Patty’s Eyes Pt. 01

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All sexual partners are 18+. The only truth to this story is I went to a restaurant and saw a good-looking woman with her daughter, that inspired this story. This is a story that develops, not just quick sex. Special thanks to Jim1855 for editing an author’s first story.


I am a single guy that works on high end cars. I am tall and lanky at 6′ 3″ 250 lbs. Not thin but due to the hard work I am fit and decent looking. I have straight dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. I am best described as average. I have had my share of women but none of them stunning or exceptional enough to marry. I am in my early 40’s and kind of lost in life. Each day seems like the last. I am really living or just going through the motions.

Being single, I tend to eat out about every other day. I typically go to non-franchise family restaurants. The waitresses there are a bit less stuck up. Tonight, I noticed my two favorite sisters (they look similar enough that I assume they are sisters) and their daughter. I have never asked them out before because their way too cute for an ordinary guy like me but their easy to look at. I know not to stare because that tends to creep people out.

I have seen them enough that they often star in my mind at night. They are both about 5′ 8″ maybe 140 lbs. and at least a C cup with long light brown hair and brown eyes. Their main differences are that one has a slightly bigger nose and doesn’t smile nearly as much. They both generally wear short shorts and halter tops with sandals. They are cute enough to be a 10 on my scale and I noticed from many others as well.

Their daughter is a little thing, maybe 8 years old but very thin with a light brown mop on her head. She keeps her hair long so I have never really noticed her before. Tonight, the daughter has no hair, and she has bags under her eyes. She doesn’t look well and could be suffering from cancer. What a sad sight other than I can now see her eyes.

This young child has the most spectacular blue eyes I have ever seen. They are huge, bright, and a deep blue. Yet she looks sad and the two women (mother and aunt?) look sad as well. Now I feel sad. I see that the three of them have shared one dinner. That isn’t very healthy for two grown women let along adding a small sick child.

I was done with dinner so I got up to go pay. I could see they were waiting for their check. I was a bit hesitant but I walked up to their table. They all looked up at me. I introduced myself, “Hi, my name is Jack. I have seen you here before but just could not help but notice your daughter here.” That seemed to terribly anger the two women.

I continued, “I was sitting at my table and I just could not remember a set of prettier eyes than your daughter here. They are stunning, spectacular. She had so much hair before I never noticed how special she is. You must be so proud.” They all sat there stunned and could not speak. I think one had a tear in her eyes.

Thinking I might be in trouble, “Sorry but have to go, have a nice evening.” And quickly walked to the desk to pay my bill. This restaurant has a bakery case next to the cash register. I saw a huge piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate strawberries on top. I asked, “Could you add that piece of chocolate cake to my bill and then deliver it to that sad little girl behind me after I leave. Please.”

The cute 21-year old waitress smiled and said, “What a nice thing to do. They have had a run of hard luck lately so they don’t order dessert anymore.” I added, “Make it three then.” I paid my bill and left feeling pretty good about myself. How was I supposed to know how tonight would change my life forever?

I get home and watch TV, typical sitcoms I like and then the news. Tonight’s lead was a huge fire. It was a big fire. They had to stay far away and there was a bunch of fire truck there. I love firetrucks so I kept watching. Then I got the feeling the place looked familiar. Way too familiar. Exactly like the place I work at.

I get a call from my boss, “Jack?”

I answer “Ya?”

“Are you watching TV?”


“I got a call from the owner, no need to show up to work tomorrow. From the looks of it, you might want to start looking for a ne¬w job as well. That place is destroyed.”


“Sorry buddy. If I find anything I would love to have you work for me again. Good luck.”

“Thanks Bob. Good luck to you too.”

I went to my computer and started updating my resume.


Fast forward 3 months. I have lost my car, my apartment and sold everything I own to stay alive. With so many mechanics out of work, it was slim pickings. I am depressed, hungry and only have $20 in my pocket. It’s December and it freezes at night. I am at rock bottom. I am homeless now and no assets other than the clothes and light jacket on my back. I am dirty and smelly.

I had just finished a 12 pack of beer for dinner and decided to hang out at the park. I like watching the kids play soccer. They are happy and kartal escort bayan full of energy, neither of which applies to me. I am cold, oh so cold. I am sitting on the ground and realize, what do I have to live for? It was getting colder, I was shivering. I was getting tired. Colder and more tired. I fell asleep.


