Power of Gold 04

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Authors Note,

This story was inspired by the London 2012 Olympics. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. All characters in the story are created by myself and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is the fourth part however it should be able to be read as a stand alone story.

Big thanks go out to Sanidia for editing this story for me. Your kind efforts will be rewarded I’m sure.

I’d love to hear your feedback

Chapter 15 — The Hunt

“Deen James, he’s one of the masseur’s here,” Demi said to the woman behind the Aquatic Centre help desk.

“I’m sorry Miss, but we have no record of anyone by that name, are you sure that you have his name right?” the woman replied trying to be helpful.

“Yes, Deen James.”

“How are you spelling Deen?” the woman asked.

“On his Access pass it was written D. E. E. N,” Demi replied slightly impatiently.

“Well I’m sorry Demi, but I can’t find anyone by that name,” the woman said before adding, “Good luck for tonight, we’re all rooting for you.”

Demi smiled instinctively, it always stunned her when complete strangers wished her well. It was something she still hadn’t gotten used to yet.

“Thank you,” Demi replied graciously before walking away from the desk wondering why there was no record of Deen on their list. She should have got a number for him, but she’d never needed one, he had always been there, whenever she’d needed him he’d been there. She had no idea how to find him, if the reception desk couldn’t locate him then how on earth was she going to.

Tara, her trainer, would know what to do. She’d be able to offer some advice. That’s if she’d managed to get away from her mother. Her mother liked to talk, and one of Tara’s unadvertised roles had always been to keep her mother and her apart at important times.

“Demi, are you ok?” Tara asked her voice full of concern as she saw Demi approaching.

“Tara, I can’t find Deen anywhere!” Demi said nearly breaking down, the stress and the worry suddenly becoming too much.

“Deen? Why are you trying to find Deen, and what happened with Chris?” Tara asked.

“I just broke up with Chris, I’m sick of him, and well, he isn’t Deen,” Demi said as Tara pulled her into the hug. Demi knew how difficult physical contact was for Tara. Demi felt Tara pull her harder ands she couldn’t stop a sob escaping her lips.

“You did what?” Tara said with surprise in her voice, smiling she pulled back to look at Demi, “Good for you Demi, I’m glad you’ve got rid of him!”

Demi looked at Tara surprised.

“Don’t look so shocked, why do you think that I sent you off with Deen?” Tara said. “You were worth more than Chris.”

“But Tara, I can’t find Deen anywhere, and reception doesn’t know anything about him. I think I’ve messed it up with Deen, he saw Chris kissing me and he stormed off,”

“But he knew about Chris right?”

Demi had to look away from Tara at that moment the guilt building up even more, sighing she decided it was best to come clean.

“No, I didn’t tell him, I didn’t want to spoil it, but I really really like Deen, I think I’m in love with him”

“Hang on Demi.” Tara took a step back looking at her friend, she ran a hand through her hair she look like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “You’ve only known him two days, and knowing you the way I do I know you won’t have done more than kiss him, I think it’s a bit early to say you love him.”

“We may have done a bit more than kissing,” Demi said nervously, looking down at her hands she couldn’t help but blush a little as images of their past encounters flashed through her mind.

“Wow,” she said. After a pause she continued, “Don’t worry, if Deen likes you as much as you like him I’m sure he’ll be able to get past this Chris thing, after all if he’s hurt it means he cares. Just think if the shoe was on the other foot, would you be able to forgive him?” Tara asked.

Demi smiled, “I think I could forgive him anything.”

“Ok so don’t you worry, you have a big swim in less than an hour, you go to the pool and start your warm up and I’ll go and find Deen.”

“Thank you Tara, you are so good to me.” Demi gushed.

“Don’t push it Demi, now go to that pool and aim for the best you can.”


Deen scowled into his coffee, he knew it didn’t make any sense. Why did he feel so hurt that Demi had been lying to him? After all, he’d been lying to her. What right did he have to be hurt?

Maybe it was his pride? When Amber had told him that Demi had a boyfriend he’d been so sure that she was lying. But it turned out she was telling the truth. He looked like an idiot.

Demi had a boyfriend and she’d even had the gall to kiss him in his face. Did she have no shame? “Well stuff her,” he thought to himself wishing he meant it. He felt sick right to his stomach. At least his secret was safe, he could just slip out of the Olympic park and get on a plane home. That would be funny, Amber’s newspaper reporters would be erotik film izle waiting to get a picture of Demi and him together and he’d be high in the sky above them.

