Office Colleague Wants Me

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Office Colleague Wants Me

met some wonderful people when I wrote the stories. So I just wanted to re-connect with them as well as new people on here from India. Well now without further ado, I’d like to present here my latest story which was my last incident before I left India.

I loved my stay in India thoroughly. For the most part of it, I stayed in Mumbai; but I also traveled to cities of Jaipur, Baroda, and Simla. I had taken up a job as an accounts executive at a firm in Mumbai during my stay over there. I was sharing an apartment with my best bud-Kartik.

He’s a writer on ISS too. (P.S: He lies about his penis in his stories, it isn’t that big lol.) Anyway, so I gave my termination letter to my firm 1 month prior. They knew I was there temporarily so they didn’t really have any protocol for me before resigning.

My boss, Sudarshan announced my resignation that day during lunch and thanked me for my service, etc. T’was a memorable day. Everyone in the office was shaking my hands and making me feel important! Indians are surely very warm folks!

They recruited a young fellow, Devansh to replace me. So last 1 month at work was mostly about training Devansh. I had quite a relaxed 1 month. About a week after my termination announcement, I began receiving anonymous letters at the office. They were printed so I couldn’t guess whose handwriting it was.

All those letters had a common thing about an anonymous woman. (I did hope it was a woman. I am perfectly straight) Describing her liking towards me and how she wanted to do something about it. I tried my best to investigate who was this anonymous woman but I couldn’t find out.

On the 9th day of those letters, I got yet another letter from that woman, confessing her crush on me. Until now those letters never had any sexual stuff. But that day she said, “Her loins were on fire seeing me in the black shirt the previous day.” I found it funny as well as erotic haha!

I purposely wore another black shirt the next day. On the 11th day, she said she could hardly hold herself back from devouring me! But that wasn’t it. The writer had finally committed a mistake! The letter that morning had a dark pink paint kinda thing on the lower right corner.

I smelled it and it smelled like nail polish. Aha! My anonymous woman was wearing dark pink nail polish! I set throughout the office, looking for women who had pink nail polish on that day. And finally, I found her. She was in the Sales Department and her name’s Prajakta.

Trust me, it took a lot of effort to pronounce that name correctly in the beginning! I had never really talked to her as our departments’ work had nothing in common. Prajakta was 34. She was married and lived with her husband, mother in law and 3 k**s.

She was a short, sweet woman with long dark hair and a good body frame. First, when you look at her, no one would ever suspect she had such a wild side to her! I took Prajakta’s number from our WhatsApp group and texted her a ‘Hi’. She replied after 3-4 hours.

“So you caught me,” was her reply. “Well blame your nail polish as that was internet casino what gave you away,” I replied. She sent two smile smileys and that was about it for the day. I had no idea how should I take things from there. I had less than 20 days left for my return to Canada.

I told all this to Kartik but that asshole was way too busy in his studies and didn’t give a shit about it. 2 more days went by without any conversation between me and Prajakta. I had no idea whether those letters were just a prank or she did have something in her mind.

She just talked to me once when she asked for a copy of my passport saying she wanted to fill in some details before my termination. I gave it to her. 4 more days later, I received a text from her. “Building parking lot 11 pm,” she wrote. “All right” I replied.

I was excited! I stayed back at the office giving some excuse and waited for 11. At a quarter to 11, I couldn’t sit still anymore and I rushed to the parking lot. If someone else saw me there, I’d have a really hard time explaining. As I didn’t have any car/bike of my own. I used local trains to travel.

Minutes later a small blue car pulled up beside me and the windows rolled down. Prajakta was at the wheel, she opened the passenger side door and asked me to sit. She kept on driving for nearly three-quarters of an hour. We talked normally about the office and our family.

Finally, she halted her car and asked me to wait by the road. I was confused. But still, she had that determinant expression on her face which made me obey her. As soon as I shut the door behind me, she zoomed off in her car. I didn’t know how to react.

The street where she had left me was a fairly busy one even at 12 am so I didn’t feel scared. I decided to wait as she had said. After nearly half an hour, she called out to me from a taxi. I sat in the seat beside her and she told the driver to go. I asked her what was going on but she just smiled and shushed me.

Within a few minutes, we were at the airport departure gate! I was just staring at her trying to disseminate what was going on. She smiled and showed me 2 flight tickets- to Simla! Wow! I couldn’t believe it! So that was the reason she had asked for my passport.

She wanted to book the flight tickets! There was a 3rd ticket in the name of Ishita. I asked her about it. She tore the ticket saying she booked 1 ticket in name of Ishita to show her husband who was she going with. BTW, she told her husband she was going on a business trip for a week!

I was in ecstasy! Though, I had no clothes/luggage as I had come directly from the office. Prajakta said we shall buy new clothes from there. I don’t know what dictated me, but right there I kissed Prajakta on her lips. She flung her hands around my neck and kissed me back.

That was our first kiss right outside the departure gate. We boarded the flight and reached Delhi within 3 hours. We stayed the night at Delhi Airport as we had our next flight to Simla within 3 hours. We reached Simla at 8 am the next day. I was back in one of the most beautiful Indian cities.

It canlı poker oyna was January so the temperature was perfectly close to 0°C. There was snow almost all around! We checked into the hotel as a couple. Prajakta and I went to our room on the 4th-floor hand in hand. The bus boy was walking right behind us with Prajakta’s luggage. But we really didn’t care.

