On My Way

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All characters that appear in this story are at least eighteen or over. Please do not plagiarize.

I woke up that morning feeling nervous. The night before, I’d finally worked up the nerve to make up my mind about whether or not to go. I remembered all of those days on the way to school, where I would pass by that naughty little shop. I’d occasionally see some older men look around to see if anyone was watching, and then carefully go inside. Other times, I’d see grinning old women come out with bulging plastic bags.

Today, I’ll be going into that store for the first time.

I got out of bed and walked to the mirror, to make sure that I hadn’t broken out in hives again. A cool breeze from the window made my bare nipples become hard. I pinched them lightly, enjoying the feeling. I didn’t see anything wrong with me, so I walked over to my dresser and took the brush off of the top.

I lightly went over my brown hair, massaging my breasts with my free hand. Satisfied with the job done on my hair, I put down the brush and opened up the middle drawer in the dresser. I thought about what pair of panties that I’d want to wear, considering that today was a bit of a special day.

Regular panties were too bland, and I didn’t feel like wearing boyshorts, so I settled on my favourite turquoise thong. I pulled the sides up as high as they would go, and admired myself in the mirror. I loved the way the fabric felt, riding up my ass, making me feel so incredibly slutty. I giggled at how high the thong went up along my hips and back.

I thought that the entire notion of me posing for myself looked pretty dirty, but I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing me, since I was alone in my room. The door was closed, and securely locked. I put on my glasses and looked into the mirror again. I liked the way I looked with my glasses on, not just because I could see myself better, but because they really turned me on for one reason or another. I snapped myself back into reality and walked back to the dresser, and put on a bra that I thought matched the panties well.

I pulled my thong back down to where I usually kept it-just high enough for me to feel, but not really high enough for anyone to see the strings or back peeking out. I knew that a guy could see the panties if they were in the right position, as in, looking right down my pants while I’m completely leaned over, but I don’t deliberately give them a show.

Though, I always got a laugh out of seeing a guy’s eyes casually drop and look for a moment or two when I was aware of them. Funnier still, was to see the embarrassment on top of pretended innocence on their faces when they realized that I knew they were looking.

I only remembered one guy who really was looking at something else, something past me, but the angle made him look like he was staring at my ass. When he realized how circumstances made him appear he, surprisingly, apologized. We ended up talking for a few minutes after he regained his composure.

At least he had the courage to talk to me, though I wouldn’t call myself stunning. I’ve got the glasses, and I get hives once in a while. Okay, I get hives more than just once in a while, but usually life isn’t that bad.

Maybe most guys just don’t know how to approach a girl, that’s all. I have to admit, though, that accidentally staring at a geeky girl’s ass is a pretty unique way of starting a conversation. In the end, we all just want to be loved. I’m not giving it up anytime soon, but waiting for the right guy to come along can be pretty lonely. Can’t have any of those thoughts today. Today was going to be fun.

I put on a dark teal shirt and checked the mirror again. Yep, everything looked in order. I put everything I needed into my purse, and left my room. As I walked down the stairs, I heard my mother calling to me.

“Brooke! I just finished making some eggs. Do you want any?”

I smiled again. I suppose today was going to be a big day, so I may as well have some breakfast.

“Sure, mom! I’ll just have one.”

I walked into the kitchen, and saw my mom half getting ready to leave to my grandmothers for Spring Break, and half cleaning up after making breakfast. I sat down at a chair across from my mom, and pulled the plate forward. She didn’t usually make breakfast for me, but I always loved the times that she did.

“So Brooke, big plans for today?”

I blushed and tried to stammer an answer, as I couldn’t really be honest about where I was heading off to. I quickly ate the eggs while I thought of an answer.

“Erm… uh, yeah. I’m going to…”

My mom gave me a warm smile and took my now empty plate and began washing the top. She looked back at me over her shoulder, her smile unceasing.

“Relax. If it’s anything that has reason to make your face to go pink like that, then I won’t pry. You’re eighteen now, and I trust your judgment.”

I didn’t say anything, the pink extending to my ears. She began washing the dishes, still talking to me. She turned her face away; as to more effectively ümraniye escort clean the dishes.