OH FUCK! I am being boiled alive! OH, FUCK THAT HURTS! I can’t talk. I am still shivering yet I think I am in a tub with boiling water. I must have gone to hell! Are my clothes on? I try to open my eyes. Everything is blurry. I feel about 10 hands on me rubbing my body. It feels good now, did I survive? I am like rubber, they move my body as needed, I am a doll they are washing. They are giggling but not talking. Why would anyone bother to save me? As the water isn’t so hot anymore, I am no longer shivering thus I fall asleep.


I woke up in a bed. It’s chilly but not bad. I think the light is on, it is. My eyes are clearing up. There are two huge blue eyes looking at me not three inches from my face. She moves closer, kisses my forehead, and screams “Mommy, mommy he is awake! Mommy, mommy he is awake!” I see the clock, it is ready 11:00 PM and mommy has woken me up by rubbing my cock. She has her hands under the blanket and is stroking me very nicely. Holy shit this is one of the two sisters, she is even better looking in a nighty.

I whisper to the little girl, “You should go to sleep, your mommy probably wants to sleep. You go shut off the light and go to bed, you need sleep. I will be here in the morning, I have got nowhere else to go.”

She thought for a moment, you know how kids look up, cock their heads, and then look deep in thought. That was this little child. She did exactly as I suggested.

Mommy got up, moved the sheet and blanket, and then climbed into bed with me. She wrapped her arms around me and told me to go to sleep. I did. I would have done anything for her.


I woke up the next morning in a bed and the blanket had moved so I was not covered. Someone had thrown the sheet over me which was fortunate because two women and a little girl were staring at me. I was a bit flabbergasted, what do I say. I started with, “Good morning, my name is Jack.”

The first sister introduced herself as Janet while the second one was Jackie. The little girl introduced herself as Patty. She has hair now but pretty sure it was a wig, but there was no mistaking those eyes. The bangs were much shorter so I could see her eyes.

Jackie asked, “What happened to you?”

I sat up a bit in bed and answered, “Oh the usual bad things. I lost my job due to a fire, then could not find a job, lost my car, sold my possessions, then eventually lost my place to live. Depression set in, so I walk up to the park to watch the kids play and hope for a painless death. I am nobody special, the world will get by without me.”

Patty gave me a hug then said, “I can’t live without you.”

Jackie explains, “Patty has been teased for years about her huge eyes so she hid them with long bangs. She has been fighting cancer for a while now and the treatment made her hair fall out. You can guess how mean kids are to hairless children and then ones with larger than normal eyes.”, she is near tears now.

Janet continues, “She was depressed too. We were low on money because of the treatments and because she had such low self-confidence, they doctors were preparing us for the worst. To try and cheer her up we went out for dinner. We failed. We only had enough money for mac and cheese and we had to split it. They gave us our drinks for free because they guessed our situation.”

“Then the strangest thing happened. A guy comes to our table. For us, that is a common occurrence because we get asked out all the time. However, this one time we were ignored and this man commented on how beautiful Patties eyes were. We then each get a piece of cake. All three of us were shocked but Patty was jubilant. She felt like a million dollars at that moment.”

“She no longer cared what people thought of her eyes and she regained all of her confidence and her will to live. It made all the difference. She was one of those children playing soccer that night. We stay after to help the coach put the equipment away. He paid for her fees and equipment so it’s the least we can do.”

“On our way back to the car, Patty spots you on your side, shivering. You won’t wake up. You have lost a lot of weight so we pick you up and throw you in the back seat. Patty was hugging you to try and warm you up. We got you home and into the bathroom.”

“We closed the door on Patty then removed your clothes and gave you a bath. We had to burn those clothes, no use saving them. My ex-husbands clothes should be close enough to fit you.” Jackie brought in a clean set of clothes.

Janet says, “We are going to start breakfast, I heard your stomach, you need to eat. Get dressed and come down, we can continue there. Washroom is through this door.”

I had escort maltepe to pee so that last bit of info was huge. I was clean from my bath. I tried to put the clothes on but they were big for me. I only weigh 140 lbs. now. WOW! I went downstairs looking like a little boy that put on his dad’s clothes. They laughed at me.

