Pam’s Lesbian Experience

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Author’s Note

: This is a continuation of ‘Pam’s Shemale Experience’ from the Transsexuals/Crossdressers category, as well as of ‘Pam’s Gangbang Experience’ from the Group Sex category. Reading those stories is hopefully not necessary to enjoy this one, although it hopefully will help. Either way, enjoy.


Chicken thighs, pork chops, or ground beef?

Pam weighed the options, running through potential recipes in her head.

It was a cold Saturday afternoon, with the housewife food shopping. Saturday nights in her household usually involved a heartier, more labor-intensive feast, with the rest of the week a mix of take-out, leftovers, and easy meals. She was by herself on this errand; even though her children were older and more disciplined, she still found it easier to food shop alone.

After a few more moments of deciding, she picked the chicken thighs, and moved on.


Pam turned, wondering immediately who had called her.

Her mind blanked for a moment, and then came recognition.

Back in the summer, when Tanya had visited her, the two women had stopped in at the Half-Empty, a seedy bar near the airport. After a little while, they had ended up in the alley behind the establishment. The dominant shemale had taken the submissive housewife’s drenched pussy, and then had sent her to her knees, where she had sucked that thick shaft clean. During her obsequious worship, the bartender had come out, and had found herself intrigued and aroused by the duo. Tanya had brought her over to give Pam a partner in her submission.

“Alex,” she remembered.

“Yeah! How are you?”

Pam hesitated, the events of that night now coming back fully to her, how they had been on their knees next to each other, how they had shared that thick cock and the sweet seed that had spurted forth.

“Good,” she finally said, feeling a bit awkward.

Alex smiled widely.

“Good! And how’s Tanya?”

A light blush rose in Alex’s cheeks at the question.

I wonder how many times she’s touched herself to the memory of that night.

“Um…she’s good too.”

“Is she here?”

Alex looked around for a few seconds.

“Um, no,” Pam said, shaking her head, “we’re not really…”

The younger woman interpreted the hesitation as something else. Her face fell, and she stumbled over her words in her attempt to apologize.

“Oh…um…uh…shit, geez, I’m so sorry, you two broke up, didn’t you?”

Pam shook her head again.

“Uh, no, we weren’t really together.”

Alex tilted her head in confusion.

“Oh. I just figured you two were together.”

Pam smiled gently.

“No, I’m married.”

Alex was still confused.


“He knew about Tanya. Encouraged it, really.”

“Oh. That’s good.”


The awkwardness continued, neither women seemingly sure what to say. Pam was about to say a quick goodbye when Alex spoke up.

“Well, look, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed what happened, like, so fucking much. I still jill myself thinking about what she did to us.”

Pam looked around furtively, checking for any people who might know her, who might hear their conversation.

“I just wanted to say that I had tons of fun, and that if you two wanted to do something like that again, I def wouldn’t say no.”

Alex bit her lip.

Pam smiled, realizing that the younger woman was likely feeling as awkward as she was.

“Tanya was only visiting me,” she explained, “she doesn’t live around here.”

The disappointment was evident despite Alex’s fairly quick recovery.

“Oh. Too bad.”

“Yeah,” Pam said, shrugging.

“I mean,” Alex continued, “if you wanted to do something, I’d be down, like, you know, of course, if your husband was okay with it.”

Pam froze, her mind immediately conjuring up images of them together, bodies entwined, pressed together, sharing pleasure unreservedly.

It had always been a low-key fantasy of Pam’s to have sex with another woman, but she had always thought that it would remain just that. John had always encouraged it, but they never did more than talk about it. She had in fact been so open to fucking Tanya at first because she had not known that the other woman was a shemale until she had seen the evidence.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from fucking her.

“I can give you my number if you want,” Alex pressed on, biting her lip again.

It seemed to Pam that Alex was on tenterhooks, excited to see if Pam would give her number, but also scared that she might outright reject her offer.

I wonder if she does stuff like this often.

Pam smiled at the younger woman, taking pity on her, and also curious to find out where this reunion might lead.

“Of course,” she said, taking her phone out.

The smile on Alex’s face widened, relief and happiness evident there.

Once the numbers were exchanged, the two women parted ways. Throughout the rest casino oyna of her shopping trip, Pam could not help but imagine what might happen when they got together.