“As long as it’s nothing terribly illegal or anything that will hurt you, I don’t need to know, right?”

“…I guess. Yeah, you’re right.”

She walked over and kissed my forehead.

“You’re getting to be a big girl, Brooke. Just be sure to use protection if it’s a boy.”

My face went from a light pink to a deep red in a matter of seconds.

“Mom! I… I know! I’m old enough to know these things.”

My mom gave a light laugh, and patted my shoulder. She walked into the other room, and got her coat, keys, and purse. She came back into the room, and dug into her purse, pulling out several bills.

“Your father and I will be back next Sunday. Be sure to enjoy yourself, and don’t destroy the house if you can avoid it.”

She pressed the bills into my hand, kissed my forehead again, and left out of the kitchen door. I looked at how much money she gave me, and my jaw dropped slightly. A few hundred dollars, at least. They never gave me money to spend. I put the money into my purse, and picked up my jean jacket, locked the door, and left the house.

I walked a few blocks to get to the bus stop, and sat down at the bench. I turned my head to see someone I hadn’t seen for a while. He was tall compared to me, face covered in freckles, and had stunning green eyes. I’d known him since grade seven, but never really talked to him, even now in university.

“Uh, hey, Brooke.”

He looked a bit nervous being alone with me, so I tried to calm him down a little by smiling. This only made him twitch a little.

“Hi Mike. How are you today?”

“I’m… pretty good.”

He really seemed to struggle in talking to me. I reached into my purse to offer him a stick of gum, but I ended up spilling most of the contents onto the sidewalk in front of Mike.

“Oh, let me help you with that.”

I just smiled to him and stood up from the bench. I knelt on the sidewalk, and started to put my stuff back into the purse.

“Don’t worry, Mike. I’m just clumsy, so I’ll clean it up.”

He silently protested, kneeling down next to me, helping pick up each item and handing them to me. When everything had been picked up, we both stood up and smiled at each other.


“It’s no problem, Brooke. Where are you off to, anyway?”

Even though the inquiry itself was a bit awkward, it was nice to see that he was calmer around me.

“Oh, I’m off to sleep over at a friend’s tonight. You?”

“I’m heading to start my new job. It’s that new restaurant in the West end.”

“That’s neat. I think that I’ll try their food sometime, it’s supposed to be good.”

“It really is. I’ll cook for you sometime.”

A long, blue bus pulled up at the stop.

“Looks like this is my bus.”

“Have fun with your friend!”

“Oh, believe me. I will.”

I flashed him a mischievous smile as I climbed onto the bus. He didn’t understand, but that was to be both expected and hoped for. I paid my fare and sat down by myself. The bus started to move again, the engine squealing behind me. I could hardly believe that I was on my way to a store like that.

I pictured the inside of that store to be lined with dirty magazines, there to be a television hanging from a top corner loudly playing a porn movie, and for there to be some disgusting, fat man behind the counter ogling me as I would walk in.

But even if the trip was going to be like that, I was still pretty excited to be going. I felt a warmth between my legs. Maybe the feeling was coming from the engine of the bus, but I couldn’t be sure. Seeing my stop coming, I pressed the stop request button and moved to the back exit. I got off a stop early; just in case someone suspected that I was going to go into that store.

Wait, why would I care? I can make decisions for myself. I can choose where to shop. I began walking towards the shop, again wondering what the interior would look like. As I passed a lingerie store, I felt the warmth between my legs again. Just a few more steps, and I’ll be at the door.

My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest that it was beating at such a rate. I stopped walking and turned to the door. All of the windows were covered from the inside with bright pink paper, one side with the store’s name.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When they opened, I was already walking inside the store, Hot Love.

Once I was inside, I immediately saw a woman, not much older than I was, with dyed black, pink, and teal hair and several piercings on her face. She looked up to me and gave me a small smile, and went back to reading her magazine. The store consisted of organized shelves with boxes of various adult toys, whereas in the middle, there were bookshelves with many, many erotic fictions, biographies, and a few hentai novels.

If not for the sexual nature of the store, with the colouring, mecidiyeköy escort décor, and organization, I would have imagined this place as a bookstore, or something even more…docile. I began to walk around, staring at the shelves and what lay upon them. I felt my jaw slowly drop as I found more and more things that I wouldn’t-couldn’t have even imagined. After a few minutes, and several tours around the middle, the woman came out from behind the desk.

