Old Gals Gone Wild

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Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over 18.

WARNING! The following story contains explicit descriptions of mature wives and mothers doing slutty things in front of horny college boys!

It had been Val’s idea to get together with the “girls” for a weekend at their old college campus. Besides checking out a few old haunts, it was centrally located for the four women, who were now in their late thirties and early forties. Val, a middle school teacher, was pissed at her husband. Nothing really marriage threatening, but she felt she needed to get away from him and let loose a little. Linda and Gail, both grade school teachers, were doing relatively well in their marriage, but were more than happy

to relieve the stress of their families and jobs for a weekend with their old college friends. Kim, the only one to forego teaching and enter the business world, did have some serious problems with her husband, and was glad to get away for a weekend.

The four women checked into their off-campus hotel room, and immediately met in the lounge for drinks. Soon the conversation became sex-charged, as the four wives, mothers, and career women checked out the bartender, other male patrons, and college-aged hotel employees. Led by Val and Kim, always the two wildest ones, the drinks were strong and kept coming.

“Hey, we could still get guys, we look pretty damned good!” Val proclaimed, pumping up the others’ egos. And she was correct. All four women were still attractive. Each had taken care to get their hair, makeup, jewelry, and casual clothes right. And each had something different visually to offer.

Linda was the most striking of the group, a tall brunette, who didn’t have the Vegas showgirl-type figure she did before she had children, but with her pretty face, stylishly teased hair that fell several inches short of her shoulders, incredibly long legs, and 40C tits that got larger after she had kids, a less-than-prefect stomach and butt could be forgiven. She wore a tight, thin clinging sweater tucked into her tight jeans that gave her crotch a “camel toe” appearance.

Val was nearly as busty as Linda, although not as tall. Her blonde hair was long and thick. And her jeans and turtleneck sweater were also tight.

Kim was also a blonde, but a little more slender than Val. Her hair was cut short, and her b-cup breasts capped a trim figure. Kim now wore oval wire-rimmed glasses all of the time. Her top scooped down nearly to her bra, and her pre-faded jeans capped a nice butt.

Gail had long dark-brown hair that curled under at her shoulders. She was the same height as Kim, and had small breasts, a fact she had always been insecure about. But Gail was the one that worked out the most, and her slender, firm figure was not all that different from her college days. She also wore tight denim, and her padded bra could be seen through her white sweater.

“Let’s go downtown,” ordered Val loudly. “There’s no action here.”

“What do you want to do?” Asked Linda.

“Go somewhere where there’s some young college guys!” Answered Val. “But Kim has to drive. The rest of us have minivans, and I’m not riding in a minivan tonight!”

The four tipsy ladies climbed into Kim’s SUV and started driving toward the downtown section. On the way, they detoured through their old campus. It was the first warm evening of the spring, and Kim had her window rolled down a few inches, when she spotted a carload of college boys in the lane to her left. As they pulled up to a read light, Kim saw one boy looking at her, and yelled, “Hi, boys,” through the window. All four boys looked over at the smiling Kim.

“Flash them, Kim!” Val ordered from the rear passenger side. Without giving it a second thought, Kim grabbed the top of her cotton blouse, and with one yank, pulled down both her top and her left bra cup, exposing her whole left breast. The tipsy wife pressed her bare breast against the widow, as the teens in the next car gawked at her tit smashed flat against the glass. The boys erupted in cheers, as the women erupted in squeals and laughter. The light turned green, and with traffic approaching from the rear, Kim pulled up her top and drove away, losing the boys. Gail and Linda couldn’t believe Kim had done that, but Val laughed and hollered.

Several blocks away, Val spotted some cute college boys congregated on the sidewalk. “Go around the block, I’m gonna flash those guys,” commanded Val. Kim made a series of right-hand turns, and was slowly approaching the group again. Val lowered her window two-thirds of the way down, and pulled her sweater up to expose her midriff. When the SUV was within a few feet of the boys, Kim brought it to a stop. Val yelled out, “Hey guys, how’re ya doing?” When the boys looked up at Val, she hooked her fingers around her sweater hem as well as the bottoms of her bra cups, and yanked up. Her large while breasts fell out, and Val arched her back and pushed them out the window. Her tits hung out and over florya escort the window as she shook them. The boys first stared wide-eyed, then smiled and hollered at the smiling older blonde woman’s tits hanging over the glass.


