Otto’s Special Cum Cocktail!

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Otto’s Special Cum Cocktail!
His name was Otto. I found about his penchant for making sperm cocktails, and sperm soup (meaning, that he liked jacking off into a fancy, cut glass wine goblet, or into an antique soup bowl, for any interested party that might be so inclined; and I was that interested party!

Through a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend sort of connection I decided to see if I might be able to have one of those for myself!

“You’ve GOT to have one of those!” The guy who knew Otto, and who said he’d contact him to see if he’d provide ME with one, seemed pretty confident that he would. “But I’ll have to check first!”

That seemed reasonable enough, and so I didn’t hear back from the guy for about a week; and I’d started to think I’d never hear back, when I got a text from him. He said Otto was very open to the idea!

“You’re gonna LOVE IT!” He said, enthusiastically. “The guy’s got SO much sperm! You won’t believe it! It’s amazing!”

So, the next evening, armed with Otto’s address, I drove over to his small, modest house, and knocked on the door and waited, nervously for him to answer!

When he opened the door, it was surprised to see what he looked like. I’d been assuming that he’d be this big stud-looking sort of guy; tall, muscular, full head of hair, etc. etc. but, that wasn’t at all what Otto looked like! He was an OLDER guy, for one thing, probably around 60 maybe. He was short, skinny, with an unusually big, bald, head. His eyes were big, and they had dark circles around them. As he opened the door, and seeing me standing there, he immediately smiled, and as he did, I could see he had some really ugly teeth! What I’m getting at, is the guy wasn’t the most handsome looking guy!

“Come on in!” He said, pushing the screen door open for me. As I almost decided to turn around and leave, but, Otto had this…I don’t know how to put it…’aura’, or ‘presence’ about him that, though his outward, physical appearance, was, at least initially, ‘off-putting’, I was still very much intrigued, and interested in, seeing him shooting all that cum he was reputed to have! And, I was definitely still interested in either a bowl of sperm, or a sperm cocktail! It had been a long time since I’d run across such an opportunity for that, so I didn’t want pass illegal bahis up what might be me last such opportunity!

He stood to one side as I entered his house, and then, when I was inside, he closed the door behind him. He was smiling at me as I turned around.

“So,” he said, still smiling, “I guess your here for some sperm soup? Or a sperm cocktail? Right? Did I understand that correctly?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I have. You’ve come highly recommended for that,” I added.

He gave a slight chuckle at that. “That’s nice to hear!”

He didn’t seem in any hurry, and so he had me set on the couch, while he took up a broken-down looking easy chair.
He wanted to know a little bit about me, and so we chatted for about 20-25 minuets like that. As we did, I found Otto to be a nice guy. He was articulate, and from the shelves of books behind him, it was obvious he was quite a reader. From where I sat, I could see such titles as astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, and all sorts of other subjects. He volunteered that he’d been a teacher at one time, but was now retired.

I then told him something of myself.

“Well,” he said, glancing at his watch, “that’s enough chatting. You’re here for something else!”

I remained seated, while Otto went to the kitchen and rummaged around the cabnets for a moment, and then carried back to the kitchen table a red Fiesta Wear soup bowl, bright red, and he set it near the edge of the table. He glanced over at me as he did and smiled once again.

“Have you ever had sperm soup, or a sperm cocktail before?” He asked.

“Yes I have,” I said. “About ten year ago, out in San Francisco, as a matter of fact.”

“Ah, yes!” He replied, with another smile, “San Francisco. I used to live there at one time. Long time ago now.”

I didn’t say anything to that.

“Well,” he said, beginning to  unbuckle his slacks and unfastening his belt, “your in for a real treat then! ‘Cuz I make the best there is!”

“So I’ve heard!” I replied, now feeling my pulse starting speed up with anticipation!

A moment later, as I remained seated where I had been since being invited in, I watched as Otto took his cock out (which was surprisingly small for what I’d been expecting) and he proceeded to jerk off. He appeared to have little, if any, embarrassment illegal bahis siteleri in doing so, even in front of total stranger! So, I remained setting there and watched.

