Paws for Thought Pt. 03

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Adam was struggling to hold his ‘begging’ position, on the landing, outside their bedroom door. Only the incredible excitement of this perverted ‘game’ and his wife’s surprising willingness to participate, was preventing him from giving up.

Eventually, after more than half an hour, the door slowly opened and his lustful gaze alighted on his sexy wife, dressed in the sort of outfit he had only ever glimpsed on the specialist fetish porn sights he visited, late at night.

Sarah was wearing items she had purchased on her visit to town on the previous day: The almost transparent green, long-sleeved blouse, (worn without a bra), tight black, zipped leather skirt, and of course the exquisite Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes, teamed with the sheerest flesh coloured nylon stockings.

She allowed him a few moments to fully take in her new ultra-sexy image, before taking up his lead and tugging him gently into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed, with Adam, kneeling on all fours, before her.

“You’ve been such a good boy for me, Adam. I think you deserve some little treats.”

She reached to her side for the metal name tag, she’d bought at the pet store. Leaning forward, she attached it to his collar, then stroked his head. He shook his bottom, in an attempt to wag his tail in gratitude.

“Good boy!”

Then she produced the rubber bone and began teasing him with it, before throwing it to the corner of the room.


Adam responded immediately, to pick up the new dog-toy, in his teeth, leaving a trail of dripping pre-cum across the carpet. He dropped the bone at his wife’s feet and she repeated the little retrieval game several times, whilst noting with amusement, the sight of Adams erection, wafting about, below his costumed body.


Adam assumed the position, with paws raised and tongue extended; panting.

Sarah stood. Looking down at his laughable, pathetic figure, she took his chin in her hand:

“Does doggy like my new skirt?”

“Woof! Woof!”

“I thought you would. The leather is so, so soft, and tight.”

She turns around and presents her full, tightly skirted leather bottom to him. Over her shoulder, she whispers:

“Would doggy woggy like to kissy wissy my botty wotty?”

“Woof woof!”

Adam was in seventh heaven as he leant forward and began planting gentle kisses on Sarah’s voluptuous bottom in submissive adoration.

“No paws! merter escort and no licking, you naughty doggy!”

After five minutes of bliss for Adam, Sarah turned again to face him. Reaching down to the hem of her skirt, she began to slowly draw up the zip, gradually revealing the hidden treasure of her nyloned legs. Adam gazed intently with lust as her stocking tops came into view. His cock jutting forward, dripping pre-cum.

At last, the zip is drawn up fully, to her waist and Adam can see, above the creamy bare flesh of her upper thighs, that his wife is not wearing panties. Indeed, her naked pussy has also been shaved, to his shock and delight.

Sarah sits back on the edge of the bed, allowing her skirt to fall open. She points to her bare cunt:


Adam needs no further invitation, and begins to lap at her hot wet, exposed pudenda. Heeding her instructions, he manages to avoid touching her with his paws, but cannot avoid his penis rubbing deliciously, against her legs. In her sexual abandonment, she ignores this and he becomes bolder, deliberately rubbing his engorgedcock against her warm gossamer-like, nylon-covered calves.

It did not take Sarah long to reach an earth-shattering climax. As she began to calm down, Adam attempted to climb on top of her, bringing his aroused member close to her hot wet, gaping pink pussy; about to mount his satiated wife. Quickly, she realised what he was up to and pushes him back, slapping his face hard, twice.

“Dirty doggy! Down!”

Abashed, Adam falls backwards, nursing his burning cheek.

Sarah stood, and, roughly grabbing his lead, dragged him out of the bedroom, downstairs and out into the garden. She threw his rubber bone to the far side of the lawn.

“Bad doggies are put outside. Go and play with your bone!”

With that, she turned on her heel and went inside, locking the kitchen door behind her. Secretly, she is delighted at this turn of events, and smiles to herself as she enjoys the new feelings of power and control she has gained over her kinky husband.

From an upstairs window she looked out to the garden, to see, incredibly, a desperate Adam, ignoring his humiliating costume, the coarse grass and sharp gravel; his erection still wafting below his belly, crawling towards a pile of rough hessian sacking near the shed.

