Pixie Pt. 02 Ch. 03: Vampire!

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After our afternoon exertions, Sarah and I slept well, but as usual, I woke early.

I longed for a chat with Emm, but there was no one else at breakfast until Ivana joined us as we were finishing off the coffee and smoked salmon blinis.

‘You have the morning free, my darlings, hope you, ahem, slept well?’

I was not going to give her the pleasure of watching me blush, but I wondered whether she was the one who had caught our lovemaking on camera. She explained that Emm was already doing her morning swimming, and, as she so bluntly put it, ‘cunt training.’ She would, she explained, spend the morning doing her routines and then she would be prepped for lunch.

That gave Sarah and I a blissful morning to chill on the terrace, although in that heat, I am not sure that ‘chill’ was quite the right word.

We talked about the set up at the dacha. Emm was clearly very happy, and so was Ekaterina. Sarah commented that it had been a whirlwind ‘romance,’ but no more so, I pointed out, than ours. That spring weekend by the sea had been a special one for all of us.

We spent a blissful time sipping cool drinks and working on our sun tans.

Lunch was served on the terrace, where we were joined by Ekaterina herself. She was genuinely glad to see us, it seemed. She explained that she wanted Emm to stay in touch with us because she did not want her to lose all contact with her old life. Then, turning to me she asked:

‘Has Emm always been this submissive?’

‘Yes, at least in her head, but that is where it was before Anne and you, and you have made her so happy. You seem to be realising her depraved dreams. And, correct me if I am wrong, but I sense that for you both this is about more than lust.’

Ekaterina smiled.

‘I am pleased you say so. It is not easy for me to admit, nor I think for Emm, but beneath the shining surface of our lust there is indeed more.’ And then, having spoken intimately for once, she shifted the subject, ‘have some more of this cheese, it is flown in from a small farm in the north of France, quite delicious.’

She was right, it was. Everything here was either expensive or unique, and usually both.

Ekaterina explained that they were about to negotiate the next stage of their strange relationship. Emm wanted to be used by others, and it suited Ekaterina that it should be so. But even as the Oligarch spoke, I thought she seemed unusually hesitant. But she pushed past it, explaining that the Romanian Countess was someone she had encountered at a conference and had thought might be interesting for Emm to meet. I sensed there was far more to this than Ekaterina was letting us know, but no doubt that would be revealed, along with the depth of Emm’s depravity, in due time.

Ekaterina surprised my by stating that the Countess was a vampire. Upon Emm hearing that, her eyes had lit up so, wanting to test Emm’s limits and reward her, she had contacted her – hence the visit. There had, as I said to Sarah afterwards, to be more to it than that.

That afternoon we were taken on a tour of the Black Sea coast, which was quite the experience.

I loved the Ottoman era castles casino siteleri which dotted the coastline, and just beyond the coastal area, great forests lay. Driving through them was a complete contrast to the baking heat of the coast road. The whole area was magical, and touring it in style, with a limo complete with its own bar, was a great treat.

We went back to the dacha to dress for dinner.

Sarah looked exquisite in a backless, purple evening dress with a plunging neckline.

‘Eyes off, Pixie, later!’ She smiled, liking my obvious lust for her. Maybe all newly-weds were like this, but every time I saw her I found new things to love about her. Her shoulders were finely sculpted, and I wanted to massage them – and other parts of her anatomy – hence the “hands off” message.

I went for the classic little black dress, and brushed my short hair, and was ready in no time at all.

‘Will I do?’ I asked.

‘Silly Pixie,’ she smiled, ‘you are a precious little darling peach and I want to eat you all up!’

I giggled:

‘Hands off, later darling!’ Two could play that game.

I heard the screech of tyres on the gravel drive, and looking out I saw a blacked-out limousine draw up outside the portico of the dacha. The large doors opened and young female servants dressed in black latex appeared and gathered around as the limousine doors were opened and a figure emerged. I saw her disappear into the house.

‘I think our vampire has arrived.’

Sarah giggled.

‘Well, let’s go down.’

We entered the reception area.

Ekaterina was seated on a gold chaise longue, Emmanuelle at her feet.

A moment after we entered, the Countess followed us.

She was not as tall as I had expected, neither was she the sort of full-breasted figure Emm usually lusted after, but there was still something about her, a poise, but also an air of, well to be frank, menace. She was strikingly beautiful, blonde, very pale, with her red lipstick highlighting her pallor. If someone had told me that she seldom ventured out in daylight, I should have believed them easily. There was a tension in the air.

‘Anna, how lovely to see you, how was your flight?’ Ekaterina asked, as Ivana showed the Countess to a similar chaise longue opposite.

‘Glasses of our finest champagne, if you please Ivana. Countess, let me introduce some friends of Emm’s, this is Sarah and that is Pixie. And this, ladies, is Countess Anna Moxy Meszaros.’

She said a gracious hello, as we did, but her eyes were riveted on Emm.

‘And I take it that divine creature at your feet is the luscious Emm?’

Anna’s tongue caressed her lips, the razor-sharp tips of her canines showing as she gazed at Emm, who lowered her head in a submissive posture.

Ivana entered with the champagne and after handing a glass to everyone, took her place behind Ekaterina

‘I take it, Ekaterina, that you are still agreeable to our arrangement.’

As Anna spoke, I saw, once more, a perceptible hesitation, before Ekaterina said she was. The tension between the two women was crackling; only Emm, whose mind was elsewhere, was unaware of canlı casino it.

‘Very well.’ answered Ekaterina, ‘we shall finish our champagne and retire to a suitable bedroom.’

