Peggy’s Real Life Confessions Ch. 02

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Writing a narrative about one’s personal adventures and posting them on a website for the world to see and read certainly takes a bit of courage, I’ll have to say. But, the resulting e-mails and the very heated responses have certainly made it worthwhile.

As mentioned in my posting here, I am a very married working mom of 47. My husband is now 70, and as a result of age, his interests have turned from sex to those of work and golf. Although he was a wonderful sex partner during the early years of our marriage, I found my sexual drive and interests have increased since age 40, just as his have decreased. This true confession deals with a real life sexual event that took place right after we were first married.

I landed a job as a flight attendant a few years after we were married. The job offered an extra income around the house, one that was not only needed, but most welcome back in those days. It was in my flight attendant career that I discovered my absolute delight with girl-girl sex, as living and working together on the four and five day airline trips, and rooming two to a hotel room didn’t give one much privacy. But, that is another story for a future real life confession or two.

One day early in my flight attendant career, as I arrived in Miami and had only a few minute to run and get something to eat, and then make my way down to the next out-bound gate. I knew my husband was coming to the airport to pickup a client from South America, and thought perhaps I would have a few minute to meet him, get a kiss, and before leaving on my outbound trip.

As luck would have it, we were a bit late arriving, and there was no time to grab a quick sandwich before we were to be at the outbound gate, ready to board the next flight.

Running down the concourse, I saw my husband in the distance, already in the airport and with his new South American client. We were too far apart to talk or even yell a greeting at each other in passing. He waved and I waved back, and was quickly down the jetway and on my next flight.

This is where the situation for this confession starts. As I waved, the man from South America, who did not know me and who did not have a clue that my husband and I were married, must have been impressed with me. He turns to my husband and says, “These American women are so pretty and sexy! I’d give a thousand dollars for a piece of that!” My husband, not wanting to make the new customer at all uncomfortable, smiled and made no comment about me being his wife.

Several days later, once I had finished my trip and returned home, my husband and I were talking while making love. In a joking comment, he told me about the customer’s comment of wanting to pay a thousand dollars for a piece of me. We talked a bit further, and as the conversation progressed, it became quite obvious that just the thought of me fucking another man was very much of a turn on for us both. And, too, once we were finished fucking, the subject did not go away.

As we sat at the breakfast table the next morning, I looked at my husband and said, “You know, this “other man” thing is obviously turning us both on, and you and I both know we could use the money. Do you want me to do it?”

“What? Fuck this guy for a thousand bucks?”

“Yes… “, I replied. “He is good looking!” Then, I laughed.

My husband didn’t say much more that morning, but I knew it was on his mind all day. It was on mine too. When he arrived home that night, he no sooner had hit the door and we were fucking like minks, and again talking about the “fantasy” of me actually doing it. Later, as we were having dinner, he turned and looked at me, and said, “Would you really do it?”

“Yes, if you wanted me to, I would. Does that surprise you?”, I responded.

With that response, he surprised me by saying, “He’ll be back in town this Thursday, to, hopefully wrap up this contract. ataşehir escort You’re off Thursday night. I’ll set it up. If he wants you all night, are you game? Can you do this without any damage to us or our relationship? After all, you are my wife.”

I replied, “He must never know we are married. Is that going to be a problem down the road?”

“I don’t think so.” he responded.

During the next couple of days, we nearly ate each other alive we were so turned-on over having a real life fantasy come to life. During the week, my husband went with me to buy a really sexy nighty and some really exciting undies and a very sexy dress. I was ready. I was no virgin and certainly not an innocent wife by any means. Before we were married, I had been with several men and loved each and every experience. But, the thought of being a “whore for the night” and having to do everything and anything this man wanted, well… it was something that sent cold chills all over me. I would not have the option of saying, “No…stop!” if I took this to his hotel room, and we both knew it.

On Tuesday, the man called and confirmed his arrival. My husband told him that he would pick him up at the airport. They would go to the sales meeting, and then my husband would drop him off for the night at one of the Miami Beach hotels before he headed back to South America the next morning. All went well at the meeting, and my husband landed the contract in question.

