Oh My! Such Naughty Family Ch. 4

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Later that night we were all at my house having supper and swimming. Uncle Colt’s family, and Aunt Monique with Robbie.

I thought our backyard pool party would be a conservative one, for my benefit of being under 21. So I was dress accordingly. But I was wrong. My own Mother allowed her big full titties to spill from her skimpy bikini strings. Her fat nipples were all that it covered.

Aunt Monique wore a g-string with sash you could see thru. And Aunt Jane’s suit bottoms had such a high cut that you could see her entire hips.

The men avoided the water, to maintain the stiff hardons that they all sported. They sat around the pool with legs splayed wide, exposing the obscene bulges that the women kept eyeing.

Khalee was dressed conservative, but in a very expensive suit not meant for swimming. All of the men were eyeing her blatantly. Aunt Monique brought her over to me, showing off the suit that she picked for Khalee. She told me that I should accompany their next shopping spree. I was looking forward to it.

When my Father declined a family drive thru the countryside, I did as well. I was determined to get him alone.

Dad lay on his bed having shed his trunks, and his cock was very huge but just half-hard. Ohh! my mouth watered and my cunt warmed at the idea! I could get blowjob lessons from Daddy and his big beautiful cock. But before I summoned the courage to enter his room, Aunt Jane appeared from his bathroom wearing only her bikini bottoms. Her tits were amazing, swaying about her chest with each step. She settled apun Daddy with her hard nipples poking his muscular chest.

My heart was pounding with each moment, and I listened to their foreplay.

“Your wife has got the hots for Khay, ungh?” insisted Aunt Jane, stroking Dad’s thick meat.

“Yeah, I told Pat to seduce her if possible, to warm her up to me. I hope to get a blowjob from the girl soon”, he admitted while stroking Aunt’s round ass.

“Sorry dear, she doesn’t suck dicks, thinks its nasty. She only blows her Daddy, and gets pissed when he shoots in her mouth. She’ll do anything for him, but won’t suck anyone else. But she does love your cock sweetie, asks me if I could get you to screw her more often”. They sucked tongues between speaking, she getting my Daddy aroused. He had a monster of a cock!

“Well I told her we guys would cut her off ’till she sucks our stiffs! We’ve been sucking and fucking her for two years now, its time she paid up. If Patricia can get her nice and hot for me, maybe she’d be willing”. Daddy’s fingers were deeply stroking pussy now.

“Ohh yes baby, that’s it!”, she moaned. “You know, that won’t work either. Your sister is the only woman to touch Khay, not even me! She calls me ‘dyke’ or ‘fucking lezzie’, then kisses my nose or something. Monique comes around and Khay melts into her mouth! I agree with you, she’s a spoiled little bitch”, chuckled Aunt Jane.

“Well when she gets it, she’s really going to get it! Could you tell her to do me?” Dad asked, desperate it appeared.

“You know I can’t honey. But if you like, you can fuck my mouth as long as you want!” she offered, curling up to Dad’s huge cock.

“I always get that honey, its not the same”, he told her.

“Thats because I never called you Uncle!” she shyly looked up at him, allowing his lumber to tower above her face. “You could force your little niece to give you her virgin mouth, and I can suck you just like a twenty year old would”.

Dad’s dick bolted as he grabbed my Aunt behind the head and shoved her mouth down his cock.

“Suck my cock Khalee, fuck it with your mouth!”, he ordered.

And Aunt Jane’s arms flailed perfusely as she gurgled around his cock. The more Dad forced in, the more Aunt Jane fought.

“No istanbul rus escort Uncle Ridge…Ulmp!…Don’t fuck my…”Grnnghgl”, “Ulmp”…

And Aunt Jane’s sucking was lowd and wet! Just like an amatuer! Just like me! Ohh my pussy throbbed, knowing that I could give my Daddy the kind of virgin blowjob that he wanted. If only he’d ask!…

“Ungghh, Grnngh…Ulmmmp”. Wet bubbles of spit was crackling from her mouth, layering Dad’s cock. Pools of her slobber was glistening his hairy groins as she couphed and choked around his cock.

“Please don’t…not my mouth Uncle…Ahhgullp!” she begged, sloppy cock-sucking noises filled the bedroom.

“I’m going to fill your little belly girl, make you eat my nutts sweetheart!”

Daddy was using her mouth now, fucking it onto his cock! I couldn’t believe his aggression. I could see Uncle Colt this way, but not Daddy. I had been wanting to make love to Daddy’s cock, not get fucked by it. But my pussy boiling over convinced me that any way my Daddy wanted it, as long as I had his meat in my mouth. And no one would fuck my mouth before he did!