Unbelievable, he started to buck against this sacking, in an attempt to relieve nişantaşı escort his desperate frustration. Sarah looks on in astonishment, as his buttocks thrust disgustingly, again and again. Finally, he collapses on the heap of dirty old compost sacks, his balls apparently drained, apparently falling into a deep sleep.

At lunch time, Adan’s nose twitched, as the smells of cooking were wafted faintly across the garden, by the kitchen extractor fan.

Cautiously, he crawled to the back door and began to make tapping noises with his paws. This was ignored, so he started to whimper, rather loudly, doggy-style.

Eventually, his wife opened the door.

“Look at my shoes, Adam. Have you any idea how much Louboutins cost? I do my best to look appealing for you, and then you go and make me take you out onto the lawn!”

She holds up a foot for inspection. Actually, there are no scratches, though one or two specks of mud have adhered to the red soles of her gorgeous high-heels.


Adam leans forward; eager to be in his wife’s presence, once again. Finally, she relents, and allows him to enter the kitchen. The overpowering smell of frying bacon assaulted his nostrils. He scampered towards the table and looked up at Sarah in hopeful expectation.

“Oh, how sweet, doggy. The bacon is for your mistress. I hadn’t forgotten. You need to finish your meusli!”

Pointing beneath the table to the sad remains of Adam’s breakfast, she looked at him sternly and pointed:


That afternoon, Adam was allowed some ‘down time’, out of ‘character’, whilst Sarah relaxed in the lounge with a book. He is allowed to stand, (on his hind legs!) provided he carried out a list of chores, given by his wife. However, they take far longer than he had expected. Hand washing Sarah’s lingerie and nylon stockings was new to him, and difficult, delicate work, despite her detailed instructions.

It was early evening, therefore, before he was able to report to his wife, who was reclining on the sofa in a light doze. On all fours again, with his paws covered, he gently nudged her awake.

She rose, and leading him by his collar, carefully inspected his work. Although she was dissatisfied with some details, she turned to her doggy and patted him on the head:

“Good boy. I see you’ve finished your breakfast too! Do you think you could make us a nice Indian curry, for his evening’s ortaköy escort meal?”


“Good boy. Of course, you’ll be eating yours under the table again, from your dog bowl…..animals aren’t allowed on the furniture!”

Without waiting for a response, she left him in the kitchen, and went upstairs for a long bath and some pampering. She changed into a more modest dress and low heels with bare legs. Later, hearing a series of barks from downstairs, she opened a blanket box and took out an old, stained duvet. Making sure that Adam didn’t see, she placed the duvet inside the cramped under-stairs cupboard, and laid it out, in the style of a doggy bed.

Her husband had made an excellent job of cooking dinner. Sarah switched on the television and watched her favourite ‘soaps’ whilst thoroughly enjoying the Indian meal, accompanied by two glasses of chilled white wine; all the while, patting and stroking Adam as he attempted, clumsily, to eat from his bowl. He had a saucer of chilled water as an accompaniment!

After finishing a dessert of ice-cream and cake, which she fetched for herself, Sarah lifted her dress and opened her legs. Snapping her fingers at Adam, she hissed:


It took him rather longer this time, but Adam succeeded in bringing his wife to another, noisy climax, with his penis, once more, swelling in frustration. This time, however, there would be no leg humping. Sarah got to her feet and pulled on his lead.

“An early night for you doggy! Come along…..”

She led him along the hallway and opened the cupboard door. She gestured to him, to enter:

“In you go, Adam. This will be your home for the next two nights; and before you get any ideas, I have a padlock here. You will be locked inside, until I fetch you in the morning.”

Seeing him settle down in the cramped space, on the duvet she went to the kitchen and returned with his doggy bowl, filled with fresh water, a flannel, towel and a large empty bowl.

“You can clean yourself with these and use the bowl for your mess. In an emergency, you can bark loudly. But only in an emergency, or there will be severe consequences!”

Looking up pathetically, from his new doggy bed, he took a last look at his wife’s tantalising legs, before the cupboard door was closed and locked for the night.

Sarah lay in bed, alone, with much to think over. Their ‘game’ had gone much further than she’d expected, and she’d been surprised by her own acting abilities. Deeper down, however, she was shocked to discover just how much the ‘dark’ aspects of the scenario had excited her, in ways she had never imagined before. What else was she capable of?……her mind ran riot, and she could not resist frigging her pussy for a third climax of the day.

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