Overtime Ch. 02

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Strolling through the entrance to the building she has visited so many times before, she looked calm and collected, despite the excitement slowly building inside of her. Security did no more than a glance at her as she passed, though they did take notice of the skirt and the low cut top she wore. And she wore it with such confidence, as if she knew it would drive her man crazy. Wandering the corridors she checked her watch once more.

“Twenty five past five,” she muttered to herself, knowing everyone had now gone home. Except, of course, the one she had come to see.

Turning the last corner she saw the door was open; it was his office and she knew he would be in there, with his headphones in his ears as he listened to music, blissfully unaware of her presence at the door. Gliding as gracefully as she could, she stepped up behind him and using the sash that held her shirt closed, she covered his eyes and tied a double knot behind his head.

Overtime used to be slow and painful in the past, but after the last encounter, he found himself doing it more and more, so he could sit and fantasise about that amazing night he and his lover shared in the office.

The spreadsheet he was working on was almost complete, which was just as well because the music album he was listening to was coming to an end, and the fantasies in his mind were making him very horny indeed. Reaching for the mouse to click down to a new line he saw the shadowy figure standing behind him, but by then it was too late, and she had him blindfolded. Tonight, she was his master.

Whispering in his ear, she ordered him to stand, so she could see her little office worker from all angles. She knew exactly what she had travelled all this way for and she didn’t waste any time tying his hands behind his back. As he stood, she noticed a bulge in his trousers, and she chuckled to herself, before whispering in his ear once more.

“I do hope you are going to use this,” reaching down to stroke his bulge, hearing him gasp at her touch. “It would be terrible to let such a thing go to waste, now wouldn’t it?”

Hearing those words, he knew he was in for a treat, but the question was what he was going to have to do to get it. Suddenly, he felt her hands slide down to his waist and undo his trousers. Gently lowering the zipper before slowly tugging his trousers and underwear down together, leaving his hard cock standing to attention with the first drop of pre cum just visible escaping from the tip. As he stepped out the pile of clothing, her hands reached out to massage his hairy balls and his aching cock. He began to think to himself that this was very easy. Too easy even. And, of course, she had other ideas.

Cupping his hairy balls in her hand, she knew exactly what he was thinking and she slowly started to massage his hard cock with her hand, squeezing the pre cum out of the tip and using her mouth to gently suck each drop from him. Reaching into her bag, she took out a razor blade, a bowl, a flask of hot water and his favourite brand of shaving foam. This was no ordinary shave though. It was to be a shave he would never forget, as he quickly learned.

Hearing the rummaging going on, he couldn’t help but imagine what she was about to do next. All thoughts went out the window when he felt the cool sensation on his balls and around his cock, as she covered them in what felt like whipped cream. Standing up, she whispered softly in his ear once again.

“Remember, tonight you are mine to do with as I please. And what I’m about to do is your reward for all this overtime, my love.”

Returning to her knees, she dipped the razor blade in the now steaming bowl of hot water and proceeded to gently shave his hair away. Slowly but surely she carried on shaving him from the waist down to his knees until her work was done and her manly office worker was now completely hairless as she dried him off with a towel from her bag.

“Much better,” she said with a smile at the shocked expression on his face. He didn’t seem upset about it; more as if he couldn’t believe that she had just removed all of that hair in the middle of his office.

“You have no idea how much bigger you look now,” she said, with a slight moan of longing.

“Is there anything this woman won’t do?” he wondered silently to himself, trying to get used to the new sensation around his cock. He felt her hands running all over the areas she had just shaved, and realized how sensitive he’d become. If his cock had been wet before, it was completely soaked now.

Noticing his excitement, she realized she’d made the right decision in doing this for him. Gently, she guided him back to the chair so she could tidy up the things she had brought out. Once they were put away, she took off his blindfold so he could see what she had done, but kept it in her hand, knowing it would be put back on.

Instead of his eyes being drawn to his now shaven cock, his eyes sought out hers. Then, his eyes travelled down her body; he needed to look at her, needed to see what she had pendik escort worn this time, wondering how he’d be able to get out of his bonds so he could undress her. He took in the sight of her low cut shirt, showing him more and more of her breasts as she leaned forward to him. He stole a glance at her backside, and saw the short skirt was barely covering her ass.

