Oily Evenings Ch. 04

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Disclaimer : All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

If you haven’t read chapters 1, 2 & 3, please go read them now. The story here continues from where it ended in chapter 3.


Mom woke me up at dawn. Even the sun hadn’t showed itself properly yet. But the birds were up and about, tweeting merrily outside the window.

“Wake up lover!” she called me sweetly, “We have to get going.”

“Where to?” I asked rubbing my eyes open. I saw that mom was already dressed and ready. She had worn a nice red saree.

“It’s a special place… you’ll see… now come on, there is no time to waste,” she pulled me upright and pushed me into the bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth fast.

“Take a bath too,” mom said aloud from the room. I discarded my clothes and stood under the shower, rubbing my body with soap. After the bath, I put on some clean clothes mom had kept on the bed for me. I came downstairs to find mom in the living room waiting for me.

We walked a short distance to reach the taxi stand. Mom hailed a taxi and told the driver where to go. All through the journey mom was quiet. I too didn’t want to bother her with questions when the driver could hear us. An hour later the driver dropped us off at the foot of a hill. It showed 6 AM on my watch. Before he left, mom asked him to pick us up at the same spot at 8 AM.

When we were finally alone I asked mom, “Where are we? Did you tell gramma that we’d be gone so early?”

“Gramma knows… don’t worry,” mom explained, “and as to where we are going, look.” Mom pointed at something at a distance. I didn’t see what it was at first. There was dense shrubbery everywhere. Then I saw a narrow path that sloped up towards the hill.

“Come… we have to reach back here by 8 AM,” she held my hand and pulled me along. We started the trek uphill. On the way she explained more about our destination.

“At the very top of this hill there is a view point. It is said that you can see the Arabian sea from up there if the sky is really clear… but that’s not where we are going.”

“Then where are we going?” I asked perplexed.

“We are going to see if you truly love me,” mom said, the teasing evident in her tone. I stopped walking and sulked.

“I was kidding darling,” she placated me with a peck on my lips and the pulled me along.

“I have heard that somewhere near the summit there is a hidden path that leads to a tribal village. No one really goes that way because it’s kind of a forest and is deemed a forbidden place by villagers. The tribals there don’t mingle with the outside world,” she described the place. It sounded creepy.

“Legend has it that centuries ago two lovers gave up their life inside that forest coz their families didn’t approve of the relation. As years went by a shrine appeared at the spot. To this day the tribespeople offer worship there… and more importantly, other star crossed lovers started going to the shrine to pray and miraculously found the hurdles to their union vanish.” I was walking dreamily, engrossed in the pictures the narration was creating in my mind.

“That’s a great story,” I told mom. She laughed.

“We’ll see.”

By 7, we still hadn’t reached anywhere. I felt like we were going in circles.

“Are we lost?” I asked mom, but she seemed determined to find this shrine. Suddenly I had a weird sensation at the back of my neck… as if a spider’s we got caught there… a chill ran up my spine. I flinched and turned around. What I saw knocked the air out of my lungs.

A man stood in front of me… black as coal. He had on his body only a loincloth. What was scary was the mask on his face… like an animal… covering his entire face except for the mouth.

“Mom,” I called with whatever little breath that I had left in me. I heard her suck in a loud breath in shock… but she regained her composure and was by my side soon.

The man stared at the two of us… indecisive. Mom moved closer to me and held my hand tightly. A change came over the man’s features. We saw his mouth open in a smile, showing teeth that were stained brown. He ankara escort stretched his hand beckoned us. He did not wait for us to respond, instead turned and started walking. I looked at mom.

“Come,” she said, and we followed the man with the mask. The path he took us on was wild with fallen leaves, twigs and roots of giant trees. A few minutes later we came upon a clearing in the forest. There was an odd shaped giant black stone at the centre with red thread wound tightly around its peak. The masked man went behind it and came back clutching something in his hand. He offered it to us. Tentatively, mom stretched out her hand and took it from him. I saw that it was two masks, like the one he was wearing.

“Put this on,” mom said as she handed me one and put hers on. I could hear my heart beat in my chest. I hesitated.

“Trust me,” mom said. I wore the mask on my face.

Then the man stretched out his palm towards mom. I don’t know why but it seemed like she was expecting this. I stared in disbelief as mom took off the gold wedding ring from her finger and offered it to him. He took it and placed it on a sort of flat plateau at the base of the stone. When he came back he had in his hand a small sharp knife which he offered me. I looked at mom for comprehension.

