One Week

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It had been almost a week since she saw him last. An entire week of dreaming about sex, fantasizing about sex, masturbating to thoughts of sex… The week had dragged by slowly. She was never known for her patience. She believed in instant gratification. Even her orgasms (if she had her way) were rushed and quickly fulfilled, sometimes even overshot. Hurrying things along sometimes left her on a plateau of pleasure… one with no fulfillment forthcoming. She said she hated being teased, but it was only because she couldn’t stand waiting. In all actuality, she loved it.

The weekend was almost here. She had made do without him by sneaking off here and there to masturbate. Secretly fingering herself when everyone else went to bed. Playing with herself even in the bathroom. Lingering longer than was necessary in the shower. Each orgasm was a short sunburst of pleasure, that quickly faded. Hardly satisfying. Not like sex.

Too many times she imagined his hard cock inside her. Or his fingertips brushing against her clit. Warm lips nibbling on her pussy and a hard tongue canlı bahis to plunge into her. Teeth scraping her folds… a fingertip nudging her ass…

God, she was horny.

Already, she promised herself that the next time she saw him she was going to ride him hard. Swallow his cock and suck him dry. Spread her pussy over his face. Beg him to take her ass. God, especially that. She recalled how years ago she denied anyone entrance. Until he changed her mind with a soapy bath and slippery fingers. Which later ended up on a futon with a vibrator inside her, a vibrator on her clit, and a determinded cock in her ass. It had been the first time she came from anal. It had been explosive, electrifying, fierce, primal, delicious… and just what she needed. She prided herself on being an anal champion ever since.

The last time they had sex was a quick affair. Mostly due to the fact that they were trying to keep it quiet so as not to wake anyone. And he did have to drive all the way home that night. His breath had been hot on her neck as he asked for her ass. It gave her shivers bahis siteleri remembering. He had licked his hand and then fingered her ass, his fingertip always gentle as he probed. She hated the finger most days. Too impatient really. She didn’t need to be primed (but the occasions she didn’t get fingered she usually regretted later) she just wanted him to thrust into her. When he did press his cock to her, she ground her ass back into him, easing the way while teasing him. Teasing herself.

It was wonderful feeling that initial penetration. The first penetration always felt amazing. Of all the things she masturbated to, that was definitely top three (the others being having a thick cock in her mouth and boots… shiny glossy latex boots…porn star boots with porn stars parading around in them). But feeling him press into her, press press press and then her ass relenting. Her muscles uncontrollably clenching as he steadily firmly determinedly plunged into her. She got goosebumps just thinking about it. She had ground her hips back into him, arching and straining as he bahis şirketleri fought to maintain control. She denied him that and moved harder faster into him, sending him over the edge as he bucked behind her. And it had felt so good. She regretted they didn’t have more time.

Her ass had clamped down on him when he came. Refusing to release him until he had to gingerly withdraw. Long after his cock was no longer embedded in her ass, she had continued to clench and throb. She didn’t orgasm, maybe she would have if they had the time. But it had all felt incredible nonetheless.

It was a naughty pleasure hiding her stained panties under the rumpled clothing by the bed. Even more so when she had run off to the bathroom with the clothes in hand only to drop her panties on the ground. Mere seconds before her mom came down the stairs, she had snatched them up after seeing them outside the bathroom and shoved them down the pajama pants she was wearing. They had been slick and wet against her hip. She suppressed a few giggles and laughed hard about it later.

After he left, on the long road home, her ass had been a little sore. Just sore enough to remind her of what it felt like. Just sore enough to be a delicious reminder. She couldn’t wait to see him again. A week was much too long to wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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