The women arrived and parked downtown with no further events. They headed for a large bar that used to be one of their hangouts. It was still there, but it was now a sports bar called “Victory Lounge.” The bar had been expanded, and was packed with hundreds of patrons, mostly college-aged boys. Val had wondered why she had so much trouble booking a hotel room, and she finally found out why: There was a basketball tournament in town, and the

local college’s team was playing for first place at this very moment. A dozen large and small TV monitors showed the game. The girls bought some drinks, and found a corner near the bar to stand and drink.

While guzzling their drinks, the girls loudly laughed and discussed Kim and Val’s wild flashes from the drive over. Within earshot was a man in his thirties named Frank Joseph. With him was a man in his mid-twenties named Tony. Frank and Tony had come to the bar to scout the location.

The following night, there was to be a wet t-shirt contest, and they were going to videotape it for inclusion in the next release of their successful video series, “Girls Gone Slutty.” Frank was the owner of the production company, and Tony was his cameraman. Tony had his video camera resting on the floor next to him. Later he was going to take some shots for some test lighting and crowd scenes, and if some local college slut wanted to flash for him, he would be ready for that, too.

Frank overheard the women telling their flashing stories, and checked them out. Nope, too old for his video, was his first thought. But the more he looked them over, he realized that these were attractive older women. While the rest of the crowd was busy watching the game, why not approach them, the fearless businessman thought.

Frank bought four beers, and carried them over the women. “Hi, I’m Frank. I couldn’t help overhearing your stories. My friend Tony here are and I are making a little video for our own pleasure, and I was thinking that it would be great to get you to contribute your talents to it.”

“What talents?” Asked Kim.

“He means your flashing,” answered Gail.

“Oh,” said Kim, laughing. “I don’t think so.”

“How about you?” Frank asked Val. You just did it for free, would you do it for a hundred dollars?”

“Let’s see the money,” was Val’s answer.

Frank pulled five twenties from his wallet. Val just smiled and started to grab her sweater. “No, just a minute,” said Frank.

Tony quickly got his camera ready. Val told her friends to gather around her, so the other bar patrons wouldn’t see her and start a commotion. When the red light on the camera lit, Frank asked, “What’s your name?”


“Do I have your permission to videotape this?”

“Yea,” laughed Val.

“How about you other girls. Can I videotape you?”

“Sure,” the girls giggled.

“OK, honey,” said Frank. With that Val once again lifted her sweater and her bra cups, and the camera captured her large round white breasts falling out of her bra. Val squealed and shook her tits at the camera with a big drunken grin on her face. The other girls laughed at her as she threw her chest out. When she finally pulled her sweater back down, Tony turned off the camera.

Frank thanked the women and gave Val her cash. Then he bought two rounds of shots for each lady, and kept them coming.

Frank faded into the crowd, as the women pointed out good-looking college jocks to each other. Finally, the basketball game ended with the home team victorious. The crowd was jubilant and boisterous. Music played loudly, and the girls started dancing with themselves. A handful of drunken college boys began noticing the women, and started to dance with them. All four ladies were dancing wildly, jumping up and down, and throwing their hips out. After some time, and some more shots, a slow song played, and several boys grabbed the women and danced slow with them. Val laid her head on her partner’s shoulder, and didn’t object when he ran his hands down over her ass and squeezed it as they danced. In fact, Val reached down and groped the young jock’s chiseled butt.

Frank approached Val and the others again, and held up a small white shirt that said, “Victory Lounge” in small letters along the top. “Would you girls each like to get one of these?”

“Oh, yeah, I like that!” said Kim. “How much are they?”

“You can’t buy them. But you can earn them. You see, there’s going to be a wet t-shirt contest here tomorrow, but I just talked to the bartender, and he said if you want to you can put these on tonight.”

“A wet t-shirt contest?” Asked Linda.

Some of the college boys heard the proposition. “Yeah, do it, do it.” Soon a dozen boys were surrounding göztepe escort the four women, chanting and hollering for them to get on the bar in the white t-shirts.”

