Perfect Timing

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She flopped down on her back onto her bed, and sighed in pent up frustration. She could not deny it, she was So. Fucking. Horny.

Her husband had been away for nearly two weeks and was not due to be back for another two days.

She didn’t masturbate very often – her husband was always up for making her cum whenever she needed it, and this work trip was a rare occurrence.

‘Fuck it’ she thought. ‘I can’t wait!’

She quickly stood and stripped out of her clothes in front of the mirror, pinching her left nipple as she removed her bra. This stiffened it immediately and sent an electric shock directly to her pussy, which she felt getting wet in anticipation.

She peeled her black lacy panties down over her hips and arse, noticing how moist they were already. Her pussy felt a chill as the cool air of the bedroom hit her wet folds…she ran two fingers across her hole and clit to lube them, and shuddered with need.

Grabbing her favourite vibrator from the top drawer on her way back to her spot on the bed, she settled back and began to tease her now dripping pussy with her fingers, running two up and down around her outer folds and around the outside of her clit..teasing herself as she loved her husband to do to her.

Dipping a finger just inside her tight hole, it came out glistening and she finally allowed herself to rub her clit, arching her back and letting out a deep moan.

Quickly grabbing her vibe and turning it on, she concentrated this on her favourite spot just above her clit, not directly on it. Her breathing quickened and deepened, almost beginning to gasp. She was now moaning continually, wishing she was not alone.

She allowed her fingers to tease her hole, as her orgasm built within her. But she could not cum. Reaching a high, and then dying off repeatedly, she let out a whimper of frustration. She really loved to have his cock inside her to squeeze down on when she came.

With her free hand she reached back over to the drawer, trying to control her twitching body as she held the vibrator against her clit. Her free hand clasped what she was looking for, her black rabbit dildo. She liked this, though not as much as the real thing.

Discarding the vibrator to one side, she lubricated the bulbous head of the dildo and slowly slid it inside her tight pussy, not stopping until the rabbit ears pressed into her clit. She switched on the two mechanisms for the rabbit ears and rotating internal shaft.

This sakarya escort was more like it! She screamed out in pleasure as she felt the rotation nudge her g-spot as the rabbit ears buzzed either side of her clit. Panting and moaning, her orgasm built again quickly, this time not stopping as it crashed over the top.

Moaning in release she felt her first orgasm of the evening ripple through her body in waves. It ended as quickly as it started. She switched off the dildo and slid it out of her pussy, feeling empty and only somewhat satisfied. She continued to lay there for a few seconds.

Her pussy was twitching and dripping wet as she lazily played with herself. She thought again, that she liked the dildo but it was just not the same…she needed more. Reaching for her vibrator again, she kept going.

This time she got onto her hands and knees, hanging her feet off the bed, thinking a different position might help achieve the total release she craved.


He tapped his foot with impatience as the taxi driver slowly turned the final corner into his street. Pulling up at the end of his drive, he quickly paid and retrieved his luggage from the boot of the car.

The house was quiet, only a couple of lights on as he walked up the drive. Their cat looked up at him in recognition from the living room windowsill, then nonchalantly went back to her personal grooming.

He unlocked the door and put his bags just inside the porch, laying the bunch of flowers he had bought her on top of them. He closed the front door quietly behind him. He was two days early by a lucky twist of fate, and wanted the surprise to have maximum impact…and hoped she would reward him with their usual passionate sex. Oh how he loved to make her cum.

He took off his jacket and slowly made his way through the house. As he got closer to the bedroom, he could hear something – heavy breathing and deep, gutteral moans. Unmistakable sounds of sex.

He nervously crept towards the door, hoping his worst fears were not being realised. As he got closer he was pretty sure he could only make out one voice – phew! Then just as quick he thought ‘maybe she rumbled my surprise and is surprising me right back!’

He silently poked his head around the bedroom door and saw his beautiful, sexy wife with her back arched on the bed, her black rabbit dildo clearly pushing her through the start of an orgasm.

‘Holy fuck, she’s sakarya escort bayan hot’ he thought and quickly fished his rock hard cock out of his pants, giving it a couple of strokes as he watched her orgasm flow over her as she writhed in pleasure.

