On the Dance Floor

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I stood in front of my mirror, smoothing down the short dress I had put on, turning this way and that to make sure it was exactly how I wanted it. Tight, hugging my lithe curves, the hem stopped just below my ass and was only barely upstaged in scandalous-ness by how low the front of the dress dipped, nearly meeting the top of my belly button. If this didn’t get me any attention, then the male population was dead.

I giggled to myself at the thought of the kind of trouble I could get myself in tonight before picking up my small clutch that barely held my card, some cash, ID, and my phone. My phone pinged to let me know my Uber was here, and I made my way downstairs and locked up as I headed out to the car. I could feel the driver’s eyes on me as I walked to the back door, my three inch heels accentuating the length of my legs.

I gracefully slid into the back seat, smiling kindly when I met the man’s wide eyes. He was young, probably at least five years younger than my 34, but I definitely had his attention. Good to know.

“I’m ready whenever you are,” I said in an amused voice, snapping him out of his stare. I held back a giggle at the way his cheeks flushed and he cleared his throat, nodding frantically as he reversed the car out of my driveway. My phone pinged softly, and I took it out to see the text notification from my husband.

Remember the rules for going out tonight, it read. A grin tugged at my lips.

How could I forget? I knew my response was a bit of a tease, not promising to follow the rules but letting him know I knew what they were. I put my phone back into my purse and looked out the window, smiling and thinking about how much fun this was going to be. I knew I as going to break at least one of the rules, but that was half the fun.

It only took about 20 minutes from my place to get downtown to the club I was heading to, and it was a quiet ride. I wasn’t sure if the young man driving me was shy, quiet, or tongue tied but either way I appreciated the silence. I’d never gone out by myself, with the intention of catching the eyes of other men. You could say I was a bit nervous. I twirled my wedding ring around my finger a few times before slipping it off and zipping it into a safe pocket of my clutch, not wanting to lose it.

Minutes later we pulled up to the front of the club and I thanked the driver before sliding out. I made my way to the front door, thankful there wasn’t much of a line and it was moving quickly. It didn’t take long for me to get inside and to the bar, leaning over the counter and nearly spilling my generous tits out to get the bartender’s attention.

Needless to say, I had a red bull vodka in my hands in about a minute. I tipped generously and then turned, leaning back against the bar as I surveyed the dance floor. I could already tell that I was a little older than this crowd, but there was enough variety here to not make me feel uncomfortable. I bopped my head to the heavy bass, sipping on my drink until my gaze was snagged by a group of four men at a table, all their gazes locked directly on me. I shivered at the heat in their eyes, and although my heart was pounding, I gave a small smile before pushing off the counter and heading their way.


I sat in the far corner of the club, hidden by shadows but with a perfect view of my wife as she made her way over to a table full of men. I raised my whiskey to my lips and watched as two of the men scrambled to give her a chair to sit on. I couldn’t help but chuckle, knowing the kind of power she had over men when she chose to exert it. My wife was fucking hot, and sweet with a husky voice that had men like me panting before they even got their hands on her. And she knew it.

Honestly, it was one of the reasons I loved her so much. her confidence was one of the first things I noticed about her outside of her obvious good looks. Her honey colored hair hung to her waist and framed her face, making her cheekbones stand out and her blue eyes shine. Her smile was big and infectious, and her laugh traveled all the way down to my toes when she let it out.

Here I was, waxing poetic about my wife in my head while I watched her cozy up to four strangers who I could tell from here wanted to eat her alive. One of them sidled up closer to her, brushing her long hair over her shoulder so he could whisper something in her ear. She leaned into him, nodded, and then let him help her down off the stool so he could lead her to the dance floor.

I leaned back in my seat, drink in hand, watching to see just how far she’d take it. Melanie could be such a good little slut for me- and I meant that in the best possible way- but I’d never seen her like this before. I’d never seen her let another man put his hands on her like this one was, not since the day we’d gotten together. Fire filled me at the sight of the man running his hands down her sides, her hips, pulling her so close that I just knew she’d be able to feel his hard cock rubbing against her.

