One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 17

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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 17
After taking a break for a light lunch and to give the men a chance to “reload”, the gang moved the party indoors for the afternoon. Karen wanted to resume her fuck from Don and his very thick cock, which had been interrupted for a cum shot on Bonnie at poolside. She found Don, up to the task, sipping on a whiskey neat and pondering which pussy to assault next. He smiled broadly when Karen curled her finger at him with one hand and pointed at her pussy with the other. He escorted her to the garage with the intent of plowing her on the hood of his car.

Angie’s daughters and Kim had decided to go to their room for some girl fun and said they would be back a little later. Angie suggested to Keith that he approach Bonnie about giving her some head. She was feeling like taking some cock up her ass and Bonnie’s husband, Joe, had the perfect size for her. If she could separate Joe from Bonnie for awhile, they might both give in and try something different. Joe and Bonnie were talking about going back home when Keith walked up to Bonnie and very sweetly asked if he could give her some head with the promise of another cum load on her tits if she wanted it – or anywhere else, for that matter. Bonnie smiled and looked at Joe, who approved, since there was no harm in a little tongue action on her clit. Angie suggested that Joe and Kris come with her to her bedroom. They followed and Angie asked Joe if he would like to fuck her ass for something different. Joe was hard and looked eager but hesitated.

“I should ask Bonnie first.”

“Joe, would you really object if Keith fucked Bonnie? This is the perfect chance for the two of you to have some safe, erotic fun before you get too old to enjoy it. It’s not like we are trying to bust you guys up or anything. We all just want to fuck you and fuck with you.” Angie countered.

Joe nodded, “I will be right back.” He walked down the hall to see Keith with his face buried in Bonnie’s pussy and her head rolled back, eyes closed and groaning loudly.

“Bonnie,” Joe said, interrupting their fun, “I have been thinking about it. I have been the one to put all the limits on our sex life. This is a great opportunity for us, so if you want one or all of these people to fuck you, go for it. I think we both should.”

Bonnie smiled, nodded and motioned for him to come to her. He knelt down to her and she kissed him deeply. “Thank you, honey. Yes, I want that. And I want you to as well. Go fuck anyone you please today and I will do the same. Just save a little wood for me later when we talk through the day.”

Joe thought his cock would explode now that it was free to get its first ass. “Okay Angie, I’m ready to get “all in” as they say!” They walked back down the hall with Joe playing with Angie’s ass as they walked to the bedroom. There they found Kris stroking his long, hard cock waiting for them to return.

Angie turned to Joe and stroked his cock playfully while he played with her tits. “Here is what I want.” Angie started. “I want to get Kris’ big dick in my pussy and then I want you to stuff your pole up my ass. I want you both at the same time. That should be a new one for you.”

“No shit. I’ll be getting my first ass and double penetration and two on one at the same time!” Joe said in disbelief.

Joe watched as Angie climbed on top of Kris and magically, slowly made his cock disappear as she sank down on it until all Joe could illegal bahis see was Kris’ balls at the base of her ass.

“Okay, Joe, climb up here and fuck my ass.”

Joe climbed on the bed standing on his knees and positioned himself behind her. He guided his cock to her ass, took a deep breath, and began to push his cock head into her ass. “Fuck, that is tight, Angie. You sure you are up to this?”

“Joe, honey, if you are up to it, I am. Go for it.” Angie groaned on Joe’s persistent penetration of his cock into her ass, pressing against Kris’ massive cock as he made progress. Joe was finally all the way in, grabbed Angie by the hips and began pumping his cock into her. Kris began to slowly stroke with Joe’s rhythm so that as one pulled back, the other pushed in. Angie simply held her position as the pistoning action on her holes began to work their magic on her arousal level. Angie held herself up on her stiff arms and spread knees while the men worked her over at an increasing pace.

In the garage, Karen stood spread eagle, hands on the hood of the car and ass upturned with Don behind her preparing to stuff his fat cock in her pussy. “Be sure to get the right hole. I don’t want that log up my ass, Don.”