On the way to the hotel, my husband told the man that he had arranged for a visitor to come by his room around 8PM, and mentioned that it was the “stewardess” that they had seen in the airport that afternoon. He told the client that he had met me on a quick business flight a week after their initial meeting, and when I commented about remembering them both from the concourse wave, he had jokingly responded about the “I’d give a thousand dollars for a piece of that…”, comment.

My husband then added, “I don’t know if she’ll fuck you for a thousand dollars, but I have paid her a hundred just to come by and have dinner with you. You are on your own after that.”

They laughed and soon my husband let the man out at his hotel, wishing him a good journey back to his country in the morning, and jokingly wishing him well for the evening ahead. The man smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will, and thank you for the introduction to such a beautiful American lady!”

When my husband arrived home, it was close to 7PM and I was still fussing with my hair. Nothing was going right, and I had then become beside-myself with anxiety over what I might be doing over the next few hours.

I drove over to the beach, had the valet park my car, and with feelings that everybody was looking at me, made my way up to room 13072. Yes, I still remember the room number. I didn’t need to look at the note my husband had given me again.

As I knocked on the door, I suddenly had a huge panic attack, and wondered if I could still run before the door opened. My legs were actually shaking as he opened the door and said, “Come in…”

As I walked into the room, the bed was already turned back. There was a bottle of something on the dresser with some ice in the bucket. “Pour us both something.”, he said in a rather direct manner. “You are even more beautiful than I remembered. This is going to be a very nice evening. Undress. Tell me your name while you’re taking your clothes off.”

I was rather taken back by his directness. But, obviously too, I realized I wasn’t there for romance. I was a piece of flesh that he, hopefully, was going to pay for, and that I would have to produce for him during the next few hours! I answered, “I’m Peggy.”

As I started to undress, I turned by back to him. “No… Peggy, turn this way. I want to watch you.”, he commented. There was something about this man that haunted me, yet excited kadıköy escort me beyond words. But, as you ladies can imagine, just undressing in front of a total stranger can leave your mind whirling and your body wondering about what is coming next.

“Forget the bottle and getting a little drunk”, I thought as I slipped my dress off and stood there briefly in just my bra, panties, and garter belt, hose, and heels.

He was a big man. I would venture to say maybe 6’3″ or better. He did have a nice build, and really wasn’t all that bad looking. He watched closely as I slipped down my sheer white bikini panties, and then unhooked my bra. He commented, “Why do women leave their bra til last? You have nice tits and I can’t wait to see them, my dear. I also love your ass! It’s exceptional, my dear! Is it fuckable?”

Once I was down to just my garter belt, heels and hose, he motioned me to come over to him. Performing my most sexual walk in my 5″ heels, I crossed the room, truly feeling like a piece of meat, ready to be eaten. His hands reached out and cupped my breasts as his eyes focused on the bush covering my pussy. My heart was racing.

“You are everything I knew you would be!”, he said as his hands explored by body. Then… as his hands reached down and grabbed mine, he pulled me close to him and kissed me. I could feel his cock pressing against my pubic area as he pulled me closer.

“What do we have here, Mrs Peggy????” He reached down and pulled my left hand up to where he could see it! I felt a panic attack seize my mind and body as I suddenly realized I was still wearing my wedding rings! I had meant to take them off, but had just forgotten! Then, as he wrapped his arms around me, my hands still captives of his large hands, he looked into my eyes and said, “Is the man I came here to business with your husband?”

I nodded my head, “Yes…”, wondering what was going to happen next! Was he going to pat me on the fanny and send me home?

“Call your husband, Peggy, and tell him that you are going to be here all night, and for him not to worry, I’m going to send you home very well fucked, my dear.”

“He hasn’t had time to get home yet.”, I replied.

“Even better… call him and leave a message. Don’t let on that I know you are his wife. Just tell him that I want you all night, and you didn’t want him to worry, then hang up.”

I did as he asked.

“Put your dress on. We’re going to go have some dinner. Leave your bra and panties off. You are worth every penny of the thousand dollars, my sweet, but you are going to have to earn every penny of it, and we’re both going to enjoy every minute of it.”

Before I could start dressing, he walked over to me and kissed me again. It was a long, wet kiss, and as he slipped his tongue in my mouth, his hands explored every inch of my fanny, and all in between. I jumped a mile as his fingers caressed my most private spot of all. Having a perfect stranger undress me, then kiss me as I stand there almost nude is one thing, but having him hold me in his arms and slip a finger between my cheeks and touch my asshole really caught me off guard!