Her head fell back slightly, pendik escort her long wavy hair rippling in the low lights, her body moving seductively to the heavy bass of the music. I clutched my glass tighter, catching sight of another one of the men coming up behind her. Her face tilted back just enough for me to see the coy smile on her face. She turned back around and he hands lifted in the air, coming back to lock behind the second man’s neck. The three of them shuffled closer to each other, and I saw the men’s hands roaming up and down her arms, sides, hips and legs, basically anything they could reach while testing the waters.

The man behind Melanie paused his movements, and my eyes widened just the slightest bit as the moved in front of her and disappeared. I knew, just knew, that he was grasping her tits, feeling how full the tempting globes were in his big hands. Then, hands appeared on her hips, then her ass, and I watched them travel under the hem of her dress to squeeze her ass tightly. I could almost hear the panting moans that she’d be letting out right now at the feel, and the fire inside me burned even hotter that these men were going to hear them too.

It was then, at that moment, that the other two men from the table got up and walked over to the group, and I held my breath to see what Melanie would let them all get away with, so I knew just what to do with her when I got my hands on her after this escapade.


I had rough hands on my tits, and two more grabbing my ass while hard bodies and stiff cocks pressed and rubbed against me. The pleasure was dizzying, and I could help but sway between them, pressing my tits and ass harder into their hands, begging them to not stop. The man behind me let out a small chuckle, and bent down to talk into my ear over the music.

“You really are a good little slut, aren’t you? Letting us touch you like this, in front of everyone. And I notice someone has their nipples pierced,” he said as he slipped a hand easily inside the low front of my dress to twist said piercing, making me shut my eyes and cry out loudly in need.

The air around us changed, and I cracked my eyes open to see the last two mean from the table standing on either side of us, their lips tilting up in hungry grins. My heart pounded in my chest, nerves and desperate desire burning through every inch of my body. I lost track of hands and bodies, just letting my body feel the thrum of the music playing in the club, and relishing in the attention as hands played with my tits, pinching my nipples and the accompanying piercings, lips teasing my skin, fingers delving just inside my panties and playing with my bare, wet lips.

I was about to beg for one of them to make me come when a voice that I knew VERY well rose above the music, permeating my hazed mind with two surprising words.

“Hello, wife.”

My eyes shot open and immediately clashed with the stormy gaze of my husband’s dark ones. My pulse jumped in my throat, and his eyes raked over my pulse, catching the movement while a feral, gritted smile filled his face. The men around me backed off and left without a word, knowing that it was best they skedaddle. Logan stepped up to me, one large hand gripping a wrist tightly and the other catching my chin in a bruising grip. I could feel my pussy clench, getting even wetter at the slight pinch of pain.

“I think it’s about time we head home, isn’t it?”

I gulped and nodded slightly, knowing I had no other option anyway. I followed him out, stumbling slightly in my tall heels at his quick pace. He glanced back at me, but didn’t slow down as he stomped down the sidewalk. His furious pace did nothing to quell my arousal; somehow it only served to ramp it up higher. His fingers tight around my wrist had me imagining me pressed hard against a wall, him gripping both of my wrists in one hand, his other teasing my dripping pussy until I was begging him for permission to come. A little whimper escaped me and he looked back at me again.

Something in my body language or on my face, maybe even in the way I looked at him, had him growling and pulling me hard into his body, crushing me against him as he kissed me.

No, not just kissed me. Logan devoured me, sucking my soul out of my body with the harsh press of his lips against mine. His tongue pressed against the seam of my lips and demanded entrance, his hands tangling in my hair to hold me right where he wanted me while he reclaimed me. He pulled away before I could really fall into the kiss myself, looking me in the eyes.

“You’re mine, Melanie,” he rasped before letting me go and dragging me along behind him for another block to where his car was parked. He opened the passenger door and helped me up into the SUV, ever the gentleman. Well, at first at least

Standing in the open door, he turned me in the seat to face him, used both hands to shove my legs apart, and then stepped between them.

“You, my little wife,” he said as he ran his fingers lightly up kartal escort my thighs, from my knees to my hips that were completely exposed, “have been an incredibly naughty girl tonight. You had rules, and you’ve broken at least two of them.”

