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“Are you sure?”

“Marie, just put it in already.”

Marie bit her lip and stared down at her fiance. Andy’s dark skin shone in the candlelight as he held his legs up to reveal his ass to her. He was completely smooth down there, waxed clean after their vacation at the beach. His cock looked even bigger as it pointed up towards his face, precum leaking onto his abs.

She was naked as well, except for her strap-on. Her pink dildo was lined up with his asshole, but she kept rubbing it against his perineum. She didn’t want to make things weird between them, if he wasn’t sure. Lynn had guaranteed her that Andy would be ready after the beach, but she hadn’t let Marie see the video. Now she was hedging.

“Are you sure you’re sure?”

Andy sighed and grabbed her lubed, pink dick. It sent a jolt of pleasure through her, the insertable bulb end inside her rubbing against her g-spot. He put the head against his ass, and it slipped inside him. They were now connected by a 5″ pink silicone penis.

He smiled at her. “See? No problem.”

She smiled back and slowly worked her cock inside him. The puddle of precum was slipping off his stomach, and Marie scooped it up on her finger. She sucked it clean, keeping eye contact with Andy. More of the sticky substance pulsed out of his penis. She fed some of it to him.

Soon, she bottomed out and her hips pressed against his cheeks. Now it was time for the fun part. She pulled back and gave him a few long strokes with her cock. He grinned faintly, but she wanted to hear him moan. What was the point of fucking him if he wasn’t going to amuse her too?

“Is that good,” she cooed.

He nodded and let out another sigh.

He looked incredibly sexy, his deep brown skin glistening with sweat, cock twitching as her pink penis glided in and out. Still, as much as she liked seeing him sprawled out before her, this wasn’t quite what she had imagined. She wanted him hungry for it, not just indulging her fantasy.

She pulled out and he looked up at her quizzically.

“I can’t get a good angle,” she said.

“It felt pretty good to me.”

Marie shook her head and climbed up onto the bed. She laid down on her back, pink dildo pointing straight up. “Come over here and sit on it.”

Andy smiled and obliged her, straddling her hips. He lined her back up and lowered himself onto her dick. His big black cock bobbed and waved as he sat down, and she rubbed more oozing liquid into his frenulum. That made him gasp.

Marie put her hands on his ass and resumed fucking him, and now she was getting better results. The head of the dildo was hitting his prostate as she thrust into him, and his mouth formed an ecstatic “oh” as the pleasure hit him. The connected bulb inside her didn’t feel too bad either.

They worked into a steady rhythm, and she was careful to avoid stroking him as he bounced on her cock, hoping to keep him going. Andy had stamina, but that kind of stimulation would have him spraying all over her within minutes. It had taken her awhile to get him to do this, and she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. Lynn had kept him going for nearly twenty minutes, and she was determined to have him for thirty.

He slowed down after a bit and rested against her. “Sorry, just need a quick break,” he said.

She wiggled her hips and he gasped. “My little pink dick too much for you?”

He smirked at her. She had been working on her dirty talk. Lynn helped.

“My ass just isn’t used to this kind of activity,” he said.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to change that,” she said, and her eyes gleamed back at him wickedly.

His cock twitched again, and he oozed down the shaft. Marie seized on his handsome member and milked it upward until a stream of precum appeared. She scooped in onto her index finger and held it out for him. He sucked it off without protest, and she savored the sight of it. He was past the point of embarrassment, and seeing his wanton expression egged her on.

Soon they were back to fucking, and Andy was moaning even more for her. Seeing his sturdy features melt into sweet pleasure was making her pussy even wetter, and the ripples of an orgasm washed over her as she pumped her cock inside him.

“I’m getting close,” he said breathlessly.

Marie fought to stay in the moment and keep fucking him, though the orgasm was intense. If she kept going like this, a second one might not be far behind.

“Are you going to cum for me,” she asked, thrusting into him.

He grunted and nodded, clearly riding his own wave of sensation. “Yes.”

“Are you going to cum on my tits?”

He nodded again, and his cock was pointed straight at her large breasts.

Her senses were amped up to eleven. She was all sex and sensuality now. “Are you going to lick it off me? Are you going to be my little bitch and clean up your cum?’

Andy probably would have hesitated even a few minutes ago, but that orgasm was way too close. She could have said anything and he would have agreed to it, so long as she kept fucking him.

