On the Loveseat Ch. 28

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On the Loveseat: What If?

And so here we are, Dear Readers, at the end. The real end!

This chapter is a series of alternate endings that many have requested for the main story. There was never a chance of the ending being anything but what it was, but I did go over some different outcomes and with those asking for them, I thought about what if they did happen. So, I wrote them out and I present them here. The format follows the main story for the most part, told from Jeremy’s point of view, but not in the same detail and some portions of time are skipped over. All of the various episodes split off from the main story at some specific point of which is given at the beginning of each alternate scenario and then continues on to the new ending.

This had been intended to be part of the Appendix chapter, but grew too long and is here by itself.

As to this chapter’s title, I’m an old comic book fan and one of my favs was the Marvel title, What If? which was a series about if history had been different for various superheroes. It fit the concept of this installment, so I used it.


I’m not going to give away the ending of any of these episodes at the start, but they are the most requested outcomes since the story began. The first one starts off near the end of chapter 18 while dad is out celebrating with his work friends and Jenny and Jeremy are taking advantage of his absence (right before the breakup). I’m including a short bit from chapter 18 so that you can see where this splits off of from the main story.

Jeremy and Jenny are just finishing a round of sex …

“That was nice.” She said breathily.

“Nice, or nice nice?” I asked implying our euphemism for incredible, amazing, stupendous …

“Very nice nice.” Jenny responded so happily, with her face also indicating her intention with its nice glow.

“Yes, yes it was.” I agreed wholeheartedly.

“We’re going to go again?” She asked.

As if it was necessary to ask.

“All night long, love.” I pulled her head down, staring into her eyes until our lips met.

A minute or two later, but it might have been a dozen or more, Jenny lifted up her face from mine.

“Justin won’t be gone that long.”

I didn’t want dad to be brought up at all tonight. I was in bed with my cute sexy cheerleader!

“I’m sure it won’t be that early. The guys he works with will guarantee that. Especially if they’re drinking.” I countered.

“I’m sure they will be, but he isn’t usually up that late. He’ll get tired and leave.”

“He isn’t driving home, I hope.”

He may be my rival for Jenny’s affections, but I did love my father and didn’t want any harm to befall him. I just didn’t want him finding me in bed with Jenny!

“No, he said he’d get a cab or one of those driving services if he had anything to drink. And knowing your father, he had a beer in his hand as soon as he got there!” There was a tone of concern mixed with one of disdain in Jenny’s voice.

“I’m sure.” And to change the subject I jerked my hips upward, reminding Jenny of my condition and my desire.

I grabbed her shoulders tight and rolled us over so that I was again on top of her lithe and yet curvy figure.

“Are you saying we’re done talking?” Jenny asked with a sexy smile.

“Depends on which lips you’re going to be using.” I declared with another thrust between her thighs.

“I can’t talk with those lips if you’re going to put that huge tongue between them!” Jenny giggled as she wriggled her hips to match my pistoning cock.

My not-so-huge tongue dug its way between her ruby lips, ending all conversation. The verbal kind anyway. Our bodies were speaking volumes to each other!

The first time we had been making love. This time wasn’t that.

I drove ferociously into her. She just as ferociously took me in.

We were animalistic, vicious, and primal. Each of us trying to make the other orgasm before bursting ourselves. We were two thunderstorms crashing together, molten steel pouring into icy water, a mountain avalanche falling into a granite cliff, each irresistible and resolute. Without another soul in the house, we neither held back nor kept silent our enthusiastic expression of our desire, our passion, or our love. I was the pile driver and she, the deep well.

Each of us couldn’t last very long with the pace we were going and the energy we were burning. I did manage to last longer than Jenny again. And not only did she orgasm before me, she did so twice; one not long after the other, her body still twitching as the second wave of tidal force pushed her beyond awareness. My dick held off through her spasming pussy muscles before I too exploded with ecstatic delight.

Twice, or three times for Jenny, should have satiated either of us, but we were both still wanting, and hungry for more.

I paused my thrusts for only a moment. Jenny stared at me longingly, her hips still bucking up at mine. I answered her desire and her need, and my own, and breathlessly resumed my fierce ataşehir escort fucking. My sweat dripping off me like a rainstorm, Jenny’s body accepting it like a forest pool.

