Outdoor Adventure

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As Kayla settled into her sleeping bag, she couldn’t help feeling frustrated. Not only would her husband not share a bag with her, he had already turned his back to her and gone to sleep. She had been eager to go camping, fantasizing about wild sex in the great outdoors. The meadow where they had stopped to pitch their tent was secluded with only a narrow dirt road connecting it to the outside world. The scene was ripe for something thrilling to happen.

But another couple had arrived that afternoon. They were camped a good ways off, but it dashed Kayla’s hopes of sex on the grass. She at least expected to fuck in the tent, but her husband said he was too tired. Now she lay in the dark feeling lonely and horny. She wore nothing except a thin t-shirt and a pair of light cotton panties, giving herself easy access to her own body. She reached beneath the shirt to fondle her own breasts. Her nipples were already stiff, and when she stroked them a shiver of pleasure ran through her.

She pushed one hand into her panties and stroked her slit before using her fingers to spread her lips and dip into her hole. She moaned softly then tightened her lips to keep quiet. Her juices were flowing, quickly wetting her crotch and her busy fingers. She pinched her clit and stroked it, making her body quiver.

Orgasm was coming quickly as she dreamed of being taken like an animal, down on her hands and knees on the grass or among the trees as a big hard stud pounded her from behind. She felt the pressure of her cum nearing, but she also felt a different pressure. Her bladder was full, and she needed to pee. Normally, she wouldn’t have stopped masturbating. Having to pee badly sometimes made her orgasm more intense. But she also knew she was liable to squirt out piss when she came, and she didn’t want to wet her sleeping bag.

Moving as quietly as she could, she left her husband snoring and left the tent. The full moon lit up the meadow brightly. She could see the other tent. With no one to see her, she boldly walked across the grass in her bare feet, aiming for the nearby stream. She actually wished someone was there to see her, to appreciate her body. The stream was fairly wide along the edge of the meadow, lined with bushes along its gently bank. Close by, the water formed a small pond to one side where the water was calm. It made an excellent place to bathe with its bottom of fine sand.

Kayla waded in knee deep. She squatted, bringing her crotch close to the water, pulled aside her panties and began to pee. Idly, she wondered what it would be like to squat over a man’s crotch like this, to piss on his hard cock before sliding her cunt down it and fucking him. She reached between her legs and began to rub her clit as she pissed, feeling wicked. Her urine stopped, but Kayla continued to masturbate. She pushed two fingers into her fuckhole and squeezed her tits with her other hand.

She moaned softly, enjoying what she was doing. The open sky above her made her feel free, as if there were no limits on her anymore. Her orgasm rushed on her, making her shake. She hunched her hips, fucking her own hand as her woman-cum made her fingers sticky. She stopped moving, panting a little, enjoying the sweet afterglow as she idly continued to fondle herself.

A noise from the bank made her freeze. Those were definitely footsteps. Remaining crouched, Kayla moved close to a bush, trying to peer through it to see who was coming. A figure appeared, a man with no shirt or shoes, wearing only a pair of black sweatpants. She recognized him when he got closer. It was Brad, the man from the couple in the other tent.

Kayla felt her skin grow warm. sarıyer escort She was half-naked, and she could smell her own arousal. Could he? she wondered. And, did she want him to? Her eyes remained glued to him as he stopped at the edge of the bank not far from where she was hiding. He looked around, then reached for his crotch. Kayla gasped when he pulled the waistband of his pants down and pulled out a semi-hard cock. Brad sighed as he aimed his cock at the water and released a thick stream of piss.

Kayla’s hand flew back to her crotch. She couldn’t believe she was seeing this! Her pussy felt electric beneath the touch of her fingers. She felt incredibly aroused. Brad finished pissing and he shook his cock to fling off the last few drops. He didn’t put his cock away, though. Instead Kayla watched as he began to stroke himself. His half-hard member swelled to full size. Kayla’s mouth watered as she stared at Brad’s cock. Suddenly she wanted this man. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted to suck his cock and grind her pussy on his mouth.