“It’s a ritual couples perform at the shrine to remove the obstacles in their union,” she tried to calm me, “the woman has to offer the shrine something valuable as a sacrifice… or some other meaningful offering, that’s why I offered the wedding ring your father put on me… coz you are my world now… the only man in my life from now on… similarly the man has to make an offering that shows the purity of his love for the woman… and there’s no greater offering than one’s own blood for this.” There was concern written large on her face. What she just told me was boggling my mind. I stood there transfixed.

“Do you love me?” mom’s voice brought me back.

I looked into her eyes and said, “More than anything!”

“That’s all there is to this,” mom said.

I took the knife from the masked man’s hand. He led me towards the shrine. I wrapped my left hand tightly around the blade and pulled the wooden handle down using my right hand. The sharp blade pierced the skin on my palm. Sharp pain shot up my arm. Few drops of blood trailed down my palm and fell on the shrine. I felt my lungs fill with warm air and felt the heat in the blood coursing through my veins… I felt like something powerful had possessed me. Mom came running towards me and embraced me tightly. Tears ran down her face. She hung on to me for dear life, it seemed.

Once she broke the hug, I found my eyes searching for the masked man. He was nowhere to be found.

“Where is the man?” I asked mom.

“He left.”

“Now what?”

Mom’s eyes came alive with a strange look, “Now we consummate our relationship with the sacred spirit as witness.” She pointed to the plateau on the shrine.

Before I could comprehend the sentence, she pushed me towards the shrine making me lie down on my back on the flat surface. Then she stood back and removed the loose end of her saree off her chest. Slowly she took off the long saree wound round and round on her waist. Her underskirt fell to the floor next, followed by the red blouse. Her hands went behind her reaching for the hooks of her lacy white bra. I heard a snap, and the bra fell off her magnificent tits. She squeezed her tits with her hands and pinched her hardening nipples. Her matching lacy white panty was the last to hit the ground and she stood before me like a goddess under the morning sun.

She came near me and bent down aiming her hands at the button of my pants, easily slipping it off the hole. Then she pulled my pants down. I lifted my ass in amazement at what was about to happen. She pulled it off my legs completely. Then my underwear came down and off. My cock stood up in attention. Mom came on the flat surface of the stone placing her knees on either side of my legs. She picked my t shirt by the hem and pulled it over my head. In my head it seemed like a scene out of the kamasutra, the ancient Indian escort ankara book of love. She positioned herself above my hips and grabbed the head of my cock, leading it to her vagina. Her face was full of animal lust. My cock head parted the lips of her pussy and penetrated her vagina. The feeling was other worldly… my cock entering this moist place… the walls of her cunt squeezing my cock. She lowered herself on me, taking the entire length of my long cock deep inside her. She supported herself by keeping her hands on my chest. She looked skywards as my cock got as deep as it could go inside her. Then she rose up half the length of my cock and shortly sat back down. She started riding my cock… her son’s cock. The movements gathered momentum and she bounced her ass on my thighs as she fucked me. I grabbed her tits in my hands and squeezed them. Loud moans escaped her lips. She rode my cock like a possessed witch… frantically bobbing up and down on it. Her moans got urgent and she fucked me harder. I felt my balls fill up with semen. Then I lifted my hips and thrust upwards jamming my cock inside her cunt. That broke both our barriers and she arched her back moaning as she came on my cock, while my cock exploded inside her splashing hot semen in spurts. She fell on me, spent… her body glistening with sweat. I felt like our bodies were glowing with the heat they generated. We locked our lips in a passionate kiss as a mark of the consummation. She laid on top of me for a while, my cock still inside her.

I looked at my wrist watch. It showed. 7.20 AM. I shook mom and showed it to her. She lifted her body off me and my cock slipped out of her cunt. I watched as my cum leaked out of her vagina, down her thighs.

Both of us got dressed. I wanted to keep the masks as a souvenir, but mom made me leave them on the sacred stone. We then hurried off in the direction that mom thought the masked man had gone. Thankfully, mom remembered a little bit of the path we had taken and we completed our downhill trek in time.

As we waited for our driver mom held me close to her. The intense lovemaking had opened a whole new world to us. She leaned her head on my shoulders as she picked up my left hand to look at the wound. The bleeding had stopped and the pain had subsided, but still it would leave a scar. I was not bothered seeing how mom and I came out closer than ever from the experience.

“Ask me anything… anything you want… and I’ll make it happen my love,” mom said, “today you’ve made me the happiest woman on earth.”

My heart filled with pride. I thought about what to ask mom for some time… and then I remembered flashes of a dream I had the previous afternoon when I took a nap.

Mom was wearing a ravishing costume… one with spaghetti straps and a deep neckline… it came down to mid thigh. Her hair was loose and shiny. It moved in waves as she danced close to me in dim flashy light. Her dance was sensuous… like the way girls dance at parties trying to gain the attention of handsome men.