“Yes,” he moaned, and jets of hot canlı bahis cum shot out and onto her tits, chest, and neck. He came over and over again, and by the time he was done, Marie was drenched in his sperm. She barely even noticed her own orgasm hitting her again.

They sat there, panting, not saying anything for a few moments. Then Marie looked down at her tits and raised an eyebrow at him.


Andy looked down at his mess, and smiled wanly. “Maybe next time,” he said.

She shrugged and thrust him one more time for good measure. He gasped and then lifted himself off her cock. Marie grabbed the towel they had brought to the bed and wiped off, though not before tasting his cum. It was definitely sweeter than James’.

They cleaned up quickly and were back in bed only a few moments later. Andy was still breathing heavily, and his naked form looked delicious in the flickering light of the candles. Marie wondered if he would be ready for another round tonight; it was her turn to be fucked.

“That was pretty good,” he said and gave her a kiss. She shoved her tongue into his mouth to make sure he could taste himself on her.

“Better than Lynn,” she asked with a grin.

He laughed. “Definitely.”

She had confessed their plan to him as soon as they got home from the beach. He looked more relieved than anything. She guessed that he was feeling guilty for cheating on her, so it must have taken a weight off his chest to find out that it was all part of the plan.

“Good,” she said. “That was the idea.”

He arched his brows and gave her a knowing smile. “Oh, so she was holding back on me? Maybe we’ll have to give it another try.”

Marie returned his smiled and glanced down at her phone. “Maybe we will.”

Lynn and James arrived at the party only thirty minutes late, which must have been a record for them. There were already a few people there, and they’d taken a trip around the block before finding a decent parking space.

James unloaded the crate of booze, and nodded down to the black duffle that Lynn grabbed from the trunk.

“What’s in that,” he asked.

Lynn shrugged. “Marie asked me to bring a few things for the party.”

They headed up the walkway and into the house, immediately awash with the noise from the stereo system. Anne and Cassie were standing near the door, talking, and greeted them warmly. They were two of Lynn and Marie’s oldest friends, and it had been a few months since the four of them were in a room together.

“Hey, good to see you,” said Anne, hugging her. Anne was slender, her fitted green dress accentuating her lithe frame. She had sharp features and a sensual demeanor. James had a bit of crush on her.

Cassie, by contrast, was all soft Irish curves, though she wasn’t out of shape. She wore a flowing linen dress, her long red hair cascading down one shoulder. “I think you guys are pretty much on time,” she said, impressed.

James grinned and hugged them both. “We let her drive this time.”

Lynn rolled her eyes. “He drives like my grandmother.”

“And you drive like mine,” he said. “Of course, she hasn’t had a licence in three years since-“

She punched him in the shoulder. “Where’s Marie,” she asked her friends.

Anne nodded towards the stairs. “She’s still fiddling with her makeup. Andy’s out back with the guys.”

James hefted the crate of alcohol and made for the kitchen. Lynn headed upstairs. Marie was in front of her vanity, just finishing up her contouring.

Lynn held up the duffle so Marie could see it in the mirror. “I come bearing gifts,” she said.

Marie turned around, somewhere between excited and apprehensive. “Are you sure this is a good idea? I think Anne was going to stay the night.”

Lynn shrugged and gave her a wicked grin. “Maybe we should ask her to join us then.”

Marie looked panicked, but she realized Lynn was joking after a moment.

“It’ll be fine. Anne’s going to be passed out on your couch by midnight, wine drunk. She won’t hear a thing.”

Marie turned back to her mirror. “Yeah, I guess so. It just makes me nervous, that’s all.”

Lynn set the bag under Marie’s bed. “It’ll be fine. You know this is going to be fun.”

Marie glanced to the bag and smiled. “Just make sure you get a few pictures, okay? And you still haven’t showed me the video from the beach.”

Lynn pulled out her phone and opened up the secret app, scrolling through her homemade porn archive until she found the right video. She queued it up and set it in front of Marie on the vanity. Andy’s panting and moaning spat out of the phone’s speaker, and Marie watched greedily as her fiancé was fucked up the ass.

“Bring it down when you’re done,” said Lynn, leaving her there. That would entice Marie enough to keep their plan going. It was a little risky to try it at a party, but their friends were drinkers, so it wasn’t likely there would be an issue.

When she came down, a few more people had arrived, and Andy and James had migrated back to the living room. They both had a beer in hand and were talking. bahis siteleri She was going to have to make sure they were nice and lubricated before their plan could go into effect.