He chuckled to himself and was about to sip his coffee when the chair opposite was pulled out. Tara, Demi’s trainer sat down opposite him.

“You aren’t very good at hiding,” Tara said with a satisfied smile.

“Who said I was hiding?” Deen retorted, “You’ve only just caught me, I was about to be head to the airport.”

“Running away that easily Mr James? I’m surprised you would let your prize slip away so easily,” Tara said leaning forward taunting him.

“Well it would seem my prize already belongs to another,” Deen said sitting back with a scowl, “Whatever I may be, I am not a thief.”

“Don’t be so sure of that Mr James, things move fast in the world of Olympic Swimming. It could just be that your prize is more available to you now than ever.” Tara said.

“Surprise me.” Deen could feel his temper rising, he had played enough games in this god forsaken place.

“I don’t see how, surely you can’t be blind to how she feels about you? I’ve never seen her like this about anyone before.” Tara said. “Chris has been a disaster for her since she met him, he’s like a leach on her, just like her mother. In fact it was her mother that set the two of them up. I am pleased that he’s gone.”

“He’s gone? For good? Well none of that explains why she didn’t tell me about him before,” Deen said.

“Well you’d have to ask her about that, but I would suspect it was a reality she didn’t want to face up to,” Tara explained. “Anyway, I get the feeling that you have secrets of your own Mr James.”

Deen shifted uneasily. How much did she know? There is no way she could know about his deal with Amber.

“Don’t worry, the only thing that matters to me is how you feel about her, I don’t care about your secrets,” Tara said.

Deen smiled, he was relieved, but his heart was pumping, Demi had still kept her boyfriend Chris a secret, but at the same time she had obviously just made a decision. More importantly she’d chosen him.

“I’m still hurt, but that tells me I feel more strongly about her than anyone I’ve ever met before. She is really amazing,” Deen said.

“That is good to hear Mr James,” Tara said. “So I would suggest you go and see her as soon as possible.


As she stood on the starting blocks, her body bent almost double, Demi felt more alone than she had at any point in her life. She was about to swim in the four hundred metre freestyle finals. In the back of her mind she knew that she was the fastest swimmer in the group. But her drive was gone. The reason for her success had left and abandoned her. With good reason as well. She couldn’t believe she’d been so stupid, why hadn’t she told Deen about her boyfriend? It would have been an easy conversation but now she had destroyed their relationship before they’d really begun.

The electrical noise sounded and Demi dove into the pool. She swam, but she knew she wasn’t swimming fast. She was going through the motions but she had no drive to win. If anything she thought maybe she should come last, that would hurt her mother.

It was her mother who had set her up with Chris, her mother who had provided Chris with her box of toys, her mother who had no doubt put the idea into Chris’ head that he could have some fun with her in the changing room. She tried to wipe the image of Chris making her cum with the pink rabbit vibrator from her mind but she couldn’t.

On her fourth length of the pool, half way into the race, Demi looked up to where she knew Tara would be standing. It was agreed that she would look at Tara at this point to find out how she was doing. She only looked out of habit, she knew she was already well off the necessary pace.

In that brief glimpse she was shocked to see Deen standing next to Tara, he looked straight at her and smiled.

Her heart leapt, whatever Tara had done or said, she’d managed to bring Deen back, she’d get a chance to explain to him what had happened. There was suddenly hope.

This changed everything. Demi suddenly felt her drive return to her. The images of Chris left her. She felt the desire to once more to do the best that she could.

Powerful stroke followed powerful stroke, she started to feel her muscles protesting. She didn’t glance at Tara or Deen again and she didn’t look to see where the rest of the field were. She’d entered her swimming space, the zone where nothing else mattered apart from stroke after stroke.

Demi’s hand touched the side of the pool, she had no idea how she’d done, she looked left and right to see how many others were at the pool side, at least five were at the wall looking up to the screen to see how they’d done.


Just out of the medals, but quite an achievement to have made up that many places. That didn’t matter though. All she wanted to do was speak to Deen. She knew she’d have to wait until after her warm down. Then she could explain herself. It was going film izle to feel like a long warm down session.