As I finished telling her about my dream, our taxi came to a halt in front of us and we hopped in. All through our journey back to the old house, mom was quiet. I could feel the chains inside her head turning, chalking out some plan.

The driver dropped us off at the bus stop near the old house. Mom paid him. She said something else to him that I didn’t hear. While we walked the rest of the distance to the house she explained the plan to me.

“Darling… when we reach the house, we’re going to have a conversation with gramma. You just nod and play along to what I say, Okay? Then we’re going to have breakfast, pack our things and leave. We’ll catch the 12 o’ clock train back home to the city… but we are going to check into a hotel. In the evening, we are going to go shopping… and then I’m going to make your dream come true, coz we’re going to a club.”

“How was the trek to the top of the hill?” gramma asked when we entered the house. We sat beside her in the living room and described the view from the top of the hill… something we had not actually seen.

“I hope you didn’t come across ankara escort bayan any tribal people… I hear they are dangerous,” gramma enquired.

“No, we didn’t.” we kept adding to the mountain of lies.

Then mom played our ruse, “Gramma, we have to leave a day earlier… I received a call from his teacher… there is some assignment he has to submit by Tuesday.” I nodded along with mom. Gramma was not happy about it. She sulked all through breakfast. It was only when I kissed her bye on her cheeks that her face regained its characteristic softness. We walked to the bus stop and like déjà vu the taxi driver was there waiting for us. He dropped us off at the railway station well in time.

It was 4 in the evening when we checked into a nice hotel near to the mall we were planning to go later. The Train journey and the scorching heat had tired us out. I decided to shower to get the train smell off. I discarded my sweaty clothes on the hanger and turned the temperature controller knob to ‘cool’. Then I stepped under the shower feeling the nice sting of cold water on my head. I stood with my head down, letting the water wash my body. It was so relaxing.

I was spooked when mom’s hands hugged my chest from behind me. Then I felt her bare soft breasts press up on my back. The way her nipples poked my skin tickled me at first… but I slowly relaxed into her arms and leaned back a little. Mom rested her head on my left shoulder and nibbled at my earlobe, planting small kisses on my neck in between. It felt so good, I had to change my opinion on hugs… I mean, sure… hugs from front were great… but hugs from behind, that too under the shower were in a different league.

Mom’s teasing nibbles and kisses had caused a raging erection between my legs. I felt compelled to turn around and take possession of her tits. I grabbed them with both my hands and went straight for the nipples. I used my middle fingers to flick them side to side. Mom closed her eyes in pleasure and moaned.

“Oh darling! Roll my nipples between your fingers,” she asked me. I held her nipples like smokers held cigarettes between their fingers… and rolled them. She moaned louder… but pushed my hands off. She placed her right hand in the middle of my chest and traced it downwards. Simultaneously she bent at the knees till they were on the floor and her hands wrapped around the base of my erect penis. Then she took it into her mouth. The water that the shower sprayed on me dribbled down my body, some flowed on my hard cock and entered her mouth when she sucked it. Her hand jerked my cock as she sucked on its head… back and forth. Inside her mouth her tongue teased the tip of my cock. Her left hand came around and grabbed my ass, squeezing it. She intensified this three-pronged trick as time passed. My head was spinning with the sensations created by her mouth and hands. I was getting close. Then suddenly she traced the middle finger of her left hand down the crack of my ass, past my asshole and started a slow massage at the point between may asshole and balls. It was too much stimulus for me. Mom felt it too and withdrew her mouth from my cock to a feet of distance. My cock erupted and brought forth numerous spurts of cum. Long ropes of ejaculate sprayed on mom… inside her mouth, on her forehead, across her nose. Some landed on her neck and tits too.

She looked up at my eyes and asked, “Would you like it if I swallowed?”

I nodded and she licked the top of her lips collecting my cum into her mouth. She dragged her fingers over the stray drops of semen on her face and neck and licked it into her mouth. Looking right into my eyes, she swallowed. It topped every other experience I ever had in my life.

There was still some semen on her tits. I pointed to it and mom did something even more arousing. She spread my cum on her tits… rubbing it on every inch of her breast meat. Then she lifted herself up and we kissed. We didn’t bother much with the lips and went for the tongues straight away. The French would have been proud of our tongues mashing, hidden under our sealed lips.

Afterwards, I washed my cum off her under the spray of the shower. We bathed together, lathering soap on each other’s bodies and washing it off. We dried each other with towels and came out of the bathroom.

“Time for some shopping,” mom said excitedly.

To be continued.

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