Nothing Nicer than a Hairy Woman

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Brutal Dildo

Hair has always been a sexual thing for me. I think the first time that I was turned on was when on a tour with my family and the guide had waist length hair that I could smell and then noticed her arms covered with a thick coating. Then she raised her arms and I could see a forest of hair that probably caused my first public erection.

As time went on I noticed friends of my sister home from college who had underarm hair and when sunning by the pool the hair escaping from their suit bottoms. I would go into the bedroom where they had changed and sniff out their panties and occasionally find a stray hair. I noticed a friend of my Moms who came over to use the pool who had beautiful red hair, long and shiny and tufts of curly hair that matched her head color hanging from the edges of her bathing suit. I always would run upstairs and sniff her panties and once jerked off with her scent in my nose shooting gobs of cum all over the rugs.

A friend of mine who was my same age got his sister to come up into our garage. Joann had just turned 18 and John and I got her to show hers if we showed ours. John and I quickly stripped showing her our young hard-ons as she took off her top showing us her small tits and then lowered her panties showing us her light brown curly pussy hair. She let us touch her and then she touched us. Her brother was so excited he shot cum all over her belly and that scared her and I never got my chance. That never happened again although we kept trying.

Pent House was now showing pubic hair and I think it was Susan Somers who had a huge nest of blonde hair that John and I would masturbate to seeing who could shoot the farthest. One day during the summer my parents were out, and it was very hot when our red headed neighbor came over and asked to use the pool. She went upstairs to change and John and I did likewise diving in the pool waiting for her. She always wore a bikini, but today it seemed even smaller than normal her breasts were barely covered, and as she stood over us about to dive in the pool her red haired pussy was very visible. She swam a few laps and suggested a game of tag which we were all for. We played, Your It, and had the opportunity to touch her and her to touch us occasionally touching spot that were taboo for kids to touch. She then sat on the pool edge with her legs spread. We both went over and started to talk to her staring at her pussy outlined by the suit and all the red hairs sticking our. She knew that she was teasing us and asked if we liked what we saw? I know I turned all red as she slid back into the pool brushing her hand over my erection. She answered her own question by saying “I guess you both did.” Then she said she was going into change and we all went upstairs. John and I went into my bedroom and shed our suits, and then peeked out and saw the guest room door was ajar. We both went over and watched her get out of her suit and dry off. She was facing us and ran the towel between her legs and then tossed the towel down stretching running her hands over her breasts. We lost sight of her and then the door was pulled open with her standing there naked.

“OK guys, are you enjoying yourself. Come on in and sit on the bed. We were shocked and did as we were told. We both sported boners as she approached us asking if we had ever seen a naked woman before. She stood very close to us and we could smell her scent and finally her leg was touching ours as she leaned over her hand touching our erections. I thought I would cum right then. She pushed us apart and lay on the bed between us. “Now it is your turn to touch” she said. I turned on my side and slid my hand over her firm breast feeling the hard nipple which I pinch sending a sigh from her lips. John and my hand met at her pussy as we felt the soft hair and the wetness seeping from her pussy. I was a rookie, but had read a lot and so I lowered my face breathing in her scent as I ran my tongue over her hairy lips. The taste was new and different. John had disappeared from view as I started to lick and suck and then put my middle finger into he pussy. I continued to lick her even going down to lick her ass which was also covered with her red down. I looked up and John was kneeling next to her head and his cock was totally covered by her mouth. I licked the hard nub of her clit and she thrust her pussy into my face and suddenly went rigid and juices poured from her pussy. I heard John warn her that he was cumming and he filled her mouth with sperm. I crawled up and sunk my cock in one shove into her cunt, the first time for me and I didn’t last more that 4 or 5 strokes before I shot my load. We then heard a car door shut and we both escaped to our room hearing my Mom tell us she was home. I can’t tell you how many times that summer we both spent having her teach us and us pleasing her.