Anne was over by the drinks, putting her bartending skills to use, and Lynn joined her.

“What are we having tonight,” she asked, shaking up a cocktail.

Lynn grabbed a couple shot glasses and the tequila. “I thought we’d start here.”

Anne laughed and poured out tequila shots. Lynn handed them to everyone standing nearby and raised hers up. Everyone clinked glasses and downed their shots, hooting with delight. A few more of those, and everything would be set.

The party got underway from there, and Lynn had the chance to catch up with Anne and Cassie. Not much had changed for either of them; Anne was still busting her tail at her hospital, and Cassie was chipping away at a graduate degree. Anne was between boyfriends, and Cassie was still Cassie, so there wasn’t much to speak of in her love life.

When Marie finally came down, she handed Lynn back her phone. It was hot and a little bit sweaty on the back, as if someone had been clutching it while masturbating to amatuer pegging videos. Marie’s makeup was holding up well against her thin layer of sweat.

A pitcher of margaritas later, Lynn and the girls were laughing it up and having a good time.

“And his mother walked in!”

Cassie and Marie had their mouths hanging open, but Lynn was laughing as Anne told them about her last boyfriend. She was pretty sure he was gay, but he was still firmly in the closet, and she said he had a nice smile.

“So I grab the sheets to cover up, but that just exposes him, and his mother’s like, ‘Well, at least it wasn’t with another man.’ And then she walks out!”

Cassie shook her head. “And this is why you only date guys with their own places.”

They all toasted to that.

“Okay, I’m going to go find my husband,” said Lynn. “Marie, come with me for a minute?”

Marie stood quickly and nearly tripped on her coffee table. “Whoops! Yeah.”

Lynn steadied her with a hand and they went into the kitchen. Some of the guys were on the back porch, talking and drinking beers. Lynn made sure no one was in listening distance and said, “Give us fifteen, then send him up. If something goes wrong, I’ll send you a text.”

Marie nodded solemnly and looked out to the porch. “Just make sure you take a picture or two, maybe a video?”

Lynn smiled and squeezed her arm. “I’ve got you covered.”

They walked outside and Lynn draped her arms around her husband’s neck. He was talking with Andy and one of Andy’s work friends, but he cut off when she attached herself to him.

“Hey, what’s up,” he said.

“I need a hand with something,” she said in his ear. “Come on.”

James broke away from the group and followed her to the back stairs. “A hand with what?”

Lynn didn’t answer, moving quickly up the stairs, careful not to trip. They came up to Marie and Andy’s room, and she sat down on the bed. James looked down with amusement, then noted the black duffle.

“So what did you need,” he asked, equal parts intrigue and trepidation.

Lynn leaned back and slid her dress up. James’ breath caught as he saw her crotchless underwear.

“I need someone to lick my cunt,” she said, wriggling her hips at him.

James looked back into the hall, nervous. “Now? Maybe we should-“

She sat up and pulled him in for a kiss, rubbing at his hardening cock through his pants. “I want your face in my pussy. Now.”

He didn’t argue any further. He dropped down to his knees and went to town, sucking and licking on her slit and clit. His tongue ran over her with a voracious appetite as the alcohol did its job. James wasn’t the least bit worried about who might come in and find them like this.

Lynn pressed him forward into her, then pulled him back by the hair. He looked up at her with exhibitionist lust.

“Do you want to fuck me,” she asked.

In response, her husband unbuckled his pants and let his cock spring free. It was hard as granite. She guided him forward, letting him rub against her clit for a few before pointing him down at her pussy.

He plunged in, sighing with relief, and she clenched down against him. But when he pulled back for a second thrust, she pushed him out and scrambled back. His face was crestfallen; he looked like that every time she pulled that trick. It was like Lucy and the football.


She crossed her left and grinned malevolently back at him. “Do you want to fuck me?”

He took a step forward, but she wagged a finger at him.

“If you want to fuck me, you have to do exactly what I say, alright?”

James grabbed his cock unconsciously, but he nodded. He usually liked the games she came up with… at least, he did in the long run. Now, he would have to wait and see what she had in store for him.

Footsteps sounded from the stairs, and James turned to face them, frightened. He went to pull up his pants, but Lynn stopped him.

“Go hide behind the bed,” she bahis şirketleri said, pushing him around to the other side of the frame.