And the moment of divergence …

I was going all out and rushing for the finish line, Jenny beneath me was far ahead of me in that race.

Neither of us heard, nor noticed my bedroom door open, until …

“What the Hell is going on here?”

I barely registered the voice and only that there was another person in the room!

Then my heart was in my mouth and my body froze as if petrified while in mid-stroke.

Dad’s voice!

Which meant that the person was my father!

Dad was in the room; my room!

With me mounted on Jenny, my mom! His wife!

My eyes then found him, standing in my doorway. His expression was one of shock, of course, how could it not be! He stared at the two of us locked together as we were, in the middle of coitus. There was no denying what we were doing; this couldn’t be explained away as a massage, or that this was a yoga pose! We were having sex! Fucking! His son and his wife! Together.

My brain scrambled and with my body locked in the middle of pushing my dick in Jenny’s tight pussy, I was like a lump of stone and just as witless.

“Justin!” Mom screamed in surprise as she realized our predicament.

She was still capable of movement and coherent thoughts. She pushed up on me and managed to get my lifeless body off of her. Mom then wrapped a sheet over her naked form which was silly, as dad and I had both seen her without clothes countless times!

Dad was in my room!

He had discovered us together!

My brain was finally rubbing two sticks together and managing to realize that my existence was about to perish.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Mom wailed out as she knelt on my bed, her son’s bed! With me just beginning to move and my erection still evident.

“It looks like the two of you were fucking your brains out!”

It had been exactly that!

Maybe that’s why I couldn’t think straight! I had few brains left!

“Justin, let me explain!” Mom tried to stand while pulling the sheet off the bed with her.

“I don’t think you can explain this, Jenny!” Dad said with his voice only slightly louder than usual.

As my brain cells fired, I realized that he didn’t seem as mad as I had thought he would be for this illicit discovery. Was he in as much shock as I?

“Let’s go to our room, honey!” Mom spoke in a rush. “We can talk there. We don’t have to include Jeremy in this. This isn’t his fault. I can try to explain.”

Mom took dad’s forearm and tried to lead him out of the room.

My dad’s eyes pierced into me like twin claymores (the swords, not the ordinance) and the little bit of brain power I had at that moment left me in retreat. I just fell onto my bed staring at my darkened ceiling as it would be the last thing I would ever see.

Mom did get dad into the hall and she shut the door behind her as if that would protect me for a bit longer.

Dad didn’t say anything more, or nothing that I could hear. I didn’t expect him to be that quiet if he had spoken, so I thought he had kept his silence. I didn’t know what that portended and assumed that he was so angry at our betrayal and deceit that he had no more words.

I listened to every creak of our house, every squeak from the gentle wind blowing outside, trying to hear something, anything from my parents downstairs. I expected that my door would explode open and that my life would pass before my eyes right before I died at my father’s hands.

I thought I could hear muffled voices, but neither of their words were loud enough to decipher.

I had to force myself to breathe as my room grew darker from lack of oxygen as I tried to hear what my mortal fate would be. At least, if my life passed before my eyes, the last few months would give me a good show before I died!

I grinned at that.

The longer things went, the more hopeful that I wouldn’t die that day, or night.

It didn’t mean that my life wouldn’t be changed forever by this turn of events. I couldn’t even comprehend the results of this upheaval.

Then I heard something, something I hadn’t expected to hear.

“Jeremy!” Mom’s clear mellifluous voice. “Can you come downstairs, honey!”

That didn’t sound terrifying!

Which only made me more scared!

I had enough forethought to at least put on some clothes before I left my room.

As fast as I had darted up or down the stairs at any time of my life, this was the exact opposite of those times.

I took each step as if it was eternity.

I knew then what a condemned prisoner felt like. I couldn’t tell if my heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t detect it, or if it had ceased beating altogether.

Mom nor dad were in the dark living room. That meant I had a few more steps of life left as I walked down the hallway to the crack of light from their bedroom door.

Stay kadıköy escort away from the light! Don’t go towards the light! My feeble brain was screaming.

I opened that door slowly.

