Phylicia’s Arch Rival

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It was quite something to see Audrey Porter walk into a room. When she entered, all the boys noticed, but didn’t look; and all the girls looked, but hated every second of it. She wore her perfect black hair up in a bun, and seldom strayed from her usual skirt/turtleneck combo. Her breasts were a mystery the entire school; and her conservative dark clothing left a lot to the imagination. Audrey was a workaholic. A very beautiful workaholic. Every ounce of energy she didn’t exhaust on work, she poured into being as stoic as possible. Seeing her smile was like successfully killing a unicorn using only a sweater. It simply didn’t happen.

Or at least it appeared that way to me. She sat down in the library a few tables up. She adjusted the chopsticks in her hair, aggressively crossed her legs, and began her three hour study session. I, on the other hand, had not been able to study all year. I didn’t have the focus or the dedication required by Physics 12 by any means. Instead, I dreamt of what life might’ve been like if I was Audrey Porter. Maybe if I was beautiful and hardworking I would have more then a measly $200 grant from the local retired community.

I’m not saying I’m ugly. I’m just nothing compared to her. I have long light brown hair that is very curly. I’ve been wearing my glasses now for two years, and I hate them. I have average-sized breasts, and a pretty normal build. But my real pride is my thin tummy. I’m not a skinny girl or anything, but I keep in pretty good shape. So did Audrey though; we were both on the field hockey team. She, of course, played center. The mute, efficient and deadly team captain was picture perfect. No one messed with her out on the field, not even the roughnecks from Flint.

I, a mere second line defense-woman would’ve be crazy to try and talk to her after game time. I wondered if she even knew my name. We were in the same Physics class, but I sat in the back. She was in front, almost invincible to the teacher’s puns and bad jokes; she was a rock.

“Phylicia?” my name, its Greek, I’m pretty sure it means ‘fortunate’. But who just said it?

“…Phylicia?” my name again, I looked up. Sincere amazement just then, it was Porter.

“Uh, Audrey. Hi!” It was a bit strong. Audrey managed a smile back. Why would she be talking to me?

“Are you having trouble with EMF? I just don’t get it.” Very weird… I did feel comfortable with EMF, and Audrey didn’t, maybe this was a joke.

“Umm, no. I’m pretty comfortable with it.” This had potential.

“Oh… well that’s good.” Audrey looked at the floor. Immediately, I took the opportunity to score a point.

“Do you wanna work with me on this sheet Mr. Travis gave us?” I held it up. I guess she did, because she gave a very humble sigh of relief.

“Yeah,” she smiled politely, “that’d be great.” What bugged me about how she said this is that she said it perfectly; as if she was used to asking for help all the time. This drained a little satisfaction from the event, but nevertheless, I was ahead today.

I actually didn’t have anymore time left in the study hall; I had to run to work. So we made plans to study at her house. Her dad was out of town for a few days and we’d have the house to ourselves to study. I was really looking forward to tutoring her for a few hours. Maybe she wasn’t so much better then me after all.

The next day I wore a pair of cut-off jeans that might have been just a little too short for my dad’s approval. But he simply shrugged casino siteleri and looked away, knowing that it was the 21st century, and dads were not ‘allowed’ to tell their daughters how to dress. I had a t-shirt on and pulled my curly hair into a pony tail. I didn’t feel like wearing contacts that day, Audrey hadn’t earned them yet from me. Glasses would do, I’d show her.

I knocked on her door and noted the response time. It took roughly six seconds for Audrey to open it, and then do the smile. Boy, she was fast. It was odd, especially considering I was fifteen minutes early. But, it was Porter after all, efficient but deadly. Her black hair was up, as usual, in those chopsticks. She looked beautiful in darker clothing, especially in that skirt. She had her cross over top of her turtleneck today. And to top it all off, her smile could’ve been on primetime TV. Despite all this, I nodded and smiled back.