“C’mon, let’s go,” yelled Val to the others. Kim agreed, but Linda and Gail were reluctant. “C’mon, we’re all gonna do it!” Val commanded. Frank produced three more t-shirts

and handed them to each girl. Val got the other three girls to surround her, and she knelt on the floor, quickly peeled off her sweater and bra, and put on the skimpy white cotton shirt with spaghetti straps. Kim changed next, and then the small-titted Gail, followed by the big-titted Linda.

Frank retrieved their clothes and purses for safekeeping, and some burly college kids helped lift the four braless t-shirt-wearing mothers onto the bar. The bartender turned up the house lights, and handed out pitchers of water, and a few large soaker water guns, to some of the guys. The drunken college boys were soon dousing the four women with cold water, and the bartender kept refilling the guns and pitchers. The women squealed and put their hands up to protect their hair and makeup. Soon the four gals were soaked from shoulder to knees.

The crowd began to cheer as soon as the girls got doused, and as Val and Kim started dancing to the music, the boys started hollering more. The t-shirts were purchased specifically for wet t-shirt contests, and became transparent as soon as they were wet. Val’s shirt clung tightly to her big tits, her pink areola clearly visible, her cold, rock-hard nipples protruding. Val put her hands up in the air, and thrust her chest in and out, causing her tits to jump up and down. Kim, still wearing her glasses, had ripped her shirt at the neck, down to he cleavage, and tied the waist up, displaying her bare midriff, and as she danced, her tits hopped up and down. Her tits, smaller and firmer versions of Val’s, were also on display in her see-thru shirt.

Gail also started dancing to the music. Her breasts were the smallest, but her nipples protruded out almost as far as her tits did, and she wiggled her hips more to compete for attention. Linda’s jugs were not only the biggest, but her areolas were large and dark, and could be seen clearly from the far side of the room. In fact, her areolas were as big as Gail’s whole tits. Linda was the least boisterous dancer, but her tits sagged down nicely and bobbled back and forth. Being the largest, her shirt was the tightest, and her tits hung out the sides and top of the shirt.

The women looked out at the large crowd of smiling, hollering teens, giving the long-married women sexual attention like they’d never had before. Each woman had a handful of boys standing right below her, giving her personal attention. Each woman in turn leaned over and shook their tits for their personal crowd.

Hearing the boys yelling, “More!” and “Take it off!” encouraged them more. Being a little uncomfortable in wet blue jeans anyway, Val and Kim both started to unsnap and unzip theirs, and slowly tug them down, teasing the boys all the way. Soon Kim was dancing in a pair of silk lavender panties displaying her smooth calves and thighs, and Val was sporting red cotton panties with a white waistband, her slightly meatier thighs jiggling. Linda and Gail, the two with the best legs, followed. Gail displayed tight pink panties, supported by gorgeous calves and thighs that were rock hard from years of running and exercising. Linda was the only woman wearing plain white cotton panties. But her panties were pulled tight over her crotch, and as the girls continued to get soaked with water, her panties became almost as transparent as her t-shirt, and a dark “V” appeared as her pubic hair could be seen through the wet panties. Linda danced with her dark pubic hair matching her dark areolas, her long thighs shaking, her big tits bobbling.

None of the girls noticed that Tony had his camera running, videotaping every bit of the married ladies’ strip tease. His camera followed each of them, zooming in close on their jiggling tits.

Kim’s shirt, which she had ripped up, was showing more and more cleavage. Again with crowd encouragement, she pulled it down more, and let her right nipple peek out. Val saw what she was doing, and Val started lifting up on her shirt, baring her midriff, and giving glimpses of the bottoms of her big jugs. Kim competed by pulling her shirt up, over her glasses, and completely off, to the crowd’s approval. Val responded to the challenge, and pulled her shirt completely off over her head. The loudest cheer yet greeted Val’s heavy, pale globes, capped with pink areola. Val and Kim spread their legs, bent their knees, and shook their tits wildly for the grinning boys.

Gail and Linda were still keeping their tops on, but Val and Kim yelled over at them to take them off. Gail relented, and with a shy grin, crossed her arms, grabbed her shirt hem, and lifted it off. Her crowd response wasn’t as loud as Val’s, but the crowd still halkalı escort cheered and stared at her small white tittes. Her dark-pink nipples were erect and long and pointing out.