‘That has been prepared,’ Ivana explained,

I looked at Emm. Her eyes were sparkling. Though she had not said a word, she did not need to. She was sexually aroused – which was how she managed to miss the tension which was almost palpable.

The bedroom was huge and incredibly lavish, an enormous four poster bed taking centre stage, beautiful Sapphic paintings, sculptures and statues created an atmosphere of lesbian decadence.

Emm began to undress, as Anna sat in a chair watching.

Ekaterina signalled to Ivana to join her.

Naked, Invana climbed onto the bed and lay on her back, her body framed by the black silk sheets, nestling her head in a silk pillow; she watched as Emm undressed.

Anna watched intently as Emm let the straps slip from her shoulders allowing the dark red silk gown to slip to the floor. She stood there tall, her full heavy breasts jutting, nipples hard and pointed, her legs encased in sheer black silk stockings high on her thighs, the high pointed black heels showed off her sublimely beautiful long legs and made her bottom tight and stunning.

As she pirouetted in front of her Mistress, the distinctive letter branded on her right ass cheek was clearly visible to Anna, whose face was a picture of pure lust. I noted that there had been a surgical intervention, as the ‘A’ put there by Anne was now an ‘E’. So skilful had the intervention been that unless one knew that the letter had been changed, you would not have suspected it.

Her full lips wet with saliva, Anna caught Emm’s eyes, as she licked her lips, the tips of her fangs were clearly visible and twinkling in the candlelight.

Emm, slipped out of her heels and climbed onto the bed as Ivana opened her legs.

‘Eat me out, slut.’

Emm, grasping her ankles, pushed her legs wider and leaned forward, pushing her head between Ivana’s thighs.

She fell to her task with fervour, on her knees and with her legs as far apart as she could, knowing full well that Anna could see her from behind. She had a smile on her face as she licked at Ivana’s cunt, running her wet tongue up and down the length of her slit, Ivana moaning as the diamond stud on Emm’s tongue grazed her labia.

Sucking on the index finger of her right hand and coating it with her saliva, she teased Ivana’s rosebud, knowing that brought on excitement in her Mistress, as her tongue licked ravenously at the hood concealing her little, wet clit.

Ivana was writhing and moaning heavily, as Anna arose from her chair and climbed onto the side of the bed grasping the Russian’s head in her hands.

Emm continued, teasing her anus and flicking her wet tongue snakelike at her clit. She knew Ivana was close.

Sarah and I looked at each other. We both wanted to be back in our room fucking like that.

As Ivana’s moans grew louder, Emm began nibbling, sucking her clit deep into her mouth and biting down hard as her finger pushed to the knuckle and massaged the walls kaçak casino of her anal passage.

Ivana spasmed in the early throes of orgasm. Emm looked up.

Anna had laid Ivana’s head to one side exposing her neck, her veins showing.

Raising her head, she opened her mouth wide her long slender canine fangs sparkled and her eyes blazed.

As Ivana orgasmed under Emm, Anna’s face slammed down onto her neck, her fangs piercing her, Ivana screamed in ecstasy.

The ear piercing scream made Emm shudder, she had to grasp Ivana tight as she writhed and orgasmed in a way Emm had never seen.

As Anna drank her blood, Ivana’s cum flowed like a waterfall onto Emm’s tongue, filling her mouth to overflowing, she struggled to swallow.

Ivana’s orgasm lasted for what seemed to be an eternity until eventually subsiding.

Emm looked up, Anna was nowhere to be seen, Ivana lay still her eyes closed her face a picture of orgasmic pleasure, the puncture marks on her neck had miraculously healed.

Emm lapped at her Ivana’s cunt and anus, cleaning her as she always did.

Ekaterina asserted her control.

‘We will we take care of her, go and bathe,’ she directed Emm.

Later, back in the reception room downstairs, Emm now bathed and dressed as before entered and took her place at Ekaterina’s feet.

The mood was uneasy, everyone was drinking red wine and conversing, but there was rather a lot of wine going down rather quickly, and the chatter was nervous. Everyone could feel the tension – except Emm who felt only her libido unleashed.

‘Ivana, fetch the girls,’ Ekaterina demanded.

Ivana smiled and left the room, closing the door behind her.

‘Anna, I acquired these girls from England for you. I thought a change from the usual girls I supply you with would excite you.’

The door opened and three young women were led into the room by Ivana dressed in sheer flimsy short nightgowns. Their bodies were on show.

Ivana made them pirouette as Ekaterina explained to Anna,

‘The two on the left have pleasured my party guests on occasion but the one on the right is virginal, I saved the best for you, Countess. They are ready for the journey to your castle.’

‘I am pleased Ekaterina, our arrangement works well, I am only sorry to be leaving so soon, but affairs of state, I’m sure you understand.’

Anna stood up to leave.’

‘Before I go, Ekaterina, I want to kiss the beautiful Emmanuelle.’

My dear Countess, of course you may. Emm, stand up and go to her.

Emm stood up and walked serenely to the Countess, standing in front of her.

Anna looked deeply into Emm’s eyes as she put her arms around her and with one hand pulled her head gently to one side.

She kissed her on the neck and whispered in her ear:

‘You will be mine, next, slut.’

I could see from the light in Emm’s eyes that the idea appealed to her.

Ekaterina sat, impassive. Anna, the girls following, bade us farewell.

For some reason, I decided against embracing her, as did Sarah.

Whatever was going on here, the power struggle between the two women, Anna had already won round one. The great prize, Emm, was still to play for. But I saw now, why Ekaterina had seemed unusually hesitant. As the Countess left and Emm’s eyes shone with lust, I watched Ekaterina. She looked worried and even sad.

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