My eyes wanted to go to mom first, as they always did, but my self-preservation found my father first. He was sitting on the end of their bed. The bed that mom and I had spent quite a bit of time romping in.

No! Now was not the time for those thoughts!

Dad stared at me intently, but I saw no anger on his face. There was a strain there, and a curious look, but no rage at his miscreant son.

I then looked to mom. My Jenny.

She had put on a full-length white robe and my sheet sat discarded on a chair. She was standing facing dad and she turned slightly at my entrance.

“Have a seat, Jeremy.” Mom waved to the chair. Her voice was calm and there wasn’t a hint of fear, or reproach in her tone.

Had mom been able to convince dad that we hadn’t been having blistering sex?

That would have to have been the magic trick of the century!

I grabbed the sheet and sat. I held it like a lifeline in my lap. And that it had recently clad my lovely angel made me hold it tighter as I awaited my sentencing.

Mom’s eyes showed only a brightness that I couldn’t believe given the circumstances.

“I have some news for you, dear.”

My brain still couldn’t comprehend her pleasant manner.

“What’s up, mom?”

I know, not the best final words of a dead man.

“Well, it seems that we hadn’t needed to worry about Justin all along.”


I looked at dad and he just gave me a blank look in reply.

“I never knew this, and I only just found this out, but Justin, your father, has always wanted to see me with someone else. Another man.” Mom sounded as if in disbelief even with the confidence of her tone.


“He’s not mad at us for what we were doing.”

Her tone was far too calm for me to understand her words.

“Well, no, he is mad at us, but only that he didn’t know what was going on.”

What the hell was going on here?

Had I stepped into the Twilight Zone? An alternate dimension?

I looked again at my dad, or the stranger that sat on my parent’s bed that appeared as if my father. That weird look was still on his face and he had a different air about him, as if he had come into some wondrous knowledge that the rest of us weren’t privy to.


I finally voiced my inner thoughts, even as complex and difficult as they were to relay to my parents.


I hoped that they could understand that inquisitive statement.

Mom gave a little giggle.

Which seemed so out of place for the situation, or what should be her attitude given the imminent end of her marriage.


Did she say dad wanted to see her with another man?

Another man?


Mom continued almost cheerily.

“It seems that he has wanted to see me with another man for a long time, but didn’t know how I would feel about it.”

Then dad finally found his voice.

“I’ve known for a while that I haven’t been enough for Jenny. Your mother.” Dad had to divert his gaze from me or mom. “I’ve always thought how sexy it would be to see her being … uh, pleasured, by someone else.”

Dad then looked longingly, and lovingly at mom with the same adoration that I also felt for her.

“I just didn’t know of any man that she might agree to if I had brought it up. Or one that I could trust to not take advantage of the request and try to hone in on my beautiful wife.”

Mom smiled just as lovingly back at him.

If this didn’t concern me and my future, I might have puked.

“I have dreaded her leaving me for some other guy because I wasn’t enough to satisfy her.” The glow on dad’s face spoke of his love for our mutual goddess.

“I didn’t want her cheating either, because of the chance that she might leave me.”

Dad’s gaze returned to me and there was some scorn there.

“He’s not upset that we’ve been … doing what we’ve done. Or that you’re my … our, son.” Mom interjected softly. She still stood there magnificently and majestically.

“If it had to be anyone.” Dad paused as if someone else would suddenly appear to take my place. “I guess I should be happy that it is you, Jeremy.”

Another pause.

Still no one appeared.

“We both love you, and I know that you love your mother. It seemed a bit disturbing at first, but you are a logical choice, even if not my first one.”

Did he have someone else in mind? Some friend perhaps? Surely not Bob from work! Jack was already married, although it seemed like he was having some marital issues himself. Did dad want to share mom with his golf buddy, and instead of hitting the links, that the two of them would bang mom?

That made me shiver in disgust!

Back to the topic at hand.

“I do love her, dad. And she loves me.” I proclaimed. I didn’t expand on that. That mom had said she bostancı escort loved me best! That wasn’t something to declare to your father, no matter what strange proclivities he might have!

“I know you do son, and now I see … how much.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. I looked back at mom.

She smiled cheerfully back at me.

