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My name is John. I am a 45 year old widower with an 18 year old son who I raised by myself since his mom passed away ten years ago.

I am 5’9″ 180, s/p hair and brown eyes.

My son, Tod, just graduated from high school and is taking the summer off before heading to college. He is very athletic and is 5’10, 175, brown hair, and brown eyes.

I have a girlfriend that I live with and her name is Jennifer, Jen for short. She is a divorced mom and has been for 8 years. She has a daughter, Connie, who is 18, who also just graduated high school.

Connie is 5’6″, about 110, blue eyes, average tits and a nice ass.

Jen is 5’7″, about 125, black hair, blue eyes, big tits and big nipples. She has a small landing strip.

Jen and I have been seeing each other for about five years now and it is getting serious. Our kids have met more than once on trips we have taken together. They get along very well and live with us.

The four of us share my house and the kids have their own bedrooms. Jen and I sleep together.

The kids are ok with the arrangements.

One night while Jen and I were in bed, I asked her if she thought our kids were fucking together. She looked at me and wanted to know why I asked that.

I told her that it would only be natural for them and I would be ok with it if they were. Jen kind of agreed and said that it would be better that they do it together instead of going out looking for it.

That night we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I was off for a few days, Jen left for work and Tod was still sleeping when Connie came into the kitchen. When I saw her I gasped as she wasn’t wearing too much, only her panty and a short top with no bra.

I asked her why she was dressed like that, she just said it was warm and it was comfortable.

We had breakfast and out of the clear blue Connie asked me how her mother was in bed. I looked at her and asked her why she wanted to know and that the question was very personal.

She said that she has heard us in bed a few times and it seemed that her mom was good at it.

As I felt my face getting red, I just told her that her mom was a terrific woman and left it at that.

Then Connie told me that she had seen me completely naked once and liked what she saw and was envious of her mom.

I told her that the topic was closed and over.

Nothing else was said for the rest of the day. When Jen came home I told her what happened with Connie and I was shocked that Jen just brushed it off as a non-issue.

I told her what would she do if Tod did some probing like Connie did. Connie said she would tell him everything as there was nothing to be ashamed of.

I told her that if Connie asked again, I wouldn’t hold anything back and Jen said that would be a good idea.

The next moring seemed to be a repeat of the day before, except this time Connie’s top was almost see through and her tits and swollen nipples were clearly visible.

I looked at her and shook my head at her. She responded by asking if I liked what I saw. I told bostancı escort bayan her yes, but it was irrelevant.

Then she started the questions again. This time I told her I would answer all if them truthfully.

Connie asked how big my cock was. I told her it was about 9″ hard. Then she asked if I fucked her mom in the ass. I told her I do but not often. She then asked if I ever fucked her mom with another guy or woman. I told her that her mom was bi and yes and me and another guy have fucked her mom at the same time.

Connie’s eyes grew bigger with each question and answer. But she kept asking.

She asked if her mom fucked Tod. I told her that I didn’t think so. She continued and asked if her mom was a slut. I told her no, but that she enjoyed all aspects of sex, like I did.

Then she said she had one last question. I asked her what it was. She smiled and asked what would her mom say if I wanted you to fuck me in front of her?

I told her I didn’t know but I didn’t think she would approve. I continued and told her to ask her mom and to talk to her about what we discussed today. She said she planned to do just that.

Tod came down and had a quick breakfast and headed out to the gym and said he would be home for dinner.

When Jen came home, I told her what happened with Connie and all of her questions. I told Jen that I answered each one honestly.

Jen looked at me with a smirk and said she better have a talk with her.

Jen went upstairs and saw Connie and told her they had to talk.

Jen said that John told her everything that happened today and all the questions and answers and it was a good time to talk.

Connie sat on the bed and Jen started talking.

She told Connie that she loves sex, always had. She continued by saying that sex is nothing to be ashamed about, but rather to enjoy it.

She told Connie that she doesn’t consider herself a slut but others may think she is. She told her daughter that she likes women, as well as men and enjoys more than one cock at a time as well.

As she was leaving, Jen said, “Connie, if you want to fuck John you have my permission. I will tell him I am offering you to him on the condition that he agrees to fuck you in front of me.”

Jen went downstairs and told me what happened. She then told me that she was offering her daughter to me under the condition of my doing her daughter in front of her.

I was shocked and told her I couldn’t fuck her daughter. Then Jen said, “John, what if you could convince Tod to fuck me? That way we would both be offering up our kids to each other.”

I thought about it and said I would think about it.

That night Jen and I fucked the night away and we didn’t care who heard us, especially Connie.

The next day I took a drive to think about Jen and I talked about. I finally decided to do it.

I texted Jen and told her it was a go but that I would need her help. She texted back that she would.

Later in the day, I had a chat with Connie and told her that Jen and I agreed ümraniye escort on her desire and would let her know when it will happen. She smiled and kissed me.

When Jen came home I told her the plan. She would dress sexy around Tod and I would talk to him and convince him that my offering him to Jen is ok.