He looked like he would object, but she pushed him, and he gave way.

A few moments later, the door opened, and Andy froze as he saw her.

“Oh, Lynn. What are you-“

“Andy, come in,” she said. “We’re expecting you.”

Andy frowned, but closed the door. “Does Marie know you’re up here?”

Lynn smiled and nodded. “Of course. Why do you think she sent you up?”

He didn’t quite know what to make of that, but as she opened her legs, he froze again, transfixed on her wet pussy. Without a word, she looked down at her crotch meaningfully.

Andy didn’t hesitate for more than a moment. He repeated the steps that James had taken, dropping to his knees and licking her pussy. And just like with James, Lynn pulled him back after a minute.

“Do you want to fuck me,” she asked.

He looked conflicted, even though he knew Marie had sent him up here. He nodded hesitantly.

“Good,” she said, opening her legs wider and leaning back. “Then get out that cock and fuck me.”

James was silent behind the bed as Andy divested himself of his pants and underwear. His 9″ dick was pointing right towards her, and Lynn was anxious to feel him inside of her. It had taken a bit of negotiating with Marie for her to let Lynn feel Andy’s cock in her pussy. It felt great in her ass at the beach, and she wanted to see what it was like in her vagina as well.

He stepped up to the bed and rubbed himself along her slit, just as James had, before dipping into her. It was wonderfully filling, and she sighed with pleasure as he got it all the way in. It would probably become uncomfortable in the long run, but the initial stretching and clenching against him was magnificent.

Then, after a few strokes, she pushed the cock all the way out of her. She might have let him go for a little while longer to enjoy the novelty of it, but that wasn’t the plan. Andy’s betrayal face was pretty similar to James’.


“Get on the bed,” she said.

He did as he was told, and she pushed him on his back. She moved up and straddled his face, his breath hot against her pussy.

“If you want to fuck me, you’ll do exactly as you’re told.”

Andy nodded.

“Good. Now start licking, and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

He started licking.

Without saying anything, Lynn leaned forward and smiled down at her husband. He looked confused and concerned. She did her best to ignore that and motioned for him to come around to the other side of the bed again.

As he did, Andy stopped licking and tried to look. She grabbed him by the hair and forced his lips against her pussy again.

James came around, totally lost, as he watched his best friend eating out his wife. She motioned for him to come closer. He moved in and she gave him a kiss before taking his hand and placing it on her breast. He squeezed and pinched her nipple through the fabric of her dress.

Andy couldn’t see past her thighs, but he could hear James in the room. He couldn’t know it was James, which was exactly what she was counting on. She grabbed her husband’s head and looked him in the eye. Then she looked down at the big black cock between them.

“Now get down there suck his cock, slut,” she said.

James looked at her in panic, but she pushed him down, and he couldn’t resist. If they’d had time to work his prostate for a bit, she would have had him sucking dick without a second thought, but this was even better in some ways. James’ conflicting urges were showing on his sexy features, and she was loving it. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and started recording.

James leaned between Andy’s legs, an inch from his cock, hovering above it. His eyes were transfixed on the length of dark flesh, his mouth hanging open slightly. He was hesitating, but part of him had always wanted to try it. Lynn wanted to see that part of him engulf the stiff 9″ dick and suck down a thick load of cum.

She was turning at an odd angle, one hand on her phone to record the scene unfolding before her. With her other hand, she grabbed her husband’s wrist and pulled it up to Andy’s crotch. James reached out slowly and closed his fingers around the base of the hard black cock. She took his other hand and cupped it around his balls.

Andy bucked his hips and the tip of his cock brushed James’ lips. “Feels good,” he crooned.

Lynn sat down on Andy’s face again. “Keep licking,” she said. Then, to her husband, “Did you hear that? He said your hands feel good. I bet he’d really like to feel your mouth around his big, hard cock.”

Andy jerked his hips up a couple more times for emphasis. James swallowed, adjusted his grip, and leaned in to lick the sticky precum off the head. He ran his tongue up and down the the long shaft, eyes looking up toward his wife…and the camera. Then, he licked all the way up to the tip and let it slide into his mouth.

Lynn was ecstatic. Her pussy was on fire as Andy worked her to orgasm and she watched James’ mouth full of cock. She came after another minute of watching him bob up and down, working the shaft and balls with his hands. Andy had to put his hands against her thighs to keep from suffocating underneath her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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