When Otto came, what I saw was truly incredible! It was a good thing he’d selected a large and wide bowl, because when he began coming, it seemed as if he’d never run out of sperm; and I stood up to get a better look, as he just kept pumping more, and more, and MORE sperm into that vivid red Fiesta Ware bowl

“Oh, my!” He said, smiling down at the bowl after he’d finally stopped ejaculating. “I haven’t done that in a while. That’s a bigger than usual amount! I hope that’s okay with you?”

“Oh, hell yes it is!” I said without hesitation.

“Then you better eat it up while it’s still warm and fresh,” he said, and as he did, he handed me a fancy, antique silver soup spoon, that I hadn’t noticed him holding before.

I came and sat down in front of the bowl as Otto pulled his underpants and slacks back up, watching me closely as he did.

I dipped the spoon into the contents and transferred it into my open mouth. I closed my mouth and savored it for a second or so. Then I swallowed.

“That’s some good stuff,” I said, glancing up at him; and as I did, he smiled back at me, obviously pleased!

After that, and because I knew that his sperm was rapidly cooling off now that it lay out in the open air, I hurriedly, no eagerly, spooned it down as fast as I could! I even raised the mostly empty bowl and drank the few remaining drops that clung to surface; and I even tried to lick up whatever else remained!

When I set the bowl back down on the table, I looked up and saw him, still standing there watching me with the faintest of smiles playing over his face.

That,” I declared, truthfully, too, “was the very best sperm soup I think I’ve ever had! I mean that. Thanks!”

“That’s so very nice of you to say!” He replied, smiling more obviously.

I sat there in front of the now empty (or as empty as I could make it) bowl for a moment before standing up.

The taste of his sperm was noticeably sweet, and with a slightly ‘nutty’ after taste. I told him that, and he smiled.

“Yes,” Otto replied, “I’ve been told that by others. It’s what makes it so special, I guess!”

“Well, as I said, canlı bahis siteleri it was the BEST that I’VE ever had. That’s all I can say about it!”

He smiled once again. “I appreciate that. I really do. It’s not everyday I get to have the honor of serving it to someone.”

“The ‘honor’,” I replied, “is all mine!”

“Well,” he said, “you would be more than welcome to come back again sometime! I appreciate someone, such as yourself, who ‘appreciates’ what I do! You’ve made my day. Thank you for that!”

“And thank YOU for the sperm soup!”

“My pleasure!” He replied with a smile.

“Would you like a drink of anything? Sometimes I have a visitor who wishes to rinse out his mouth after words”, he said by way of explanation.   

“I’m fine, thanks!” I said.

I offered to give him some cash, but he rejected it.

“This isn’t about money.” He replied, in an even tone of voice.

“I didn’t mean to offend you. Sorry.”

“No offense taken,” he said. “So now you know that money isn’t needed here.”

He gave me a friendly smile at that.

“I like you,” he said. “Your…polite! I like politeness. It’s a rare commodity today it seems.”

“I’m just glad I got to come over here tonight,” I replied.

“You may come back again if you like!” He said again. “Just text me ahead of time, like you did this time.”

“I certainly will! And, again, Thank you! That was THE best sperm soup I’ve ever had. I’m not exaggerating.”

“You’re very sweet to say so.” He replied.

A moment later, he showed me to the door, and I thanked Otto once again for ‘The Soup.’

“Come back again!” He said, and as he did, he touched me for the first time. He reached out and put his hand, lightly, on my forearm, in a friendly way.

Then, smiling, he wished me a “safe drive” home!

After I got home I texted my friend who had told me about Otto.

“How did it go?” He was eager to know.

“Great!” I answered.

“I knew it would be!” He said. “That guy’s got to have the biggest goddamned load of cum I’ve ever seen!”

“It was!”

“So? Did you have The Soup? Or the Cock Tail?”

“The Soup!”

“That guy can almost fill up an entire bowl, can’t he? It’s fucking incredible!”

“It is!”

“Did he like you?”

“You mean, did he invite me to come back again?”

“Yes. So? Did he?”

“He did!”

“He doesn’t do that for everyone that goes there. So you better be happy about that!”

“So, thanks for letting me know about this guy! I owe you one.”

“Not really. I knew you’d like him, and I had a good idea that he’d like you, as well.”

“Still, thanks again anyway!”

“No problem!”

The End

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