Old Friends Ch. 02

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Authors Note: I have not discussed the emotions of characters much in previous stories and this has drawn some comments. Partly it’s because I write these for the benefit of me. I who have struggled with having less than vanilla desires, running away from them, and the pain and misery it has caused me including I think probably losing chances at true love that’s why I’m writing these so when I write them to a large extent I write them with myself in the place of the male and so I know how I’d feel and it turns me on and I feel like by omitting them then each person can read into them what they want to how they’d most be turned on but I realize if I want to write a romantic novel or otherwise I’ll have to start attributing emotion to my characters so we’ll try it here in what is a semi-autobiographical story in terms of me really basing this on how I’d like such an encounter to go down.


I sat there for a while tied to the chair with Patrice’s panties over my nose.

I was feeling excited and very horny.

What I had always wanted was happening and not with a stranger but with someone I knew, someone I felt comfortable with.

I wanted to cum.

She came back in every few minutes or so and teased me, asked me to speak to her and did the “I can’t hear you speak up” routine which turned me on even more every time we did it.

I was beginning to want her to untie me so I could pound her with my cock, just beat that pussy up.

Maybe it was the oysters maybe it was the dominance but I wanted to fuck the shit out of Patrice.

Finally, Patrice came in and she took off the panties and she took off my gag.

“So how are you feeling Jackie?” she asked.

“Patrice you have no idea how much I am enjoying this,” I replied

She started stroking my rock hard dick with her soft supple fingers with a soft touch, which made me feel comfortable

“I don’t know Jackie, I think I have an idea” she said.

Patrice was clearly enjoying herself, you could see the wetness in her panties.

“Let’s talk, Jackie.”


“So you’ve known you’re this way since we were like high school age.”


“And you’ve only now started really pursuing this?”



“Because people think it’s weird Patrice. Like when you dropped your purse today and especially when we were growing up. Women might have been a bit more understanding but males weren’t back then, especially the insecure ones not comfortable in their own masculinity so they have to act all tough and macho. It’s always talking about how they ‘fucked her’ in the locker room and half the time it’s a fucking lie.”

“Jackie there were certainly groups you could have joined.”

“Maybe but remember I’ve always seen myself as maybe being able to even win the White House or a Nobel Prize or be a big time billionaire and if people find out shit like this.”

“The world is changing Jackie.”

“I know but there are still a lot of ignorant people out there.”

“Jackie, there are also understanding ones too.”

“I know but then many of the dominant women, they want to do things like CBT or chastity, or outright exploitation of their submissives financially or otherwise and being exploited does not turn me on. Being dominated by a pretty girl does but it’s foreplay in a sense and I mean I still want to be able to fuck normally and fuck as a dominant partner as well as submitting and again I want to conquer the world. Being willing to submit to a woman is the ultimate act of trust as I bow before no man.”

“I know you don’t and that’s what makes this so hot for me. Because Jackie who you are, you’re the guy who wants to be a big shot and yet you let me have you bound and gagged to that chair with panties over your nose.”

“And I loved having those panties over my nose. You have no idea how intense it is, Patrice”

“I’m going to make it more intense for you if you want Jackie”

“How intense?”

“What can you take sancaktepe escort Jackie?”

We then began talking about everything basically I wouldn’t be willing to do and I left the window wide open otherwise. We agreed on a safeword and then a series of safe gestures for when she had me gagged and I let her know I wanted to be gagged and a lot. For a man who is such a man of words with such a gift of gab in a situation like this being gagged is so unbelievably hot especially when the right girl is doing it and right now Patrice was definitely the right girl.

“Ok Jackie, it’s time for a dessert.”

“What kind of dessert Patrice?”

“Miss Patrice, Jackie.”

“What kind of dessert Miss Patrice?”

“Good boy. You’ll see.”

Patrice left the room and I felt very excited. She hadn’t left me gagged and I felt kind of naked without it. She came back in with a bucket of strawberries and a bucket of whipped cream.

Patrice took a strawberry, dipped it in whipped cream, sucked the cream off of it, and then brought it up to my mouth.

“Take a bite Jackie.”

I complied. She then ate the rest of the strawberry

Patrice took the next strawberry, dipped it in whipped cream, and brought it up to me.


I did.

She repeated this process off and on with several strawberries.

She then took the bucket of strawberries and put in on the table.

“Jackie are you ready for the next part?”

“What will it entail Miss Patrice?”

“Oh you’re still having your desert and you’re still having whipped cream, in fact you might like this more.”


Patrice took both the bucket of whipped cream and the strawberries out of the room.

