Payback Ch. 03-04

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Chapter three.

I made the kiss deeper because I wanted her to taste the full extent of herself and how sweet she was and I knew that she wouldn’t get to experience the full flavor until her body was shaking so hard from cumming so much. I envisioned her looking up at me with pleading eyes and begging for me to please her. I shudders at the thought. My eyes were almost squinted with the lust I had. This feeling was euphoric and I never wanted it to end.

I laid the lengthy of my body upon her feeling her body twist and turn upon me. She wanted to make it clear how much she wanted this and how much she wanted me. Her slick body felt amazing against mine. We fit perfectly. Her naked greats were pushed against my shirt in a thrust l. She wanted me to pay attention to them. Her hips feuded furiously into mine. Oh how she wanted me to use all of my strength to thrust into her. Making her scream with every single move meant. Her body going numb with the buildup.

I gently ran my hands up the side of her waist softly over her breasts up the length of her arms. I pinned casino oyna her down and looked into her eyes. I had a decision to make. Would I go soft and gentle and make mad passionate love to her all night or would I ravage her and fuck her brains out. Both were very good options. I decided that I was going to make it spontaneous and mix a little of both. Boy was she in for a wild ride.

I quickly stood up beside her that was accompanied by so much protest but I didn’t listen.

I went to the closet for a secret reason. There is a box on top of the closet that is for special things on special occasions. It has a variety of condoms with assorted lubes with the addition of a strap on and a a vibrator with a nice jelly coating.

I took it down quickly and hid it behind her new gaming chair so she wouldn’t know. I strolled over to her bookcase and grabbed a blindfold and the duct tape. She had no idea what was about to happen. Oh how the fun was about to begin.

Chapter 4

I grabbed the duct tape and the blindfold and went directly to the bed. Not paying attention canlı casino to her inquires I quickly duct tapes her hands to the headstand. I blindfolded her and began to straddle her. I asked her if she had anything to say and she only managed a slight whimper. I spread her legs and managed to straddle them where when I looked down all I could see was her beautiful dripping wet utopia. I saw the look of complete agony on her face and I knew what she wanted me to do. I bent slightly to whisper in her ear.

“You like this don’t you?” I said nibbling in her earlobe

“Mhmm…” She trailed off turning her head so I had easier assess.

I kissed the way down her neck as my hand raveled up and down her thigh..

Her breathing quickens and so did mine.

I could just feel how much this was turning me on. I fought the urge to ride her face. We will get to that later.

I started sucking on her neck hard and fast. I wanted to leave my mark upon her. Before I knew it several hi kids had made their way from her ear to her tracing alongside her collarbone kaçak casino to her breast. My hand ran across her soaked slit. She gasped with anticipation.

I kept teasing her.

Running my hand up and down. Faster than slower.

Softly then as hard as I could.

She was grinding against my hand so hard.

I whispers in her ear.. “don’t you wish you could do that to my face…”

And she bit her lip pretty hard. But didn’t say a word just kept with the motions of my hand. I plunged one of my fingers in her not giving her enough time to gasp and I works it. Moving in and moving out. I stated slowly but get getting faster and faster.

I could hear her getting more wet and this made me moan. She kept getting louder and louder. I slipped two fingers inside of her and started fucking her as hard as I could. I didn’t pay attention anything but her. Her loud moans engulfed the room. Her pants made even me breathless. I kept going harder and harder til I could feel her start to get tighter and tighter then I stopped. I quickly took my fingers out and just watched her reaction.

She was in shock.

She was about to complain about what I just did when I put duct tape on her mouth.

I whispers in her ear.. “I’m in charge baby…” As I bit her bottom lip.

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