Our second adventure, true

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Our second adventure, true
After that hot night with Eric it was round 3 years later when I again organised another guy to join us. We fucked like rabbits from the hot talk and constant reliving of the night we had with him. So, after having the k**s and they were old enough for sitters to look after, Monica’s lovely slim body and breasts returned to their loveliness I placed and advert in the personals section of the same paper that Eric advertised in.

M/C: Married couple, 35 years seeking understanding switched on gents to help husband satisfy slim attractive wife, age open, married gents also welcomed. Frank reply with photo to P/O box…

Well, we received over a couple hundred replies in the following days, some replies were way off, some over the top and some very horny stating why and how they were going to fuck Monica. There were plenty of pics of erect cocks, some including face shots, we were in awe from receiving so many replies from men wanting to fuck another guys wife. We got off reading them at bed time then it was time for the screening to start. I contacted quite a lot and ended up meeting with only a few of them as discretion was paramount, I would have died if we ran into someone we knew. We didn’t want low class desperate pervert types but looking for men who were cool with using a married woman with her husband watching, Monica enjoying and güvenilir bahis experiencing another man while I got to watch my wife fucked.

Enter James, his reply which appeared levelheaded compared to most; Married gent able to get away, understanding and will not pose any problems to your marriage, enjoy deep thrusting fucking. Call during…. he also supplied an erect cock shot, quite well hung indeed we large balls.

I eventually met him on my own, he was an executive type business owner, tall and although some what a little over weight, he appeared the right type for our second adventure into wife sharing. Showed him a photo of Monica in her suspenders etc but this time without her face scratched out, he was very impressed. I clearly laid out what we wanted and he was more than happy to have a wife with her husband present and also said would be great for both of us to team up on her.

I reported back to Monica, she was very nervous this time round, I had to calm her down somewhat until she finally agreed to go ahead. I rang James to give him the good news, he organised a nice hotel in the city for a Sunday afternoon of fun. On the day Monica was extremely nervous, perhaps because she hadn’t met him and was going to be fucked by someone she didn’t know. I let James know of the state Monica was in, he said he wouldn’t rush things and see how things perabet panned out, Monica certainly very different from meeting with Eric 3 years earlier.

We got to the hotel, went up to James’s room, he opened the door, Monica politely said a hello as he did. Later Monica said that her initial thoughts were he wasn’t her type but after 45 minutes of getting to know him and lots of conversation about anything and everything, some drinks he eventually asked Monica if she wanted to join him on the bed. ” OK” she replied. My heart skipped a beat hearing her accept his invitation, James followed behind Monica as she went to and got on the bed. He got on beside her and things got underway, hugging, kissing and feeling each other up. I pulled up a chair and watched on, his hand up Monica’s dress, her hand rubbing his cock through his trousers. He stripped her off to her black stockings, suspenders and bikini g-strings, he was most impressed telling me my wife is a perfect 10. He stripped off exposing an erect fat 7 inch cock, I also stripped of. James removed Monica’s panties and threw them on the floor, spread her legs looking at her hairy pussy, he then proceeded to lick her out. Monica with eyes shut clearly enjoying the tongue lashing she was getting later saying she thought he gave her one of the best lick outs she ever had.

After some time and Monica perabet giriş enjoying her first orgasm, James got into position and drove his cock into my wife, he started to pound fuck her, he was going to town on her. She was like a rag doll under him, his big body compared to her slim frame was so fucking erotic to watch. He fucked Monica every which way, got her on all fours and continued to pound her, her body jolting with every thrust he gave her. I watched thinking, my god this guy can fuck, I was loving every thrust he gave my wife and wondering how much of him she can take. James said over a dozen times while fucking Monica how sensational it was. The difference between Eric having Monica to James was so different, Eric more the user while James a fucker with stamina and staying power fucking deep hard and fast, I enjoyed watching both men with my wife.

All of a sudden, James positioned Monica on her back, got between her legs and fucking her hard and fast he started to grunt and groan, slowed to power thrusts as he started to blow his cum into my wife, 6 power thrusts in all which we soon found out was how he would always cum. Again he said sensational as he rolled off Monica leaving her there with a cheeky smile on her face, legs spread and thick cum oozing out of her opened pussy and running down the crack of her bottom. ” Have a look at it dribble out of her” commented James, I didn’t need him to tell me that, I could clearly see. I remember how radiant Monica looked, laying there with legs spread and a substantial amount of cum leaking from her pussy.

Round 2 to follow.

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