I shuddered at his tone, his voice low and dark. And when he ran his fingers lightly over the soaked lace of my panties, another full body shiver went through me.

“I’m going to take you home, and I don’t want to hear a single word or sound from you on our way there. I want you to think about why you shouldn’t be breaking my rules, and what you’re going to do to make it up to me. Understand?”

I nodded. Then gasped when his hands grabbed the sides of my panties and easily ripped them right off me. Jesus, Logan was an animal when he wanted to be… and I was sure this was just the beginning.


I turned Melanie in the seat the right way and buckled her in after putting her wet and torn panties into my pocket. I wanted to shove them against my nose and inhale her scent, but didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of seeing my need for her. I stalked around the car and got in to start the trek home. I was immensely grateful we didn’t live that far away, because the lesson I had in mind for her rule breaking had my cock straining behind the zipper of my jeans.

I wanted to fuck her hard, show her who was in charge when it came to things like this. I wanted to mark her all over with teeth and hands so that every time she saw a bite and bruise she’d remember not to defy me again. I wanted to torture her until the lines between pain and pleasure were so blurred that she was crying as she came on my dick.

These thoughts raced through my mind the whole drive home until I was nearly at my breaking point. Finally, I pulled into our garage and shut the car off, turning to see Melanie already looking at me with trepidation in her eyes. As she well should.

“Strip.” My word was loud in the car, and her eyes widened. “Now, wife. I want you to leave that poor excuse for a dress on your seat, and walk into the house naked. And I want you kneeling by the fireplace, waiting for me.”

Her response was to unbuckle herself and lift the dress off over her head right there. My hands itched to explore her exposed body, but I held still as my eyes roamed over her figure. Her nipples were already hard as fuck, the jeweled bars twinkling at me as she breathed quickly, her skin looking so soft and smooth, all the imperfections that she saw when she was feeling down on herself calling to me in their own kind of perfection.

I waved my hand at her, motioning for her to go ahead and follow the rest of my directions. I saw a small smile twitch at her lips before she turned from me and went inside, her hips swaying with a little extra temptation just for me.

I shook my head with a rueful laugh at her antics, knowing the tease was just going to get her another few smacks on that perky ass.

I waited several minutes before I headed inside, bypassing the front room where Melanie was kneeling patiently, going upstairs to grab a few items I knew I’d need like cuffs, vibrating plug, and special warming lube that drove her absolutely crazy when I used it on her. My goal was to make her feel as needy and crazy as she’d made me feel while I watched her being rubbed and groped by the men at the club, and this was the way to do it.

I stripped my shirt, shoes, and socks off but left my jeans on, grabbing my items before heading back downstairs to find Melanie on her knees in front of the fireplace, her head bent obediently while she waited just like I’d trained her to. Fuck, she was such a good girl even when she’d been so naughty. My heart swelled with love for her, mixing in with all the other emotions I had roiling around inside me.

“Hands behind your back,” I demanded and she followed immediately. I knelt down behind her and attached the silicone cuffs to her wrists and hooked them together, testing to make sure they wouldn’t be too tight. I stood back up and moved back a couple paces before making my next demand. “Up, Melanie. And over the arm of the couch.”

She rocked forward and back once, gracefully coming to her feet without losing her posture or balance. I followed her over to the couch, helping her to get settled over the arm so that her bare ass was up in the air, waiting for the punishment I was gearing up for.

I brushed her hair over one shoulder, and turned her face so I could look at her while I delivered her spanking. I loved watching her eyes change colors, loved the way they glazed over when she was about to come, the way they shined with tears when we tested the limits of her pain threshold.

“How many rules did you break tonight Melanie?” I waited for her answer while I caressed her ass. “How much of a bad little girl were you?”

“Two. I broke two rules.” I watched her hands clench in her cuffs, and I moved my fingers from the skin of her ass, down to her pussy, teasing maltepe escort the lips there. I didn’t give her enough to stimulate her, just enough that it would make it hard for her not to squirm and beg for more.

“Hmm. And which rules were those?”

“I lied about where I was going to go.”

I lifted my fingers and delivered two quick and hard spanks to each cheek of her butt, her small yelps filling the otherwise silent room.

