On Holiday with Mum Ch. 01

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I was sitting in my office; it was ten to nine in the morning. My phone rang, and it was mum, she said, “Tom, can you please come home, I have just gone into dad’s bedroom, and he has passed away in his sleep. I have phoned the doctor, but he can’t come until after ten. I would like you to be here when he arrives. Please come soon.”

I told her that I was on my way. I said to my secretary that I wouldn’t be available for the next couple of days and I would phone her later. I drove home with a heavy heart, my dad was a very successful businessman. He had inherited an enormous business, I was now the sixth generation to be running it. I was only twenty-six and soon had a considerable responsibility to the sixteen thousand people we employed worldwide.

Mum had sounded so upset on the phone, she had me when she was twenty-one, she was now forty-seven. Dad was twenty-four years older than her, and he would be a significant loss as they did so much together. I got home, and mum had a coffee in the kitchen, she was still in her dressing gown, she said, “Tom, thanks so much for coming so quickly. Can you help me with the Undertaker and all the other things connected with a funeral? This has been a great shock to my system.”

I took her in my arms and hugged her then said, “Mum, it has been a great shock for me too. You must be strong, go upstairs and have a shower and put on some makeup. I know that you don’t feel like it but put a face on things, it will all be over in the next four or five days.”

She hugged me and kissed my cheek, and said, “Thanks for that good advice. Dad’s in his bedroom if the doctor comes to take him up there.”

I walked upstairs with her as I wanted to say goodbye to my father. The doctor arrived just after ten and went about his business. Dad had suffered a heart attack and had died in his sleep. Mum thanked the doctor for coming, she looked a lot better, she was now dressed in black, and it suited her. The Undertaker arrived, and he made arrangements with the church, and the funeral would take place on Friday afternoon. The body was also taken from the house, and an intimation would appear in tomorrow’s newspaper.

It was now one in the afternoon, I asked mum if she would like some lunch and she suggested a French restaurant, and she also asked me to take her in the Bentley. We arrived and were shown to a table, the restaurant was bustling for a Monday lunchtime. We ordered, and mum asked, “I have not many suitable mourning clothes, is it possible after lunch that you could drive me into the city so that I can do a little shopping?”

I told her that wouldn’t be a problem. The food was excellent, and so was the wine. Over lunch, mum said, “Tom, I am glad that the funeral is on Friday when we get home I will unplug the house phone as word gets around it will ring non stop. Dad and I were booked to go to the Champagne region on Saturday. I made all the bookings, we are booked on the overnight ferry from Hull on Saturday afternoon. I don’t want to cancel it. The return ferry is two weeks on Saturday getting us back to Hull on Saturday morning. Is it possible that you can come with me?”

I looked in her eyes and realised that this trip was critical to her, I said, “I would love to come with you, I ataşehir escort realise how important it is to you, and I am so happy that you have invited me. Will we go in the Bentley?”

Her face lit up, she smiled a beautiful smile then said, “The Bentley is booked. Thank you so much, we get Friday over then it’s easy as we will leave the house on Saturday after lunch. I am so looking forward to this trip that I would have hated to have cancelled it. I love Champagne but have never been to the region.”

I drove mum into the city, and it was so boring walking around the shops. There was one unique boutique, and she bought a beautiful black outfit for Friday with a black hat and veil. She also bought a lot of other outfits for her holiday. Mum was a tall, attractive woman with a voluptuous body.

They gave me a coffee in the boutique, and I had an armchair to sit in. Mum kept on coming to me asking if I liked a particular piece of clothing. She then appeared in a pair of leggings and top which she wanted to travel in. The leggings were very tight, and mum looked stunning in them with her tight ass and long legs, but mum also had a magnificent camel’s toe it showed her labia to perfection, it was swollen, and her sex slit was nearly nine inches long. I told her she looked super in them and she ordered four pairs.

On the way home mum asked me to take her to her doctor’s surgery. I dropped her there, and ten minutes later she came out and then I had to drive her to a Chemist. When she came out, we set off for home. I helped her carry the bags into her bedroom then left her to it. She had suggested that she would pack for both of us so we would not be taking too many suitcases. I went and phoned the Financial Director of the Company, he would be in charge when I was away. He was sorry to hear about dad and if anything drastic had he would be in touch. I then phoned my secretary and told her about my father. She promised to keep in touch with me and would send me a daily update by email.

Friday came very quickly, George, our gardener, drove us in the Rolls Royce wearing his chauffeur’s uniform. It was a lovely service with hundreds of people there. There was a reception in a hotel which was difficult for mum, and the minister’s wife was with mum a lot. George drove us home then we walked to the French restaurant for dinner. We had eaten in it every day since Monday as mum liked to speak French with the staff. We had an early lunch there on Saturday then left for Hull. Mum was so organised, she had printed out everything that we needed for the trip.

I carried the overnight bag from the car to the suite that she had booked, it was luxurious, but it only had a double bed, mum saw it and said, “I had forgotten about this, I am ok with it, how is it for you?”

I replied, “Mum, we are both adults, please give me into trouble if I fart.”

Mum laughed then gave me a hug and said, “I’m the one that’s more likely to fart. Tom, I sleep nude so let me go to the bathroom first tonight so that when you go, I can undress and get into bed.”

There was a complimentary bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket with two glasses. We drank it then went to explore the ferry. Mum had asked if she should dress for dinner and I told kadıköy escort her she looked great without looking at her camel’s toe. She wanted to change her top into a blouse and took a shirt and bra from the overnight bag. She had my toiletries bag in the bathroom. When she came out with the blouse on her tits looked enormous.

