One Late Night

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Sarah stood outside her flat. It was late in the evening and she needed fresh air. She hung over the railing listening to the noises of the town drifting in the air. She heard someone walking along the catwalk. Raising her head, she brushed her brown hair out of her face and saw Neomi, her neighbour walking towards her.

“Hey. Neomi,” Sarah waved. Neomi grumbled in response “Rough day?” Neomi nodded, her curly brown hair shook around her head. She looked like she’d had a smile on her face all day and was glad to not have to smile anymore. Her slender frame was covered in a light skirt and blouse.

“All I want in the world is to relax right now.” Neomi grumbled, fumbling for her keys to her flat.

Sarah started back to her flat and turned just as Neomi opened her door “H-hey if you… if you want I could…give you a massage if you want.” Sarah stammered. She’d been looking for a reason to try and talk to Neomi for a while now. She was curious about her and no one else seemed to know. She always seemed to keep to herself and never seemed to have any visitors.

Neomi looked distant for a moment, looking past Sarah. She shook her head, and brushed her brown hair back. “Yeah, erm, just let me…just take a shower quickly and then yeah, that sounds great.”

“Just knock on the door when you’re ready, okay.” Sarah watched Neomi enter her flat and quickly entered her own. Her heart was racing. Why had she said that, what was she thinking? She rushed around her flat, moving objects and furniture around. It seemed like an eternity, nothing seemed right, everything seemed out of place. She shouldn’t have said what she said. She should learn to keep her mouth shut.

There was a knock at her door and time seemed to stop. Her body went into autopilot as she moved towards the door. She reached out to the handle. Pulling the dead-bolt back, Sarah opened her door. Neomi was stood there, a faint smile across her face. She wore a light, loose white tank top and a light pair of shorts. “Hey” Sarah said, noticing the vacant look on Sarah’s face. “Everything okay? I can come back if you want.”

Sarah quickly shook her head returning to the present, “NO, I mean, come in everything’s fine, I was just sprucing up.” She moved away from the door allowing Neomi access to her flat. Neomi walked in, Sarah motioned her towards her room. “Just take your top off and lay face down on the bed. I’ll make sure all that tension is gone quick enough. Just yell when you’re ready.”

Neomi entered the bedroom and a few moments later called out. Sarah entered the room and saw Neomi laying on her front. Sarah moved to her bed side table, opening one of the drawers and pulled out a small bottle. “Now let’s deal with all that pent up stress and tension. Okay?” Sarah spoke calmly and slowly, holding back to absolute terror that screamed inside her. Sarah climbed on the bed and straddled Neomi’s hip. Opening the bottle released the sweet aroma of coconut. She dropped a small amount on her hands, placing the cap back on the bottle and rubbing her hands together to casino siteleri warm the oil up. She leaned forward. “I’m gonna start now, okay. Just relax and tell me if I push too hard.” Neomi nodded with her head in the pillows. Sarah touched her hands to the middle of Neomi’s back, feeling the tension spike in her muscles. In a voice filled with strength and power, she spoke “I need you to relax, if you can’t manage that, I guess we can’t continue.”

“N-no, its okay, I’m just a little embarrassed, I’ve never done something like this befo-” Neomi started but was quickly interrupted by Sarah’s powerful voice “First the tension in your body must be dealt with, then we’ll see what happens, alright?” Sarah moved her hands, stroking Neomi’s bare flesh. Her hands moved across her skin, pushing the tension out rubbing the oil and the sense of calm deep into Neomi’s muscles. Sarah felt the stress melt beneath her and Neomi whimpered under Sarah’s touch. “That’s it. Just relax. Just enjoy this.” Sarah moved her hands lower along Neomi’s back. Rubbing the sweet coconut oil into her lower back, Neomi moaned softly. Sarah lifted herself up and off Neomi, “Would you kindly roll over.” Sarah commanded. Neomi rolled over and Sarah went back to straddling Neomi. Sarah smiled down at Neomi. Neomi’s breathing picked up as Sarah started rubbing the oil into her arms and upper chest. She moved her hands around to Neomi’s sides and gently stroked down to her stomach. Neomi grumbled quietly to herself at the lack of Sarah’s attention to certain areas. Sarah watched Neomi as she gently rubbed her pale flesh. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

This snapped Neomi back into focus. She looked up into Sarah’s face. “I… I was just hoping for a little more, y’know.”

Sarah nodded “I know exactly what you want, but answer me, do you feel more relaxed?” Neomi nodded. Sarah pushed her hands slowly up Neomi’s body. She circled underneath Neomi’s breasts, cupping them softly. “Very well, are you ready?”

Sarah rubbed Neomi’s breasts softly, playing with her nipples. Neomi moaned softly, biting her lower lip and thrusting her hips upwards against Sarah. Sarah started nipping and tweaking the now slippery nipples. Neomi gasped loudly, reaching her hands up towards Sarah. Sarah grabbed Neomi’s wrists and pinned them down above her heads, lowering her head down to Neomi’s right nipple. She latched on to the nipple, being thankful for edible oil and it being coconut flavoured. She sucked and nibbled, flicking her tongue over the wriggling nipple. Neomi tried her best to escape Sarah’s grasp but despite the oil Sarah had a strong grip on her wrists. Neomi wanted desperately to ravage Sarah; she wanted Sarah to feel how good she felt right now. Sarah shifted her weight slightly freeing one of her legs and sliding it between Neomi’s. Neomi started grinding on Sarah’s thigh, as Sarah released the nipple and kissed her passionately. Neomi moaned softly into the kiss as her grinding got heavier and stronger. Sarah pushed her knee against Neomi, and she started groaning. Sarah felt a canlı casino sudden gush of wetness against her knee and thigh just as Neomi’s body went ridged against hers. They held the position for what seemed like an eternity until Sarah broke the kiss and hovered just out of Neomi’s reach.