It was time to leave for school. John and I were to be roomies at a University about 100 miles away. Our parents helped us kağıthane escort move in and took us to dinner that first night and then left us to get settled. Classes started in three days, so we got our books and met our neighbors. Our floor was all men and under us were all coeds. On Saturday they scheduled a get to know your fellow student get together. John and I got separated and I wandered around and spotted a real cute girl with dimples and brown curly hair. I introduced myself and discovered she was from my town and her house was about 5 blocks away. Betsy was a touchy-feely kind of girl. We got a drink and went outside on a huge concrete patio. We chatted about everything and after awhile agreed to meet the next day to go to the beach.

The next morning I met her at the front entrance and she looked good, wearing a tee shirt top and short shorts over her swim suit. We both had beach towels and decided to stop and fill my cooler with some drinks. The beach was about a ½ hour away and there were few people there. We picked a spot and stripped to our suits going into the water to cool off. We swam and played around before we went back to our towels. She asked me to put lotion on her back and legs which I agreed to. Betsy pulled her straps down and I did her back. I was a little disappointed that she was wearing a one piece suit, but was happy to do her legs which were very muscular because of doing gymnastics. She spread her legs a little so I could get her inner thighs and when I was getting close to her suit I noticed brown curls sticking out. She volunteered to do my back letting her fingers go under my suit top. We tanned a while and then I flipped over. I asked if I could do her front and after a warm smile said sure. I started with her legs and accidently bumped into her a couple of time before doing her shoulders and dipping into her bra a little. She then did me and slide a little into my shorts which clearly showed signs of excitement. When she was done I gave her a quick kiss and had thoughts of further play later. We took one last dip to cool off and Betsy want out of her wet suit so we stopped at the ladies John, obviously she had no under garments and her nipples were very evident. The ride home was a snuggly one and I asked her to my room to show her my stuff. Fortunately John was out so we sat on the bed and started to make out. Betsy was a moaner and her 34b’s and hard nipples had her purring. To my surprise my fingers felt hair from her navel down to her pussy and when I opened her shorts it was easy to follow the trail to her wetness.

I started to finger her and rub her clit. I ran my tongue down her trail ending at her moist hairy lips tonguing her clit until she quivered and squeezed my head with her legs. I shed my short and tried to get in position to enter her, but she told me no, and took me in her hand jerking me off until I shot over her hand and belly. We talked and she told me that she was willing to play but that I could not penetrate her. That was fine with me because I loved her hairy pussy and the trail on her tummy.

Betsy and I continued to see each other as often as possible until finally we had our first semester break. I went home to find that my red head had moved. John and I were certainly disappointed, but I could still see Betsy and John had found Alice, a pretty blonde that he had found on campus. We double dated and spent some quality time parking. Betsy and I in the back seat doing our thing as John had scored with Alice in the front. Alice sat up her bare breasts shining in the moonlight I was surprised when Betsy sat up and reached to cup Alice’s breast. Alice moaned as Betsy pulled on her nipple and Alice climbed over the seat to join us. Betsy lay down and Alice was sucking on her tits and running her hand over her pussy. I caught John’s eye and pointed to Alice’s ass and he shook his head yes. I was already hard as I search for her pussy rubbing my cock up and down her wet slit and finally entered her to my full length. I started to pump her as Alice lowered her head to lick Betsy’s pussy. Alice pussy was wet with John’s cum but still tight. I heard Betsy cum and Alice pushed her ass back at me as I sped up my thrusts pulling out as I shot mu load up her back. Betsy rubbed it all over as my hand continued to jerk my cock until it started to soften. We all cleaned up and headed for home. It was back to school tomorrow.

Once back to school John and I discovered that Alice and Betsy were really into each other. Betsy wouldn’t allow cocks or toys in her pussy but Alice liked it all. We spent time watching until they had their fill of each other then John and I joined in. One night Alice and John were fucking and Betsy was on her tummy sucking Alice’s tit while I ran my tongue up the hairy crack of Betsy’s ass. Occasionally I tongued her clit but spent most of my time rimming her ass and getting one kartal escort bayan then two fingers to enter her. This brought no protest so I knelt and rubbed my cock over the tight ass hole pushing so that finally the head of my cock popped into her. Still no protests and she started to push back as I slowly entered her tight channel until I bottomed out. I started to slowly pump her as she told me to go harder and faster. Finally I shot what I thought was a gallon of cum deep in her ass as she joined me with a huge climax. I stayed in her until I softened and gradually slid out with a lot of cum dripping down her legs. “My God that was unbelievable, better than you licking my pussy”, came from Betsy’s lips. Alice and John had watched us as we finished and Alice added, “I am going to have to try that.