I thought it was odd that she took the whipped cream because she said my dessert was still going to consist of whipped cream.

She came back in the room, this time with a can of Ready Whip and then she came to me and then sat down in my lap, me still tied to the chair. I wanted to fuck her right there and I started to make thrusting motions.

“Whoa whoa cowboy. What are you doing?”

“Miss Patrice you’ve got me so horny I want to cum all up in that pussy.”

“I know you do you little slut.” she said, while softly stroking my face which made me even more horny.

“Can we fuck Patrice?”

“Jackie!” she exclaimed sternly at my refusing to remember her title.

“Miss Patrice?”

“Good slut. Jackie my little slut if you want to fuck me you have to eat your dessert first.”

“How can I eat my dessert with you sitting on me Miss Jackie, you took all the strawberries away?”

“I did didn’t I?”

“Yes Miss Patrice. So how am I going to have dessert?”

“How are you going to have dessert?”


When I finished that question Patrice took the ready whip and covered a breast in it and she brought it up to my mouth.

“Lick Jackie, suck it till you have every bit of cream off”

I complied and licked and sucked and sucked softly, almost like I was sucking milk out of a tit.

“Good Boy!” Patrice exclaimed, “now for some more”

She sprayed some more on her torso and told me to lick and again I did until I got every drop off.

She repeated this several times with the whipped cream on different parts of her midsections.

She then filled her mouth with whipped cream, came up to mine, and started French kissing me. I was so fucking turned on and I wanted to fuck the shit out of her right then and there but I didn’t dare start humping lest I not be able to fuck her at all.

“So have you enjoyed your desert Jackie?”

“Yes Miss Patrice”

“Good, now I want you to do something for me.”

“Yes Miss Patrice?”

“I want you to worship my body”

Patrice was so turned on at this point. She had always thought Jackie had a great sense of humor and an engaging personality and now she had him here in her lair. Often times she’d dominate a guy and sarıyer escort not fuck him but she wanted him to have the treat eventually but she was going to dominate him like this much more before she did. Patrice came up real close to Jackie and told him to start kissing and he did, he began kissing her breasts and her chest, and her torso, and her back, and even her ass. Jackie was turned on more and more with each kiss. He loved Patrice’s control.

“Are you having fun, Jackie?”

“Yes I am, Miss Patrice.”

“So you wanna fuck me Jackie?”

“I do Miss Patrice.”

“Do you think you’ve earned it Jackie?”

“I think so Miss Patrice.”

“Maybe you have. But I’d like to share some champagne first, would that be OK with you Jackie?”

“I can’t really argue with you can I Miss Patrice?”

“Tied to that chair I guess you can’t. But this is how you wanted it isn’t it Jackie?”

“It is Miss Patrice. I must be honest you’re starting to enrapture me.”

“That’s good to hear Jackie, if you’re lucky I may never let you go, I might just keep you like this forever, my little sex toy. Would you like that Jackie?”

“Would I get to fuck you?”

“Of course, you’d be my sex toy.”

“I think I might like being your sex toy.”

“Maybe you would. I want you to know you’ve been a great kidnap victim.”

“Thank you Miss Patrice.”

“So are you ready for that champagne?”


“Good. Now don’t go anywhere my little slut. Oh that’s right…you can’t” Patrice teased, sending Jackie’s arousal into overdrive.

Jackie never needed to come more than he did right now.

Patrice came back with two bottles of Moet Chandon and two glasses.

“Now Jackie I am going to drink a couple of glasses first and admire my little captive, is that alright?”

“I’m in no position to argue am I Miss Patrice?”

“You’re starting to learn my little slut, you’re starting to learn. Such a good boy.”

Patrice poured herself a glass of champagne and we began talking just normally, a normal conversation as if I wasn’t tied to the chair and totally in her power.

“Jackie, are you ready for a drink yourself?”

“Yes. So you’re going to untie me, Miss Patrice?.”

“No my little slut, you might try to escape.”

“Then how am I going to drink it, Miss Patrice?”

“I’ll feed it to you.”

Patrice got up and filled the other glass with champagne and then came to the chair and sat on Jackie again.

“So are you ready, baby?”

“Get me drunk Miss Patrice”

“Get me drunk, Jackie, have you forgotten who is in control. That was very rude. Where are your manners slut?”

“I’m sorry Miss Patrice.”

“Ask politely, Jackie.”

“Please get me drunk, Miss Patrice.”

“Good boy.”

Jackie started bringing the glass to Jackie’s mouth and she got it up to his mouth and just as he was about to start drinking she took it towards her own mouth and chugged the Moet down. Jackie stared into her eyes shocked.