“I guess you had a lot of fun then.” She leaned down and kissed Neomi’s nose. Neomi was still busy trying to catch her breath that she simply nodded. Sarah released her grip and dismounted off Neomi’s waist. “I hope you’re very relaxed now.” Swing her legs out off the bed. Neomi’s head was swimming as Sarah got up and left the room. She left Neomi to come back from the paradise she’d clearly sent her away to.

Neomi could barely move. Her hands and legs were shaking. She knew body shaking orgasms were a thing, but none of her boyfriends in the past had ever managed it. Some had barely last more than a few minutes. She slowly slipped into unconsciousness, unable to fight the overwhelming feeling of relaxation and post orgasm euphoria.

When Sarah returned she found Neomi curl up on her side facing towards her. Neomi was in a deep, cute sleep clutching on to the sheets. Sarah smiled, she was unable to bring herself to wake Neomi up just yet, and gently shifted her across the rather small bed and cuddled up with her. Neomi wasted no time in wrapping her arms around Sarah’s body, resting her head on Sarah upper chest. Sarah quickly fell asleep with Neomi in her arms.

Neomi woke up with a ray of sunshine assaulting her eyes. As her eyes adjusted to the waking world she quickly began to realise that this was not her bedroom. The sounds and smells of cooking from the kitchen also told her she was not alone. A quick investigation of herself and surroundings also told her she was completely naked. A pair of the longue clothes, a fresh pair of panties and her flat keys lay at the bottom of the bed. Thoughts quickly flooding her brain as she started to remember the events of last night. She felt her face go red as sudden embarrassment at falling asleep after such a wonderful night hit her. The door to the bedroom open and Sarah walked in.

“Oh good you’re awake, I was worried I’d have to be evil and wake you up. Sorry for leaving you naked like that, but it was hard enough getting the rest of your clothes off to begin with. The showers just across the hall and you might want to think about moving, breakfast will be ready shortly.” Sarah blurted out before walking back out desperately trying to keep her composure.

Neomi quickly snuck into the bathroom while Sarah was busy in the kitchen. She looked herself over in the mirror before sitting down on the toilet. Panic was an afterthought that threatened to take deep hold throughout her mind. What had she done? She’d gone into her neighbours flat. A neighbour; who she knew very little about. Hell she didn’t even know her last name. She hadn’t told anyone what she was doing. She knew her friends were going to lose their minds over this. Her friends had always been rather protective of her since she wasn’t kaçak casino exactly assertive in life. Neomi could be called submissive by many people and last night was the perfect example. She had laid there and simply let Sarah have her way. But it felt so good, so was it really wrong? Neomi head swarmed with thoughts of being controlled and submitting herself to others. She tried to rationalise these thoughts. How can it be wrong, if everyone consents to it and everyone enjoys themselves it can’t be wrong? Neomi climbed into the shower and turned the water on. The hot water ran down her back making her let loose an involuntary purr as she leaned forward against the wall. The thoughts continued to scream through her mind each one vying for control in her head. Suddenly one absolute thought brought all other thoughts to a screeching halt in her head. It was way too early and she was way too hungry to deal with this kind of personal dilemma.

A knock at the bathroom door smashed through to her allowing the voice to call to her “Is everything okay? Breakfast is almost ready and I can’t cook the bacon any longer or it’ll get burnt.”

“Err, yeah, everything’s fine.” Neomi sighed deeply “Just trying to make sense of last night.”

There was a moment’s pause followed by “Do you regret anything?”

“What? N-no, it’s jus-” Neomi began.

“Then everything’s fine. Now quickly clean up, dry off and get dressed.” Her voice had a hint of domination in it and it made Neomi kick herself into action. Neomi quickly washed her body, neglecting her hair as well as the rest of her normal showering ritual. Exiting the shower, Neomi quickly dried her body, sneaking back in the bedroom and dressing. She left the bedroom stuffing her keys in her pocket and began searching for Sarah.

Her search didn’t take long as she entered the kitchen. She found Sarah dishing bacon and eggs on to two separate plates. Looking up she finally noticed Neomi standing at the door.

“Yours is the one of the left.” Sarah pointed at one of the plates picking up the other and moving past her towards a small table in the living room. Neomi grabbed her plate and followed Sarah. Neomi opened her mouth to talk but Sarah quickly stopped her, “Breakfast first, talk later.” as she dived into her food, Neomi followed suit.

Once they’d both finished Neomi tried again. “Listen, I’m really sorry for falling asleep in your bed last night, I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Sarah raised her hand. “If you really want to make it up to me, I have to work tonight, I think you’d enjoy yourself there.”

“Erm, okay, where do you work?” Sarah handed a small business card to her. Neomi held the card examining it. It was a business card for a club, The Red Velvet. It described itself as an adult entertainment club, specialising in bondage, fetishes and BDSM, membership by invitation only. Neomi stared at the address. It was lay outside of town. She was sure she’d passed the place a few times before. She’d never thought anything about it. It was just a large mansion style house.

The clock chime broke Neomi’s concentration. “Oh my god, is that the time?” Neomi quickly thanked Sarah and rushed for the door, her feet slapped along the catwalk as she fumbled for her keys, barging her way in to the flat.

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