“See anything you like?”

“I… uh…”

She gave me a warm smile.

“It’s okay. I’m Erin. Is this your first time in one of these stores?”

I slowly nodded my head. Erin motioned her hand as for me to follow.

“That’s alright, we get a lot of people who haven’t done this sort of thing. Welcome to the club.”

“Thanks. I’m Brooke, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you.”

She pointed to the dark wooden shelves in front of us.

“Anyway, over here… we have the anal toys. Not many girls are fans of them, but I personally love the feeling of something in my ass. Any questions?”

“Um… can you use other toys for anal too?”

“Of course. It’s just a bit safer to use one of these, since they’ve got fat ends, so it would be hard to accidentally end up in the emergency room because of one.”

I walked closer to the shelf, and picked up a rose box. I saw on the inside, a clear pink toy, that was pretty thin on the top, but had waves and gradually got thicker as you went down. The jelly also had something inside of it, and there was a black knob at the bottom.

“Why does this one have something inside of it?”

“Oh, that one vibrates.”

Just hearing the word ‘vibrates’ made me blush and put the box back down.

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to be embarrassed.”

“I dunno. This is the first time that I’m doing something like this, so…”

“I’ll show you what else we have, and make some recommendations as we go, okay?”

“That would really help.”

She let me over to another, different coloured shelf. After one close look at the boxes, I didn’t need to ask what they were.

“And over here, we’ve got the non-vibrating dildos. We have realistic ones, ribbed ones, jelly, silicone, cyberskin, glass… Any questions?”

“Um… what’s the best material?”

“Well, for vaginal use, probably the jellies. With a nice, ten-inch, ribbed jelly dildo, you can really go to town.”

She smiled again, and picked up a box with a blue dildo; that of which she just described.

“This is what I use when I don’t feel like using a vibrator. Feels better than cock, that’s for sure.”

“How much is it?”

“Well, we’re having a sale on some stuff in the store. If you buy this thing, you can get a major discount on anything else you buy. It’s twenty-six dollars.”

I was a bit surprised that a piece of rubber would cost that much, but then again, I’d never bought anything like it. She placed the box on the front counter, and continued to lead me through the different toys.

“And over here, we have butterflies and vibrating eggs. The butterflies, you put it on like a really thin g-string, and it vibrates right at your clit.”

I involuntarily blushed at the word again.

“Is it good?”

“I’d say so. I’ve got one, and I sometimes use it when using another vibrator. Since it’s strapped on, you don’t need to worry about it.”

She happily passes me the case, making me smile. I walked over to the main counter, and placed the box next to the other one. I began to feel less embarrassed to be there, and started opening up.

“Now, I don’t recommend any of the eggs that we sell here, so let’s move onto the other vibes. We’ve got a lot of different kinds. This one here, for example, doesn’t do much for my pussy or for any of the customers. But when I tried it in my ass, I loved it. I don’t imagine that you know if you like anal or not, do you?”

“No, I’m a virgin.”

“With a body like that, you’ve probably broken a few hearts. Not to mention the uncountable tissues that were sacrificed on your account.”

I laughed, and picked up another box. This one seemed to be bent at the end, and was covered in ridges.

“Oooh, that’s a good one. A nice G-Spot vibe.”

“I don’t know what that is.”

“Imagine a button, that when you press it, the world goes away. You’re in heaven if you hit it right.”

“Um… you don’t mind if I buy a bunch of items, do you?”

“Nope! And like I said, you get a discount because of that dildo, if you choose to buy it. Plus, I’m working off commission right now, and it’s been a slow day.”

By the time Erin finished that sentence, she was wearing a joking grin, and leading me back to the till.

I grabbed a long, jelly, bright pink vibrator, and tucked the package under my arm. Erin playfully rolled her eyes.

“Oh, could you also pick me out your favourite anal toy?”

“Ah, going for the back entrance too. Good choice, love that. Do you kartal escort want vibrating or non-vibrating?”


The two of us laughed, and she picked out a few more boxes. When she went back behind the counter, her face turned to a slightly serious tone.

