Please Sis, No More

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“Please sis, no more. My ass is really sore! You’ve been screwing me for almost two hours and I have band practice with the guys!” David’s ass was sticking out and totally exposed to his sister Moira’s strap-on dildo. His long, bleach-blonde hair was hanging down around his shoulders and the mascara she had applied nearly three hours earlier was running down his cheeks from the occasional tears he cried while she sodomized his asshole.


David’s eighteen and finishing his Senior year of high school. He gets B’s and C’s in school except for Band where he gets A’s. He also plays guitar in a rock band with three guys and a girl from his class. He started letting his dirty-blonde hair grow three years earlier and it’s now about half-way down his back.

His sister Moira is nineteen and in her first year of a local Junior College. She also waits tables at a family-style restaurant in town. She lettered in field hockey and water polo in school and maintains an athlete’s body. Unlike his sister, David is slightly built and never was very good in sports.

They live with their mother who works two jobs to keep the family going. Their dad has been out of their lives for a few years. Last year, their mother put Moira in charge of David as she was gone so much with work. That’s when David’s life really changed. Moira had always bossed him around but now she has taken it to another level and David hates it but doesn’t know what to do about it. So he suffers daily humiliations at the hands of his sister.

Shortly after Moira was put in charge, she caught David with a pair of her sweaty underwear. He was doing the family laundry after school and was sorting clothes. When he picked up a pair of Moira’s panties that she had worn while working out, he felt the dampness in the crotch. His hormones raging – and thinking he was home alone – he put her panties to his nose and inhaled. David had never gotten into a girl’s panties, but he could smell the mixture of sweat and sex on his sister’s panties. He took another long breath and that’s when Moira snapped a picture of him with her camera phone. He didn’t see her and he didn’t know it then, but that moment would change his life.

A few days later after Moira had had a chance to think about what she had and what she wanted to do, she walked in on David while they were home alone and he was in the bathroom in just his underwear. She surprised him and he tried to make her leave but Moira was always stronger than him and wouldn’t go. Then she showed him the picture of him smelling her underwear and he nearly cried. She told him he would be her little bitch and do what he was told or she would spread the picture of him all over his school – starting with his band mate, Kerri. Moira knew David had a crush on Kerri but had never said anything to her. He tried to resist but the next day Moira helped him bleach his hair blonde and then applied mascara and soft pink lipstick to his face before taking another picture of him for ‘safe keeping’. Mom was surprised to see David had bleached his hair when she got home from work, but told him it looked great on him. All David could do was smile.


“Oh David – don’t be such a girly-girl. I haven’t screwed you for two hours. Remember, I talked to Cindy on the phone for at least twenty minutes.”

“Yeah, but you left the dildo in my asshole when you started talking about your date.” Moira smiled. She did unsnap the harness from her body and leave the latex cock buried in his asshole. She didn’t want David to hear any details of her fucking the guy from her Social Studies class. After the call, she spread some KY around the dildo, strapped the harness back around her hips and continued fucking David’s sweet asshole. She always tells him it’s a better workout than her aerobics class!


It really had started out innocently enough. Moira would dress him up in some of her older outfits – panties and bras included – and try out different make-up when she knew mother was working late. David would have to do his household chores while dressed in this manner. Of course, she started using the new digital camera mom had bought her for Christmas. Those files were safely hidden where David couldn’t delete them. One day she decided David’s toenails should be painted and so she did. He was horrified when ataşehir escort bayan she said she wouldn’t remove the paint. It was winter and he’d be wearing socks all the time anyway.

It took a turn for the worse, or the sexual, during their winter break from school. Mother had said she had to go straight from her day job to her night job so they’d be alone all day. It had snowed the night before so no one was really going outside anyway. David was wearing Moira’s tank top and exercise shorts with panties and a sports bra while washing clothes. Moira wasn’t dressed all that differently as she did some dusting around the house. She had recently bought a couple pair of thong panties and they were in her laundry basket. When David found them, he began teasing her about them. He was asking who was gonna get to see them – who she wanted to fuck.

Moira ignored him at first but when he persisted, she started to chase him around the house. She finally caught up with him in the den and they began to wrestle. David held his own for a couple minutes until Moira kicked out his leg and he fell to the floor. Moira tumbled on top of him and proceeded to pin his arms and legs. Knowing David to be quite ticklish, she moved her body around so she could keep him pinned and she began to tickle him with her free hand. David thrashed around but was helpful under his stronger sister and her tickling hand. Moira’s ankles were across his and she held both wrists with one hand. This put her body lying on David’s as her other hand tickled his ribs.

