Passion or Prayer Pt. 02

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This is a continuation of a previously submitted story. It stands on its own, but if you want to catch the nuances, I’d recommend starting with Passion and Prayer.


He took me so many times that first night that I lost count.

We barely had time to make it home for a quick shower before heading back to unlock the office for the day.

I was afraid that my fair complexion would give away my secret, but as the day went on, no one seemed to notice my rampant blushing over forbidden memories. Even glancing at the couch in my cramped office brought the flame to my face as my heart raced in memory of his touch.

He was no help.

While the thought crossed my mind that he might decide to brag about his conquest to his men, I knew that he wasn’t one to share such intimate details, much less flaunt his indiscretions, so that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was his eyes. They kept catching mine and sending my heart into an indelicate tempo. Every time he looked at me, his gaze softened. I melted. If my blushing didn’t give us away, surely his beautiful expressions would!

Surprisingly, we made it to the end of the day without discovery.

I kept my well rounded behind securely glued to my chair as the last employee clocked out. Trying to focus on the final bit of paperwork, trying not to marvel at the constant wetness that plagued my pussy, trying to keep myself from attacking him in his office, ripping off his clothes.

My blouse from the night before had to be smuggled out in the waste bin and as intensely sexy as it had been, with my small salary, I didn’t want to make ripping my favorite clothes a habit.

After what seemed an eternity, he appeared in the doorway, looking down, shamefacedly.

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked petulantly. “You’ve been making eyes at me all day. I’ve practically creamed myself, and now that we’re alone you anadolu yakası escort can’t even look at me?”

He glanced up with a devilish grin that would have weakened the knees of any angel

…and I was no angel.

“I was not sure that you would want to see me.” He lied.

“I suppose I did see enough of you last night” I quipped. He smiled at the joke.

“Are you ready?” The loaded question sent a shiver of excitement straight to my dripping cunt.

I squeezed my thighs together, biting my lip against a moan as my jeans grazed a sensitive spot “You don’t plan to stay the night here again?”

“No, abuela was not pleased when I didn’t come home last night with no explanation. I almost missed sending mis hijos to school this morning.”

“I’m sorry.” and I truly was. No way in heaven or hell that I regretted last night, but I knew that Raphael’s children were his life.

Would this mean there would be no more of the sins that I had already asked forgiveness for? My pounding heart nearly stopped at the thought; my hands suddenly aching to caress him.

I blew out a deep breath of relief when he suggested that he come over to my apartment after putting his little darlings to bed.


I showered.

Decided on a simple black lace teddy that was more of a lacy thong attached to a lacy bra by thin strips of more lace. The scanty cups of the bra did little to support my generous Dcup breasts, leaving them gently hanging like ripe fruit waiting to be plucked.

The doorbell rang. I threw on a barely-there cotton robe that didn’t quite cover my ass cheeks and rushed to open it.

The look of lust that crossed his face as I greeted him at the door sent a new surge of wetness to my already damp mound. He stepped into the room and gave me space to lock the door.

Before the tumblers ataşehir escort had even fallen into place, he was behind me, brushing my hair to the side and leaving trails of kisses up my sensitive neck.

I stopped to enjoy the sensation. Lifting my arms to caress his shaved head behind me, leaning against his broad chest and arching my back into him as his hands claimed my breasts under their inadequate coverings.

His big, warm, work-worn hands fondled my breasts gently, then suddenly pinched and pulled at my nipples, almost roughly, the shock and contrasting sensation making me cry out his name.

He freed the tie in my robe and pulled it gently off my shoulders, stepping away to let it puddle on the floor and taking in my 5 foot 8 frame with a satisfied smirk.

I resisted the urge to cover myself, but lowered my eyes. For a moment, I was afraid to meet his gaze.

He wanted me.


He had proved it time and again last night. I had nothing to fear from this wildly passionate man.

I turned and tried to lift my gaze to meet his, but it was captured by the sudden tightness in his pants.

I licked my lips as I slipped my hand into the waistband of his jeans and bravely led him to my bedroom.


I let him push me onto the bed, knowing that with a man this strong, I would have to choose my battles. Sitting up on my knees, I tugged his shirt over his head. Stopping only to massage his shoulders with my hands as my tongue dropped down to circle his nipples.

I continued the path, licking and kissing his tight abs all the way down to the sexy trail of hair that disappeared into his snug jeans.

I unbuttoned them slowly.






Lingering to kiss and suck at each newly revealed patch of skin.

He had gone commando.

As the final button ümraniye escort came undone, his rock hard penis emerged from its cave. My mouth watered in anticipation as my tongue snaked out for a taste of his glorious, uncut, 8 inch piece of heaven on earth.

Just before I made contact, Raphael gently pushed me back onto the bed and loomed over me.

Determined to get my way, I struggled to flip over, but his days of manual labor made it impossible for me to get the upper hand.

I placed both hands squarely on his taut, toffee colored chest, opened my deep blue eyes in the most innocent look I could conjure and simply said


His body stopped moving as he looked at me, struggling to understands question in the heat of the moment.

Finally, he seemed to realize what I was asking and rolled onto his back, pulling me atop him in a surprisingly smooth motion.

I bent down to kiss him.

Our tongues fighting for dominance. Trying to become one. I felt as though I couldn’t kiss him deep enough, long enough, hard enough.

I swung a leg over his thighs and positioned myself over his hard, straining cock.

I rose to my knees and sunk into him like a prayer.

His girth filled my aching pussy completely, but I felt as I could never have enough of him. That I would never be whole on my own again.

I rode him wildly.

My face uplifted.

His hands roved my body until they found purpose; one hand supporting my back and the other pressing down into the space between us.

He fingered me there, as I bucked my hips in a smooth rocking motion.

The wave of ecstasy hit me moments before he let himself go, squirting his hot cum deep inside my clenching walls.

Spent, I collapsed on top of him.

We held each other.

Unexpected tears wet both our faces as I shifted and felt his penis slip from me. I felt the loss of him so strongly. I had an inexplicable urge to keep him safe inside me.

He pulled me into his arms, holding me tightly to his chiseled chest, his pendant cool between our fevered skin. He murmured sweet Spanish phrases in my ear, maybe meant for me, maybe for his God.

Then, for the first time since we had discovered our love, we slept.

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