Eggs, sausage, coffee, and toast. I ate more than I should have, they didn’t eat much. I really felt bad.

After breakfast, I found out they both have jobs but their low paying jobs. They have a car and it’s a piece of crap their uncle gave them. Patty is excelling at school now. She beat cancer, her positive attitude made a big difference. She is self-confident and becoming more popular at school. They ask me to stay and we will work it out somehow. Two gorgeous women ask me to stay with them, hell yes, sign me up.

I have $20 still so we decide to go to Good-will and get some clothes so I can get a job. We go outside and in the driveway, is a 6 month-old $80,000 German sedan fully loaded.

I stop in my tracks and say, “Whoa, I thought you said you drive a piece of crap?”

Janet answers, “We do, our uncle owns a car dealership and this is a lemon. It constantly need fixing. It runs bad and half the time it doesn’t start. Uncle Don hates the car but it’s expensive so he could not junk it. He really is a sweetheart.”

I ask for a screwdriver. 45 minutes later I ask them to start it up. First turn of the key, it starts up like it should and is purring like a cat.

Janet jumps out of the car and jumps into my arms. “OMG, it sounds like a real car. It started. What did you do?”

I answered, “These are very precise machines with tight tolerances. Every setting on the engine was close but not close enough. Any one of those is a problem but with the 20 or so that were wrong, I am surprised it ever started. The people who worked on this car had no clue what they were doing.”

Janet smiled and was asking, “Let’s go see Uncle Don first, shall we? I want to show him what an unemployed … mechanic? … can do.” I confirmed I was a mechanic.

We drove to the dealership, we all got out, and they went in to see Uncle Don.”

Janet, Jackie, and Patty came down with a well-dressed man in a suit but he had the hands of a man that worked for an earning. I was introduced to him. Janet got in the car, started it up, and again it purred like a cat.

Uncle Don about fell down in shock, “Hot DAM, I never heard that car run so well. What did you do?”

I explained about the settings and tolerances and a couple other items I fixed like the poor wiring. He asked me to come up to his office and I did, leaving the women at the car.

He tells me, “I have never seen that car run so well. My guys said it was a lemon and could not be fixed. I gave it to my nieces to help them out. I can tell by your hands you are a mechanic and my guess is you used to work for the one that burned down a while ago, right?” I nodded yes. “He had the best service shop in town.”

He continues, “I have suspected my staff as being lazy and incompetent. You proved I was right. I don’t do ten percent what other dealerships do in service. How would you like a to be my new Service Manager? Clean out the rats and hire your own people. $120,000 sound ok?”

“It sure does.”

“I have to ask, why are you dressed like this?”

I explained, “Long story. Lost job, lost everything, lost will to live, your nieces saved my ass. We were on the way to Good-will to spend my last $20 on clothes. Her ex-husband’s clothes are too large for me.”

“Can’t she take you to a real store?”

I continue, “I don’t know them well. I bought them cake at a restaurant as I was leaving because their daughter looked so sad and they didn’t eat much. I gather the treatment for cancer has draining their meager income. They didn’t eat much this morning so I could. We are going to buy clothes and then I can start this afternoon. Those three are really special, they saved my life so now I am going to help them out.”

Don just sat in his chair with tears in his eyes. “I had no idea they were in that kind of trouble. They never said anything, I feel like an ass.”

Then his eyes lit up, “This job has an immediate $20,000 signing bonus.” He was happy now. He hits a button on the phone, “Tim, I need $5,000 in cash and a check for $15,000 on my desk in 5 minutes”, click. “We keep lots of cash on hand. I think you know what to do with this right?”

I answer, “Yes sir.” I smiled.

He then says, “Son, you start in two weeks, not today. We pay the standard rate for qualified mechanics you want to hire + 10% if they are worth it. Go take care of my nieces.”

When I got back to the car I tell them, “Uncle Don has a Service issue with his dealership. I am the new Service Manager. We are going to the bank, shopping at the mall, then load up on groceries. I got a bonus and am going to spoil you three rotten. Janet and Jackie, you no longer need to work. You can pendik escort quit today if you want. If you will have me, I will take care of you all.”