I fucked most of my hand into my overbaked cunt as it exploded into orgasms. When I re-focused, Dad had yanked his cock out and flipped Aunt Jane onto her back.

“Shit Jane! You’re too much! I’m ’bout to cum baby, and you deserve a good long fucking!” Dad said, as he positioned to fuck his sister-in-law.

But Aunt Jane was still caught up with her act.

“Yes Uncle Ridge. Cum in my pussy, not in my mouth! My pussy is so wet!”

And it was. Dad’s cock split the sugary lips and girl-juice came splashing out. She immediatly wrapped her legs about his hips while he shafted her with long, loving strokes. Aunt Jane cried out as she rocked her hips to his rythem, soaking his fat cock with the hot love sauce from her sucking pussy! I actually saw droplets of pussy juice luridly lining his cock each time it emerged.

I was worked up once again in time for Aunt’s body-trembling orgasm. The fragrance of her sex filled my nostrils, making me even hotter. She howled for the ears of anyone within a country mile, until Dad’s tongue plunged into her mouth.

And then Dad was spasmodicly jerking, grunting, and howling, obviously discharging into the women’s convulsing snatch.

“Ohhh shit Ridge! Patricia is right. You’re so fucking hot. Does my daughter make you this way?” she asked, kissing his lips. They both breathed heavy, resting a while before they spoke.

“Its all you Jane. I’ve at least fucked your daughter, and she can’t touch you in the bedroom.

My Aunt smiled at Daddy for that, she knew he was being sincere. She showed modesty with my Dad.

“Your Father doesn’t say that. I mean your Mom lets Khalee over just once a week because she wears Dad thin. Mom sais your wife, sister, and I can suck him off the same day and he’s still ready to fuck her at night. But one fuck from Khalee will drain him dry!” laughed Aunt Jane, just idle conversation. They basicly showed mutual satisfaction of just laying in eachother’s arms.

***** Later that night my parents were in bed discussing Mom’s progress with Khalee. They were hopelessly rejected by her. My name came up in comparison to Khalee, if I’d be snitty like her when I turned 21.

It was mutually understood that they would not include me in anything sexual ’till that time. So the next morning I ate breakfast with them, being as provocative as I could.

A t-shirt cut just below my pubesent budding titties, and thin pink panties is all I wore. I sat on Dad’s lap for a while and felt his aroused cock. When Mom showered, I rubbed his cock thru his pants, but he removed my hand and told me to behave myself.

He kadıköy escort ignored my advances, fustrating me. I found Mommy in the bath and tried to join her. She told me to wait my turn, she’d be out soon.

I couldn’t get my mind off of my sexy parents even as Aunt Monique took Khalee and me shopping.

There were lots of room in the SUV, but Khalee sat close under Auntie. She hugged Auntie and kept her head against my Aunt’s breast. Khalee has never shown such dependence on anyone, not even attatched to her mother that way. She did however, either hold my hand or rub my leg the whole time.

Once in the mall, Khay was quick to pick a skirt to try on that she would never wear in public. I realized she wanted constant direction from our Aunt. What to wear, how to act, intimate dicapline and attention.

When I entered the dressing room where they were, I found Khalee standing before Auntie who sat on the bench. She had just her baby-doll panties on and Auntie had two handfulls of them.

“Ohh Aunt Niguie! Yes!”, she moaned. All I could see of Auntie was her knees as Khalee straddled her. They widened enough to allow Khay’s hand to explore up her skirt, but no access to her panties. When Khalee used her other hand to urgently push Auntie’s knees wider, our Auntie didn’t have on any panties.

“No dear, Lovette is coming”, my aunt warned.

“I don’t care! Let me…”, Khay demanded. “Besides, I already told her”.

“You did!?” Auntie asked, condescendingly. “Why I’m going to put you over my knee and spank your bottom young lady…Is that what you want?”

“Yes”, was Khalee’s reply.

I had to do the driving to Auntie’s cottage so the two of them could have the back seat. I remember how crazy it seemed looking thru the rear-view mirror at Khalee sprawled over Aunt Monigue’s lap with her new shorts at her ankles. Having made my cousin leave her panties at the mall, Aunt Monique was spanking the shit out of Khay’s bottom. She had Khay squirming, panting, and crying. Most of all, cumming!

The windows on her car are smoked tinted, but they weren’t all the way up. People from other cars could here the weird commotion coming from our car. Could they imagine a 23yld getting a spanking? When I rolled the windows up, I was hit with the suffocating arouma of Khalee’s spasming cunt.

It was just one of many instances of their frollics that made my pussy cream. I realized that it all was for my audience, catering to my lust and curiosity. But I wanted to make them wait.