Val and Kim approached Linda, and started pulling up on her shirt. Finally Linda shooed them away, and started pulling up on the shirt by herself. The crowd erupted again as the mature statuesque woman’s big bags fell out of her shirt and danced around, seemingly on their own accord. Her heavy mammaries were milky-white but topped with her large dark areolas. With more crude prodding and encouraging from the boys below her, Linda bounced wildly, causing her hooters to fly up high and crash down again, and dance from side to side, sometimes in unison with each other, sometimes going their separate ways. Like the other three wives, she couldn’t suppress the big smile on her face.

Kim turned her back to the crowd and shook her ass at them. With more crowd encouragement, she pulled up on her panties and bunched them up into her crack, giving the impression that she was wearing a thong. The crowd cheered as her bare white butt cheeks shook and rippled. She faced the crowd again, pulled her panties inside of her pussy lips, and exposed a large patch of dark-blonde pussy hair.

Gail, generally considered the shyest of the group, couldn’t compete with the other girls’ big tits. So she turned around and shook her panty-clad ass at the crowd. She heard more calls to “take it off,” and hooked her thumbs into her waistband. She slowly pulled them down, just barely exposing the top of her crack at first. With more hollering, she pulled them all the way down her thighs. As Gail bent over to pull her panties off of her feet, she displayed her dark brown pubic hair between her legs. She stood up, and ground and shook her firm but still-jiggling bare ass.

Kim, Val, and Linda quickly tugged down their respective panties. Val exposed a wide, thick blonde triangle of pubic hair. Linda’s was just as untamed and thick, but a brown color. These mamas didn’t have bikini cuts. Gail turned around and let the throng see her pussy hair, a full dark brown patch, but it looked a little more manicured than the others, giving the impression that some trimming may have been done.

The four women danced naked, except for earrings, necklaces, wedding bands, and Kim’s glasses. In the dim light and smoky bar, the younger men clearly forgave the mother’s physical imperfections. Particularly from a distance, the extra jiggling and bobbling that their flesh did was a real turn-on for the guys. The women were grabbing each other’s tits, grinding their pussies into each other’s asses, squatting and spreading for the boys, and generally having a wonderful erotic time.

When fatigue started to set in, the women climbed off of the bar and began looking for their clothes. As they pulled up their still-wet jeans and threw on their bras and shirts, a number of college boys reached over and grabbed their tits, and the women sometimes threw their chests out to oblige, but stopped them when too many hands reached in.

The women stayed in the bar for a while, making out with some of the more aggressive boys, and letting them feel the women up in dark corners. The women kept pouring down drinks supplied by the college boys as well as Frank, who kept his eye on his new video stars.


Word spread that thousands of kids had poured into the street outside in celebration of their team’s victory. The women worked their way outside. Nearly the entire city block was jammed with shouting, drinking college students, most of them male. Val led the other women a few feet into the crowd, and joined them in hollering and celebrating. The women felt a couple of stray hands land on their asses and tits, but mostly enjoyed the mild gropes. Some of the boys who recognized them from their nude dancing started talking to them. Soon each of the women found themselves surrounded by two or more college boys giving them individual attention, leering at them and hitting on them.

One of Val’s “suitors” suggested to Val that she should flash the crowd. Val jumped at the idea, and yelled over at her three old classmates that they should do the same. The college boys around them heard the talk of flashing, and started to cheer and move in. Val climbed onto her “suitor’s” shoulders, not an easy feat for a drunken woman. Once up on his shoulders, above the crowd, the nearer boys chanted, “Flash, flash, flash!” and “Show us your tits!” Hundreds more boys looked Val’s way, and joined in the noise.

Val looked out over the crowd, and realized that she was the center of attention as far as she could see. She crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her sweater, and pulled it up to reveal her midriff. She grabbed her bra cups with her bunched-up sweater, and lifted. Val’s tits fell out of their cups, and she held her sweater up under her armpits as thousands of cheering boys looked at the smiling teacher’s bare tits. Val loved the response as she looked out over the huge crowd.

Frank and Tony had followed the women out into the street, and as soon as Val climbed up on the boy’s shoulder, Tony started videotaping Val. Fortunately, the girls were under a streetlight, and Tony was able to get in good position to tape Val’s latest flash.

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