As she slid onto the seat, her thighs parted. Derek could see the sheen of copious fluids clinging to her thighs as swollen pussy lips. ‘Fuck, she drenched’ he realized.

Locking eyes with his daughter, he watched her hand slide down her flexing belly in his peripheral vision. “Show me” he voice penetrated to him. He looked at her puzzled. “Do it again…now”, Kathy whispered.

Almost in a trance, Derek rose from his chair and rounded his desk. Leaning back against the edge, he faced his daughter across the room. Only maybe four feet separated the pair, as he slowly undid his slacks, letting them slide to the floor

As his steel hard cock came into view, he heard her gasp. Her hand slowly sinking between her own thighs, “Fuck yeah”, Kathy moaned watching him.

“OH God baby girl”, Derek moaned in unison. His hand began to slide up and down his thick shaft, matching the wet sucking sounds as Kathy plowed her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.

Standing there, the pair watched as each pleasured themselves to thoughts of the other. Derek could hear how wet his daughter was, while Kathy could smell her fathers’ growing arousal. He stared as a puddle of her dripping cream formed on the leather couch between her lewdly spread thighs.

“Oh fuck baby” Derek hoarsely whispered. “So wet for daddy”.

“Mmmmmmmmm” his daughter echoed back. Slowly drawing her juice coated fingers out for him to see. She used both hands to spread open her engorged pussy lips.

“You want to suck your daughters’ cunt daddy” Kathy rasped at him. “Is that it? You want to suck your sweet little girls wet pussy don’t you.”

All barriers vanished in that moment in Dereks’ lust fogged mind. “Yesssssss”, he moaned back.

“Yes…WHAT”, he heard Kathy’s voice commanding.

Trembling, he heard his own words flow from his mouth. “I want…I want to suck my little girls pussy”, he groaned.

“Then do it…NOW” his daughter growled back.

Like a possessed man, Derek couldn’t cover the few feet between them fast enough. Dropping to his knees, his face buried between her firm thighs. His sense of smell was instantly overwhelmed with the scent had had found in her old, used panties. While his tongue reveled; not in dried old cum this time, but in wet…sweet..fresh juices.

“Oh fuck” Derek moaned. Knowing now, he had totally lost, that whatever Kathy commanded, he would do.

“Aaaghhhhhhhhhhh” he heard his daughter scream above him; as his tongue drove deep inside her hot tunnel, his tongue, lapping at the juices still dripping from her. “Eat me daddy”, Kathy wailed above him, as her hands gripped the sides of his head. “Eat your daughters fucking pussy”.

Derek smeared his face in her hot cream, sucking every drop he could from her. Then, sucking her hot clit into his thirsty mouth, he strummed at it. Pushing, trying to force that orgasm from her wracked body.

Suddenly, Derek felt his daughter give a tremendous shove, almost snapping his head back as she drove him between her violently shaking thighs.

“Noooooooooooooooooo” Kathy wailed above him.

“Noooooooooooooooooo”, Kathy wailed. Giving the strongest shove she could to drive her father back.

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