Chapter 14 – Explanations

“Oh Deen I’m so sorry,” were Demi’s first words to Deen as he approached alone. There was no sign of Tara, this was one thing she’d have to do on her own.

“Why didn’t you tell me about him?” Deen asked bluntly.

Demi was taken aback by the question being asked to openly, but he deserved an answer she thought, “I know it was stupid, but when I was with you I didn’t even think about him once. He and I haven’t been close for a long time. Things just haven’t been right but I didn’t know what was missing until I met you. You’ve shown me what a relationship can be like. You’ve shown me how good it can be. I know I’ve messed up. I know I should have told you about him from the very beginning. I just couldn’t face it. I didn’t want you to think badly of me.” Demi looked down. “What a mess I made of that!”

Deen put his hand gently on her cheek. Demi looked up at him wondering what he was going to say or do, she’d just laid herself bare for him in the hope that he could forgive her, in the hope that he wanted to take her back. She looked into his eyes, they were gleaming.

“It’s ok Demi, I understand. It’s like a separate world down here in the Olympic village,” Deen said.

Demi felt her heart flutter and her stomach lurch with excitement.

“You are the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. I’ve really fallen for you Demi. I understand why you wanted to pretend Chris didn’t exist. I’m kind of flattered. Besides I’ve my own confession too,” he began.

Demi was amazed, Deen had forgiven her, he’d understood. She reached up and put a finger on his lips.

“Enough confessions for one day,” she said with a smile, “Whatever it is it can wait, for another time. I want to tell you how I can make all of this up to you.”

Deen smiled at her as she removed her finger.

“You don’t need to make it up to me,” he said.

“I want to make it up to you, I want to give you what you’ve never been given before, I want you to be able to do whatever you want to me, and I’ll give you complete control and obedience. Whatever you want, I’ll do it.” Demi said her heart racing. She’d been trying to suggest this before Chris had arrived now was her chance and at the same time she could make things up to him.

“You know that won’t work Demi, I have too much respect to be able to do that to you. I can’t let myself go. I love you.”

Demi’s heart started racing in her chest, he’d just said the big L word. He’d let it slip. She felt amazing.

“But this is where my amazing plan comes in. I have a full metallic gold cat suit with a hood it’s left over from a photo shoot. You can’t tell it’s me. If we were to combine that with a ball gag then maybe you can get over your little problem, maybe you would see me as your fuck toy.” Demi whispered the last bit.

Demi watched Deen for a response. his eyes were giving nothing away. Would he agree to this? Would he think that she was mad or stupid, or would he love the idea? She waited.

All of a sudden a smile spread across Deen’s face.

“That just might work,” Deen said calmly.

Demi squealed and pulled Deen into a big hug.

“Come on, let’s go back to the Village and see if we can get things started.” Demi said.

She grabbed hold of Deen’s hand and pulled him towards the main exit. He followed easily for a moment and then seemed to resist. She pulled a bit harder, wondering why Deen might have changed his mind.

“Hang on Demi lets go out another way,” he said as she pushed open the exit door. As she turned and looked at him she realised she’d managed to walk into the sights of the press photographers. She hadn’t expected that. They shouldn’t have been there. She forced a smile and walked through them with Deen following behind.

She grinned thinking that maybe there would be some nice pictures in the paper of Deen and her.


Chapter 15 — Making up.

“Wow, look at me,” Demi said in awe as she stood in front of the long mirror in her room.

She was clad head to toe in a gold metallic cat suit. The material was smooth and clung to her every contour. Her figure looked spectacular, her broad shoulders tapered down to her slender waist before her hips swelled out and her long legs began. She towered over Deen as he’d insisted she wear the gold high heels that she’d worn on their first date.

She ran her hands, covered in gold metallic gloves, up the sides of her waist. She then slid them round her front and over her unsupported breasts. They felt large and vulnerable even though they were clad in the tight material. They weren’t squashed flat the way her swimsuits squashed them, but years of being flattened seemed to have left its toll as her breasts hung low on her chest.

The hood had a zip up the back which secured it in place, there were three big openings in it. Two for her eyes and one for her nose and mouth. It was hard for even her to recognise herself. She seks filmi izle hadn’t worn this before. She hadn’t had the confidence to go through with the shoot it had been bought for.