She plunged her fingers inside herself, making a squishing sound. Brad had his eyes closed. His fist pumped up and down his shaft steadily. She heard him moan. He bent forward a little, bending his knees, and began moving his hips as if he were fucking someone, thrusting his swollen cock through his curled fingers. Kayla was panting, finger-fucking herself in a matched rhythm, pretending she was the one getting fucked. She couldn’t resist moaning.

Brad’s eyes flew open. He looked right at her, eyes wide. For a moment, they both froze. Then he must have noticed how she was dressed, must have been able to see how she was masturbating, watching him. Slowly, smiling, he resumed jacking off. Kayla moaned again as she also went on masturbating. Brad moaned louder, his eyes glued to her. She had never felt so wicked before, nor had she ever felt such a connection to anyone.

“My god, you’re beautiful,” he said, the first words he’d ever spoken to her. Then, “I’m cumming!”

Kayla gasped as Brad tensed. Jism shot from the end of his cock, a thick dollop flying through the air to hit the ground not far from her. More followed, Strong jets of thick white sperm until the last of it dribbled over his fingers. Kayla cried out as her own orgasm struck like a bomb. She shook, clutching her hand over her spasming cunt. When it was over, she felt almost too weak to stand. Brad hadn’t moved. He still had his cock in his hand, idly stroking as he watched her cum. Kayla knew what she wanted to do, what she had to do. She rose out of the water and walked to him. It was wonderful the way his eyes devoured her. She stepped close, in front of him, and put her hands on his arms. He released his cock as she rose onto her toes and kissed him softly. She felt his cock, beginning to soften, rub against her tummy. He returned her kiss, their lips tumbling over one another until she opened her mouth to him. She touched her tongue to his lips. He opened his mouth and their tongues embraced like old lovers. It made her hair stand on end, such a perfect kiss.

Kayla pulled her mouth from his and settled onto her feet again, grinning coyly. Her hand wrapped around his cock. Already it was swelling again. The hot flesh filled her hand, and her first thought was that Brad was going to fill her pussy better than her husband did. First though…

Brad watched wide-eyed as Kayla sank to her knees. She ran her tongue up the length of his shaft and closed her lips around the head. Her tongue gently probed his tiny hole, coming away with the faintest esenyurt escort tasted of his manliness. She cupped his balls gently, rubbing them as she licked down his length again, all the way to the base. She suckled his balls, inhaling deeply his musky scent. Then she ran her tongue back to his head and let it slip past her lips into her mouth. Brad groaned as she took in nearly half his length before pulling back, applying gently suction and fluttering her tongue against the sensitive underside of his shaft. His fingers ran through her hair as she went down again, taking more of him in.

She felt light-headed, as if none of this was really happening. It was so hard to believe she was on her knees out in the great wide open sucking another man’s cock. And she loved it. She put her hands on his hips, urging him to fuck her mouth. He moaned loudly as she drew back and let his cock pop wetly from her mouth before plunging back down, slurping him. His hips pushed forward, shoving his length through her lips. His cock throbbed in her mouth. Her pussy was creaming by itself.

She pulled off him again. She grabbed his cock with one hand and fisted the shaft, slick with her spit. A tendril of saliva stretched out from his head to her lips as she looked up at him. His eyes flamed with the same deep lust she felt burning inside her. Quickly, she sucked him back into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she jacked him into her mouth.

She had to make herself stop. As tempting as it was to make him cum in her mouth or spurt on her face, there was another place she wanted his seed. She pulled his pants down and helped him out of them, leaving him nude. She stood up and pulled her shirt off over her head. They embraced again, pressing eager mouths together. His bare chest felt so good against her breasts. Her stiff nipples tingled as they rubbed over his skin.

His hands clamped onto her ass cheeks. He pulled her closer, grinding his cock into her. His hands slipped into the waistband. As he lowered himself down her body, leaving a wet trail with his tongue, the panties were pushed down her legs. He paused to suckle each of her heavy tits, then snaked his mouth over her tummy, down to her crotch. She stepped out of her panties as he nosed his way between her legs. She jumped as his tongue found her slit.

His strong hands grabbed her waist and turned her around. “Bend over,” he ordered, and she quickly obeyed. She felt his hot breath on her pussy an instant before his mouth covered her. He pressed his tongue flatly over her clit, raking over it. Then his lick passed between her swollen pussy lips, and she heard him smack his lips as he drank her flowing juice. She moaned when he shoved his tongue inside her. His thumb rubbed her clit as he tongue-fucked her. His nose rubbed over her asshole followed by a wet finger pressing gently into her. Kayla thought she would explode.