Two weeks later, Pam was driving across town, to Alex’s apartment. Both women had been busy, so it had taken a little while to come to a date that suited them. While at first Pam had thought to have the rendezvous start with lunch, after a while she had decided instead to suggest their current plan.

We’d probably end up at her place anyway.

It was a cold Sunday afternoon. John was taking the kids to pick out a Christmas tree, so she had some time to herself.

She pulled into her destination, a small apartment complex, and parked.

[I’m downstairs,] she texted Alex.

[I’ll ring you in,] came the response, [I’m in 203.]

A few minutes later, Pam was outside of that apartment. A few knocks later, and Alex opened the door, letting her inside.

“Do you want something to drink? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate?”

“Hot chocolate please,” Pam answered.

As she took off her shoes and coat, Alex bustled about the kitchen.

Once the steaming mug was ready, they sat down, the initial awkwardness from the supermarket cropping up again.

“I’ve never done something like this,” Alex admitted meekly, after a few moments of silence.

“Neither have I,” Pam assured her, smiling gently, wanting to ease the awkwardness.

Alex smiled back.

“That makes me feel a bit better.”

“We don’t have to do this if you’re uncomfortable.”

Alex shook her head.

“No, I want to do this, I’m just nervous. I’ve always wanted to have sex with another girl, but never got the chance. Now that it’s here…”

“I know how you feel, trust me.”

Pam drank the hot chocolate, her hands wrapped around the mug, feeling the heat seep into her skin, replacing the chill from the winter air. As she sipped, Alex fidgeted awkwardly, unsure of herself, her knee bouncing up and down with nervous energy.

“We don’t have to go right into the sex,” Pam said, “why don’t we chat for a little while, get to know each other?”

“Okay,” Alex replied, smiling at the proposition, “um, what do you want to know?”

Pam thought for a moment, taking another sip of the hot chocolate.

“How long have you worked at the Half-Empty?”

“Three years or so.”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s cool. I like meeting people, so that part’s nice.”

“How did you get into it?”

“My uncle owns the bar. I was looking for a job after graduation, and he helped me out.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear. Do you have other jobs, or do you bartend full-time?”

“I bartend, and I babysit, and I am a freelance photographer.”

Pam smiled.

“So you keep busy.”

Alex matched her smile.

“I try to.”

Pam nodded, taking another sip.

They chatted for a little while, learning more about each other. Opening up to each other eased the awkwardness, helping them relax, the conversation touching all sorts of topics. Even after she finished the hot chocolate, they stayed at the table, keeping the conversation going.

But finally, Alex brought up the reason for Pam having come there.

“So,” she said, biting her lip, this time from excitement instead of awkwardness, “should we go into the bedroom?”

Pam grinned.

“Definitely,” she replied.

It was a small but compact apartment, and Alex pointed out a few things here and there on what passed for the grand tour as they padded towards the bedroom.

Once there, Alex took a seat on the edge of her bed, Pam joining her after a few moments of glancing around. She could not help but smile at the barely restrained glee on Alex’s face, the younger woman making a giddy noise as she grinned at Pam.

“How do you want to start?” Pam asked.

Alex did not answer, at least not verbally.

Instead, she dove excitedly forward, taking Pam by surprise with a kiss. The force of the collision made Pam recoil; it took a moment for the sensations to register, but when she recognized the soft feel of those lips, the sweet warmth of that mouth, the way the younger woman felt pressing into her, she reciprocated, kissing her back. In her younger days, Pam had made out with a few women, when drunk and for John’s benefit. The only other person she had kissed recently besides her husband was Tanya, but this was a different experience than that; both her and Alex were content to just kiss, to feel each other in a few minutes of pure indulgence. Neither woman was particularly assertive or dominant, instead just submitting to each other.

Alex broke the kiss first, and drew Pam’s sweater off, followed quickly by the t-shirt underneath.