Don laughed and assured her that he had the right place and proceeded to bury it deep in her with one stroke. Again, she came on his entry like she had by the pool. He had an amazing cock and she was so looking forward to having him use her for as long as he could last. He reached under her and grabbed her tits and began pumping her rapidly. She could see her reflection as well as his behind her, in the windshield, adding to her carnal lust.

The three girls were curled up in a triangle on their large bed so that each was eating a pussy and getting theirs licked. Lily was licking Kim’s pussy and decided to finger fuck her hole with a couple of fingers of one hand and then added to the fun by sliding a couple of fingers with the other hand into Kim’s asshole. Kim came almost immediately and decided to do the same thing to Autumn. Autumn groaned, came, soaking Kim’s face and decided to do the same to her sister, Lily. Like a wave circling the bed, each young woman climaxed, one after the other and spurting various amounts of pussy juice on the face of another. They took a break to change around and work the cunt of the one who was just working theirs.

In the den, Keith had just given Bonnie her third cum with his tongue. Bonnie decided to suck his cock, taking time to admire its size and sheer beauty. She loved the feel and look of a large, young cock and savored the moment. Then she began polishing his knob with all the love and care that only an older, more experienced woman could do. As she held the long, hard cock in her hand, she lowered her head down to his balls, lifted his balls with the other hand and stuck her tongue against the area between his asshole and his ball sac. She ran her tongue up and over his nuts, pausing to suck on each one momentarily, then ran her tongue up his shaft until she had his cock head in her mouth again. It was all Keith could do not to blow his load down her throat just then, but Bonnie knowingly stopped just in time. Then she surprised him again and took the entire length of his shaft down her throat in one motion until she had reached the base. She squeezed his balls, clamped down with her lips and sucked hard all the way back up his shaft. illegal bahis siteleri Again, Keith nearly pumped his cum down her throat. Again, she quit at the perfect moment.

“It’s time you fucked my brains out with that monster, young man. But go easy on this old lady – at least to start.”

Bonnie lay back on the floor and Keith moved between her legs, slid his cock into her tight pussy. He lifted her legs over his shoulders so he could go as deep as possible and rested his hands on her huge tits. He started pumping his large cock into her slowly at first and picked up the pace as he sensed her readiness to take more of a pounding.

Susan had been watching the progression of events and felt a little left out to start. She saw Angie taking two cocks, Bonnie getting eaten and fucked by Keith, and the young ladies having a female orgy. She looked out in the garage to see Karen taking Don’s fat cock in her cunt and thought maybe it was time for her to leave. But Bonnie called her to the den and suggested that she sit on Keith’s face while Bonnie rode him and the two could play with each other’s tits while they rode Keith’s body. Susan smiled and joined without hesitation. Keith laid back, Bonnie took him inside her again and Susan sat on his face with her ass toward his eyes. Keith started licking her pussy and tongue fucking her and then slid a couple of fingers up her ass. Susan and Bonnie began squeezing each other’s tits and took turns sucking on their hard nipples. Susan had been turned on by watching all of the various scenes and in only a few minutes she came on Keith’s face, actually squirting for the first time in her life. As she climaxed, Susan bit down on Bonnie’s nipple and that was all it took to push Bonnie over the edge, cumming hard on Keith’s cock.

Bonnie suggested they switch places so that Susan could get another good fucking, so that was what they did. Instead of eating Bonnie’s pussy this time, Keith began rimming her and tongue fucking her asshole. Quickly, Bonnie came again and began fingering herself, cumming yet again. Bonnie had cum more times today than she had in the past year in total and was loving it. Keith managed to last long enough to make Susan cum again. Then he lifted her off and moved Bonnie off of his face.

“I’m about to cum ladies. How do you want it?” Keith asked as Susan squeezed his cock.

“Cum on our faces, baby. Just take turns shooting it at both of us.” Bonnie sure did like watching a man blow his jizz.