“Oh my little slut, did you think I was going to let you drink from that glass?”

“How else am I going to drink it Miss Patrice.”

“Drinking from the glass I may let you do once I know you’ll be a good slut for me.”

“So am I supposed to drink it out of the bottle?”

“No baby. I’ve got something much better planned for my little slut and I think he’ll like it.”

Jackie went and left the room and came back with the same high heels she wore on the date. Jackie poured the champagne in the shoe and brought it up to Jackie’s mouth.

“You told me you have a foot fetish, so drink from my shoe.”

Jackie began feeding the champagne to Jackie from her heel, being careful to make sure none of it spilled.

“Make sure you drink every last drop slut.”

Jackie was very turned on by the fact that she was now calling him “slut” all of the sudden.

The idea of being Patrice’s slut turned him on.

He finished the silivri escort champagne from the shoe.

“How did you like drinking from my shoe Jackie. Does it turn you on knowing I wore it all day and now you’ve drank from it?”

“Yes Miss Patrice,” Jackie said. He was turned on. More than in his entire life. He wanted to fuck Patrice so badly. He wanted to fuck her raw till there was no more cum in his balls to ejaculate.

“Good slut. Want some more?”

“Yes Miss Jackie.”

“I like hearing that slut.”

Jackie poured more Moet in her heel and had Jackie drink it. She then gave herself more glasses and between her glasses and her feeding Jackie out of her heel they finished the two bottles of Chandon.

“So Jackie do you want to fuck now?” Patrice asked, with lust in her voice.

“Yes Miss Patrice. Can you please untie me?” replied Jackie, with sexual need in his voice bordering on desperation.

“Why would I untie you slut?”

“So I can fuck you raw Miss Patrice. You have me so turned on. I want to give you pleasure because I’ve never felt the way you have me feeling tonight.”

“I like hearing that my little slut.”

“So are you going to untie me so I can fuck you and make you cum again and again?”

“I’d like to cum again and again and if you ever want me to let you go you will but I can’t untie you right now.”

“Why not Miss Patrice, I worshipped your body as you wanted and you said when we drank champagne I’d get to fuck you.”

“When you drink champagne out of a glass I’ll fuck you. You drank it out of my shoe, slut.”

“You’re the one who took the glass away from me and made me drink out of the shoe, Miss Patrice.”

“Aww I did, didn’t I little slut. Too bad for you I guess.”

“Please untie me, Miss Patrice.”

“No Jackie.”

“Why won’t you untie me Miss Patrice.”

“Because you’ve been a bad boy my little slut and I have to punish you.”

“How have I been a bad boy.”

“Because Jackie you have known you have had these desires since before high school. Told me you fantasized about being dominated by groups of girls in high school. You never told anyone and there probably would have been people in college who would have been glad to help you experiment. You would have been happy. I’m punishing you for denying yourself pleasure and happiness. I’m punishing you so you’ll accept your needs and who you are. You need this Jackie and so I’m not untying you.”

“What if I scream help, Miss Patrice?”

With that Patrice reached down and took off her dripping panties and pushed them in Jackie’s mouth. She held one hand over it in a handgag to keep him from spitting them out while she got the tape, again pink tape, and placed several strips over his mouth.

“Now you can’t spit them out slut. I’ve got them all nice and wet for you. Taste my juices and get used to that taste. You’ll have to taste a lot more before you get to fuck me. It’s your punishment for being a bad boy and denying yourself the pleasures of being my slot. I wish I had known about this back when we were in school together. You would have had so much fun in my ropes.”

“Mmmpppphhh” is all Jackie could reply through the gag.

“Now baby, I’ve got a little surprise for you, don’t go anywhere…Oh wait, you can’t because you’re still tied to that chair and you’ve got my dripping wet panties in your mouth.”


“Don’t worry slut, the buzz from that champagne will kick in because I forced it down quick. I’m punishing you by not letting you fuck me yet but you’ll enjoy what I have planned next.”

With that Patrice left the room, giving Jackie bedroom eyes and staring into his deeply before leaving.

Jackie had always fantasized about something like this and Patrice was a girl he had always fantasized about being dominated by.

Now that it was happening he was excited but starting to get worried.

What if Patrice was not the sweet girl and sassy girl he remembered?

Still his dick overrode everything and just the experience was giving Jackie a sense of peace.

There was peace in Patrice’s domination.

If she’d let him cum he’d gladly stay tied to this chair forever.

But all he could do now is wait for what Patrice had planned next for him.

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