They almost killed me by squeezing me and kissing me so hard. I could not draw breath for a bit but I survived and had a huge smile on my face all day.


We deposited the check into their account and then proceeded to get everyone new clothes. We had lunch then drove to each of their places of work to give leave notices. I have never spent $400 for a week of groceries before. It seems they were low on everything but that is solved now.

We went to dinner at the restaurant I met them at. We had appetizers, steak, and dessert. The cute 21-year old cashier was our waitress and marveled at the improvement in Patty. Janet told our story and the waitress cried. She admitted to me that she told them it was me that bought the desserts. She heard what I told the daughters so she volunteered that info. She got a $200.00 tip. I folded the $100 bills so they looked like ones on the table. The girls all smiled at me.

We get home and I sit on the couch. Patty curls up on my lap and the sisters snuggle up next to me as we watch a movie. About half way through Patty falls asleep. Jackie asks me to put Patty to sleep. I lift her limp body and put her to bed and tuck her in. She smiles and says, “Thank you, goodnight daddy,” then closes her eyes. Daddy?

I leave her room and I am in a fog. I am walking but don’t know where. She was asleep, yet also was not asleep. She didn’t look tired. She called me daddy. I am stumbling down the hallway in a daze when two naked women grab me and steer me into a bedroom. Naked? I get the feeling there is a script to this movie and I didn’t get a copy.

Two naked women grab you by the arms. What do you do? You follow them as they lead you to a king size bed, remove your clothes, and then throw you into the bed. I like this movie a lot so far. I sit up on the pillows at the head of the bed.

Jackie gets on her back at the foot of the bed width wise. Then Janet climbs up on top into a 69 position. Me like. They both look at me, Jackie’s boobs are hanging down forming perfect pillowed cones. All 4 nipples are long and hard. No way those are real, they are too long. They look fake. If they are fake they sure stretch like the real things as Janet takes a bite of a nipple and starts to pull.

Jackie goes face first into Janet’s snatch making obscene slurping noises. Janet returns the favor and now has a couple of fingers in there as well. These two are experienced, they know exactly what the other wants and they are putting on one hell of a show for me. I have a steel rod that is an inch longer than I ever remember. I can’t help but stroking myself.

Janet and Jackie both say, “No hands or we stop. Do you really want two twins to stop pleasing each other? Do you want to end the night now?”

My reflexes were like lightning, my arms went straight out to my sides with my hands open so there was no mistaking where they were. As they got closer to their orgasms, they sped up their fun. They stopped and switched positions so their pussies were kissing each other. They both had plenty of fluids running down their legs. They were fucking each other. Jackie takes out a double ended dildo and sticks it in their cunts as they continue rubbing against each other.

They move around again so their asses are against each other. Janet takes out another long double ended dildo and shoves it easily up their asses. They must have lubed it up already. Nothing goes in that easy or they do this often. Both options have me near exploding.

I get a reprieve as they both explode in screams of passion as their orgasms hit them simultaneously. It was a series of “Oh Fucks!”, “Oh my GOD”, and “Best ever”, right before they released. These two are wild, they just committed incest in front of a stranger. How cool is that!

After a few minutes, they recovered and start advancing towards my cock. I am average size and girth, no porn star here. They don’t seem to care. Their eyes are on one thing. They are filled with lust, passion, and possibly the desire to bite my cock off. They are scary right now as they smile at me.

One of them says, “Men don’t get here often, they are usually such a disappointment. I hope you have what it takes.” As they reach for my cock, I yell “STOP!” They are started to say the least. Who stops two naked young women from sucking your cock? I did. I ask myself, why?

I now have confidence in my voice, “Janet lay down on your back, on the left side of the bed, lengthwise. Jackie, I want you to lay on top of Janet so you two can make out. You two missed that part.” We all smile. As they get into position, I kneel so I can start servicing Janet while putting three fingers up into Jackie. They both squeal in pleasure. I was correct, she easily took three fingers. I was loud in my slurping and moved my tongue a lot with some deep probes.

After a few minutes, I pulled up and asked them to roll over to the opposite side of the bed. They have now switched positions. I continue servicing Jackie while 3 fingers are working Janet. We continue this for a few minutes and then roll back where we started and we all continue as if nothing happened.

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