Part 2: Mike meeting Candice and Tarryn and Thursd

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Part 2: Mike meeting Candice and Tarryn and Thursd
Part 2 Mike meeting Candice and Tarryn and Thursday at my house

While waiting for Mike to arrive, myself and the 2 girls eventually moved back inside the house. Both Candice and Tarryn put a top on over their wet bikinis and into the kitchen we went to make lunch. Mike arrived while we were eat, and after opening up for him, I introduced him to my new girlfriend Candice and her naughty friend Tarryn. The 4 of us chatted as Tarryn and Mike started to get to know each other better. The afternoon flew by and soon it was time for myself and Mike to head home. Candice and I exchanged a few sexy passionate kisses as we were saying goodbye and then it was asked when are we seeing each other again. Tarryn replied first inviting us to her house on Friday, which Candice, myself and Mike agreed to and soon afterwards Mike and I left with smiles on our faces. As Mike and I cycled home we chatted, making plans to spend Thursday afternoon together as well him sleeping over Thursday night to prepare for Fridays visit to Tarryn. Soon we split heading in the directions of our homes and I minute or two later I was home. As were my parents and sister and my dad asked where I was. I told him that Mike and I met up and we then cycled together to go visit my girlfriend which they were ok with. I then asked if Mike could sleep over tomorrow night and that him and I were gonna go to Tarryn to visit our girlfriends, well he was in hope to land Tarryn, which both my parents were ok with and my dad said just take condoms with and be safe. My sister asked if her friend Carry could also spend the night on Thursday which they were happy with. We had dinner together as a family and just on 8 my parents head to the room to prepare and get their well need rest for the next work day ahead.

Leaving my sister and myself in the lounge watching TV together and from when I got home I could see in her face she couldn’t wait to ask me a number of questions. “So what all happened?” She asked and I told her the complete story of the good rough fuck as well as how the rest of the day went and the fun I had. She then told me that Friday mom is going to leave a bit later for work to drop her and Carry at the mall to meet up with “friends”. I laughed and she giggle naughtyly as we both knew she was looking to meet up with her boyfriend. We continued chatting while texting our other halves and friends as we both were planning our next sexual encounters. Soon we headed to bed, deciding to have a good nap before the next two interesting days ahead. Waking up Thursday as my parents left for work, excitement slowly started to grow, Mike was to arrive about midday, and it was sure him and I would talk alot about the plans and ideas for Friday.

I was in the lounge watching a movie while passing the morning through, when my sister joined coming to chat while still in her pjs. A steamy passionate scene came on as we watched and looking over towards my sister I had no choice but to say, “Guess that got you horny”. Covering up her hard nipples as she replied, “yes indeed as I really want to find out how it feels to have sex.” “In due time, and I’m sure you will love it.” “Best I go get dressed to cover my nipple stand before Mike and Carry arrive,” she replied. As she walked off I looked down at my crotch, knowing my cock was semi hard under my boxers i too decided to rather go get dressed. Knowing the history with Carry and my sister as well as Mike constantly flirting with them anything could happen. Being still rather hot, I put on swimming shorts as it was definite that Mike and I would end up in the pool a few times during the day.

Ding dong, I went to open the door and it was Carry, greeting her with a hug, I then said, ” my sister is in her room waiting for you.” “Haha what ever,” she replied and then as she walk towards the room my sister came out into the passage, they greeted with a soft kiss on the lips and a hug. My imagination ran while again and my cock slowly started throbbing but luckily everything calmed down for the time being. Mike soon arrived and as I thought, after cycling to me he would be hot and sweaty wanting a swim to cool off. After greeting my sister and Carry, into the pool we jumped and the two ladies soon joined outside. The fun and games immediately began with Mike asking the two girls, “so when last have you pleasured each other?” ” long last, about a month or longer,” türkçe bahis they replied simultaneously. ” feel free to get it on right now in front of us, we won’t mind watching,” replied Mike. “Haha” Carry sarcastically laughed and then Asked, ” what do we get in return if we give you boys a show?” Both Mike and I caught off guard, we eventually replied asking them, “what would you girls like in return, as we dont want to overstep the boundaries with you,? Mike and I replied….

The two girls whispered among themselves as Mike and I tried to hear what they were saying. “Come on Tell us”? We asked and they then replied, a bit shy and embarrassmently together in stages “well we wouldn’t mind watching, how you guys put a condom on, so we know for future if we ever have to,” Mike immediately replied, “no problem you can even do it for us while we explain to how.” Carry then said, “but that can only happen if we all 4 are in a room together, so it’s up to you and your sister Brad?” As I was thinking about, Mike said, ” dude come on, we just gonna be naked in a room together, not like your sister is gonna suck your cock or you guys fuck each other, I’m sure you guys have seen each other naked before…” and my sister immediately gave a naughty giggle, cause Mike and Carry to asked what that was about. “You can tell them”, I said and my sister then told them how she walked in on me wanking my cock the other day. Mike asked her immediately, “so would you mind seeing you brothers cock again?” “No I don’t really mind,” replied my sister and Carry then asked me how many times have I seen my sister naked. “A few but not in long,” I replied and then Carry asked my sister, ” Do you mind your brother and Mike seeing you naked as I dont mind them seeing me naked as I want to see the two of them naked?” A bit confusing listening to that, and then Mike said come on, it will be innocent naughty fun and my sister replied, “ok why not?” And all 4 of us were suddenly extremely excited as well as anxious.