We exchanged pleasantries and she led me into her living room. Apparently she had tea ready. Tea? Brilliant, I thought. I loved tea. Good job Porter. But one thing did get to me, it was fifteen minutes early… I shook it off and had a seat. As expected, her house was analy clean. The walls were flawlessly decorated all in white. The furniture was wood, and it worked well. Whoever laid this plan out was a damn good designer.

“Cream or sugar?” Audrey came from around the corner.

“Do you have honey?” I decided to test her. I took honey anyway.


“That and cream please.” I smiled. She disappeared around the corner back to the kitchen. I was slowly running out of reasons to hate her. Not that honey really mattered that much, but this all seemed very accommodating. More then expected anyway. I resumed looking at the house. I really liked a painting over on the far wall. In fact, I liked the whole house. The living room had a wonderful view of the river.

“Do you like the painting?” She came back with two mugs, both cream and honey. I knew this because she set them down and offered me to take either one. She sat down on a loveseat across from me.

“Yes, very much. I like this whole room actually.” My mind cocked an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I took over the living room when me and dad moved here. He said that he’d probably pick horrible colors so he let me design most of house.” She crossed her legs and daintily laughed. So did I.

“It looks great. You should be a designer.” I was seriously starting to like her for some reason; she was a nice person. Maybe she really did mean everything she said. She was gorgeous anyway. I had never really thought a girl could be so pretty that I actually wanted to be them! It was weird.

“Wow, thanks a lot. I don’t really have many people over, so I don’t get very many second opinions.” Audrey was sincere. Which was why I was so surprised. Didn’t she have friends? She must. How could someone this perfect not entertain all the time? Just then, my eyes flashed down to the bottom of her skirt. Under her crossed legs was a small bulge of white underwear. My eyes flashed back to the room.

“Well you did a great job. So’d you wanna get to studying?” That was very weird. Why did I just look at her crotch? For the first time then, I noticed she was in bare feet. That was sort of sexy… What!? Did I just think that?

“Sure. And thanks a lot for coming over to study with me. I know we’re not really friends, but I think you’re really nice for doing this for me. I just don’t know anyone canlı casino in Physics 12.” Audrey Porter took another sip of tea. I was instantly reminded of her chatting it up with all the girls in Physics class. It looked like she had lots of friends. “Come on, let’s go into my room.”

She took her tea and got up. I took my books and watched her walk from behind. As we passed the foyer, I took my socks off. I was extremely quick and discreet; not even Porter would’ve noticed it. She was a room ahead of me, and I was pretty sure she hadn’t seen my feet yet in the house. But, why was I doing this? Was I attracted to her? Or did I just want to be like her? I could feel my heart beat when I entered her room.

She was sitting up on her bed with her back leaning up against the headboard. Her knees were up to give her a good angle of the homework. Her bare feet were slightly apart sitting at the edge of the bed. They also gave me another brief angle of her underwear bulging out from in between in her legs as I crossed the room to sit down. My pace quickened again. And I’m not sure, but I think I was blushing pretty bad. I sat next to her on her bed, and put my homework out on my knees like she did. Our feet were so close to touching it made my crotch burn. It felt like an oven down there. I knew for sure I was turning red. Why was this happening? I’m not a lesbian. My mind was panicking; I just didn’t know what was going on right now.

We started to discuss EMF. It went on for ten minutes. Ten minutes lasted forever. Every once in a while my left foot would accidentally touch her right, and I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter inside my cut-off jeans. I don’t think I was doing a very good job of explaining EMF. I just couldn’t concentrate. She was getting confused about the same formula and I had to strain myself to explain it. Then, after ten minutes, I could feel my pussy getting wet. I adjusted my shorts to try and hide any underwear that might’ve been showing. I went back to explaining.

“No, no, this only applies to electric motors. See, here, look at this.” I pointed to some diagram. I didn’t really know what I was saying. My mind was focused on the distance between our feet. It was less then an inch, it took every once of strength I had not to look down the bed towards them. I re-adjusted it again, closer, just to see what would happen. I was very curious about this. My brain was killing itself trying to decide whether Audrey felt the same way. Was Audrey a lesbian? Why am I even thinking this!? I’m not a dyke!