David bucked his hips and tried to free himself but it was no use. Neither one of them would admit to starting it, but suddenly David was grinding his penis into Moira’s crotch. She felt his thrusts but just kept tickling his ribs. It had been a couple weeks since Moira had had sex so she ground her pussy into his cock. It didn’t take long and David was cumming in Moira’s panties as she ground into him. He cried out as he dry humped his sister on the floor. Moira didn’t let David know that she had cum too. Instead, she reacted with indignation. She got up and told him she couldn’t believe what he had just done! Dry fucking his sister and then creaming his panties. She was shocked and told him to go clean himself up and make sure he thoroughly washed her panties of his disgusting cum.

Moira walked into her bathroom and lowered her shorts and panties. She stuck two fingers in her pussy and coated it with her own cum. And then she licked her fingers clean. And the game between them had just become more than humiliating her little brother. It had become sexual.


“Okay, I’ll give you a break little brother.” And Moira slipped the dildo from his stretched and pained asshole. “How long until your band practice?”

“In an hour. It’s at Kerri’s house so I have to leave a few minutes before five.” David told her as he straightened up. He was rubbing his ass cheeks as if that would stop the ache he was feeling between them. This was by far the longest time Moira had ever used the dildo on him. His cock was hard as a rock from being ass-fucked by his sister for nearly two hours. She rarely lets him touch himself while in her presence and today was no different. He knew his ass would be aching all through band practice. He sure hoped Kerri didn’t notice him walking funny.

“And don’t touch yourself before you go! Remember today was punishment for not getting the kitchen cleaned yesterday before mom got home from work.”

“Please Moira! That’s no fair – It practically hurts just to touch it!”

“Then don’t touch it and get your chores done promptly the next time!”

Moira knew he didn’t have the courage to disobey her so she went to take a shower. After fucking him for nearly two hours, she was sweating and horny beyond belief. The first thing she did in the shower was point the nozzle at her pussy. The warm jets of water hit her clitoris as she rubbed two fingers across it. She had to lean against the shower wall as her body shook in orgasm. Moira thought of David’s hard pecker and smiled to herself.


Not long after the tickling episode, Moira was tidying up her mother’s room when only she was home. The bottom drawer of her dresser was open a couple inches and as Moira went to kick it shut, something caught escort kadıköy her eye. She opened it wider and found a couple different vibrators and a dildo in the drawer. She wasn’t totally surprised as her mother was single. She is an attractive 41 year-old who only occasionally dated and surely had the same urges as Moira. Both the vibrators buzzed to life when she turned them on.

Moira knew she would be home alone for a couple more hours so what was the harm in trying one out. She selected the one that seemed to shake much harder in her hand and hopped on the bed. She pulled down her shorts and panties and pressed the vibrating latex cock to her pussy. Immediately it sent shock waves through her body. Touching it to her clit and then sliding it between her wet pussy lips made her body feel alive. She felt herself cumming in mere minutes as she pressed the vibrator to her clitoris and didn’t move it until she did.

Once she had cum, she decided she needed to look around mom’s room for other toys. It took some serious snooping, but she found a false wall behind mom’s closet. Mom had some sexy lingerie hanging on hooks. And a leather harness that had a dildo still strapped into it. Moira took it out and tried it on for herself. She and her mom often swapped clothes so the harness fit without any adjustments necessary. Moira immediately knew she had to use this on David.

Three days later, Moira was having a terrible afternoon. Her water polo team got beat and she thought she played terribly. She walked outside and realized David was not there to pick her up as he was supposed to do. She tried calling him but he didn’t answer his cell. By the time she got home, she was livid – with her shitty day and with David not picking her up from school. She marched into his room and found him asleep in just his shorts.

Instead of yelling at him, Moira went into her room and stripped down to her bra and panties and then marched into her mother’s room. She stepped into the harness and attached the dildo. She pulled it tightly to her hips and smiled as she saw herself in the full-length mirror. The latex cock was menacing as it hung from her hips. Moira walked into David’s room and grabbed his ankles. She pulled him down the bed as he awoke. “What’s going on?”, David cried out as he felt himself being pulled. Seeing Moira, he was stunned that she was home. He hadn’t even noticed how she was dressed – yet.

Before he knew what was going on, Moira pressed the latex cock to his lips. “You little shit! You were supposed to pick me up at school. Instead, I find you asleep at home! You’re gonna pay for screwing up!” Moira pressed the cock hard against his face. “Now open your mouth and suck!” When he hesitated, Moira slapped his cheek. Stunned, David opened his mouth to scream and Moira thrust into his mouth. Moira started pushing the cock in his mouth. David squirmed to get free but Moira held him firmly with both hands.