Out the pool Mike and I hopped and the nervous and anxiety kicked into all 4 of us. Mike then made a suggestion to get a bottle and play spin the bottle, truth and prove or dare. My sister quickly fetch a bottle and the game then started. My sister spun the bottle and it landed on Carry who now could ask either myself or Mike, truth and prove or dare. Mike she asked and he went dare, “anything goes,” asked Carry and we all eventually answer yes. She looked over at my sister and then me, “sorry guys but I dare you Mike, to feel up my friend above all clothing”. ” I guess this is what we agreed to,” i commented and then watched as Mike stood up and walked to stand behind my sister. ” You little bitch, I’m gonna get you,” my sister shouted at Carry. Carry and I watched on as Mike ran his hands over my sister’s breast and body of a minute or so before stopping and heading back to spin the bottle which landed on me.
Carry I choose, and she went truth and prove and I asked her what size are her tits and to prove it, she has to pass us her bra. 36a she answered and then asked does that mean I need to take my bra off which Mike and I answered yes. She soon did and past it to us to see that in fact the label was 36a size and we then placed the bra on the table and we watched as she spun the bottle again. This occasion it landed on my sister and she immediately asked carry who again chose truth and prove. My sister asked, Would you kiss Mike if you had a chance, and she immediately replied say you a real bitch and then answered yes I would and my sister then said prove it. Up stood Carry as Mike moved his chair back and then said sit on my lap baby. Carry sat down on Mike’s lap and my sister and I watched on as they exchanged a passionate kiss before Carry heading back to her seat. She then spun the bottle and it landed on Mike who then Asked me truth or dare and I chose dare. He dared me to place my hand under Carry’s top and massage and feel her tits. Up I got without hesitation, “oh my god” came out Carry’s mouth as I walked up to her. Standing behind her, I slid my hand under her top and over her tits, I massaged her tits well as feeling her hard nipples on my palms, enjoying every moment before heading to sit down with a rock hard cock that everyone could clearly notice in my swimming shorts. I spun the bottle which landed on Carry. Truth and prove or dare she asked as she looked over at my sister, who answered in debate, canlı casino dare. “I dare you to go sit on Mike’s lap and French fuck him in reverse cowgirl position. I watched as my sister slow stood up, giving Carry the evil stare and made her way over to sit on Mike’s lap and grind back and forth on his crotch. A look of naughtiness fun in her face while Mike looked unsure as I would have also been. After a few seconds of grinding on Mike’s lap, my sister made her way back to her seat and spun the bottle, landing on herself so she respun and this time it landed on Mike, truth he said and my sister as, did that make your cock hard. Yes indeed it did he replied and she asked him to prove it by showing everyone his hard cock. Carry my sister and myself looked on as Mike stood up and pulled out his throbbing hard cock. The two girls blush as they looked at his cock and he then spun the bottle before putting his cock away.

Landing on my sister, she went dare and Mike dared “I dare you to lift up and take off your friends top and suck each of her nipples?” “Really?” Both Carry and my sister responded, and yes Mike and I commented as that’s what we all agree upon. Up she stood, as Mike and I watched her walk to Carry, she removed Carry’s top exposing her small firm tits with her hard nipples to us and then leaned down, taking the hard nipples into her mouth 1 at a time and having a good long suck on each of them cause Carry to give off a few pleasurable moans, before head back to sit and spinning the bottle which landed on me. Truth and prove, I went and my sister asked me as she look st me with a dirty naughty look, if you could place your cock anywhere right now where would it be. In Carry’s mouth, down her throat I replied abruptly and my sister then looked over at Carry and said guess you now need to prove it. “You bitch”, Carry responded to my sister and as I stood up I asked her if she is ok with it. Carry looked up at me and answered,” this is what we all agreed to so yes I am and I will get your sister back.” Ooooh nice said Mike as i stood up and walked up to Carry. Standing in front of her, I took out my throbbing hard cock and held it in my left hand. My right hand onto the back of her head as I pulled her forward to my cock. Her mouth opened and her lips moved over my cock, I pulled her head into me, shoving my cock into her throat, making her gag. I released her head and she move back letting go of my cock to catch her breath, sorry I apologize and she then looked up at me and said not your fault. As I was putting my cock away Carry stopped me and move forward, her mouth opened she took my cock in and sucked back and forth till I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it in to me, my cock deep in her throat making her gag again before releasing her. Putting my cock away I then returned to my seat as Carry caught her breath after gagging on my Cock. I spun the bottle which landed on Carry and she went with truth and prove. Did you enjoy having my cock in your mouth I asked, and she quickly answer yeah I actually did. My sister laughed as she then asked Carry do you know what happens next, Carry looked at my sister, and asked what do you mean? “You now need to prove that you enjoyed my brother’s cock in your mouth!” My sister replied, “oh shit fuck hahaha ok” Carry responded and the stood up as I moved my chair back. I staired at her bare tits as she walked up to. She dropped to her knees and took my cock out of my pants and we all watched as she took my cock into her mouth and sucked up and down on my throbbing hard cock, deepthroatting me on her own which was very pleasurable. She then stopped and headed back to her seat leaving me throbbing hard. She spun the bottle and it landed on my sister.