Two fingers pushed into her pussy and fucked her wetly as Brad covered her asshole with his tongue. She felt its wet heat enter her backside and she came, her hips bucking. She cried out loudly, praying no one would wake and catch them, and humped back at his face until the waves of dazzling pleasure abated.

Her knees were wobbly as she straightened and turned to him. He embraced her tightly, kissing her ardently. The taste of her orgasm was on his mouth as she sucked greedily at his tongue. He squeezed her tits with one hand as the other gripped her ass. His hard cock jutted between her thighs and rubbed against her acing cunt.

Kayla groaned into his mouth. “Fuck me,” she told him. “I want you to fuck me.” He avrupa yakası escort trembled as he pulled her down to the soft grass and lay her on her back. She spread her legs wide for him, eagerly opening herself to him. Brad kneeled between her thighs and leaned over her. His hard cock lay on her, between her swollen lips. He thrust back and forth a few times, sawing his member through her splayed wetness. Then he pulled back farther to let his cock drop down. He pressed the head against her opening, pressed harder, and began to enter her. Kayla clutched his arms as she felt herself being penetrated. His thick cock split her lips which caressed his shaft like a lover’s kiss. He really was thicker than her husband, and it felt so wonderful to be filled with him.

He halted a few inches into her and pulled back. Kayla clutched at his departing cock with her pussy muscles. He plunged back inside her, ramming his cock halfway into her. Kayla cried out and lifted her legs to dig her heels into the backs of his legs. He thrust again, burying his cock in her pussy. Kayla lifted her legs high into the air and felt a thrill as he sank into her just a little deeper. Brad hooked his arms behind her legs and began to fuck her with long, slow, deep strokes. With her feet resting on his chest, Kayla pushed back at him, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts.

It was the most thrilling thing she’d ever done. The grass at her back, the starry sky overhead, the cool breeze on her naked skin, and this beautiful man’s cock pistoning in and out of her hungry cunt. That she was cheating on her husband was barely a consideration. Nothing that felt this right could be wrong.

She came with a deep moan. Brad paused with his cock deep inside her pulsating cunt, holding her quivering legs as her body shook and her woman-cum flooded over his balls. When she relaxed again he lowered her legs and lay over her. She wrapped her arms around him and put her legs over his, locking his body to hers. He began to fuck her faster, harder, his heavy balls slapping against her asshole with each grunting thrust.

They kissed passionately. A strange emotion filled her, blossoming love mixed with urgent need and aching desire. Brad’s dick was swelling inside her. She could tell he was going to cum. His face was twisting with his pleasure, his breath fast and heavy, constantly moaning. Kayla heard herself moaning in tune with him. Her pussy was on fire. The nerves were raw and crackling with electric sparks of ecstasy. Brad slammed into her harder.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Kayla panted. “Cum inside me. Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming again!” She felt him explode inside her, his hot cum rocketing into her as her pussy throbbed and milked his thick shaft. She saw sparks in her eyes as she came again, the strongest orgasm of her life. She squeezed his body to hers as they shook and moaned together. He managed to pull back a little and slam into her, igniting another explosion inside her. More of his sperm jetted into her body, filling her with his hot liquid.

It seemed a long while before he was spent. He relaxed on top of her as they kissed and caressed one another. He held her tightly and rolled onto his back, pulling her over on top of him. She straddled him, his cock still buried in her cunt, as they kissed softly.

“I’m so glad I had to piss,” he said. She giggled. “Me, too,” she said. In fact, she felt a little piss left inside her and wondered what it would be like to let it go while he was still inside her. What would he think? And she wondered if they would get to be alone again, and what they would do together. Her asshole still tingled from the touch of his tongue. The possibilities filled her with delight.

An hour later, after bathing each other in the stream and sharing countless kisses, Kayla crawled back into her tent as he went to his. She got into her sleeping bag and fell almost instantly into an exhausted sleep. And when she dreamed, she saw Brad’s face, and stars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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