Plugging The Generation Gap

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Plugging The Generation Gap


Probing One’s Beginnings

A story of the consequences of pushing raging hormones a little too far.

© 2011 Daniel deLaire

It was a nice summer evening for my 18th birthday. The windows were open to let in the fresh breeze and the smells of June. The aromas of lavender and freshly cut grass chased away the odors of cooking and stale cigarette smoke. The stuffy, shut in smells of a closed house.

It was 7:00 in the evening, and my father was still hard at work selling cars. Summer is a busy time for a dealership; a lot of kids getting their first cars. My brother was staying the night at a friend’s house. I was enjoying a glass of wine after dinner, which was not unusual. My parents did not mind me drinking or smoking, so long as I did not pursue either to excess, and I only drank under their supervision. What was odd was that my mother decided to join me in it tonight. Usually, she will drink a few cans of beer before dinner and let it go with that. Tonight, she’s pouring her fourth glass of wine, on top of a few extra cans of beer, and I’m barely finished with my first glass. I can already see this is going to be a good night.

My mother is an attractive woman at 47. Slight build, 34B breasts, only a few streaks of gray beginning to penetrate her dark brown hair, and only a few wrinkles becoming obvious on her olive skin. Her olive skin accentuated her green eyes in a way one didn’t necessarily expect. She was a striking woman.

My mother and I have always had a strange sort of sexual tension between us. It’s never spoken of, and never gets beyond a kiss on the lips and very mild petting. Since I was 11, she’s treated me as somewhat of a boyfriend. When she finally got a stereo system for her birthday that year, she taught me all of the dances she knew in her youth, and made me dance with her for a few hours about every night. On nights when my father wasn’t around, she’d mix in a few slow numbers and dance really close. I’d get maybe a minute or two of feeling her press close against me. I’d feel her 34B breasts on my chest, and feel her hand rubbing the small of my back, but never venturing below. The evening would usually end with us in bed together, her down to her underwear, getting a back massage from me. But it never went any further than that, at least on the nights she was sober. She always knew when to back off — usually just as I was starting to get excited. She must have known. It doesn’t take 45 minutes in the bathroom to crap, no matter what you’ve been eating!

Tonight was going to be different; I had made up my mind to that. I discovered, quite by accident, that when she passes out, she’s not going to wake up for anything. I had accidentally caressed her breast while covering her up, and she made not a sound. So I got a little bolder and laid next to her. Nothing. She started to stir a bit when I was feeling her legs through the comforter, so I went to my own room, to finish things off by hand. Tonight, I was going to see how far I could go. Rather than calming the pangs of sexual excitement in my belly, the wine helped to exacerbate them.

At about 7:30, my mother started to feel sick from the wine, and so I followed her up the stairs. I enjoyed watching her shake that 47-year-old ass just inches from my face as she quite literally fell up the stairs. She stumbled into the bathroom to throw up, as she usually did when she got this drunk. I held her head over the toilet, as was also usual. By the time we got her showered off, her oral hygiene seen to, and tucked into bed, it was already 8:00. She mumbled her apologies and thanks as she drifted into her alcohol-induced slumber. By 8:15 she was essentially gone to the world, and I had my ataşehir escort bayan real birthday present before me: my nearly naked and unconscious mother!

I peeled my clothes off, carefully, quietly, and laid them by the door, in case she woke up and I had to make a quick exit. I inched my naked body under the covers and slowly made my way to my mother. My eight inch cock was already well aware of the evening’s events, and was as stiff as a piece of lead pipe.

My mother was lying on her side; with just the sheet covering her underwear clad body. She was wearing a standard flesh tone bra and white cotton panties. I started in by uncovering her to the waist and rubbing my hands lightly on her shoulders, moving up and down her arms. No reaction. I decided to be bolder and strip the covers completely from her body. She no doubt enjoyed the fresh, warm breeze from the open window just behind the headboard. I began to run my hand along the bottoms of her thighs, and up to her well-toned ass. Her flesh was a little cool to the touch and somewhat clammy because of the humidity. I ventured further by moving my body right up behind hers, so that we were in spoons position, and put my arm around her torso.

My mother began moaning when I did this, and I was afraid at first. Unexpectedly, she backed into me and snuggled right in, rubbing her luscious ass against my very erect penis. I went with the flow and started to kiss her on her neck, moving down to her shoulders. My mother began to moan softly; I almost jumped out of my skin when she reached back and began to stroke my dick.