Then, our feet met. She leaned over me to get her tea, her breast brushed my thigh and in the end, our pinky toes were just barely touching. Now after this, it was only a matter of pretend ‘re-adjusting’ which was actually foot rubbing. I tried it; I switched text books while slightly pushing my foot left. She returned with pressure. She returned it! Amazing! My mind couldn’t believe it. I rubbed again. She rubbed back.

I swallowed hard. My baby-blue thong was probably drenched, I could feel, it was soaked. For a second I thought I almost smelled myself. Then I was sure… My pussy reeked when it was turned on. My whole bedroom would smell like it when I played with myself. It was a different smell then anything else. It actually turned me on a little bit. Audrey looked at me for a second, then closed her notebook and dropped it on the floor. She turned to lie on her side facing me. Our feet rubbing now.

“Phylicia, why do you kaçak casino hate me?” She looked so sad. My heart was pounding. I felt a drop of my juices roll down to the bed sheets.

I swallowed again, “I don’t hate you. I envy you! I want to be you!” I felt drunk… or something.

“Really? I thought you hated me.” She rubbed my arm with her finger.

“No, Audrey. You’re perfect. You are the perfect girl…” I closed my books and put them on the floor. I took my pony tail out and turned to face Audrey Porter. I could feel all the wetness down in my crotch shift to one side. Then, her finger that was rubbing my arm went down and touched my breast. It made its way around my rock hard nipple and stayed for a while. Audrey lightly pinched it, then extended her hand and cupped the whole thing. I was breathing hard. My hand went out to cup one of her breasts.

Her hand let go then, and went all the way down to my jeans. She went underneath and felt the soaking wet underwear. Audrey’s breathing started to pick up now, and she slowly moved my thong out of the way to rub my drenched clit. “I love you,” she whispered to me. My hand went down and started to unzip my pants. It was slow and awkward removing them. I threw them away, then started to take off my underwear. Audrey slid them off my feet and instantly went in rubbing my clit again. Her other hand began playing with my light brown pubic hair. The hairs were long and straight, not like regular pubic hair. Every once in a while she tugged at them. It was so quick, it was like a dream. Then, I saw her head move forward. This could only mean one thing. She was going to eat me out.

Her mouth collided with my pussy, sucking and licking up all the wetness that was there. I felt a whirlpool of water and saliva and muscles all moving together down on me. Her tongue skipped inside my vagina every now and then; her nose was buried deep in my clit rubbing my thick pubic hair. I took the chopsticks out of her hair and pull it all free. Her long black straight hair flew down and made her look even more beautiful as she continued to gorge herself on my pussy. Then I came. A spray of water hit Audrey in the mouth and squirted out the side. A tiny stream sprayed across her cheek.

She drank it all, and wiped her mouth. Instantly I leaned forward and locked us both in a passionate kiss. I tasted myself in her saliva. We made out for a few minutes and I took off her turtleneck, exposing her large bra-less breasts. They stuck out like the end of a foot ball, a perfect shape, and were arguably the perkiest breasts on earth, with large round nipples that were now rock hard. I slid her skirt up her thighs, and then took her soaking white underwear off. She was shaven clean, and her pussy gleamed in the reflection of the light in the room. I dove in. It was slippery and tasted like my own pussy; I loved it. The hole of Audrey’s vagina opened up so wide. I felt like I could’ve stuck a pop bottle inside and still have had room.

She grabbed the back of my head and forced it towards her pussy. Her hips were rocking my head at the same time and after six or seven seconds, she came all over my face. That didn’t last very long. But my whole face was sopping wet when she was done, and she laid there for a while breathing hard. I finally removed her skirt and I slid up to lay beside her. I took my t-shirt off and we cuddled there for a while naked before falling asleep.

I woke up before she did and left. I grabbed my books and got dressed. On the way home, my brain was trying to calculate what had happened only a few hours ago. But it couldn’t… Tomorrow would be a very weird day at school. I wondered how Audrey felt. If she was just as confused as me…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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