After classes the next day I received a call from my Mom that Dad had been injured and I was needed home for at least a week. I went to the Dean who verified what I had told him and he arranged for my class assignments to be sent by E-mail and returned the same way. I got home and found that Dad had hurt his back and leg in a fall helping new neighbors move into the red haired ladies place. Mom had to work and I was to assist Dad as needed and maybe help out the new neighbors complete their move. Later that afternoon, I knocked on the neighbors’ door and was greeted by one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She introduced herself as Gloria. She asked me in and in the kitchen I found her two daughters. They were identical twins and looked like their Mom. They were 19 and were going to enroll at my school starting the next term. Gloria had a long black pony tail that hung to her waist with large brown eyes, dusky colored skin and a figure to die for.

The twins were BJ and MJ and when I asked which one was MJ and which one was BJ they told me I would have to figure that out myself. They were tall like their Mon and both wore their black hair loose to their butt. The first thing I noticed was that their arms were coated with dark hair which was a turn on for me. Gloria suggested the twin’s show me what was needed and she said that she was going over to see how my Dad was.

A ton of boxes were in the garage so we started to unpack and carry stuff in. The girls were nice and I got a glimpse of their bodies making me want more. After an hour I said I had to go home for a minute and would come right back. When I entered the house all was quite so I went upstairs to my room passing my parents room which was ajar a little. I peeked in forgetting that Gloria was here and saw that my Mom and Dad were naked on the bed with Gloria. Mom was eating Gloria’s pussy as Gloria was sucking on Dad. I never knew that my parents were swingers or that Mom was bi. It was the first time I had ever really got a good look at Mom. She had nice firm breasts capped with mushroom type nipples that were sticking out almost an inch. Her pussy was covered with brown hair and she was playing with her clit as she licked Gloria. Gloria had a huge covering of black hair on her cunt and small but nice tits with almost black nipples the size of a quarter. As I watch they changed positions with Gloria sitting on my Dad’s cock and Mom sitting over his face. The women were kissing as Gloria was bouncing up and down. Her pussy hair actually climbed up her ass and her black pony tail was touching Dad’s thighs as she fucked him. My Mom said she was cumming and I watched her soot what looked like pee all over my Dad’s face and chest. H then pulled hi cock out and Gloria and my mom took turns sucking him until he shot all over their faces. I snuck back down stairs and went back to the girl’s house with a hard cock in my shorts.

Wow, did I really see what I did? MJ and BJ were in the garage sitting on an old couch. They moved so I could sit with them right in the middle. I sat down and put my hands over my cock and said to the one on my right, “Are you MJ”? Another little giggle, and I was told I would have to find the secret. I asked them if they shared everything and got another giggle. I noticed that I could see a growth of underarm hair on the one on my left. I turned to her and asked if I could search her for any clue. I ran my hand up her arm and could feel goose bumps. She leaned toward me and gave me a kiss. The other one poked me in the ribs and told me it was her turn so I put my arm around her and pulled her close for a kiss. This one lasted longer and I felt the tip of her tongue against my lips I took a chance and cupped her breast finding no bra and a hard nipple against my palm. The other one had started to rub my leg brushing my already hard cock. “Hmmmmm, he is hard and big”. Still kissing I felt the other girls fingers caressing my cock as I pinched the others nipple. I told them it was time to take this inside and we all grabbed some stuff and headed for their room.