Mom began to nudge her shoulder against me hard, and so I backed off. She kept a firm hold of my dick as she lay on her back and started to spread her legs! The whole scene mixed with the grip she still held on my dick almost made me lose it. I saw that her eyes were still closed. She was moaning “Fuck me, baby”.

“This is almost too good” I thought to myself, “She thinks I’m dad!”

I decided to go for broke. I climbed on top of my mother, put my arms around her, and kissed my mother full on the lips. I have kissed countless girls from school, but none of those kissed compared with having my own mother suck on my tongue while I unhooked her bra.

My mother was very helpful in getting her bra off; she lifted her arms slightly so I could just lift it off. Mom’s titties were certainly nothing like the girls my age, but they sure had plenty of bounce left in them. And bounce they did as they left her bra. I took my mother’s left nipple in my mouth and started suckling on my mother’s tit as she smiled and moved her hands up to the sides of her tits to push them together. Mommy’s jugs were still full of bounce and flesh, and they were slightly lighter colored than the rest of her body. Though I wished she did, my mom did not sunbathe in the nude. Her areolas were between the sizes of a quarter and a half dollar. Her nipples, after they became erect from my tongue running over them, were the size and color of pencil erasers. To this day, I cannot use a pencil without looking at the eraser and thinking of the first time I saw my mommy’s boobies.

“Fuck my titties” she murmured drunkenly as she flashed a half-cocked smile at me.

I could not believe what I had just heard. My own mother was asking me to fuck her titties.

I reached for the nightstand and grabbed the jar of Vaseline she kept there to and began to grease up my mom’s cleavage. Mom just smiled and moaned as she laid back, and I mounted my own mother’s chest and began to fuck mom’s titties. Mom kept the pressure on the sides of her tits, and it didn’t take me long to lose control, spilling my seed all over my mother’s chest and neck.

“That’s escort kadıköy right, daddy…mmmmmmm….cum on my titties….mmmmmmm…jizz all over your honey’s tits” That statement answered a long held question as to why she had married a man twenty years her senior! Considering the situation, it was ironic finding out that my mom had “Daddy” fantasies…

My mother giggled drunkenly and rubbed the pearl necklace I had just given her into her tits and neck as I dismounted my mother’s chest. Watching my own mother rub my cum into her skin had me hard again within a minute. I reached for mom’s hips and tugged at her panties. Mom obliged by lifting her ass off the bed so I could pull them down her legs and off.

My mother’s pussy was hairier than the girls I was used to looking at in Playboy, but it was well groomed. It had the same pungent odor I was used to from sniffing her used panties that I used to pull out of her laundry. The panties I had jerked off into for years, pretending it was mommy’s pussy. Tonight, I found myself looking at and about to enter my mother’s own pussy.

I moved up and got into position over my mother, and ran my index finger over her opening. It was overly moist. I lifted my finger to my mouth and tasted my mother’s pussy juices. Ambrosia!

Mom was very accommodating as I prepared to re-enter her for the first time since I was born. I couldn’t get over the fact that my own mother had hold of my dick and was positioning it to slide into mommy’s sweet pussy. I was almost ready to lost it when the head of my dick made it past my mother’s labia. Mom was rubbing her hands up and down the small of my back and wrapping her legs around my hips as I pushed my dick completely into my mother’s vagina. She smiled and moaned. Unfortunately, she was also starting to come to. She opened her eyes slightly. When she did, she gasped, and every bit of pleasure was drained from her face when she realized that it was not her husband who was sucking her, but her own son!

I could not believe how tight my mother’s pussy was for a woman of her age; especially when considering that she had given birth twice. Granted, I knew that her and my father had not had sex for many years. I wasn’t expecting her to be so loose that I wouldn’t feel much of anything, but that my mom had such a tight little pussy was indeed a welcome surprise.

“Daniel, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!?” she demanded, as she tried to push me off her body. “Get off me and get your thing out of my pussy! This isn’t right! I’m your mother! You don’t have sex with your own mother!”

My mother was pushing hard against my chest, but I was already in mom’s pussy, and I wasn’t leaving until I had cum in mommy’s pussy. She had teased me and left me hard for too many years to leave without shooting my jizz up into mommy’s pussy.