“Oh shit,” commented my sister and Carry giving an evil laugh then asked truth or dare? My sister replied either way you gonna screw me so dare? And Carry replied “I will be kind, I dare you to join me bare upper body.” Not all the bad we all thought, but could see Carry had motive behind her question. Looking away as my sister removed her top and bra, exposing her tits, but it wasn’t long till I looked at her seeing her firm small tits with real hard erect nipples. My sister spun the bottle and it landed on Mike. Dare he said and my sister dare him to spend the rest of the game naked. Off came Mike’s pants releasing his throbbing hard cocker everyone to look at as they want. He spun the bottle kaçak casino and it landed on my sister. Dare she said immediately and then Mike asked what are the limitations to this game, we all discussed and came to an agreement of all foreplay is allow but strictly no fucking. And he then Dared my sister to remove her pant and show us what lingerie she was wearing. Off came her pants, a tiny black g string she had on and then she spun the bottle landing on me. Dare I chose and she immediately said sorry brother but can you too please loose your pants for the rest of the game. I stood up and dropped my pants as I watch my sister look down at my cock. I then spun the bottle which landed on Mike. Dare he said, and after thinking a little bit I dared him to give Carry a lap dance. Watch on as he move on and over Carry, his cock touching her tits belly and slapping her in the face for a while before returning to his seat and spinning the bottle which landed on Carry. Truth or prove she said, and Mike ask what kind of underwear are you wearing? Also a black g string she replied and Mike then said prove it by removing you pants. We watched as Carry removed her pants showing us her little black g string and she then spun the bottle land back on Mike. Dare he said and she immediately Dared him to go pleasure my sister’s nipples by sucking them. I watched as my friend sucked my sisters nipples and heard her give off moans of pleasure.

His cock hard and throbbing as he made his way back to sit down, spinning the bottle and landing on my sister. Truth and prove she chose and Mike asked her if her pussy is shaven. Up she stood as she said yes and then to prove it she removed her black g string revealing to us her tight virgin shaved pussy. She then spun the bottle and it landed on me. Truth and prove I said and my sister then asked me if I’m afraid of touching and jerking another man’s cock. No I said, please prove it she asked, and her and Carry watched as I moved to Mike and took his throbbing hard cock with my right hand and stroked up and down his shaft a few times. I then spun the bottle which landed on Carry, truth and prove she also went and I asked her if she is too shaven. Yes I am, as she too stood up and removed her black g string showing Mike and I her virgin shaven pussy. Carry spun the bottle landing on me. Truth and prove and she said I’ve run out of questions as everything else is gonna become very sexual now. We all looked at each other and agreed, then decided to get two condoms and show the two virgin girls how to put a condom on a cock. To my bed room I quickly went to fetch the condoms.

Returning back outside my sister and Carry had a look of anxiety on their faces. I passed Mike one condom and then toss the other to Carry and slowly walked up to her as she looked at my hard cock. Mike went to my sister handing her the condom. Carry opened the condom and then looked up at me as she touched my cock. She placed the condom on my cock head and I then told her to hold/pinch the tip before rolling it down the shaft of my cock. Once my cock was cover by the condom, that’s all there is to it I said and the asked Carry would you like to finish me off with a hand job. Without hesitation she started stroking up and down the shaft of my cock, looking back at Mike my sister two was jerking him off. Looking back at Carry as she jerked my throbbing cock I said you welcome to suck it again. Maybe another day you will get lucky like that she replied being cocky and I said oh you rather prefer me forcing my cock into your mouth.. she grinned and then moved closer to me. Maybe she whispered into my ear and then gave me a kiss on the lips and jerked my cock harder. She looked into my eyes as I groaned, my cock exploding shooting my hot cum into the condom while she continued to jerk my cock. Shortly after I finished cumming I heard Mike groan and as I was about to look over to him and my sister, Carry’s lips met mine and our mouths opened as she gave me a passionate kiss, drawing my suspicion to what my sister and Mike was doing. As our lips aparted she said thank you for the fun afternoon, hope we can do this again. Sure we can I said and this time she allowed me to look to Mike and my sister.

The 4 of us all thanked each other before grabbing our clothes getting dressed removing the condoms and throwing them away. Once dressed Mike and I asked my sister and Carry one last truth and prove question, ” have you guys really had lesbian experiences?” My sister and Carry both looked at us and said unfortunately that answer will have to wait until we play this game again.

And that ended a fun Naughty Thursday afternoon.

End of part 2

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