As Pam quickly took off her bra, Alex slid a hand up Pam’s belly, practically trembling with excitement. Once her breasts were revealed, that hand moved further canlı casino up, caressing at one of the soft orbs. Alex leaned forward, her target the other breast, so Pam arched her back, letting Alex latch onto the pert flesh. There was a sense of curiosity, of exploration, of Alex trying something new. It was obvious that she was enjoying that something, as she kissed her way around one breast, leaving little pecks here and there, Pam shuddering at the quick and feather-light sensations. When Alex found the erect nipple, the sensation flared to bright, that warm mouth locking around the sensitive nub, sucking eagerly at it. Pam groaned loudly, her hands reaching up to twine into Alex’s hair. The younger woman grinned around her mouthful, her other hand still stroking gently at the other breast, avoiding the nipple, focusing on the flesh around it.

Just as Alex enjoyed sucking at Pam’s breasts, Pam enjoyed being on the receiving end. It was a different experience than with John or Tanya; with John, there was affection and familiarity, as he knew after all their years together those spots that would give her the most pleasure, whereas with Tanya there was always a sense of territoriality, that this body was hers to kiss and explore and enjoy. With Alex, it was instead the younger woman trying something different, and so there was a novel enthusiasm there, a desire to delve further into what tactile thrills this experience could bring. And as eager as she was to explore what treasures Pam’s body held, Pam was just as eager for her to do so.

That warm mouth slid over to the other breast. Once again, Alex focused on the nipple, that sensitive part that for Pam always made her knees weak and her pussy gush. Even with that fixation, she made sure to leave additional kisses all around the round orb, making sure that the pale flesh was appreciated all over. The alternating sensations drove Pam wild, her face flushed from the stimulation, her thighs rubbing together as she let Alex indulge in her exploration.

By the time Alex came off those perky breasts, they were shining with her saliva, the recipient of her enthusiastic attention. Pam quivered with desire, her lust hiked up quickly. The two women met again for a heated kiss, hands moving over each other, Alex still caressing at Pam’s bare breasts, Pam now squeezing at Alex’s curves, still hidden under her clothes.

Alex again was the one to break the kiss. This time, she eased Pam onto her back, the housewife scurrying further back on the bed, the younger woman crawling up in between her thighs. The two of them worked together to get Pam’s jeans off, trembling with excitement as inch after inch of creamy flesh was revealed. Alex took a moment after to grin at Pam, before peeling her damp panties down and off, throwing them onto the floor, where they fluttered into the jeans piled there as well.

Pam was now fully naked before the younger woman, whose eyes lit up as she took in the vista before her. Unbidden, a blush rose in Pam’s cheeks.

And then Alex dove in, eager to explore further, her thirsty mouth latching onto Pam’s sex. She licked and sucked, slurped and kissed, tasted and savored, laving at the juices that had begun to flow forth. Pam groaned, bucking underneath her, that enthusiastic tongue sliding all over her folds. A gleeful squeal spilled from Alex as she tasted the drooling slit before her. Its flavor rooted her to the spot, the younger woman grabbing at the slim thighs on either side of her head, using them as an anchor to make sure she was not budged from her prize. As excited as both women were for this to happen, Alex had to deal with the random bucking of the housewife’s hips, the jerks and twitches provoked by the slathering of that wet tongue all over her mound.

Her husband had been between her legs countless times, and in their time together Tanya had enjoyed going down on her.

But this was a new and illicit view, a younger woman drinking from her sopping cunt, a woman young enough to be Pam’s daughter, her curvy body undulating sinuously as she savored the flood. It was a view she felt she could get used to.

Although it’d be better if she were naked too.

Pam moaned, feeling that tongue still snaking intently all over her folds, as if it were trying to memorize the texture of her sex. Her hands slid down, taking hold of Alex’s dark hair. A pair of similarly dark eyes flickered up to her, taking in the rest of her body, raking up her heaving breasts to settle briefly at her face. The rising pleasure had left Pam undone, her cheeks flushed, her mouth open as more stuttering moans spilled forth, her eyes wide as she basked in the eager attention.

The murmuring purrs came in droves from Alex. The taste of that sodden sex inspired further thirst, so she slipped her tongue through the clasping lips. Pam sighed as she felt the invading muscle inch into her channel. It wriggled eagerly, gathering up more juices, catching them before they streamed out.

