Pool Table Fun

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My sister was always a good pool player. I could never beat her but I always played just to see how bad she would beat me by. One day, when we were home from college, we decided to play some pool in our game room. Surprisingly I was winning. I could tell that she was letting me win. But I couldn’t understand why. Whenever she played me she had to beat me by a lot. “Hey, sis, what’s up, how come I’m winning?” I asked.

“You’re just playing well today,” she responded.

“Not really, I know you’re letting me win.”

“No, I’m not,” she said with almost an attitude. “So, where’s Mom and Dad?”

“Dad had to go in for work and moms grocery shopping, but wont be home for a while,” I told her.

“Oh, really…so it’s just the two of us, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Just as she said that I tapped the ball and it only moved slightly setting her up for a shot. She came in front of me and bent over for her shot. I could see that she was wearing a red, silk thong. As she shot I could feel myself getting hard. She turned around and saw me starring.

“Were you starring at my thong?” she asked me.

“What, no…” I said. “It’s alright, I like it,” she said and then turned me around and pushed me against the pool table.

She came to my mouth and started to kiss me. I could feel her tongue slide into my mouth.

“Rach, I dunno…” I started to say.

“Oh, come on John, I want you so bad,” she responded.

I said nothing because I knew I wanted her to. She went back to kissing me and I didn’t hold back. I slid my hand up her shirt until I felt her size C breast. It was so warm and soft and I could feel that her nipples were hard. I pinched her nipple and started to twist and play with them. I knew she liked it because she sort of laughed when I did. After I had felt on them for a while she pulled away from and took off her shirt. I ataşehir escort bayan knew that there was only a bra coming between me and my own sisters tits.

She undid her bra and it fell it to ground. As soon as it did I brought her tits right to my mouth and started to suck. I started to swirl my tongue around her hard nipple. I did this for a while and then tested myself. I slid my hand down her pants. I got to her pubic hairs and she didn’t try to stop me, so I kept on going. I put three of my fingers into her nice warm pussy. At first it started as a pant, but then went further to a moan. I knew she liked it so I kept going. I added another finger and the moaning got louder. I added yet another and it turned into a scream. I knew I had just given her an orgasm.

She took my hand out of her pants and started to unbutton mine. I pulled down my pants and my boxers and she took my cock in her mouth. It felt so nice and warm, I never wanted it to stop. Her head bobbing up and down was even more of a turn on. It felt nice but I knew it would take a while before I would cum. Then I heard kind of a cough coming from the door that led into the house. We both looked up and saw our mother standing there. Neither one of us moved. We were frozen we were so nervous.

“Rachel, honey, you’re doing it all wrong,” she said to our surprise.

She walked over and got onto her knees in front of my cock. “This is how it’s done,” she said and grabbed my cock and started to suck it.

When her lips hit my mouth it felt like Rachel’s but then her tongue hit my gland and It felt ten times better then Rachel’s. She went up and down on my rod a couple of times and then swallowed the whole thing. When she did this I bend over and opened my mouth it felt so good. Just as I was about to cum, my mother stopped.

“Mom, what are you doing,” I asked.

“Now, escort kadıköy I’m going to teach you two how to fuck,” she said.

I had never heard the word fuck come out of my mothers mouth before but now she was using it in a serious term. She took off her shirt and bra revealing her size DD+ tits. I just wanted to go at them but I decided not to. Then she unzipped her skirt and took off her thong. Before that I hadn’t noticed how good looking my mother was. She order my sister to take off her pants and get on the pool table. My sister did as told and waited. My mother then bent over with her ass right in front of me and inserted my cock into her for me. Her pussy lips surrounded my cock and it was the best feeling in the world. I started to pump away. She then turned to my sister and started to eat her out. I could hear my sister and mother moan at the same time and it was wonderful. I could see my mother eating my sisters cunt while my sister rubbed it.

“Oh, yeah baby, cum for mommy,” she said to my sister.

As soon as she said that my sister screamed and I could tell that she was having an orgasm. This continued for a couple of seconds. Then out of no where I felt something clasp onto my balls. I looked down and my mother was squeezing my balls.

“Holy shit mom, that feels so good,” I said to her.

“Yeah baby, now grab mommy’s big tits,” she told me.

I grabbed her gigantic tits and then heard my sister scream as she had another orgasm. I felt my balls tighten and the semen start to come up my cock. Since my mother had her hand on my balls she felt them tighten and stopped. I felt the semen run back to my balls.

My mother got up and looked at me. I looked back at her beautiful naked body and wanted it so bad. When my sister got up from the pool table I wanted her even more. I had two beautiful, naked women in front of me who maltepe escort wanted to fuck me.

My mother then told me to get onto the pool table and lay down. I did as told and apparently my sister already knew what to do. She positioned herself over me and sat down on my. I could feel her wet pussy lips on my stomach. She leaned over and kissed me. I felt her nice tits on my chest. Then I felt the warmth of my mothers mouth on my cock and I knew she was blowing me. It didn’t last long because my sister apparently wanted to be fucked. She backed up over my cock and my mother positioned it into her pussy. She started to bounce up and down on my cock. She panted and then moaned. While this all happened my mother walked around the pool table and got above me. She lowered herself and told me to eat her out. I grabbed her ass and started to lick her pussy. She leaned over and I felt her tits on my stomach. My sister moaned even louder so I assumed my mother was eating her out. Once again my balls tightened and the semen came rushing to my penis. And once again my mother saw this and told my sister to stop just in time.

They both got off the pool table and got to there knees. I had seen this in porn and I knew what to do. I got off after them and stood in front of them. My sister grabbed my cock and then my mom put her hand on top of it. It felt so good knowing that it was a woman’s hand. And when I looked down and saw to gorgeous naked women wanting my load it turned me on. Since my mother had been teasing me so much I knew it was going to be a huge load. And I was right. It was so big that it dripped off both my mother and sisters face and onto there tits. My mother licked all the cum off of her face and swallowed it. Then she licked it all off of my sister tits and even her face.

“Wow, I’ve never taken a load so big before, and I’ve taken a lot back in my day,” my mother said. “And to think it was from my own son.” “Your father is so dull, I think we might just have to do this again some time.” We never talked about what happened to anyone. And sometimes, when we were in the mood, my sister, mother and I would go out for a nice game of pool…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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