“You like what you see, I take it?” she said, breathless with how excited she was becoming under his stares. She loved when he made her feel sexy and desired.

“Of course I do. You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever known,” he replied, knowing he could still take control of the evening if he wanted to. But he wasn’t sure that he wanted to tonight. She was doing everything so right, he never wanted her to stop. He was completely in her control, and he loved not knowing what was going to happen next.

With those words, she suddenly pulled herself onto his lap, and began kissing him very aggressively. Her excitement had made her pussy very wet, and he could feel how excited she was. She had neglected to wear any underwear, and he moaned into her mouth as she gently rubbed herself against his rock hard cock.

“Can’t I fuck you now?” he said, nearly insane with his desire to push his cock inside of her.

“Not yet. I get to do what I please with you tonight, remember? But I can promise that, by the end of the night, you will get to fuck me. More than once.” As she whispered this sexy message into his ear, he moaned and felt his eyes get covered by the tie once more, and his world was plunged back into darkness. He felt her get up, and moving things around his office.

“Now what do you have in mind, my sexy woman?” he asked her, hoping to find out where she was by the sound of her voice. But she just ignored him, causing him to think up a hundred different scenarios in the space of thirty seconds.

While he sat, tied and blindfolded in the chair, she was quickly moving things about in his office to make the next step much easier. She put away all the papers he had been working with, turned off the computer, and pushed the desk back slightly. Afterward, she laid out a soft blanket she had brought. She left her bag nearby; there were a few items she still wanted. They would need a lot of room for what would happen next.

She returned to him, and instead of straddling his lap, she sat sideways on him, and leaned into his shoulder, gently kissing and biting his neck. He gasped at her mouth moving along him, stretching his neck back so she would be able to cover him with her mouth. He hoped she would move lower, but she seemed content to just kiss him slowly. His cock was aching so much, he thought he would cum the moment she touched it. But he couldn’t deny that the feelings of pleasure that were now coursing his body were wonderful.

“Let’s get a little more comfortable, my love,” she said into his ear, while gently nibbling on the lobe.

“Now you’re talking!” he responded, getting ready to jump up and do whatever she requested.

Instead of moving off his lap immediately, she adjusted herself so that her ass would graze his cock as she stood. He moaned loudly, knowing that his pre cum was on her ass now, one of his favourite parts of her body.

“God, that woman knows how to tease!” he thought, getting more excited than he thought was possible.

Moving around the back of the chair, she loosened his bonds only for a moment, so he would be able to stand without hurting himself by trying to lift them over the back of the chair. He knew she would stop if he didn’t behave, so he didn’t make a move to lift the blindfold off. It was these simple things that solidified their relationship.

Taking his hand, she guided him to the desk. She turned his body, stood behind him and told him to sit down on the floor. She used her hands to help guide him to the floor, and knelt behind him once he was sitting.

“You’re doing a wonderful job of letting me be in control,” she said, lovingly running her hands over his shoulders and down his arms.

He shivered at her hands running over his body, wanting more, but not wanting the sweet torture to end.

“I can’t help it; you’ve got some sort of hold over me. Maybe it was your last visit,” he teased good naturedly.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “my last visit was quite wonderful. I thought about it for days. Why do you think I’m here tonight?”

His mind was running through their last encounter, remembering every breath she took, every moan that escaped from her mouth, every movement she made against his body. He thought he was going to cum right there, just fantasizing about her. He didn’t even notice her lowering his back to the floor.

She ran her fingers through his hair, while she reached into her bag for the handcuffs she’d hidden in there. Taking her hand from his hair, she attached one cuff to the desk, reached for his wrist, and snapped the cuff shut.

He jumped in surprise, but she held onto his other wrist in anticipation of his reaction. She quickly escort pendik locked the cuff around his wrist and then attached it to the desk.

“Oh, my God,” he breathed, knowing he had told her of this fantasy many months ago, always hoping for it to happen, and never daring to believe it would.