“I love you too, Jeremy.” Jenny told me boldly. With her husband just feet away staring at her. And with the full intent of her words known to all!

“Yes, we all love each other.” Dad’s voice was a bit brusque.

“You know, Justin, that even had I known what you desired, there was no way that I could tell you about … us.” Jenny gestured to her and me. “What was I to say? ‘Oh, honey, by the way, I’m sleeping with our son.'”

Jenny’s eyes fell on me.

I could feel dad’s eyes on me as well, but the vision of my love was far easier on mine.

“I’m so sorry, dad. I never meant for it to happen. It was all my fault.” I declared as I fell on my own sword.

“It was my fault.” Jenny stated firmly. “But none of that matters now. Just that we have all come to this point.”

And what was that point?

I still couldn’t believe that dad was okay with mom, Jenny and I having sex together. Even in my fantasy world that I was living in, that just didn’t seem possible!

I held my sheet tighter. At least that was real as none of the rest of this seemed to be even close to reality.

“I can’t believe that the two of you have been carrying on without me knowing.” Dad looked at both of us incredulously.

“We’ve had a few near misses, dear.” Jenny grinned sexily at me, and then at dad.

“Like when?” Dad queried intently.

Did he really want to know that?

“Um, well …” Jenny started as she thought.

Was mom actually going to tell him?

“You remember that scratch on my fender?” Jenny asked.

Dad nodded hesitantly, trying to remember what he might have missed from that incident.

“There wasn’t a scratch. My fender was fine. Jeremy happened to be buried deep in me at that moment.”

Dad turned to look at me fiercely. I just shrugged my shoulders innocently.

“He had been inside me in the kitchen when you came in, so we moved to the garage to finish and then you followed us out there. I had to come up with some excuse and I told you about my scratch.”

I almost grabbed my crotch at that memory, but stopped when I saw dad again looking at me.

“Or that time when he told you he had fixed my box?”

Oh no!


“It was my box that he was fixing.” Jenny looked firmly at dad as if to explain her meaning. “My box! Then he practically outright told you what he had done and you were oblivious.”

I thought it was daring of her to tell dad how clueless he had been then.

“Oh, your …” He checked mom out up and down her robe-clad body. “That was what I had heard?”

Dad had an easy grin on his face to show that there was no ill will from our jesting of him.

“Tell him about the washing machine, mom!” I exclaimed. “Or while we were at Willie World!”

Now that he knew, I almost wanted to brag about all the times I had taken Jenny without his knowledge!

“What about Willie World? You two couldn’t have done anything there!” He asked in disbelief.

“I don’t think we need to tell him about the washer, young man. Or about every time that we’ve …”

If dad liked this, then why not?

Then I remembered.

Mom and I had been in the utility room getting busy which was right before dad told her about his weekend trip in South Carolina. When they had that fight! Not a good time to bring that up!

“So, wait!” Dad’s eyes lit up. “The other night? You really were banging your mom during that movie! There is no Emily?”

I rolled my eyes up and looked at the ceiling guiltily.

“God damned! What else have I been missing?” His tone wasn’t of accusation, but of exhilaration.

Mom did relate a few other episodes and incidents. She did leave out the big weekend with me, her, and her sister. That might be harder for him to accept!

It was very late by that point, and even if Jenny and I hadn’t finished that last time before dad interrupted us, all I wanted then was to go to bed. Well, I should say more clearly, to sleep.

Jenny yawned and that caused dad to yawn as well.

“It’s been an eventful night. I think that we should go to bed and we can talk more later.” Jenny said.

“Yeah, we have a lot more to discuss.” Dad agreed and yawned again.

I fought off the urge myself, and rose, still clutching my sheet.

“Good night, son.” My father told me with a more appraising look in his eye. It made me a bit uncomfortable.

“Good night, dear Jeremy.” Mom came over to me to give me a kiss.

Even with the knowledge that dad knew about us and was okay with it, it felt strange when instead of a normal motherly kiss she might have given me, she planted her lips on mine firmly. I opened my eyes wide at that. I didn’t at first respond to this show of affection, but it only took a moment of Jenny’s lips on mine for me to grab her hips and kiss back passionately. It didn’t last long lest we end up on the floor and we parted taking deep breaths.

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