We ate lunch on Auntie’s patio and they continued their antics. They made me wanton as hell the way butter, honey, or liquids accidentally spilled on their lucious bodies. Thick sappy honey slowly dripped from titties, jelly smeared navels, or something sticky clinging to their faces. They were wantonly suggestive with the manner of the way they cleaned one-another off.

I allowed them my charms as they kept trying to touch my body, but would pull back at the hight of their passions. I teased them that way intentially ’till they were so hot for me, that they saw red!

“Forget her Aunt Niguie, just do me! O.K.?”, Khay pleaded. “She won’t tell”.

Khay then told Auntie how she and her brother seduced me, and that she knew I had liked it. She didn’t know why I wouldn’t play this time.

And Auntie mocked jealousy at the fact of not being the first that Khay had performed cunt-licking on.

“You two-timing little cheat. I’ve been throwing my pussy at you for years and you’ve pretended to be scared!”, she taunted.

“I…I was scared…of doing it wrong! I didn’t want you to be…mad or anything” Khay wispered, her eyes searching the floor.

“You hear that Luv’, your cousin was just using kartal escort you for practice, my-my!”, my Aunt pittied. “You should put her over your knees and…”

“Aunt Niguie!, I’m older than she!…and, my butt is still sore from the car…” Khay refuted, close to tears with lust.

My own underwear was sticky with dried cum-spillage. It seemed to re-liquidfy as my pussy became re-heated. And Aunt Monique’s nipples were fat round bullets from anticipation of having both her delectible nieces.

“You always manage to get your precious little ass spanked” my Auntie told Khay, as she rubbed baby-oil deeply into her flesh.

Khay was kneeling before the washtub with her glossened taut rump sticking up. Auntie had emptied the remains of the bottled oil onto Khay’s butt, treating Khalee for the spanking. She had Khay promising to be a good girl to avoid future spankings, but we all knew that they would never end.

Several loving kisses on Khalee’s cute round butt, and Auntie’s face pushed into the girl’s spread and delicately licked the spasming pussy-hole. It was too sensual and tasty looking that I fingered my own dripping snatch.

Hot thick girl cum must have spewed repeadily, for Auntie would occationally retract her tongue and swallow with glee. She’d dive back in with tongue&teeth on the girl’s knobby clit, forcing loud screeches from Khay’s mouth.

Soon Khay was thrashing uncontrollably, shoving her ass back into Auntie’s face. Auntie’s kitten-like lapping turned into tigar-like feeding as she yanked apart resielent asscheeks and reamed puckered asshole roughly.

The shocking display of bathroom manner left me weak in the knees, I sat on the toilet just above them. I could see it all.

Uninteligable sounds emitted from Khay’s throat as she shook like a leaf, already passed her peak. But Auntie continued her attack, slurping at the stray rivets of girl-cum still hot and ripe within Khay’s fuck-cavern.

Khay would recover and then try her hand at eating her first mature pussy, spurred by the positive reactions from Auntie’s orgasms. They certainly loved the taste of pussy on their mouths, and my curiosity won out.

I couldn’t resist throat-fucking kisses with each of the two beauties once their creamed covered faces emearged from the depths of gamy snatch.

Neither could I resist showering with them at the end of their session.


“Your Mom loves when I do her Luv, I am suprised you’re not like her” Auntie teesed, tweaking my budded tit-nips.

She was supposed to be washing my back when her arms wrapped around my aroused body. She continued to soothe me with words.

“Right about now she is getting her big titties fucked”.

“What!?”, I dazily asked.

“My son tells me…He likes her the most you know, so he tries to see her everyday”.

Khalee once again was facing me, toying with my wet cunt as the water softly cascaded at our bodies. She finger-combed my soaked hair with the other hand, and kitten-licked at my face. Just as with her brother, her ministrations punctuated Aunties literal images.

“That big boy of mine tells me that he fucks your Mommie whenever, where ever, and however he wants” she chastised, cleaving my asscheeks with her thumb at my butthole. “But he sais she likes most to be taken by suprise, without permission, and forced to watch his long hard cock between her fat titties. Be fun to watch, ungh?”

They had me so fucking hot I was juicing on Khalee’s hand. If I didn’t stop them, I wouldn’t be able to use their lust for my benifit. I knew that they wanted me so bad, had worked very hard to get me. But what I really wanted was my Daddy’s cock in my mouth, and they were going to help.

I prevented Auntie’s thumb from puncturing my virgin asshole, and kept Khalee from dropping before my pussy. But my body shattered into throes of orgasms as Auntie mentioned my Mother using the biggest tits in the family to get Robbie’s hot boy-nutts all over her face.

“If we left now, we could see her face covered with his sperm!”, she teased.

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