Keith stood up, stroked his cock as the women put their bodies and faces together. Keith took aim at Bonnie’s face and shot his first thick glob that left a diagonal streak from her forehead to her chin on the other side of her face. He shifted his aim and sent another stream that hit Susan in the eye and trailed down her nose and over her lips. Each woman received another shot that landed on their lips and chin and ran down their necks.

Karen had cum twice on Don’s fat dick already and he was getting close to busting a nut. She was close to cumming again and wanted to be on her back for the last orgasm, so she rolled over without letting him come out. She relaxed a bit as he pounded her to another cum. She shrieked loud enough that everyone in the den could hear her cum and Don emptied his balls deep in her pussy. He shot enough cum in her that is squished out and fell to the floor as he continued to stroke in her. canlı bahis siteleri Karen was exhausted from the pounding and just lay there as Don hovered over her, out of breath himself.

The young ladies had tired of eating pussy and had retrieved some dildos from their bureau and were taking turns fucking each other. Kim invited Susan to join them so that they could all fuck at the same time and Susan was amazed at how much fun it was to fuck with other women.

Don and Karen walked into the Den and Don sat on the floor with Bonnie and began playing with her huge tits and sucking on them. Karen collapsed on the couch and watched as Bonnie began playing with his fat cock.

Joe told Angie that he was getting close to cumming.

“Go ahead, Joe, cum up my ass,” she told him. “Enjoy feeling your cock shoot its cum in a woman’s ass. I want to feel that warm cum fill my ass, too.”

Her filthy talk finished him off and he bucked hard as he shot stream after stream of cum in her asshole. Kris could feel Joe’s cock spasms as he came and he informed Angie that he was about to shoot as well.

“Fill me up, Kris. Fill my pussy with cum. I want your load in my pussy and Joe’s in my ass at the same time. Oh fuck! I am cumming again, too.” It was the fourth time since their threesome started that Angie came and she was worn out. She collapsed on Kris as he came, shot after shot filling her up to the limit. She lifted off of his cock and collapsed on Kris again. Joe watched in amazement as streams of white flowed from her asshole and pussy at the same time. His cum was mingling with Kris’ as their spunk flowed from Angie’s ass and pussy, pooling on Kris’ abdomen.

After more than an hour of intense fucking, they all gathered again in the den, worn out. Except for Joe and Bonnie that is. Joe was hard again and Bonnie was contemplating whether she could take Don’s cock.

Joe looked at his wife and suggested, “I think you should let me fuck your ass, honey. Angie loved it and so did I. I think if you try it, you will like it too. And let them watch and rest. Come on. Sit on my cock and if Don wants to fuck you while I take your ass, he can.

Bonnie was willing to give it a try and straddled her husband, sat on her lower legs and eased herself down on his cock. He guided his cock to her asshole and let her take her time easing it into her ass. Joe scooted forward on the sofa once his cock was buried in his wife’s ass, so that Don could access her pussy with his rejuvenated and now hard again cock. On his knees, Don pushed forward, easing his exceptionally thick cock into her waiting pussy.

“Fuck! I am not sure I can take all of this dick, guys. I’m no spring ch…” Bonnie stopped as Don buried his bone in just a couple of strokes. Bonnie gasped, shrieked and and on his third thrust, she came as hard as she ever had. Joe reached up and grabbed her bouncing tits and squeezed her nipples just like she always likes when she cums, and the intensity was even greater. Lily and Autumn decided to give the older woman all she could handle by working her tits while Joe and Don pounded her holes relentlessly. Bonnie was the star of this show and did not disappoint as she clamped her pussy and ass muscles on both cocks until they both emptied themselves in her, repeating what Joe had experienced with Angie and Kris earlier.

They decided that it was time to end the party for the day, or at least for a few hours and just relax and maybe watch some movies. Joe and Bonnie went home the way they came – naked, through the side gate, hoping no one in the neighborhood would see them. Tomorrow would be another day and they were all invited if they had anything left to contribute.

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