“Yes, you look amazing,” Deen said with a grin running his hand across her bottom. “And check out your camel toe,” he said hungrily. He’d cheered up now, for the whole walk back to the Olympic Village he’d seemed moody and distracted. That all seemed to vanish when he’d seen her in the gold cat suit.

Demi looked down at her crotch in the mirror and sure enough her gold cat suit was pulling up into pussy.

“Wow Deen, look at that, you can see almost everything,” she squealed.

“I know, how sexy is that,” he said as he slid a finger down to trace the outlines of her lips through her cat suit.

“You think it’s sexy?”

“You showing your pussy off in this cat suit? Yeah, I think that’s sexy!”

“Imagine I went out like this,” she grinned. “Imagine what people would think!”

“You like that idea don’t you?” Deen whispered in her ear, his lips brushing against her ear lobe. “You like imagining a whole room of people looking at the outline of your pussy lips and none of them saying a word.”

Demi nodded and groaned loving the feel of him pressing up against her back. She could feel his hardness against her thigh.

“Maybe something for the future,” he grinned and held up her ball gag.

Demi was happy and nervous, she was fulfilling her wish but she was also about to give up complete control to this man. She knew that once he started and once that gag was in her mouth there would be no way to stop him. That thought thrilled and terrified her at the same time. Now that she owed him an apology it made it extra special. He could take her and do what he wanted with her in exchange for forgiveness.


Deen looked at his gold Olympic athlete in front of him. She was so powerful, so strong, and successful and yet she was making herself weak and submissive for him. He smiled. He had to stop thinking of her as Demi if he wanted this to work. Maybe he should just think of her as his golden fuck toy.

“Ok, Fuck Toy,” he said. In response Demi ground her hips back on him rubbing her thighs against his hard cock. “I need you to bend over your desk, with your hands on your back. Can you do that for me?”

Demi nodded and moved across to her desk and held herself as he’d instructed.

“This will be amazing,” Deen thought to himself as he reached up between her legs and undid her zipper. The zipper was two way, and it ran from her lower belly right the way around to the top of her hood.

He started pulling the lower zipper round. He was careful and made sure he didn’t catch any of her delicate skin in it. He could feel her tense up as the zipper passed over her pussy, but she soon relaxed. She said nothing to him, no questions about what he had planned, he was sure she was trembling, he didn’t know if it was nerves or anticipation.

He brought the ball gag up to his own mouth and licked it, he made sure to get it coated so it was slippery. Then he moved it down and pressed it against her pussy lips.

Her puffy pussy still hadn’t recovered and was gaping erotically for him. It was such a sexy flaw for her to have, and a secret only he would know. The ball gag easily popped in, his Gold Sex Toy was trying to peer behind herself trying to work out what he was doing. He wasn’t going to give let her see, and he wasn’t going to tell her. He wasn’t going to spoil the surprise. He worked the gag around making sure to get it slick with her pussy juices. After a moment satisfied that it was completely coated he pulled it out.

Once again he felt his Gold Sex Toy struggling to look behind her, her eyes wide, but he didn’t give any hint of what was to come. He pressed the ball gag against her tight little asshole. She tensed up. “Not a good start,” he thought, but she was his sex toy to do with as he wanted so he just pressed harder. Maybe it was too wide? The gag was just pressing against her tight little anus, threatening not to enter.

Deen grinned, he liked a challenge. He pressed his thumb against it and pushed hard. He was rewarded by a squeal from his Gold Sex Toy, and then the ball gag entered her. He left it in there for only a few moments, letting her get used to the feeling of something big in her ass. Then he ripped the ball gag out. Her anus hung open for a tantalising second before closing back up. He wondered what her ass would be like when he was finished. He checked to see if the gag was how he wanted it. It was, “This is going to get messy later,” he thought.

“Stand up for me,” he ordered and his Gold Sex Toy did as she was told. He then leant in and whispered in her ear. “You probably have about ten seconds before you are gagged and unable to speak, now would be a good time to say something if you have any doubts at all, you won’t be able to stop once this gag is in.”

Demi didn’t respond to him. She just stood there staring forward.

He pushed the ball gag towards her mouth careful to only hold it by the straps, he didn’t fancy touching the ball part now. His Gold sex toy opened her mouth and the dirty ball gag slid in. He moved behind her and fastened the leather straps as tightly as he could.

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