As much as she wanted to undress Alex and see the curves kaçak casino underneath the clothes, she was content to lie back and let the younger woman explore her cunt. That questing tongue slid deeper, surrounded now by smothering warmth and slickness, abundant juices trickling all over. Alex was eager to drink up every single stream that came forth, the insistent motion of her curling tongue providing plenty of pleasure for Pam as it dredged up plenty of cream to gorge on. By now, it was obvious that neither woman was about to move from their chosen position, so Alex’s hands began to move about. The added sensations perfectly balanced out that swirling pleasure centered in Pam’s sex. Those hands stroked all over, eager to catalogue the rest of her body, running fingers along the tensing belly, caressing at the perky breasts further upwards, sliding around to dip down to those firm buttocks, squeezing at the flesh there. Here and there Alex would moan into her mouthful, luxuriating in the chance to explore the female form, her hands finding places that they most enjoyed on Pam’s body and lingering there, her breasts, ass and hips the most common targets.

There was little technique in the younger woman’s oral worship, but it mattered little, as her enthusiasm and energy made up for it.

And it wouldn’t take much right now to get me to cum.

After a few minutes, Alex switched tack, from swirling her tongue around to explore Pam’s channel, to simply wriggling it about, stimulating her slick walls in an attempt to push her into a climax. There were plenty of juices that met her tongue on the way out, still giving her something to gorge on. Pam laid back, feeling the pleasure rise, fully content in the moment.

When her orgasm arrived, it was a calmer and easier ecstasy than she was used to with John and Tanya, but ecstasy no less. The waves washed over her, Pam wordlessly thanking Alex with moans, her body unwinding, the mounting thrills having coiled it up tightly. Creamy spurts of her juices dribbled sluggishly from her folds, Alex pouncing eagerly on them, slurping loudly as she supped on her prize. Pam watched her drink up the flood, her dark hair obscuring her face, the satisfied purrs nonetheless audible, delightful evidence that she was so taken with the flavor of Pam’s cunt.

Her mouth finally slid from that treat; its destination was close by, those pale thighs on either side of her, now slicked with the runoff from the orgasmic flood. Alex descended on the glistening trickles, licking and lapping at them, cooing happily. As she shifted, Pam caught sight of her hand now shoved down the front of her sweatpants.

Once those trickles were cleaned up, Alex began to kiss her way up Pam’s body. Her lips slid up her belly, leaving little pecks at her midriff here and there, finally reaching her breasts. The younger woman spent some time there, sucking at the hard nipples, smiling at Pam each time she groaned from the sensations. Like the rest of her, her mouth was eager and enthusiastic, leaving trails of saliva along Pam’s flesh. After those breasts, she blazed her way along her neck, nipping playfully, before finally reaching her mouth, kissing Pam hotly.

Pam drew her arms around Alex, pulling her closer, the younger woman squirming against her. Their tongues slid together, the kiss growing in passion. The tang of her own pussy was all over Alex’s mouth and tongue, adding to the excitement, Pam always happy to taste herself on her lover. Her hands moved mindlessly, yanking up Alex’s shirt to stroke at her large breasts. They were soft and full, with thick pink nipples, immediately drawing her full attention. She pulled Alex closer, the younger woman now straddling her, her back arched to give Pam access to her breasts. Working together, they pulled the shirt fully off, Pam now leaning forward to kiss at the pale orbs. Her mouth tracked along the areola to close around the nipple. The enthusiastic reaction from Alex made her giggle around her mouthful. She sucked harder, feeling Alex buck against her, fingers twining into Pam’s hair.

Wanting suddenly to explore further, Pam flipped over on top of Alex, the younger woman squealing in surprise. She lifted her hips to let Pam slide her sweatpants and panties off, both unceremoniously tossed to the floor. Biting her lip at the sight of that drenched sex, Pam descended on it, quickly bringing her mouth to the drooling slit.

The taste of those juices and the feel of those folds made her wonder why she had never before been with a woman.

I’ve waited too long to do this.

She lapped at the stickiness, the tables now turned between the two women.

Her hands fixed on Alex’s lush hips, dimpling the wide swath of flesh. Dribbles of nectar ran down her chin as she gorged on the flow. It was a divine taste, sweet and sour and so naturally feminine. The wet slurps issuing as a result of her indulgence were joined quickly by Alex’s breathless groans. The younger woman had started out unable to vocalize, overwhelmed by both the sensations and the fact that she was actually having this fantasy realized. But as the minutes passed, she regained the ability to not just make noise, but also to talk, her words dedicated to praising and encouraging Pam.

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