Deciding on how he would achieve his ‘maximum impact’ surprise, he stepped back quietly out into the hall away from the door, and stripped out of his clothes. Peeking back around the door he saw that she had changed position – she was now on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed with her face buried in a pillow.

‘That settles it’ he thought. ‘She must know I’m back…she knows I love doggy!’

She had switched to her favourite vibrator, the one he had bought her. She was rubbing this around her clit and playing with her tits, using the pillow to muffle her screams. He tugged at his big cock once more, a drop of precum sneaking out of the tip and coating his bellend. Now or never…


She pressed the tip of the vibrator back against her clit, twitching violently as it was still sensitive from her recent climax. She powered through and again felt her orgasm building inside her.

She grabbed a pillow and buried her face into it, then used her free hand to pinch and play with her nipple, the pillow muffling her moans of pleasure. Still, her release would not come – she needed more. Her pussy twitched with desire to be filled once more.

Time slowed a beat as she felt a presence in the room, and she let out a yelp of surprise as she felt something warm and hard drag up the length of her pussy from clit to dripping hole.

She pulled forward a few inches in shock at the intrusion, and her head shot up from the pillow, looking back and into the eyes of her husband. She instantly relaxed. She had somehow managed to keep the vibrator on her clit the whole time.

“Oh!” She exclaimed in surprise at seeing him here. Then “OHHHHHYesss” all in one word as he grabbed her hips and pulled her arse back towards him, dipping the head of his fat prick into her hot pussy.

“Please…” she whimpered as the vibrator continued to buzz around her clit, and he did nothing more than tease her with the first inch. “I need it so bad”

Not being one to disappoint, he started a slow thrust – pushing through her tight folds until his balls tickled just below her clit, then pulling back a half inch and pushing back in sharply.

She came escort sakarya immediately, exploding from her pussy outwards in waves throughout her whole body, her pussy clamping around his invading cock. No longer masking her noise, she screamed in pleasure.

As she became to come down from her monstrous orgasm, he began to move in earnest, pulling half of his cock out and slamming back in over and over, the first few thrusts extending her orgasm by a few seconds each.

She dropped the vibrator and it buzzed comically against the bedsheets. She panted as she concentrated on his wonderful cock sawing in and out of her well satisfied pussy, using her muscles to squeeze and milk his cock.

Slowing his thrusts and pulling out almost all of the way, he had her feeling empty again for a split second, before sliding back in in slow, long strokes – the way he knew she loved to be fucked. He kept this rhythm up.

To her surprise, she felt the stirrings of a third monster orgasm begin to build. They were both breathing heavy and moaning with desire, when she felt his hands leave her hips.

He bent forward, sliding his left arm under her and wrapping around her shoulder, then lifted her body so he could kiss her neck with his rugged, bearded face.

She arched her back in response, allowing him to penetrate her deeply. From this angle, his cock raked over her g-spot with every thrust.

She was overcome with passion, on the brink of cumming all over his cock again. Then he grabbed the vibrator with his free hand and brought it back into contact with her clit.

For the third time that night, she exploded in orgasm. She couldn’t hold herself up anymore and fell forward, dislodging half of his cock in the process. Registering slight emptiness, her brain took over and thrust her back into his body until he was balls deep again, all the while her orgasm continued to rip through her and made her pussy contract around his cock.

This was enough to push him over the brink, she felt his cock expand within her slightly and he let out a guttural roar of pleasure. Time slowed again as she felt his cock fire shot after shot of hot cum as deep as he could within her pussy. His animal thrusts and spurting cock intensified her orgasm, and she almost passed out before collapsing fully forward on the bed and dislodging his cock.

He collapsed into a seated position against the wall, gasping for breath.

Using her hand to stop the cum flowing out, yet still a little seeped around her fingers, she looked back at her husband over her shoulder, now at eye level against the wall.

“Fuck” she gasped. “You came home early!”

“Actually” he replied, grinning like a horny teenager “I think you’ll agree, it was perfect timing”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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