OTK Ch. 02

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Last night I spanked my mother, and then sent her to bed. I’d stayed downstairs, and wanked till I came, all the while reliving that spanking of her chubby bum, with the tight-stretched panties.

Today I had decided that this time I’d see if her spanking had made her more submissive – more agreeable to my demands.

She arrived home a little late, and was surprised to see me already there. I guessed she was hoping I’d be late, or out for the evening.

I started as I intended to go on.

“Mother, come in here, please.” Somewhat hesitantly she came into the front room. “What….what’s up, Don?” and I saw her twitching her fingers – a sure sign of nerves.

“Last night I spanked you. Tonight…I’m going to do the same.” She took a step backwards. “No. No…please. I’ll do anything you ask but that’s not fair. I’m your mother.”

Ignoring her words I gestured to her: “Skirt up. I want to see your panties. NOW!” Mother stared at me as I shouted at her, then slowly, reluctantly, her hands went to the hem of her skirt. I waited, and she pulled it up, from the front, until her blue panties appeared. She stopped, staring at me. “Higher!” I demanded, and she continued until the waistband was on show. They were just as I liked panties – full and with just covering bostancı escort the tops of her legs.

“Turn around – pull up the back.”

Her bum was snug in them, and I pushed her in the small of the back: “bend forward a little.

Mother bent forward, and my cock, already erect, hardened more. I pulled her panties even tighter with one hand and fondled her bum with the other. She shivered slightly, but stayed in position.

I had an idea. With mother in an obedient mood I decided to push things on.

“Stand up, face me. Let your skirt go. Now, open your blouse.” Mother opened her mouth to protest, then obviously thought better of it. Her face, already an embarrassed red, darkened, but her hands went hesitantly to the buttons and began to undo them. “Hurry up – I’m waiting” I urged her.

The blouse swung open – a matching blue bra held her freckled tits. The material was too thick to see the nipples and my mind raced. I had intended merely to spank her again, but this submissive situation was too good to miss. I took a chance. “Now, mother, undo and remove your skirt, then turn around and wait.”

My mother was, by now, resigned to obeying me. She unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it and turned her back to me. Dressed only in ümraniye escort bayan blouse and bra she was all mine! I pulled out a chair from the table, pushed her towards it and instructed her to bend over its front, with her hands on the seat. Without hesitation I was obeyed, and what a sight! My mother pushing her bum, only dressed in tight panties, towards me, and her blouse hanging open. I hastily released my cock and stood behind her. With one hand I grasped the waist of the panties and swiftly pulled them down, with the other I applied pressure to her back to keep her bent over. Mother moaned, obviously expecting a bare-bottom spanking.

“Spread your legs, mother, I want to be able to see your cunt.”

She gasped at my use of that word, but obeyed. I moistened my cock with spit, then, my hand in the small of her back, I pushed it into her cunt. She screamed softly and half twisted sideways, but my steadying hand stopped that, and I pushed in hard. My cock went in, and in. My, she was big.

“No, please, Don, this is so so wrong.” I slapped her right buttock, hard, and she yelled. Then I leaned forward, and used both hands to sweep up under the swinging blouse to her tits and pushed the bra up and out of the way.

Now I started to move kartal escort in her. What a delight. My mother’s bare tits in my hands and my super-erect cock in her cunt. Within a minute her nipples were rigid, and her breathing was fast. I couldn’t resist: “tell me, mother, I bet you didn’t think your next fucking would come from your son. Did you?”

“No. Oooh. My God you bastard this is wrong…it’s..ooh oh don’t…don’t stop, Don, I’m gonna cum!” She shouted the last few words, and I felt her orgasm swell up and shake her. Seconds later I also came, feeling my sperm squirting in to her wet cunt. I rested for a couple of minutes, then eased out of her. She made to stand up but I instructed her to stay where she was. I wanted to enjoy the sight of her bare bum, arched back and see my spunk beginning to drip out and down her leg.

Then I allowed her to stand, and she turned somewhat shame-faced towards me. Now I could see the big bare tits and her unshaved pussy. As she went to cover herself I ordered her to put her hands on her head. This, of course, pushed her tits out provocatively. I smiled to myself.

“Now, tomorrow is Saturday. You and I are going shopping. We’re going to get you just the right underwear for a slutty mother to wear.” Mother looked at me but said nothing. “Tomorrow night I’ll show you what happens to women who don’t obey.” Again, no comment. “And now you can go upstairs and clean up – I won’t touch you again tonight.”

Mother scurried from the room and I sat down. This was heaven. Just wait till tomorrow.

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