I grabbed my mother’s wrists and slammed her hands down hard on the bed, right next to her head. I kissed my mother full on the lips and forced my tongue into her mouth as I increased the force of my thrust into her pussy. I started fucking my mother just as I felt the teasing bitch deserved, hard.

My mom broke the kiss. “Stop it!” she said, “It hurts! You’re hurting me! You’re raping me, son!”

“You’re hurting yourself, mom” I replied coolly “You’ve been a prick tease to me for years. This time, I’m not going to let you send me away with a bone. This time, you’re finishing what you started. Now tell your little boy to cum in mommy’s pussy! Beg me to cum in mommy’s pussy, you cockteasing whore!”

I accentuated my statement with a particularly hard thrust into mom’s pussy. I was fucking my mother so hard the bed was shaking back and forth with each thrust.

What happened maltepe escort next kind of surprised me. I felt mom’s hips start to move around my dick. Between her groans of “Please, stop” and the occasional sob, my mother was grunting. She was getting a sick thrill out of being raped by me!

“Enjoying you son’s dick, mom? Like having your son’s dick in mommy’s pussy? Tell me you like my dick in mommy’s pussy! Tell me to cum in mommy’s pussy!”

“No, son…oh God…no. Stop fucking mommy’s pussy! Don’t cum in mommy’s pussy…please son…no…oh…oh…GOD!”

My mother’s pussy started convulsing around my dick. My mother was actually cumming from being raped by me. Her crying, her guttural grunts, her vaginal convulsions, they were all too much. I felt my cum start to leave the end of my dick and full mommy’s pussy to the brim. I was cumming in my mother’s pussy!

“Oh…no…no…mmmmmm…don’t cum in mommy’s pussy, son…stop….mmmmm”

I kissed my mother on the mouth, sticking my tongue in her mouth, as the last waves of orgasm came over my body. When I had finished, I let mom go and crawled off. She quickly crawled into a ball on the bed, in fetal position.

“Why…why…sob…did you rape me? Why did you hurt me?”

“It isn’t rape if you cum, bitch, and you came all over the place.”

“No…no I…didn’t”

“Oh yes you did, mom” I replied as I wiped my dick off with mom’s panties. “You enjoyed the hell out of. Did you think your son doesn’t know what it feels like when a woman cums? This might be my birthday, but it isn’t my first birthday. Here, clean yourself up. They’re full of my jizz, just like you’ve been getting for years!” I said as I threw her panties at her. “This is our secret, and I’ll be back for more whenever I like”

I put my clothes on and left my mother just like that. Curled up on the bed, crying, my cum leaking out of her pussy. I took back the cum soaked panties I had thrown at her and stuck them under my mattress in my room, as a souvenir. It was coming up on ten o’clock. That meant my father would be home soon. I decided it would be a lot better if I were downstairs and near an exit, if my mother opened her big mouth.

My father found me at the kitchen table when he returned home from work at 10:15. My mother had been in the shower for the last twenty minutes by that point, washing all the evidence down the drain.

“Hiya pop, how was work?”

“Busy as hell, you know. Enjoy your birthday?”

“Yeah, I really did. I think it’s the best one I’ve ever had”

“I’ll bet, but you’re not completely legal yet. Wait until you turn 21. That’s when the fun really begins. Where’s your mother?”

I shook an empty wine bottle in response to my father’s question. “She’s upstairs, in the shower. I think she just wants to go to sleep”

My father just grimaced as he grabbed a beer from the fridge and poked around for something to eat. He was no stranger to mom’s drunken displays. He was probably going to wait a few hours for her to pass out before he went upstairs.

The next morning, my mother didn’t have a thing to say to me. Just a look, and she was off to the other room. She barely wished my father “Good morning”. He was off for another thirteen or fourteen hour day selling cars. Which left me the day to finish adjusting my mother’s attitude. Things were different between us now. No question. A threshold had been crossed that there was no way back from. I knew for a fact that my parents had not been intimate in over ten years. I was looking forward to rounding out the summer establishing the new ground rules of my mother’s new sexual sport; pleasing me, whether or not she likes it.

Over the coming months she came to accept the situation. Even though she never admitted to enjoying it, she never resisted again. She even began to come to my room to offer her pussy to me. Even now, two wives and many years later, I am always welcome in her bed, and she in mine. And even at her age, she’s still a fantastic fuck!

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