After a few minutes, Moira pulled the latex cock from his mouth. Spit trailed from his lips to the cock as she did. David started to move away from her, but she grabbed his arm. “I’m not finished with you.” David had no idea what was to come next but he soon learned. “Now turn over and stick that cute little ass in the air for me!” David really didn’t understand and just sat still on the bed. Moira used her strength and pushed him onto his stomach. She pulled down his shorts exposing his bare ass to her for the first time. David turned his head to look over his shoulder as Moira got between his legs. She pressed the head of the slick cock against his asshole and smiled for the first time since she got home.

“No Moira! Please!” David finally realized that Moira was going to fuck him. Moira wasn’t sure how much he could take – even she had never been fucked in the ass – so she pressed forward with restraint. The head of the cock pushed inside his opening asshole. David buried his face in the bed sheets and screamed as she began to violate his ass. His spit still coated the cock and she began to slide in and out of his asshole. He could feel his cock hard against the bed as Moira’s latex cock slid in and out of his hole. Finally Moira pulled out and just walked away from him. When he knew she was gone, David jerked his cock just twice and cum erupted onto his bare maltepe escort chest. Moira went to her bathroom and quickly got herself off with two fingers. She couldn’t believe how horny she got from fucking her brother’s asshole.

The fourth time she strapped on the dildo, she did not wear a bra. Moira thought David would cum as soon as he saw her. The sixth time, she was nude. Mother was going to be out for the evening. Moira made up David’s face with mascara, creams and lipstick. She had him wear a padded bra, tank top and short skirt but no panties. Moira had found some cute black female shoes for him and had him wear them with lace white socks. She made him wait for her in her room as she disappeared into her bath room. A couple minutes later, Moira walked into her bedroom from the bathroom wearing three-inch heels and holding the harness with dildo in her left hand – totally nude. David’s eyes grew as big as saucers as soon as he saw his sisters athletic body. He had never seen a nude female in real life and he could feel his penis growing under the short skirt. Most of the girls on the water polo team had shaved their pubes smooth and Moira was no different.

Moira turned around once to show her brother what her body looked like from all angles. She stepped into the harness and pulled it up around her hips. Fastening the buckles, she took the cock in her hand and stroked it like she was trying to make it harder. She smiled at him and she could feel her nipples grow hard as she imagined the next few minutes in her mind. Moira had told David what she expected him to do while they did his make-up. She studied him and he really did look like a cute girl with the long, blonde hair and all the make-up. Moira asked David what he thought of her body and smiled when David told her how hot she looked. “I’m ready now to fuck my little bitch. Please get ready for me.”

David sat on the edge of the bed and lifted his skirt to expose his hard penis. David lay back on the sheets and put his feet firmly on the floor. Moira smiled at him as she coated the cock with KY. She bent her knees and pressed the tip of the cock to his asshole. She leaned over him and her small, firm tits hung above him. She slowly slid the cock into his expanding asshole. Moira began to fuck in and out of him as she felt his asshole open up to her. As she was burying the cock into his asshole, Moira helped David lift his legs around her hips. This allowed her to go deeper inside of him. As she leaned into him, David’s lips brushed her nipples. It wasn’t planned but Moira liked what it did to her. She leaned forward again and pressed her nipples to David. His mouth hungrily sucked on her nipples as she plowed his asshole. Moira’s belly rubbed on his cock and David knew he would cum.

“Please Moira, I’m gonna cum” David said as he released her nipples from his lips. Moira didn’t say anything but she rubbed his cock with her firm stomach muscles and he quickly came against her skin. Moira knew she needed relief and she knew how she would get it today. Moira unfastened the buckles and stepped out of the harness without removing the dildo from David’s asshole. David looked at her as Moira climbed onto the bed. She lifted her left leg and straddled David’s face. Looking down at him, she lowered her bare, wet pussy onto his face. David’s tongue hungrily licked her moist pussy. Her sex was covered in sweat and pre-cum juices as she pressed herself to him.

Moira pulled her nipples as she felt David’s tongue lick her pussy. She reached down and frigged her clit and quickly felt her body shaking. Her orgasm rocked her body as David frantically licked her pussy lips. Her body spasmed again before she fell off his face and lay on the bed. Moira was panting and her chest heaving as she recovered from her orgasms. David too was exhausted as stood unsteadily. He looked in the mirror and saw his mascara running down his cheeks and his lipstick smeared. Looking down, the dildo and harness slipped from his asshole and fell to the floor.


“How was band practice today?”

“It was pretty good. We’re sounding better all the time. Kerri looked and sounded great.” David was smiling as he spoke of Kerri.

“Mom will be home in twenty minutes – dinner is almost ready.” As he was walking away, Moira added “Kerri said you really rocked today and that you’re ass looked great in those jeans.”

David stopped in his tracks and turned to face Moira. He could feel his penis stiffening in the tight panties Moira made him wear to practice. Moira smiling, “She texted me. We’ve become friends lately.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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