Pleasure Thy Sister Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: this is a purely fictional story. All characters are over the age of 18, and are not modeled around specific people.


Chapter 1: Good Girls Study

Samantha walked through the front door, her classes done for the day. Immediately the classic sounds of the Sappho Sorority House’s hustle and bustle took over. Music filtered from various bedrooms upstairs, afternoon talk shows chatted away in the common room, commotion in the kitchen, and of course giggles and moans.

Sappho Sorority was notorious for empowering women, specifically in sexuality and taking control of their pleasure. All the sisters took much joy in “bonding.” Where there was pride in education, there was also pride in orgasms.

A high pitch squeal drew Samantha’s attention to the common room as she was taking off her shoes. Four girls gathered around a fifth girl being laid out on the coffee table. Michelle, a junior, was being subjected to celebration for having made the cheerleading squad. Hands caressed every inch of her body, taking specific care of her nipples and moistening pussy. Michelle squirmed and giggled, gasping when hands got especially frisky with her.

“Sam! Come join us!” A girl offered, slipping a hand between Michelle’s legs and rubbing up and down.

“Sorry! This one’s got a study session to go to” came a voice behind Samantha. She smiled, tingling slightly knowing what was in store. Alexis was her favorite tutor, her study methods leaving Samantha thoroughly confident and satisfied. Alexis ran her hands across Samantha’s waist from behind, pulling her backwards.

“Biology isn’t going to brush up itself” Alexis teased in Samantha’s ear. Samantha took off up the stairs of the house, Alexis hot on her heels.

Not fifteen minutes later, the girls found themselves in bed. Samantha laid back, with Alexis laying sideways across her belly, facing Samantha’s spread legs. Using her right hand, she swiped on a tablet, reading off vocabulary words. Her left hand, had since developed a steady rhythm between Samantha’s legs, lightly grazing against her vulva. With every right answer, Alexis would reward Samantha with more pressure, speeding up, changing a direction. Every wrong answer, she slowed her teasing, quickly building Samantha to an edge.

“Good girl, Sammie” Alexis cooed, swiping the tablet the same time she let her middle finger swipe up between wet folds. “Now, which branch of biology deals with the study of insects?” A quick circle around a shy clit. Samantha gasped.

“Hm?” Alexis inquired, deciding casino siteleri to tease even more. “Something wrong?” Two more quick circles around Samantha’s hardening button. Again, Samantha gasped and gripped her sheets.

“Ah, y-you” She stammered.

“Oh! Did I find our friend?” Alexis smiled. This was one of her favorite parts about her Sammie. Samantha had one of the most sensitive clits in the house. You could tease it for hours, leaving her a moaning mess, or having her cumming in seconds with some quick tickles and flicks. Alexis loved playing with it and making Samantha writhe with pleasure. Not one to disappoint, Alexis decided study time was over. Truth be told, Samantha didn’t even need it, Alexis just wanted to play with her.

Slow and steady, a finger began circling Samantha’s clit. Samantha moaned softly, her head falling back against her pillow. Her legs instinctively spread wider.

“Ahh yes, there it is. There’s my Sammie’s favorite button.” Alexis teased. Continuing to circle the aroused nub, increasing the pressure. “Can I keep playing with it? Hm? Saaaammie?” Alexis slowed her pace.

“Mmmnnnooo Lexi please don’t stop” Samantha begged, ignoring the fact that a couple other girls had gathered in the open door. The house allowed for its inhabitants to display their pleasures for all to see if they chose. It was common to see spectators gather around a couple or more girls playing with each other. In fact, it was even more usual for an audience to form during “Sammie and Lexi study sessions”. Many girls couldn’t help but stare as Alexis would masturbate Samantha’s sex lovingly, often letting their hands wander into their own panties at the sight.

Alexis went back to toying with Samantha’s sensitive clit. Switching from circles to flicks, occasionally dipping lower to use Sammie’s wetness to coat the button. All the while cooing and moaning to Samantha, turning her on further.

“Mmmmmmhahhhaaaa” a ball of tension had wound itself up in Samantha’s core. She was in heaven as Alexis gave her pussy what felt like royal treatment. Ever since Samantha’s first night in the house, she had a special bond with Alexis. Alexis, being the first girl to pleasure her. The moment her fingers and tongue met her sensitive sex, all nervousness melted away and she was hooked.

“That’s right, baby. Doesn’t that clit feel good? Look how happy it is.” Alexis leaned down for a better look. “Oh I could just kiss it. Mwah!” A quick butterfly kiss to the top of Samantha’s slit gave her a quick jolt.

“Mm!” She bucked canlı casino her hips up, much to Alexis’ enjoyment.

“Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!” More quick kisses around Samantha’s sex, her hips trying to increase contact, before being held down more firmly by Alexis’ weight.