“And the other?”

“Panties!” She yelled through her grit teeth.

“That’s correct,” I said while spanking the exact same spots as before, a little harder this time, relishing in the noises of pain she made. “Now, I’m going to continue your spanking in just a minute, but I have to prepare you for it so hold still.”

“Yes, Sir,” she panted, looking up at me while I pulled the plug and lube from my back pocket. Her eyes went wide when she saw them, and a tremble went through her body. “No, please not that.”

“Oh yes, Melanie. I’m going to use this lube to finger that tight little ass, warming you up for this plug, which I’m going to turn on to the highest setting during your spanking. While I give you the spanking, you’re going to tell me all about how it felt when those men were touching what’s mine. You’re going to tell me how good it feels to be such a horny slut. And you’re not allowed to come until I say so.”


I couldn’t stop the whimper from escaping me at his words, my pussy throbbing along with the skin of my ass, but two different kinds of pain. I had no idea how I was going to hold back my orgasm, not with how turned on I was already. Add to that the warming lube that turned me inside out, the vibrating plug, and a spanking? I was on the verge of an orgasm just thinking about it.

Which, of course, was Logan’s intention. The spanking was only part of the punishment; he was going to make it impossible for me not to come, and then he was going to punish me even more for it when I couldn’t stop the orgasm from bursting inside me.

The cap of the lube let out a loud click as Logan opened it, pouring it directly on my hole, and then some on his fingers as I watched. His hands disappeared, and then I felt a finger probing the tight ring, demanding entrance as he pushed and swirled the liquid inside me. Instantly, the warmth began to spread and I let out a helpless moan.

His response was to push two more fingers inside me, stretching me out and getting me ready for the next level of pleasurable torture. Another click sounded, shortly followed by the low vibrations of the plug that immediately replaced Logan’s fingers sliding out of me. He pushed it in without hesitation and my back bowed with the sensation, my strangled cry filling the empty spaces of the room.

“That’s it baby, take this big plug in your ass. You know you like the sting, almost as much as you like the way it vibrates against your tight walls, coaxing you to come. Don’t you dare though, you know what happens when you disobey me.”

I nodded frantically, trying to breathe enough to stop myself from tipping over the edge. And that’s when Logan’s hand landed hard right on the sensitive skin between the curve of my ass and my thigh.


Logan’s dark chuckle followed my scream. “Better start talking Melanie.”

The sting radiated through me, and I took a deep breath to follow his command in my shaky, trembling voice. “I loved feeling the men touch me while we were dancing. I l-liked it when they rubbed their hard cocks on me.”

“I saw, baby. You certainly looked like you were having a good time.”

Slap slap slap!

I moaned loudly, the spanks coming quick and hard, and then his hand was massaging the hot skin, helping to cool the pain just a little. My ass tightened around the plug, adding another layer of dizzying pleasure.

“I was,” I breathed, opening my eyes to catch the hot gaze of my husband while he delivered another round of spankings. “They grabbed my ass and played with my piercings and made me feel so dirty but so good.”

Logan let out a curse at my words, and I knew he was nearing his own breaking point. So I kept going.

“One called me a good little slut, just like you do, and if he had wanted to fuck me right there on the floor I would’ve let him slide that big cock inside my dripping pussy until he was making me come, I wanted it and I wanted the other to keep touching and kissing me.”

“Goddammit Melanie!”

The words poured out of Logan’s mouth, and I watched, nearly bursting with excitement as he undid his jeans and pulled his cock out, stroking it roughly for me to see.

“Please Logan, just fuck me. I need to feel you. Want you to hurt me when you do. You know you want to. Don’t hold back, show me how much you liked watching me be dirty for you tonight, because I know you did.”

He growled and cursed again, moving behind me. I didn’t have to wait more than a second for him to push inside me balls deep on one go.

He stayed deep inside me, not moving, just feeling the way my walls pulsed around him, my pussy even tighter with the vibrating plug still inside me. I felt one of his hands grab the cuffs linking my wrists together, and the other wrapped itself in my long hair before he used those to lift me up just enough for him to speak into my ear on a harsh voice.

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