I don’t really know whether it was love or pure lust but at that moment, both I and Prajakta just wanted to devour each others’ naked bodies. We entered the room. It was a suite with a living room, bedroom and fireplace as well! Wow, I never knew the hotels in India had a fireplace too.

I went for a quick shower while Prajakta started unpacking her bags. I was still in my work clothes from the previous day. The hotel manager said the shops won’t open until 11 am! I came out of the shower in my towel. I had no fresh clothes to put on.

Prajakta teasingly threw her nighty at me. I smiled and dropped my towel and wore her nighty. Prajakta was just staring at me. She was sitting on the bed, in her black negligee. I jumped on the bed and kissed her lips. She kissed me back and pulled me down in the bed with her.

I slowly lay her on her back and kissed and licked each part of her body. I had heard that Indian women had a particular weakness in their nipples and stomach hole(navel). I entered a finger in her navel while eating her breasts from above the negligee.

Prajakta moaned and kicked her feet in the air. I gave my hand in her mouth and she licked my fingers, spitting at them with her saliva. I held her negligee’s right shoulder strap and pulled at it. It tore and the negligee slipped off Prajakta’s body revealing the heavenly insides of her fleshy body to me!

Prajakta was now naked. I removed my nighty and threw it away. We were both naked now. I pulled at Prajakta’s hand and embraced her. Here was a woman, married and with k**s, who was giving me her body, because she trusted me. I wanted to give her the experience of love and not just a****l lust.

I kissed her shoulders and her ears. Prajakta giggled as it caused tickling in her ears. She too liked my neck and sucked my chin. I kissed her all over her face, halting at her lips and tenderly putting my tongue inside her mouth. Soon we were sucking each others’ mouths off.

I was pinching and squeezing her breasts. I turned her around so that she was kneeling on the bed like a dog. I licked her neck and her back. I spread out her ass cheeks and entered a finger inside her hole. Prajakta just whimpered and moaned in ecstasy!

I added a second finger to the anal intrusion, and she moaned her approval. Between the gasps I heard her grunt in Hindi which I couldn’t understand. Prajakta herself entered 3 fingers in her pussy and started fingering her clit. So, here I am, finger fucking her ass.

She’s loving it, and her fingers are engrossed in her bare wet pussy in search of an orgasm. I took my free left hand, reached underneath her. I pulled at her large left breast, quickly finding the very hard and erect nipple canlı bahis and I started massaging and tugging on it.

Prajakta was in sensory overload. She moaned. Over and over again, it was almost constant. Leaving her tit hanging, I pulled her hands away from her pussy, and said, “Let me do that.” Her hands moved to the side of the bed so she could hang on with all the movements and motion we had going on.

I started finger fucking her wet, hungry slit with my left hand. I quickly found her clit and began to nurture it with a combination of pushing, rubbing and swirling. Prajakta pulled at the bedsheets and her nails almost tore into the fabric as she dodged an oncoming wave of orgasm.

The wave hit the shore and Prajakta lay on the bed on her stomach, completely spent! I waited for 5 odd minutes to let her catch up on her breath. I lay beside her and kissed her lips again. I played with her breasts and made her massage my cock until she was wet and horny again.

Then I stood up and made Prajakta lay on her back on the bed. She did so and herself spread her legs, inviting me with an open mound and lusty eyes. I pulled her hips closer to me and started rubbing the tip of my cock on her mound. Not putting it in, just languishing it around, making it even wetter.

She kept moaning. Then slowly, I put it in, enough for her to adjust to it, and then the entirety of it. Prajakta screamed, as I picked up force and start ramming my penis inside her. I fucked her with long strokes, sometimes increasing my speed.

Sometimes, I bent over to take her nipple in my mouth, as I sucked it, all the while fucking her. I then lay down on the bed, asking her to climb over me. As she started riding me, I watched as her breasts heave up and down. Reaching out, I started playing with her nipples.

She kept slamming her hips down onto me again and again, while sweat glistened on her body, making her even more sensuous. I wrapped my arms around Prajakta and pulled her down, so I could start licking her nipples. She kept rocking on my hips.

Bringing both of us to the edge of orgasm, I decided to take things up a notch and settled her down on all fours. Prajakta could see her reflection on the mirror as I slammed into her from behind, pleasuring her more than she had imagined. I fucked her hard, and increased the force, as she constantly kept moaning.

I kept fucking her, and she kept gyrating her hips. Her wet pussy a glove for my cock. I plunged my cock into her relentlessly, until she orgasmed. Her juice glistening in the light on my penis. Prajakta had her 2nd orgasm and I was myself close to having one.

I turned her around and rubbed my cock on her nipples while crushing her breasts together. I then pushed my penis inside the valley of her breasts and started fucking them, leading me to orgasm. I couldn’t last any longer, and grunting, I came all over her breasts, painting them white.

I was exhausted now and I pulled Prajakta over me. I lay on my back while Prajakta lay on me, her breasts crushing my chest and my limp cock touching her inner thighs. We kissed and kissed until we drifted off to sleep. We spent an entire week in Simla like a honeymoon.

We tried a lot of role plays and stuff as well. So, mates, that’s all from me. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed narrating it.

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