We then explored the ferry, it was commercial operating trying to sell you things at inflated prices. There was a buffet restaurant or an a la Carte restaurant, we opted for the restaurant. We had a lovely meal, we spoke about everything. The meal was excellent, we had a bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne, which mum enjoyed. We decided to go back to our suite, and I asked mum if I should bring a bottle as a nightcap, she hugged me and said, “We are on holiday.”

The waiter had given me another bottle of Roederer Champagne and an ice bucket with two fresh glasses. There was a coffee table with two armchairs in the suite. Mum needed the bathroom, so I stripped to my boxer shorts while she was away. I also poured the Champagne. Mum came back and said, “Wow, you’re a fast worker, Tom, I want to thank you for looking after me this week and for being so nice to me tonight. I just want to thank you.”

Mum came over to me and sat on my knee then brought her mouth against mine and tongue kissed me. It was a very sensual kiss, and her hand was exploring my naked breasts, teasing my nipples with her fingers. I could feel my cock harden. I began to slowly squeeze her enormous breasts with a slow circular motion, she was moaning with pleasure.

I then undid her blouse buttons as she continued to kiss me. My cock was now erect and was like a thick branch of a tree inside my boxers, I knew from school and University that my cock was much longer and thicker than anyone else’s. I had an affair with a married lecturer who told me that she watched a lot of porn and she said she had never seen one as big.

Mum’s kisses were beautiful, so sensual and with so much tenderness. Mum then stopped kissing me and took off her blouse and bra then her leggings, she said, “I think we both want the same thing, please be gentle with me, it’s a very long time since I last had a cock inside me.”

Then she saw the outline of my massive cock inside my boxers, she then removed my boxer’s and knelt in front of me and said, “That’s magnificent, what a beautiful cock. Your father was a third of the size of this beauty. Let me make him hard for you.”

She then ran her tongue up, and down the length of my shaft, there was a little precum on the slit on the tip of my cock, mum looked me straight in the eye As she licked it off then said, “Your cum tastes delicious it’s so sweet and tasty, I want to taste lots of it.”

I looked at mum’s beautiful lips, lips that had kissed me so gently for all these years now those beautiful lips were wrapped around my hard cock as her head bopped up and down.

I then took mum and laid her on the bed. I positioned her so that we could sixty-nine. I suddenly felt her beautiful sex slit, it was nine inches long, it was wet, I could quickly get three fingers inside her, but it still felt so tight. She had a huge clit, she moaned when I fingered it. I went down on her, I ran my tongue up and bostancı escort down her sex slit. I even went as far as her ass hole, she moaned as I rimmed her.

Mum was now taking half of my length in her mouth, it was a lovely sensation as she did it. She said, “Darling, your cock is so big it’s difficult for me to deep throat as I feel that I will gag, I need to relax my throat muscles, I promise you that I will be deep throating you by the time we come back from France.”

I then started to suck her clit like a little cock, mum was now moaning constantly, she was getting very wet, and her cunt juice tasted delicious. I was now fingering her cunt with four fingers which she loved. I then started to finger her as using her cunt juice as lube. She loved it, and when I did her with two fingers she enjoyed it more, mum said, “Darling, I love that, it makes me feel so good. I do myself at home with a vibrator, I love to have a vibrator in my ass and another in my cunt then I rub my clit, and I climax so easily. I am an ass virgin, I would love your cock to be the first up my ass.”

I laughed then said, “I will do that when was the last time that you had a cock?”

Mum replied, “You are twenty-six now, twenty-five years ago, it was tough for me when you were in your late teens. I wanted to come to you in the night. I was so tempted. Tom, tonight cum inside me, it’s safe as I went on the pill for the first time in my life on Monday. I am still fertile, but it would be too risky if we had a child.”

I then took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly then said, “Mum, I love you, I will lie on the bed, and you go on top cowgirl that way you can control the fuck.”

I lay back as mum rubbed her clit with the bulbous tip of my cock, she was squatting over me then she slowly pushed down, and my massive cock vanished inside her hungry, wet cunt. Mum said, “That feels fucking amazing, you’re filling all of my cunt, I love it.”

Mum started to ride me with an up and down circular motion, and the best thing was she was gripping my cock at the base and the tip of each thrust. She was terrific, looking me straight in the eye as she rode me she brought her left tit to her mouth and licked and sucked her nipple as her right one was wobbling all over the place.

Mum was now pounding my cock, she was going faster and harder, I was rubbing her big hard clit and sensed would cum soon and I was close too. Mum said, “Baby, I’m so close, keep rubbing my clit, do you like how I am fucking you? Your cock feels fucking wonderful, cum for me baby, fill my cunt with your hot cum.”

We both climaxed within seconds of each other. Mum had a body shaking orgasm, then gripped the base of my cock holding me inside her hot cunt. She leaned over, and she gave me a long sensual kiss. It was a long kiss then she said, “How was it for you? I loved every second of it, and my orgasm was the strongest that I have ever had.”

I replied, “Mum, it was fantastic, I love how you fuck me, we are both nervous, as we get more comfortable being around each other our lovemaking will improve too.”

Mum kissed me again then very slowly and still gripping my cock tightly; she came off me. On the head of my cock was a massive blob of cum. Mum then went down on me licking and sucking my cock clean. When she had finished she had swallowed a lot of cum, but she had saved some for me to taste in her mouth, we kissed, and the cum cocktail was sweet and delicious, mum said, “I would love to be your cum slut.”

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