Jen said she would and tomorrow, being a day when we would all be together, we would start.

Saturday morning came and Jen only put on a thong and light t-shirt with no bra and came down for breakfast.

As we all sat at the table, Connie told her mon she looked hot. Tod’s eyes got as big as saucers and also said Jen looked terrific.

I asked Tod if he wanted to join me on a short trip to get some material for a house project. He agreed and soon we were in the car and on our way.

As we were driving, I mentioned to Tod that I had a small problem and wondered if he would help.

He asked what it was and I told him that I couldn’t keep Jen sexually satisfied lately; that she seemed insatiable.

He asked how could he help. I asked him if he would be willing to fuck her since he is younger and would be able to satisfy her.

I told him she dressed like she did this morning for him.

He looked at me and said it wouldn’t be right. I told him I already spoke to Jen and she said she is willing to try to see if it helps her.

I pleaded with him and after much discussion, he said he would do it. I told him that I would set it up and he could be with us and when I am done with Jen, he could continue with her.

I told him it would be my offering of my son to her. Then I thanked him.

We finished doing what we had to do and headed home.

When we got home, Tod went out and Connie was gone. It was only Jen and myself.

I told her what happened and Tod was ok with my offering him to her. I told her we should make plans now and she agreed.

I asked Jen if she wanted all four of us together in one bed or to do it separately. She thought that maybe we should get them in the bedroom and do the offerings at the same time. I agreed and we decided on doing it tomorrow night.

Connie got home first and we told her that everything was set for tomorrow night but there would be a surprise or two and if she couldn’t handle them, then the night would be cancelled. She said it was ok.

When Tod came home, we told him the same thing we told Connie and he was ok with all of it.

That night Jen and I had great sex and talked about what was ahead; Tod fucking her and me fucking her daughter. I told Jen it would be a bonus if Tod and Connie wound up fucking each other as we watched.

That seemed to turn Jen on and she rode my cock until she exploded in multiple orgasms.

The next day, Jen came down to breakfast wearing a g-string and a sheer bra. Connie came down wearing a thong and a see through top with no bra.

Tod and I enjoyed the show, to say the least.

Jen spent a good deal of the day preparing for tonight. She made sure the bed had fresh linens, that there were extra kartal escort towels in the master bathroom and sex toys were available.

She picked out her lingerie and everything was set. Neither Tod or Connie knew what was ahead for them.

After dinner, Jen went upstairs and got the bed ready. She called Tod and asked him to come upstairs. As he did, I told Connie to give me a few minutes then come upstairs.

In a short time, all four of us were in the master bedroom. Jen had on her sexy lingerie. We then made the announcement. “Connie and Tod, Jen and I have decided it was time to offer you to Jen and myself.”

We continued, “Tod, you will be fucking Jen while I fuck Connie. Hopefully, sometime tonight, we would love to see both Tod and Connie fucking each other as a way of bringing this family together as one.”

That being said, Jen told everyone to get the night started.

I immediately went over to Connie and removed her top and then ripped her thong from her body, leaving her naked. As I did that, Jen took Tod in her arms and let him feel her up and had him remove her lingerie, leaving her naked.

I laid Connie on the bed and mounted her as Tod and Jen watched. As Connie and I started making out, I slowly slipped my cock in her young cunt. I started fucking her slowly and then Connie and I watched as Tod had Jen on her back and already had his cock deep into my girlfriend’s cunt.

The scene of the four of us fucking together was unbelievable. Connie and Jen were playing with each others tits as they were getting fucked.

Then I made Connie get on all fours and pressed my cock against her asshole. As she pleaded not to fuck her ass, I slowly inserted my cock in her virgin ass until it completely filled her. I started fucking her ass as she moaned in pain and pleasure. Het tits swaying with each thrust.

Tod leaned over and started kissing her as I continued fucking her ass. Soon I was going to cum and after a few more thrusts, I shot my load into her ass. When I pulled out my cock, my cum oozed out her ass and onto the bed.

As we relaxed, we watched Tod finish off Jen and saw him shoot his cum all over her tits and face.

We all rested awhile and then it happened. Tod moved over to Connie and they started playing with each other, feeling each other up.

It didn’t take long for Tod’s cock to get hard and in no time, had it deep inside Connie’s cunt.

Jen and I watched as our kids were fucking and it was a beautiful sight to see. It didn’t take long before Tod was ready to cum. Jen asked Tod to shoot his cum all over Connie’s tits and face.

Tod pulled out his cock and shot a huge cum load all over Connie’s tits and face and then fell to the side spent.

As soon as Tod finished, Jen went over to Connie and started kissing her and feeling her up. I never saw Jen take such control and almost devour her daughter. They got into 69 and as they were eating each other out, Tod mounted Jen from behind and fucked her doggie style until he came in her.

That night, the four of us fucked all night and got little sleep.

From that night, the sex was free among the four of us. It was not unusual for Connie joining us in bed or Tod fucking both women at the same time.

The sex barrier was thrown out and we all lived our sexual fantasy.

Chapter 2?

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