“Yes, my love. I told you that I was rewarding you for all the overtime you’ve worked.” She smiled down at him, glad she could bring him this much pleasure.

Moving down, she knew he was going to need a release, or he’d never make it through the night. Although she had wanted to save this part until later, she felt that now would be as good a time as any to start fulfilling his dirty desires. She pulled off her open shirt and took off her bra and skirt. No sense in having clothes on for what would happen next.

Quickly straddling his hips, she took his cock in her hand, and rubbed it up and down, holding it against her wet pussy. His hips lifted slightly, and moaned when she lifted away from him. Pulling herself up onto her knees, she guided his cock back slightly, and held it against her wet hole. She let herself slide down onto his cock, sighing in pleasure as she felt his big cock fill her again.

“Oh, God, yes,” he breathed as she slowly began moving up and down on his hard cock. With the shave she had given him, he could really feel every bit of her, and it was taking all of his concentration not to cum yet. He wanted to feel her around him for quite some time, since she had been teasing and torturing him all night.

Suddenly, she lifted herself off of him, and he gasped at the coolness of the office. It was a huge contrast to her hot pussy. But he wasn’t left out in the cold for long. The next thing he felt was his cock disappearing into her hot mouth, her tongue rubbing against the underside of him. She went at an agonizingly slow pace, just enough to keep him hard and hot for her, but not nearly enough to let him cum. He tried thrusting his hips up toward her mouth, but she just pulled back with his thrusts.

Again, she let his cock slip free of her warmth, leaving him to shiver from the cold. She straddled his hips again, but instead of letting him slide into her, she leaned forward to reach into her bag and, at the same time, let her hard nipples graze his mouth. He felt it, and wrapped his lips around one of them, hearing her moan a little with pleasure.

From her bag, she took the two sets of anal beads and their favourite lube that she bought a few days before. They had used them before but, as always, the next company claimed these were better than the last. She figured she would treat him to a new set, as well as herself. He hadn’t mentioned this in his fantasy, but she figured it would be a welcomed addition.

She slid back down his body, and knelt between his legs, and told him to bend his knees and put his feet on the floor. Unsure, but trusting, he did as she said. Before using the beads, she laid on the ground, and began kissing and teasing his ass with her lips and tongue. He moaned, and lifted himself a little to allow her mouth more access. She smiled, knowing how much he loved it, and how much he would love what would happen next.

First, she opened the bottle of lube, and spread a little on her finger. Once her finger was wet, she slid it straight into his ass, feeling him push back on her finger so it would go in further. She pumped it in and out, feeling his ass tighten up around her. She slipped it back out, added a little more lube, and repeated the process.

Once he was lubed up, she took the beads and coated them in the lube. Then, very gently, she began to slide them into his ass, one at a time. She glanced up at his face, and saw the look of pure lust. His cock was dripping pre-cum, and looked like it would explode as soon as she slid back onto him. As the beads began to get bigger, he started moaning, thrusting himself downward to push them in faster. She obliged him, and soon all the beads were inside his ass.

“Oh, my God, that feels so good. Come fuck me, please hon, I need it so badly,” he moaned and begged her. She needed no further prompting to fuck him, and straddled his hips again, and slid him straight into her hot, wet pussy. She leaned forward and took off his blindfold so he could watch her ride his cock. She moved her hand down to her hot clit, and began rubbing it, moaning at how good his big cock felt inside her.

He began moaning, getting closer to cumming deep inside her, and she began riding him faster and harder. He moaned her name, telling her he was about to cum, and to not stop riding him. She reached behind her and held the ring of beads in her hand.

“Oh, yes….oh, fuck, I’m going to cum….” he began moaning and thrusting harder, and as she felt the first rush of cum, she steadily began pulling the beads out of his ass. He looked so sexy, she rubbed her clit and began cumming as well, her pussy contracting and adding to the incredible sensations he was feeling all around him.

As he began to come down from pendik escort bayan his high, he wondered what was next, if anything. He was hoping desperately that there would be, but he could never tell with his girl. It changed every time. Luckily, he found out, he was in for quite a bit more.