He held me really tight. I couldn’t move. My arms held him too. After all, what was I going to do with them? To drop them to my side wasn’t something I was use to.

As he continued to kiss me, his finger slipped down to the juices of my pussy, and yes, I was very wet. Don’t ask me why. I was scared to death about what was coming, and yet somewhere in my subconscious, I was very turned on by what was happening.

Then, as the kiss continued, he again slipped his hands over my cheeks, and before I could blink, his finger, now wet with my pussy juice, slipped again to my asshole and pressed inside. At this point in my life, I had never had anal sex. During masturbation, I had open touched myself there, but never to the point of penetration! bostancı escort bayan It was a new feeling. Although I was feeling somewhat violated by the presents of a strange man’s finger in my anus, I was very turned-on by what was happening too!

I could also feel his cock as it was growing larger and larger. In a reactive motion, my arm dropped to my side and without thinking I was caressing his firmness through his pants. When I realized what I was doing, it startled me! I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

He kissed me even harder, then with a muffled speech, he said, “Take it out.”

I did… it took a minute, but I did get it out. He was longer and thicker than my husband. My husband is probably five inches at best, when he is hard. I had been with enough men to know the hardening cock that I had in my hands was thicker and longer than any I had touched. Although I know there is no real relation between a man’s size, height and build, and his cock size, I was now very turned on by the enormous cock that was now filling my hand!

He pushed me back a bit and guided me to my knees! Oh my, was I going to have to suck him? The answer quickly came as he guided my head to where my mouth was at the tip of his cock. I reached up and held him in both hands! I couldn’t believe it! I was holding this man’s cock in both of my hands, and his length was so extensive that there was cock left over! As I tried to take him in my mouth, it stretched my mouth to the maximum to just get the head and an inch in my mouth! I thought I was going to gag as he pushed into my mouth, guiding his cock further and further into my mouth!

Clearly, he was getting very turned on. All I could think about was the massive size of his cock and how he was truly about to make me strangle if he pushed in any more! I knew if he were to cum in my mouth, I would probably not be able to handle it!

This went on for a few minutes and then he stopped. I could hardly move my mouth. He had been a mouth full, to say the least! “Stand up and turn around.”, he instructed. With that, he pushed me towards the bed, and then said, “Stand up, Peggy. Put your arms on the bed and spread your legs!”

Oh oh… I knew what was coming next! With one adjustment between his position and mine, I felt the large head of his cock pressing against my pussy. Then, he pushed full length between my pussy lips and deep in my cunt! He was huge! I never dreamed I could take him, just his thickness, much less his length! But, he felt good, I’ll also openly admit! He fucked me maybe twenty strokes, full in and full out, and when he was fully in, I could feel the heat from his full, massive balls slapping against my bare fanny! This clearly wasn’t romance. It was sex and I was being fucked!

On one outward stroke, I felt him slip out of my pussy and between the cheeks of my very bare and totally exposed fanny. He had come close to doing this in the earlier strokes, but NOW, he was OUT and BETWEEN my cheeks. I remember thinking, “He’ll slip right back in…” Wrong!

He pressed the head of this monstrous cock against my undefiled asshole. I was starting to panic, as I knew he would split me open if he tried to fuck me there! Then, as he learned over me, he whispered in my ear, “You’re about to earn that thousand dollars, my dear!” And, with that, and the pain that quickly followed, he pushed past my tightness and into my ass! Without concern for my feelings or how much he was hurting me, he proceeded to fuck my ass like there was no tomorrow. All I could do was submit and hope that he would cum quickly and all of this would be over! It seemed to last forever! His cock felt more massive with every stroke! Thank goodness, I was lubricated somewhat from the pussy juice that covered his cock and all in between my cheeks! When he came, I again thought I would explode! His cum was massive and filled my ass with a warmth I had never known!

As soon as he finished, he pressed me to the bed and kissed my neck, saying, “You have great ass, Mrs. Peggy! I’ll have more of you, my thousand dollar whore, when we get back from dinner!”

To be continued…

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