In kurtköy escort bayan their room I laid on the bed with one of the on each side. I pulled them over me kissing one then the other The one on my right bent down as I was kissing her sister and unzipped my short tugging them down my legs along with my jockeys. I felt her hand caress my balls and then take my cock. I was pulling the shirt off her sister uncovering small tits with hard back nipples. Taking one in my mouth I felt my cock being encased in a warm wet mouth. I was trying to undo her short and finally pushed everything down her legs and she kicked them off. I looked down to a hair covered pussy with a nice hair trail to her navel. They changed positions and as the other one took me into her mouth, the other one stripped and sat on my face smothering me with a wet hairy pussy that tasted awesome.

The one sucking my cock worked her way up and sat on my boner slowly letting it slide in until our pubic hairs meshed. I didn’t think I would last long and as I was getting ready to shoot the girl on my face shuddered as she came. Getting off my face she started to kiss her sister sharing her juices when I said I was going to cum and both of them bent to take my load. I looked up and there was their Mon in the doorway taking it all in.

What to do, what to say, I am in heaven. We got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. Gloria asked if we got a lot done and there were giggles and a suggestion that we would finish tomorrow. I said my good byes and went home to see what was going to happen at my house. Mom was in the kitchen and I have to admit I looked at her now in a different way. She was still my Mom, but also a woman who I would love to be with. She asked if we got much done and how I liked the girls. I told her things went well and I was going back tomorrow. I asked how they enjoyed Gloria’s visit and got a funny look as she turned to do something. I heard her say we like her and they hoped that she would become good friends. I decided to go to bed and gave my Mom a hug feeling her breasts press against me as I started to get an erection. She must have felt it because she said you must have had a good time. I went and took a shower and went to bed feeling exhausted.

Mom was gone in the morning and Dad was having coffee. He asked what was on my agenda and I told him that I was going back over to help. He asked what I thought of the new neighbors and I said that they were very friendly and nice. He told me that he had seen me watching yesterday. I blushed and he apologized but I told him it was OK and both Mom and Gloria were awesome. He told me that maybe we should all sit down and talk about things to keep it all in the family. I told him my lips were sealed and got up to leave when Gloria knocked. I said good morning and said I was just going over. She said to wait, that the girls were still asleep and she wanted to talk to me. After all that happened yesterday I wondered what she could possibly say. We all sat back down and she asked me if I enjoyed the girls yesterday. I told her that I did and hoped it didn’t cause a problem. I was surprised that she said that she was tempted to join us and that there was no problem. Dad was looking strangely and asked what all that was about. She told him that she caught us making love when she went home and he told her that I had watched them. She then said that this could get very interesting and came over and gave me a kiss. Still hugging me she said to my Dad that maybe we should go into the living room and get more comfortable.

Dad and I sat on the couch and Gloria was standing looking at us. She asked me what do you like most about me. Well up until now I had never shared my love of hair, but I guessed it was time. I looked at her and told her that there were several things, but the thing I liked best was her hair, all of her hair. She swung her pony tail at me. I could smell her shampoo and her hair had a shine and I imagine was soft to the touch. She rubbed her hand over her hairy arm and asked “or is it this hair?” Gloria pushed her shorts down and I could see the hairy trail to her pussy just like her daughters and then lower so I could see her black haired muff. Staring I told her all the above. She took off her top and her small hard breast was exposed with the black mushroom caps and long hard nipples. I heard her say that she was in charge today and that Dad and I should strip. Dad stood up and took off his clothes showing his cock already at full mast. I did the same and my cock slapped against my belly. Dad’s cock was a little fatter than mine, but I had him beat by almost two inches in length. She came up to me and told me to eat her. I buried my head in the thick hair smelling her aroma and parted her lips with my tongue tasting the sweetness that was flowing.

Gloria placed her hands on my head pulling me even closer as I found her clit with my tongue. She turned around and told me to rim her. Her ass also was covered with hair as my tongue found her puckered asshole. I tried to tongue fuck her but her ass was to tight. My hand was between her legs with my fingers buried in her pussy as she bent over and took my Dad into her mouth. I kept licking her rosebud and finger fucking her when she shuddered with her orgasm.

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