Once she stopped cumming, she climbed off his cock and began to slide the beads back into his ass. He felt them go back in, and it was amazing. She had never done that before. His cock began to harden again, and she took him completely into her mouth, cleaning him off.

“Bring your pussy over here, you know you want me to lick you and clean my cum out of you,” he said, and she did. Badly. She moved into the 69 position, her pussy just inches above his mouth. Very slowly, she pushed herself down onto his mouth, and his tongue immediately disappeared inside her pussy, tasting not only her cum but his as well.

She knew this was part of the fantasy; to feel her push her cum filled pussy onto his mouth, so he could taste the two of them together. As she worked his cock up and down with both her hand and mouth, she felt his tongue probing and sliding in and out of her pussy. It felt so good, and she knew she would cum again soon if he kept it up.

She felt his tongue slide from inside her pussy up to her aching clit and being licking and teasing it with his tongue and lips. She pressed her hips down onto his mouth, wanting him to lick and suck harder on her sweet spot.

“Oh, my God, I’m going to cum…” she moaned as her body began to shudder. He moved his tongue rapidly across her clit, feeling her body shake above him. He loved watching her body move has she came, it made him incredibly hot for her.

She came back down from her high, he slipped his tongue back into her pussy, tasting her fresh juices and the last of his own cum from inside her. As she caught her breath, she began sliding her mouth back around his cock, which was still hard for her. He moaned at the sudden warmth of her mouth, desperately lifting his hips to get more of himself inside of her.

Very slowly, she lifted her body from his, and turned to face him. Reaching back into the bag, she retrieved the keys to the cuffs that held him in place, and released him. Before he had a chance to move, she whispered, “I’ve had my way with you. Now have your way with me.”

He then noticed her set of anal beads laying on the blanket, and his blindfold just off to the side. Grabbing the blindfold, he tightened it around her eyes, and told her to move to the centre of the blanket, lie on her back and spread her legs for him. She did so and waited for whatever it was he wanted to do to her.

Gently, he kissed the inside of her knee, feeling her shiver at his touch. He kissed is way all the way up her thigh, onto her stomach, and back around down her other leg. She was moaning with desire, wishing he hadn’t gone past her pussy. As she lay there, aching with desire, he took the lube and spread it across his fingers, and began teasing her ass with it. She felt the familiar gentle pushing of his fingers, and relaxed to let him in. Very quickly, he had two fingers in there, thrusting them in and out in time with her hips pushing back at him.

“Play with your nipples; I want to watch you touch yourself,” he whispered. She really wished he’d said play with your clit, but she obliged him; teasing and pulling on her nipples, making her more and more wet for him. He watched her move under him, and knew it was time to slide those amazing beads into her ass. His were keeping his cock hard, and watching her move was certainly helping him stay hard. As he pulled his fingers from inside her, she sighed with frustration and dropped her hands. He told her not to stop playing with them, and her hands went back to work.

Taking the bottle of lube again, he coated her beads in them and pushed four inside all at once. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, and then begged for more. He pushed one more in, and then pulled it back out, slowly fucking her with the beads.

“You want more inside you? Beg for it,” he said, enjoying the control he had over her pleasure. She was equally aware of his control over her, and it made her want it more.

“Oh, God, please put them all inside. I want you to fill my ass with those beads, and then fuck me. Please, put them in. I want to cum so badly, and I want to feel your hard cock inside me as I’m cumming. Please…”

Her could never resist her begging, and finally gave in. As he pushed the last bead inside of her, he also slid his cock into her soaked pussy, and whispered that she could rub her clit. She began rubbing it, and immediately began cumming all over him, screaming and begging him to fuck her faster. He reached under her and began fucking her with the largest bead, and her climax increased.

He pushed the bead all the way back inside of her, and slowed his pace as she began to relax underneath him. He could still feel her shaking slightly, after her very intense orgasm. Leaning down, he kissed her gently, bringing her back down to Earth, feeling her body begin to respond to him again. He took the blindfold off as well; if he wanted a positive answer to the next question, he was going to have to let her watch.

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