Office Mate Ch. 01

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I work for a large multi-national corporation and recently during a merger ended up having my little sister work for the same department as I did. I have not seen her in a few years since she moved to another state after graduating from college. To make things really exciting my sister got re-located to my town due to the merger. We both ended up working out of the same office.

During the day we started hanging out for lunch or walk around the office for our workouts. We started sharing our lives with each other and sharing secrets that you’d never let anyone else know. Because we both were single it was easy to hang out and have fun. I had a cool buddy to hang out with. In addition she was smoking hot. Despite the fact that she was my sister, I had the hots for her. Was very proud to be walking next to her and make guys jealous. Some girls drooled over her tight round butt and her gorgeous large breasts and sweet cleavage. Her tight jeans really showed how sweet her body was.

Pretty soon people around the office started to notice us together and, not knowing her relationship with me, started making stories. A çatalca escort guy congratulated me for having the hottest piece of ass at the company as my friend. A couple hot marketing girls told me that they wished I was available because I must be packing something large to have such a hot girl googoo-gaga over me. Another, slightly younger girl, told me that if she was not taken she’d be going after that hot piece of ass. Needless to say I was happy, flattered, and extremely turned on by the dynamics between me and my sister and to have my office mates validate that really got me hyper.

I often work late. Me and my sister started carpooling and so she was stuck in the office with me late as well. At first we would have conversations about who is hot and who would you do and who is sleeping with who. Pretty soon the conversation started about our relationships and what we like in our partner which quickly turned into sexual fantasies and things we have done with our past lovers. One night we were discussing our sexual fantasies when my sister brought up the fact that some people in the esenyurt escort office think we are dating. To that I said, well let’s give them something to talk about.

It was 7 pm and the office was empty and the floor was much in dark. I starting walking towards the men’s room and realize that my sister is following me. At first I thought she had to go to the ladies room which is next to the men’s room but when she stood right behind me as I opened the men’s room door I realize what she had in mind. She smiled at me and followed me right in. I was nervous a bit. I walked into a stall and she followed me in and shut the door behind her. We just stood there for 30 seconds until I whispered “what shall we do?” She replied by moving closer to me and kissing me on the cheeks. I put my hand in the back of her head and kissed her lips. I kissed her with my tongue deep next thing I know my sister got her hands on my cock rubbing it through my pants. I could not take it anymore and had to feel my sister’s gorgeous round ass. I put my both hands onto her butt cheeks and started to massage them etiler escort and pull her into me. The passion heated and my sister removed her hands from my crotch and allowed me to pull her into my crotch. I could feel her wet warm mound rubbing against my bulging huge cock.

After about 10 minutes grinding and dry humping each other my sister pushed me against the wall and started gyrating her pussy against my huge cock. In two minutes she started to shudder and cum which put me over the edge and I came in my boxers. We both quietly kissed each other and walked out of the bathroom.

This went on for a couple days. We would go in the bathroom, get all worked up, grinding against each other until we both would cum hard. Third night my sister took my cock out of my pants and started stroking it until I came. Once I went limp she got down on her knees and started sucking my cock and massaging my balls. Immediately I got hard and came in her mouth. I had to return the favor. I got down on my knees, opened her jeans from the front, slid it down to her knees along with her moist panties and shoved my tongue inside her pussy. I started chewing and sucking on her clitty and sliding my tongue in and out of your sweet horny wet warm pussy. I felt her hand grab my hair pull my face into her sexy cunt until she came multiple times drenching my face with her sweet pussy juices. I got up we got dressed and left the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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