Post-Game Swim Party Confession

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It held the promise of most of the post-softball tournament swim parties. The same guys I had played with for a few years, the same wives or girlfriends. Everyone was in pretty good shape, especially the women. There was always the casual flirtation between some of the guys and some different wives, but it was to be quick and unrecognizable. It had become the post tournament ritual, some beers and a few inappropriate glances on the sly.

The women had slipped into their two pieces, and the guys had assumed their bare-chested postures, each group slurping down their share of beer. I had assumed my usual position in the shade with sunglasses on to obscure my passion for checking out the women who were not my wife.

Then everything changed. There was someone new. The new girlfriend of a guy that hadn’t played with us too long made her entrance. It wasn’t so much that she was gorgeous, it was the way she carried herself. Confident, proud, powerful, and sexual. She knew she was put together and was not ashamed to let the rest of us know.

Thank goodness for the sunglasses, as I could not take my eyes off of her for more than a few seconds at a time. She took off her coverup, revealing the kind of cleavage that always gets attention. Her nipples pushing hard against the thin material that was supposed to hide her attributes. I was mesmerized, feeling myself stiffen with each look in her direction. She slipped into the pool, letting the coolness of the water stiffen her already erect nipples bakırköy escort even harder. I could not look away.

After a few hours of beers and glancing it was time for dinner and I excused myself from the table where I was sitting with my wife to go to the bathroom. It was in use so I patiently waited my turn, shutting my eyes to focus my thoughts on the tantalizing body of the new girl. The doorknob opened and out she stepped. She had changed from her suit into a thin half-top that did nothing to hide those nipples that I so desired. My heart raced, and my cock stiffened as she gave a quick smile and edged past me. Oh the power of a beautiful woman.

I went into the bathroom and was immediate stunned by the sight of her swimming suit hanging over the towel rack. Those two thin pieces of material that had hid what my mind and body wanted to feel hung draped within my reach. Locking the door, I removed the suit and felt the softness and thinness of the material. The thought of her in this suit overpowered me and I couldn’t help myself as I quickly unzipped my pants so I could wrap the thin material around my cock. I stood there, pants around ankles, rubbing myself with the semi-thong bottoms. I shut my eyes filling myself with the vision of her pussy that was only a few moments ago covered by this material. I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and I began to rub the bottoms around my cock faster and faster. I had to cum on them…had avcılar escort to feel like I was cumming in her. It didn’t take long until my cum had covered the inside of her bottoms and I was wiping the second spurt inside the cups of the top half. I couldn’t help but feel like I was rubbing the tip of my dick over her hard, erect nipples. Nothing sets me off more than nipples like hers.

The knock on the door startled me and my wife’s voice got me in a panic. I quickly said I would be right out, but stood staring at the cum all over this suit. In a panic I hung the suit back up and quickly left the bathroom.

I was nervous at dinner, sure that someone would put two and two together and figure out that I had just jerked myself off in this girl’s swimsuit. Time after time I asked if we could leave early, but the wife was deep in meaningless conversation that I knew would take a while to finish. Trying to calm myself, I made it through dinner, entering into small talk and trying not to act to guilty. And then it happened. This new girl announced she was going back into the pool and wondered if anyone would like to join her. Of course all of the guys said yes….but me. The new girl headed to the bathroom to again put on her suit and I again was in a terrible panic. Soon she would be putting on her suit filled with my cum. I begged my wife to leave and she finally agreed, but only after she had one more conversation. As I stood by my wife’s side, büyükmece escort the new girl approached in her suit. My eyes shut and my heart raced. I felt a hand lightly touch my shoulder and she whispered in my ear, “Nice”. I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t move, but I had to get out of there. I hurried the wife’s conversation along, grabbed her hand and made for the exit. The new girl’s voice had the same power as her body, and I could feel myself semi-hard as we left the house.

As we left, my wife gave me a funny look…..”Why were you in such a hurry?”

“No reason…just tired I guess” I lied. She smiled a nasty kind of smile.

Her hand purposefully brushed the front of my shorts and she could feel my excited state. Now I didn’t know what to do and made my way into the car as quickly as I could, desperately needing to leave this place of my sexual weakness. It wasn’t but a couple blocks away that my wife leaned over, unzipped me, and lowered her head onto my still hard cock as I drove. Up and down her head slowly bobbed, and my thoughts went immediately to the new girl and how I wish it was her mouth surrounding my cock.

She continued until we made it home. My foreplay long over, I needed to fuck her immediately. The moment we got into the house I grabbed her, ripped off her clothes, and got on top of her. Her hard nipples on my chest only made me think of the new girl more and more. She knew how excited I was and she got off on my intensity. We orgasmed together…loudly.

Shortly after I was lying in bed, completely spent from all the sexual tension and my complete release. My wife lay next to me, sharing my exhaustion.

She rolled over and put her mouth to my ear. “Nice” was all she said. I looked in her eyes, and I knew she knew. She smiled knowing that I knew too. I was getting hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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