“Just remember to use lubrication for anal, and to clean everything before putting anything that was up your ass in your pussy.”

“Why? Why is that?”

“Well, for the lube, you don’t want to tear the sphincter, and for not quickly using it in both holes, you’ll want to avoid an infection. Here’s some lube, comes complimentary with the anal toys.”

Erin began to press buttons rapidly on the register, completely and utterly immersed in putting the order through. She didn’t seem to be driven by money, just letting me have an experience that I’ll never forget, to the end of my days. She paused though, before putting the order in.

“Oh! I almost forgot. We gotta test the vibes to make sure that the motors work.”

She pulled each of them out of their cases, and threw double-A’s into them. When she turned the knobs on each one, they sprung into life, jiggling, dancing, vibrating happily. It was an amazing thought to know that they’d be doing that, only inside of me, by the end of the day.

“Erin, is there a way I can see how strong the vibrations are right here?”

She gave a little laugh, and I immediately joined her, realizing what I’d said.

“Well, I’d ask that you didn’t start using them right here in the store, but if you want to see how strong they are, put the end of them to the tip of your nose. Should give you a pretty good idea.”

I took the first one, and pressed the head to my nose as Erin has said. The vibrations, even just from my nose, put me into a miniature state of bliss. I held the vibrator there for a few seconds, and then turned the quivering phallus off. Trying the other ones all had a similar effect, some more gentle than others.

“Wow. That’s just… amazing.”

“Going to be a big night?”

“I think so.”

When Erin was done testing the vibrators, she took the vaginal and anal dildos out and examined them, seeming looking for cracks. When she finished, she put everything into a pink bubble-wrap.

With mechanic efficiency and speed, she had wrapped everything, put them all in paper wrapping, and bagged them in inconspicuous grocery bags, She hit a few more buttons on the register, and smiled to me for the hundredth time to me today.

“That comes to sixty-five forty.”

I handed her a few bills, and she quickly dealt with the transaction and returned me my change.

“Thanks for your help, Erin.”

“No problem. I hope that I see you in here again, sweetie.”

And with that, she winked to me, and I walked out the door with half a dozen sex toys under my arm and a wide grin on my face.

I began walking back to the bus stop, when I noticed the lingerie store again.

“What the hell…”

As soon as I opened the door, a moderate smell of French perfume hit me. While not an unpleasant smell, I wouldn’t wear it myself, even if a bottle came free with my purchase. An unattractive, middle-aged woman, speaking on a phone waved to me for a moment as I stepped inside, and then continued her conversation.

I immediately began looking around, looking for things that I liked. While that was my first trip to an adult store, buying myself underwear was nothing new. The fact that most of the merchandise was sexier and somewhat higher class lingerie than I was used to, there was little difference.

When I turned my head to the left, I saw the most adorable lace boyshorts. I looked through the hangers until I found both turquoise and black sets of the matching boyshort and bras. As I threw them over my shoulder and began walking to the changing rooms, I saw some much more naughty underwear. I picked up a few g-strings, a lace thong, a string thong, and a micro thong.

I went into the small room, giggling when I closed the door. I turned on the light, turned to the stool, which dropped all of the underwear onto. I began working on my belt and jeans, pulling them off and placing on the floor.

As soon as they left my hands, I noticed that my panties were completely soaked in my own juices. Funny, that the smell of myself made me a little wetter. That’ll have to wait for until I got home, I thought. I knew that you were supposed to try on the lingerie on top of your underwear for hygienic reasons, but with my soaked panties, I was pretty sure that it would be more sanitary just to take them off and clean myself.

I took off my wet thong and rubbed my groin, cleaning off as much as I could. Amazingly, I managed to get clean enough that I could safely try on some of this new underwear. I tried on a pair of boyshorts first, not needing to try the other, since they were only different colours.

When the sides of the panties reached my hips, I was amazed at how well they fit. And how they felt… I’ll never be able to describe it. At the point that I turned to see myself in the full-height mirror, I noticed that they looked pretty good on me. The shorts wedged into my behind, enhancing the sort of feeling that I got when wearing a thong. I really saw why they called this particular kind a bootyshort. I tried on the matching bra, which amazingly, also fit perfectly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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