“Oh I see, not good enough for you?? You asked for it!” Alexis declared diving into Samantha’s pussy. Wasting no time, her tongue began sliding through wet folds, soothing along and building the tension in Samantha’s core. The small audience in the doorway cheering and moaning as some of the girls couldn’t help giving their own pussies some attention watching the display.

Alexis flicked her tongue all along Samantha’s pussy, circling around her clit, but not touching. Samantha roller her hips, moaning and smiling. This attention was paradise after a long day of classes. Another delighted squeal left her lips when she felt fingertips joining her teasing by lightly running along her nipples. Like her clit, she could cum from just light stimulation alone. But of course her sisters knew how to play with her and keep her at the perfect state for as long as they wanted. She remembered one time sitting at the counter during breakfast, softly moaning as a fellow junior, Kate, stood behind her tweaking and flicking her nipples. All the while, she carried along conversation with other housemates, as if it was totally normal to be teasing Samantha’s erect peaks to a series of soft orgasms. It was no surprise that Kate was now reveling in Samantha’s moans and sighs as she tweaked and rolled at the hard buds.

The combination of nipple play and clit tonguing was now becoming too much for her to handle.

“Oh! Oh my- ahhh ah! Ah!”

Alexis took her cue and began sucking Samantha’s hard clit, her tongue cradling it into a warm wet mouth. Samantha arched back and let out a long moan as Kate pinched her nipples, adding to her climax.

“AHHhhhhhhahhhhyesss!!” Samantha writhed as her orgasm washed over her, moving from her head to her toes and back. Alexis didn’t back off. Her favorite part was next.

“Ohhhhhhaaaaahaaahahaokayheyheyhee” Samantha giggled. As stated before, her clit was one of the most sensitive in the house. As Alexis continued tonguing around the button, Samantha was overcome with tingles. Post-orgasm teasing left her clit a bundle of ticklish nerves, that often left her laughing her way to another orgasm. An orgasm Alexis was happy to oblige.

“Ah!ahahahaLexiohmygoddd!! Wait ehehe!” She shouted.

“Nope, gonna make you cum again, Sammie. You kaçak casino deserve some more fun, don’t you? Come on baby. Tickle tickle!” Alexis commented between licks and flicks, each one making Samantha squeal and squirm. She wasn’t bound. She could get up and stop this any time. But she didn’t want to. As unbearable as the tickling sensation was on her clit, she loved it. And she didn’t want it to end.

“Yeeeheeheeyeeess Lexi oh my god!!” Her clit’s nerves were jumping and throbbing. She didn’t know how she became too lucky to get to experience this much love and affection constantly. All she could do was lay back and let her moans grow louder and louder as Alexis’ tongue hit the perfect spot on her clit that sent her into her second orgasm. It slammed into her leaving her breathless, but it didn’t relent. Alexis kept lapping at her soaked pussy for several more minutes until at least two more climaxes shot through Samantha’s core.

Finally, she was released, chest heaving staring at the ceiling. Samantha wasn’t sure how long she laid there before a moan to her left made her turn her head. She smiled.

Kate, the girl who had been teasing her nipples, now stood behind Alexis, fingers buried deep in Alexis’ pussy. Alexis was on her knees, face planted in the mattress and the fingers inside her no doubt had already found her g-spot.

“Hey Sam, go ahead and get some sleep, I’ll take care of Lexi here.” Kate encouraged, picking up her pace. Shifting her hand over, she began finger fucking Alexis more aggressively, a wet sucking sound filling the room.

“Ah! Ahhh! AH!” Alexis yelped. From where Samantha lay, she could see small splashes of wetness erupt from Alexis pussy. Kate smiled and kept her speed, rubbing Alexis’ back with her free hand.

“That’s it baby, let it all out for me. Goooood girl.” She began to slow down, assuming Alexis had begun to come down from her orgasm hit.

“Mmmmmmmore? Please??” Alexis mumbled into the mattress.

Kate stayed silent, pausing for a moment. Just as Alexis thought maybe Kate was going to deny her, she felt a third finger enter her and rock steadily against her g-spot. In and out in and out building Alexis up quickly. Alexis, overcome by the pleasure radiating from her soaked pussy, moaned and laughed, smiling into the sheets.

“Hah! Haaaaahaaahhh!!” In no time she squirted onto Kate’s hand and stomach, enjoying the ride as she slowed her pace, guiding Alexis down.

By this point Samantha has actually begun drifting to sleep. Alexis crawled up to her side, cuddling into her. Kate tucked the two satisfied girls in, giving them each a teasing flick to the nipple. Quietly she left the room, in search of some pleasure of her own. And thus, another night in the Sappho Sorority House continued.

The end

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